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Mosey’s husband admits to be an agent and a loose cannon… Who on Earth would believe that? ;)

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Dearest Marty, my hero and one and only,

In his deposition in case 8:12-cv-02477-VMC-EAJ of 11/15/12,  in the USDC Middle Florida under questions asked by Kennan G. Dandar, he says that he is an agent but he doesn’t reveal whose agent he is. He calls it “free agent” but there are no free agents. Agents are all run by secret service case officers. And he says that he is a loose cannon. That part is most certainly true.

Mike Rinder didn’t give any deposition. Guess he is afraid to be asked how much was his very own doing. And nothing I say or write is meant to approve of David Miscavige. He is ultimately responsible for anything that resulted under and from his “leadership”.

Otherwise, (also in the interview with the unwise Mark Bunker) I noticed that Mosey’s husband’s thoughts  are all over the place. He does not finish his sentences and adds to many thoughts into one sentence. It is hard to follow him. David Miscavige reads his (Sherman’s?) speeches too fast and with loud music as background, which is stupid too because also that makes it hard to follow his speeches.  And Mosey’s husband doesn’t finish his sentences.

What is behind it? People should think that “Scientologists” (which both want to be) can’t communicate despite the Comm Course. Or/and they want them to take and promote psychiatric pills to “overcome” this.

I know that the SEGNPMSS sends silent sounds into minds. They can make a person talk too fast or too many thoughts at once dropping into a sentence and not finishing them. It has happened to me too at times  but I at least know where it is coming from and who is doing it to me.  Fact is, they are not fighting back. Mosey’s husband is more or less officially on p$ych side, and David Miscavige is indirectly on p$ych sides by publishing violent animated movies “against” psychs,  which supports actually the allegations that he is a violate man and portrays a wrong picture of real Scientologists  who do not want mental hospitals exploding with explosives or bomb dropped on them but psychs CONVICTED UNDER THE LAW for their crimes against humanity.  

Anyway, neither Mosey’s husband (or any of his supporters) nor David Miscavige  (or any of his supporters) is fighting non-violently and intelligently secret service psychs and their mind-control back, and this is why they will not get the price of freedom. Only the person who constantly is willing to fight them back in non-violent ways and who is very ALERT (which these men are not) will win the price of freedom.

I miss you very much and love you so.

Yours forever,



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  1. Funny picture! 🙂

    In case you shouldn’t have heard, the court denied Ken Dandar’s motion.

    ABC says that Lisa McPherson was never admitted to any hospital after she had a car accident. Is that correct?

    What is the matter with the suicide of the kid in the house of the father?


    November 19, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    • As far as I know, she WAS admitted to the hospital after the accident and the hospital released her into the care of Flag staff. There was also a doctor who was allowed to practice medicine who supervised her case. That guy didn’t spot what has happens to her before the accident either if you ask me. And I think that was the p$ych plan all along. The orgs didn’t kill Lisa but they sure stepped into that psych trap what they had planned with that poor woman. I remember that I read that her roommate indicated to police that Lisa came back confused from that non-Scientology event in Orlando.

      All those anti-Scientologists who say that they care for her and never would forget her just do that because her case is fitting in their attack plans against their anti-Scientology agenda. They give a damn on what happens to Scientologist. Not one of them investigated what happened to Lisa before the car accident, e.g. in Orlando.

      They call Mosey’s husband, Mr. Rathmun. Maybe they have figured he is a “free” agent for Munich?

      Psychs need to be investigated onto implanting people into killing themselves. It really happens and not just in the orgs but elsewhere on the planet too. And as long as the orgs don’t fight back how Ron would do it (that is not how DM is doing things), they will always accused of what p$ychs are setting up against Scientology.

      Barbara Schwarz

      November 19, 2012 at 12:46 pm

  2. OMG, when do the Indies wake up? Munchhausen gave himself away as being pro psychiatric drugs. His own words: “Dandar alleged that Denise and Scn Inc had pressured the father to hide his son’s meds, which deprivation lead to the suicide.”


    November 20, 2012 at 12:12 am

    • I am not an apologist for DM or any of his family members. They are bad for Scientology. Besides, idiots and infiltrators who want Scientology in troubles keeping weapons around.

      This is what I found on this case:

      How many kids or even adults forget to take a pill right on time? It happens all the time. What I am saying is: these people having problems and cannot be trusted taking their pills on time. For the sake of arguments, let’s say that these drugs work. I don’t think they do but that people just feeling kind of drunk but say for this example that they do. People who are having problems are not reliable. Psychs cannot guarantee that people take their drugs regularly, and if after 24 hours the “magic” is already lost, somebody commits already suicide. Is that the best psychs can do?

      The alleged suicide (I think the kid was secretly p$ych conditioned to force SCN to accept psychs and psychiatric drug just like other psych set ups against SCN) took place just 24 hours later. Just imagine somebody travels and loses these drugs: suicide. Somebody forgets to take them: suicide. Somebody can’t find it: suicide. Somebody sleeps too long on a weekend: suicide. Somebody is trapped on an airport: suicide.

      Besides, there are lots of reports that these drugs CAUSE people to kill themselves.

      Google “antidepressants suicide risk” 580 000 hits.

      The kid took Lexapro. Look how dangerous that stuff is:

      It is rather the other way around. The drugs that Mosey’s husband (evidently a psych agent) defends are killing people.

      The problem is that David Miscavige accepted Scientology from Jack “Vistaril” and real Scientology is altered and doesn’t solve the problem properly either. But this was what the psych infiltration of Scientology intended in the first place.

      Psychs want no health on this planet. Neither physical not mental health, and psychs want no “competition”.They work hard on making the “competition” to their customers.

      Barbara Schwarz

      November 20, 2012 at 4:50 am

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