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Habitable planet 43 light years from Earth? But what about civilizations that don’t live on the surface of their world and don’t need living conditions to live on the surface of their planet?

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

How are you? I think of you and worry about you? It boggles my mind how the people who conspire against us think that they will get away with it. Even if we would be destroyed, what about their subconsciousness who will pull in the penalties for this? They may say that they will not pull in anything because they can prevent it. Or they will say that it was a good thing to separate us and there will be no overt/motivator sequence for them. But this is so absurd as saying that is no such a thing as gravity on Earth. It is simply a fact that they go down by keeping is down. Cowards will not admit it.  

Now to my headline: European star gazers allegedly found a planet that is “habitable”.  Any technical advanced civilization can make its own water and air and anything else it needs to survive.  Just stupid civilizations (remote-controlled civilizations that have p$ych case officers lying to them that living on the unprotected surface of the Earth is good for them) live on the unprotected surface of their planet. Most planet are habitable if their residents live in protected villages. They can be placed on the moon, Mars, Saturn, you name it. And I strongly assume that secret SEGNPMSS space stations protected villages are already there since a long time. They just don’t want the general Earth population and even their own agents to know.

HARPS detected that planet that is 43 light years away from Earth. It belongs to the European Southern Observatory’s telescope in La Silla, and its purpose is to detect planets beyond our solar system. And it never dawned on them that there could be civilizations that are smarter than the Earth population, which do not live on the unprotected surface of the world where the population ages, is getting sick and dies?

One light year is 5,865,696,000,000 miles. That is a long commute from Earth to their newly discovered planet. If they are looking for planets on which people can live, these are very close, and living there could be wonderful if they would build villages under roofs with their own very healthy atmosphere and living conditions as Ron envisioned and even designed.   

If observatories and international space explorers just look for idiot planets (like Earth) where people run around on the unprotected surface of their planets, they might miss any smarter civilization that might be around that lives protected from the destruction that the atmosphere does to a body. They could live under water and be invisible for telescopes.

If any intelligence beings out there would discover Earth, they would call it the planet of idiots. Idiots who build their farms, houses, buildings on the unprotected surface of a lousy world where they age, are getting sick and are dying. They are born again, but their memory is wiped clean (thanks to secret service psychs who end up in the same trap) and then, they live the same short and painful lives again, and again. They refuse to get smarter, despite a few figured it all out for them.

If I would be a being of outer space, I wouldn’t land here, Marty. Okay, I once landed here, apparently, otherwise I wouldn’t be here but I wouldn’t do it again. This planet has an eternal death wish, and I don’t want to be included when they postulate their eternal penalties of short lifetimes and medical treatments just because they are TOO FREAKING DUMB to build places in which it won’t happen to them.  

Love you, Marty. Be kissed. I miss you. I know you have very similar thoughts. I am so glad you are different.  

Yours forever,



Written by Barbara Schwarz

November 10, 2012 at 4:44 am

2 Responses

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  1. Wow, 44 light years. How do we ever get there? No problem at all for the average commuter? Why don’t they find something that we really CAN USE?

    Mr. Smitthers

    November 10, 2012 at 5:45 am

  2. Sonny

    December 4, 2012 at 12:32 pm

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