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Before neuro”scientist” James Holmes’ monstrous atrocity, there was the atrocity of another neuro”scientist”: Amy Bishop in 2010

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Wonderful Marty, dashing prince and perfect gentleman, how are you? Here are some Monday kisses for you.


The University of Colorado, the university of mass shooter and neuroscientist graduate James Holmes is very “cautious” with publishing details about him. It lists Holmes with a Bachelors of Science (B.S.) degree in neuroscience. Guess they are afraid that the world will learn what a load of crap psychology, psychiatry and neuro”science” is. These p$ychs hide also behind the term “neurobiologists”. (One part of them is completely clueless about remote-controlled germs and the other part are secretly using emote-controlled germs to make people sick and killing them.) 

Remember that Barry Shur, dean of the CU graduate school,  indicated  at a press conference that these psychs or neuro”scientists” are “quirky people” and that  “there are a lot of intense characters”?

Guess crazy psychs are not called crazy, because they are those who label others with mental “defects”. Those “quirky” and “intense” characters are those who determine who is labeled mentally ill, involuntarily committed and locked up. It is like giving the fox the key to the hen-house. 

There was also that “intense” woman by the name of Amy Bishop. She was a Professor for Neuro”science” and Biology at the Uni of Alabama. Studied at Harvard. Her story is really unbelievable. First she shot her brother (and got away with it), years later she was a suspect in a pipe bomb “incident”,  then she was accused of an assault in the International House of Pancakes, and on February 12, 2002, she killed three people  and three others “during the course of a routine meeting of the biology department” she stood up and gunned downed those closest with a gun.

Is there really anyone who believes that she didn’t kill her brother? What kind of rotten and incompetent people didn’t arrest her and put her away already then?  

What a failure the system is by having crazy psychs and incompetent judges and law enforcement officials in charge. 

As I posted before, a nurse told me that she never met any psychiatrist who had no metal defects and that all of them study psychiatry to cope with their own defects. And cases like these show that they apparently can’t heal themselves. How can they help others when their own screws are loose?

I love you, Marty. 

Many kisses.

Yours forever,




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