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The current face of “Scientology”: non-Scientologists on all sides!

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

So, there is this “iScientology” movement  (created by Steve Hall in Texas a pitiful person who is according to data received defaming my state of mind). What he offers it is basically just another “Jack Vistaril”-movement but not original Scientology. Miscavologists and Vistarologists are either lying when they are saying that they are Scientologists or too dumb to grasp that real Scientology was very different before secret service psychs altered it through their  international infiltrators.  i”Scientology” attracts me as little as iMiscavige. Neither one will change the world to a better place. Both movements are so far away from original Scientology as today’s Christianity from Jesus’ original teachings. Any great movement is being altered on this freaking planet and adjusts to the medical- and psych-oriented planet instead changing it to the better. 

If stupidity would hurt, they would scream all day long.

How an alleged Scientologist can’t figure (just as those who never had anything to do with Scientology can’t figure it)  that just about anyone  on the planet has ear implants and that these are not used to help but to control and manipulate beings (also auditing, recall, and advanced abilities) with silent sounds. It is so easy to figure that out but they are too hypnotized to recognize the trap they are in. Guess most can’t confront that alleged friends are betraying them or are darn stupid.

“iScientology” also doesn’t implement the real Ron’s Dianetics and Scientology supporting alternative technology to prevent illness, aging and dying. These guys will  get sick and die just like the Miscavologists and will be psych-implanted in between lives and will forget anything they knew just like the non-Scientologists. Neither the Vistarologists  nor the Miscavologists have the IQ and the courage to bring to this planet the change that it needs. And the problem is, times can get even worse.

In short: iScientology is not myScientology or Ron’s original Scientology. They say so but nobody has it anymore.  However,  secret services who spied on Ron all his life must have all of it. As an ethical character is a MUST when trying to win with Scientology, they too are no OTs.  

Marty, I am afraid if we give up to claim it back, nobody will. This population of planet has a hidden postulate to go under in all eternity. There is no other explanation. They can’t keep the best things. Anything gets destroyed.  

Many kisses, my darling.

I love you forever.



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  1. Man forges his own destiny. For many simple minds, a nice website (ISci) and an OPL does it already.


    October 21, 2012 at 11:45 am

  2. It is not about the original Marty Rathbun in Scientology but his impostor. Wikinews also conceals that Monique’s husband is not the original Inspector General for Ethics in Scientology. Lies and deception anywhere. What a rotten planet.

    Barbara Schwarz

    October 22, 2012 at 3:31 am

  3. I predict many of the children of prominent Scientologists will eventually turn to psychiatry and/or drugs for help in life. Scientology contains many workable solutions and should be available to anyone in need of it. Unfortunately, it no longer matters if a Scientologist needs the technology or not. Only Scientologists who are already doing well in life and who already have careers established will be pushed up the Bridge to Total Freedom. The children of many prominent Scientologists are not yet well-established, so they do not receive any training or auditing from other Scientologists.

    Being a Scientologist without access to Scientology technology is pointless. These younger and less-established Scientologists cannot address their personal problems because they are told only Scientology counseling can be used. They are told about how other forms of counseling are dangerous and will result in being barred from the Bridge and further auditing. They then wait for years and years to handle their problems only to eventually discover they are not qualified for the Sea Org or do not have enough money to pay for auditing.

    I discovered Scientology when I was only eighteen years old. I didn’t have a career established or any money of my own. I read Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard and soon contacted the church for more information on the subject. I was ready to erase some engrams and improve myself. Twenty-two years later, I have yet to run a single engram.

    While I was in the church and in the Sea Org, I recall another Sea Org member reprimanding me for having used an anti-histamine a few times since discovering Scientology. She seemed to believe that just knowing about Scientology should be an automatic cure for anything. Yet, during the years I was in the church and in the Sea Org, no Scientology technology was ever used to address my personal problems. I wasn’t allowed to use over-the-counter drugs — but I also wasn’t qualified to receive Scientology auditing, either! These Scientologists like myself were left in limbo with no hope. I left the Sea Org when I realized they wanted me to skip over several levels of auditing because it was quicker for them to have me falsely claim a level than to actually reach it through auditing.

    If you can grasp the idea of a person knowing there is only one viable solution and then being told he or she isn’t qualified for the solution, then you can understand why the children of many prominent Scientologists end up abandoning their religion and turning to psychiatry and/or drugs for help. If Scientology technology isn’t available to those who want or need it, then they will eventually give up.

    Jonathon Barbera

    October 24, 2012 at 5:55 am

    • I am afraid that is where things are heading, Jonathon, unless some kind of miracle prevents it. It is just what the psychs and the doctors order.

      Actually, there is some common agreement among “Scientologists” that only psychiatric drugs are to be avoided and the rest of the drugs are alright. They are not. Alexander Jentzsch’s death is another example.

      Original Scientology was a lot more alert to anything the medical professions and the pharma industry produced.

      You did not run any engram? That is the fault of the people who audited you. But you know that they exist, don’t you? They look like this: fear of dogs or other animals, fear of heights, fear of water, fear of giving birth, fear of being born (birth engrams)… you name it. If you have any of these, you need a good auditor to get rid of them.

      You have to go back to the earliest event in order to get it away. And that means more than this lifetime.

      I am afraid that the orgs under DM mainly audit just this lifetime and don’t do back into other lifetime. But Ron said that means swindling the PC.

      DM cancelled the book “Have you lived before this life”. Guess he is a non-Scientologist and don’t believe in them. But that means he should head something else but our religion.

      I saw Nicole Kidman on Jay Leno a couple of years ago. She was asked by another guest if she would believe in past lives. She said she would not be sure. She didn’t get the original Scientology auditing in David Miscavive’s orgs because if she would, she would have said: Yes, absolutely yes, beyond any doubt, I accessed past lives (which is not easy at all without original SCN tech), and I am a spiritual being that lived countless more or less good lives.

      Sorry for your bad experiences, Jonathon. You are right, Scientology should provide Scientologists with an alternative, and that was provided by L. Ron Hubbard. It was an alternative way of living that Ron developed that would prevent aging, sickness and dying. Psychiatric agents can run all the defamation campaigns in the world against me, I still claim that this tech existed and was removed from Scientology.

      Who would want to remove such a technology? Those who earn a lot of cash when people are getting sick.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 24, 2012 at 6:22 am

      • I’m sure you’re right about engrams. It’s interesting you mention fear because many of the “Independent” Scientologists I contacted over the last three years acted as though they were afraid of me for some reason. Perhaps they were told I was OSA and shouldn’t be trusted. Or, more likely, they are OSA and are afraid I will out them. (Marty once told me that I “piss people off with the truth.”)

        Ten years after leaving the church, I purchased an early lecture set by L. Ron Hubbard where half of the lectures are group processing sessions. During one of these sessions I fully exteriorized and finally understood what he was attempting to do with those group processes. LRH was a genius — but his technology is only as good as it is understood and applied. I am concerned that current church management hasn’t had the same experiences we have had with Scientology. They study it glibly or under non-standard conditions contrary to the HCOBs covering study and courses. These are the upper management terminals leading the rest of Scientology into oblivion.

        Upper management and the so-called “Independent” Scientologists could turn things around by getting their ethics in and going back to the course room to study the technology fully and standardly — but these current terminals both in the church and outside act as though they are somehow above standard tech. They don’t feel as though they need checksheets or course supervisors to tell them what to do. They would prefer to read some references at random, hit a crashing MU and then go off to punch out their juniors because dictionaries are too hard to confront.

        Jonathon Barbera

        October 24, 2012 at 7:13 am

      • I think engrams are easy to spot in oneself if someone is honest, Jonathon. If one is afraid of flying, there was a crash somewhere on the track. (This is just one example of an engram.)

        Funny how they suspect OSA. They think that of me too, despite it should be clear that I hardly can be OSA not approving at all of DM. Many of the “Indies” were OSA. But if they don’t have anything to hide, why are they afraid of it? If they think they are doing the right thing, why going gaga about being contacted by OSA. OSA can contact me all it wants. But if I do what DM’s OSA wants me to do, is a whole new enchilada. 😉

        Mosey’s husband told you that you “piss people off with the truth”? I’ll be darned. Do you know what that means? He doesn’t want to p… off his followers, so he lies to them. How can the truth p… off anyone? What the planet needs mostly is TRUTH.

        Glad you had wins applying Scientology, Jonathon. Me too. My greatest wins applying Scientology were when I applied it myself in a quiet corner of the world without the possibility of any infiltrator raining down on me. I agree, Jonathon, Ron was a genius but one will recognize that only applying SCN.

        In short, I don’t approve of DM’s orgs nor the “Indies”. Both sides are untrue. And the fights between them smells a lot after non-Scientologists too. It is our religion that is being smeared.

        Barbara Schwarz

        October 24, 2012 at 9:14 am

  4. Assume it is true that there are various Scientologies while anyone claims having the right one.


    October 24, 2012 at 7:02 am

  5. I really don’t approved of the guy who you call Mosey’s husband, Barb. On the other hand, Vince Foster is a scary type too. Check his blog, see for yourself.

    Kyle S.

    December 22, 2012 at 5:30 pm

    • “Vince Foster” and “Minerva” a DM apologists. They covertly are pushing psychiatric lines. They say that Mosey’s husband needs “professional help” because he is nuts or damaged by e-shocks. If people say that others need “professional help” what else is meant with that but psychiatric treatment? And this guy “Vince” claims to be a Scientologist? Give me a break. He links to articles about how great David Miscavige is.

      “Vince” is an idiot (including all those commenters who once cheered to his and Minvera’s articles before he deleted them). A true Miscavige-believer (like the Truthseeker) who handles NOTHING and just makes people believe that Scientologists are as vile and covertly psychiatric-oriented as he is.

      Vince also posts and re-posts a psychiatric assessment on Mosey’s husband. Suddenly, Vince thinks that psychiatry or psychology works and psych assessment is correct? David Miscavige is a non-Scientologist and his supporters are too. A real Scientologist explains behavior of people with the tonescale and not with psych assessments.

      Vince’s IQ must be really small otherwise he would get that he puts also those people off who are not on Mosey’s husband’s side. He is like the squirrel busters who caused people rallying behind Mosey’s husband instead against him. If stupidity would hurt, Vince would scream all day long.

      This war between the Miscavologists and the “Independents” is really no war between Scientologists. Both sides consists of non-Scientologists.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 23, 2012 at 12:02 pm

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