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Unethical people are the problem, not Scientology

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Marty, greatest Prince of all, how are you? I am thinking of you.

The “Independents” are thinking that  Scientology can to dangerous stuff.  Which is a load of crap. They are so clueless.  Below line is for sure NOT by the real founder Ron:  “Scientology will decline and become useless to man on the day when it becomes the master of thinking. Don’t think it won’t do that. It has every capability of doing that.”

Huh? (Sounds like the psychiatrist case officer of Jack Vistaril who babbled this.)

What does this mean anyway: Master of Thinking? That Scientology controls thinking? Applies mindcontrol? What has controlled thinking to do with Scientology? NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is anti-mind control! P$YCHS and neuro$cientists are doing the mind controlling. Ron and real Scientologists never ever. It is like saying that Red Riding Hood is the big bad wolf. ( Sorry, I didn’t  find any better comparison.)

They are twisted, they turn anything around. They have no reality about original Scientology. They really are Vistarologist or Miscavologists not for sure no Scientologists! How can they not get the covertly added  psych that was introduced by secret service psychs to Scientology. I get it, you get it, but there perceptions are not working. 

Cult-like control stuff that was introduced to Scientology is no Scientology. But the person who entered that sentence in the PDC was somebody who redefined Scientology. Original Scientology is very different from the secret  psych versions Vistarilogy and Misvavology. Real Scientology CAN’T become the master of thinking because real Scientologist knows that he or she has lost once ethics is out and a person becomes suppressive. A real Scientologist doesn’t knock in ethics with a hammer. He or she explains it to others so that they WANT to be better without that anyone has to force anyone to anything. 

The  Oxford Capacity Analysis Test is also  psych added. That is not from L. Ron Hubbard, the real one either. Scientology didn’t need any personality test to attract people. Ron didn’t try to kiss up to doctors, psychs and universities to add their garbage to SCN. They failed in just about anything.  They still have no real solution for mankind biggest and most pressing problems. Real Scientology makes people run the doors in but Vistarology and Miscavology not. Tests and Big League Sales and dumb statements that Scientology is capable of bad stuff were added and real Scientology altered and stolen. We should not let anyone get away with it. 

Scientology will never be any master of thinking. It is an insult to Ron’s Scientology to claim it has mind-control properties. It has not because no Scientologist on the winning street will make her or his hands dirty by becoming a control freak, and by suppressing others or become their master of thinking. 

Once a person posted that there are different Scientologies. He was right.  Just a few decades passed since real Scientology was developed,  and all these people are not longer able to figure out what kind of crap psych added and what the real Ron said.

If not a miracle happens, Scientology becomes like Christianity. A far cry of what it was when Jesus was around. Completely re-written and no longer in the sense of the founder.

Love you bunches, Marty!

Yours forever,


P.S. I got stung by a wasp while in the garden. She targeted me and stung me in my hand like a torpedo out of the blue. Remote-controlled? Absolutely. So far I left them pretty alone but if they think the can sting me as thanks for me leaving them alone, I will go after them and ban them. My hand stung for two days despite I removed her right away. Lots of other stuff happens too and I didn’t get much sleep, but I just wanted to tell you that I am around and love you with all my heart as always.


3 Responses

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  1. You are sure right, Barb. It’s the out-ethics of people that is causing the problems not Scientology. LRH said doing the wrong things will harm mostly the person who does the wrong things because of the way thetans are. With that in mind, SCN will never become bad unless it is not applied.

    You notice things that others don’t.


    October 17, 2012 at 7:53 am

  2. There are news on that case of the PIs. RTC says Texas has no jurisdiction.


    October 17, 2012 at 11:48 am

  3. That is true. Plaintiffs and neither the RTC is from or in Texas. I’d say, the court is not permitted to accept this case based on jurisdiction.

    If two parties have different residencies as California and Colorado, a Federal Court might be addressed but that Federal Court also must be either in California or Colorado not in Texas.

    I know the PI want this case to be decided in Texas because the Squirrel Busters helped Mosey’s husband to a victim reputation that they down there want to defend but any good lawyer would tell them that they have to sue in the proper jurisdiction, which a state court in Texas is NOT.

    See here:

    Barbara Schwarz

    October 17, 2012 at 12:27 pm

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