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I find the titles (sequences) of Paul Thomas Anderson’s movies very odd… First “There will be blood”, then an alleged movie about SCN… Somebody trying to tell us something?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince and hero, how are you?

Sure, I heard that  Paul Thomas Anderson said that the movie “The Master” has nothing to do with Scientology. I haven’t seen it but many people (who either never were in Scientology or apostates) say it is about Scientology, despite neither the writer, the director or the actor ever were members of our faith. But I actually don’t want to go into this. Maybe The Master has similarities to Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril” but the real founder L. Ron Hubbard was never a cult leader. I know that you know this as well.

What kinda creeps me out is the title of the movie that Anderson directed before “The Master”, which has the name “There will be blood”. I know that officially these two movies have nothing in common except that they are both ambitious dramas.

Nevertheless, I can’t shake it that there is a secret message, saying that there will be blood in regards to Scientology. All these scandals that involved violence, e.g. beatings, abortions, lock ups, weapons at INT, abuses, etc. (all outrageous and gross violation of any of Ron’s policy or bulletin) point also in this direction that there will be blood. The failure of the orgs to make constant public statements that “accidents, murders, and suicides” are psychiatric secret service set ups, demonstrate to me  that the orgs can be set up for ANYTHING.  With  no real OT abilities, they walk into any trap and set up. They don’t get a thing. A stupid person is NEVER a Scientologist. Being very smart and aware is a very original Scientologist trait.  But now, p$ychs can step all over Vistarologists and Miscavologists but also Mohusologists, the so-called “Indies”. Actually, psychs  are stepping all over them because they don’t apply the Price of Freedom. They do not fight secret service psychs back because too many of psych infiltrator agents and non-Scientologists are sitting in high places.  

But where do you go with such premonitions? Authorities have no OT abilities. They don’t see a thing that is taking formation at the horizon  and neither do former or current infiltrators and non-Scientologists in the orgs. 

I wrote about these premonitions a couple of time. Let’s hope that secret service psychs stepped back from “there will be blood” in the orgs knowing that  I suspect them. But I would not hold my breath. Psychs and neuro”scientists” are crazy. They even condition and implant their own (James Holmes).

I love you, Marty, many kisses.

Yours forever,




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  1. Read an article on The Mothership (Nation of Islam) and SCN joining forces. Article says DM looks at least a decade younger and Mos-Hub saying that DM “infiltrated the ghetto”. Check it out.


    November 2, 2012 at 7:53 am

  2. He looks his age with styling help. His skin tells me that he smokes. He would look a lot younger if he would have build the villages that prevent aging of which the original founder spoke.

    As far as the Nation of Islam and Miscavology is concerned: they are using each other. But the big expansion towards mainstream is missing because Nation of Islam was always weird and racist and Vistarology and Miscavology (and the secret service psychs behind them) makes “Scientology” weird too.

    Barbara Schwarz

    November 2, 2012 at 9:02 am

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