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Unbelievable – Mosey’s husband impostored you before a court of law…

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Dearest Marty, remarkable hero,

Here I am again, thinking of you.

The lawsuit in San Patricio County before District Judge Janna Whatley, filed by investigators Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold got settled a few days ago, and David Miscavige threw more Scientology money at them. They named you, Mark “Marty” Rathbun as defendant,  because you (not Mosey’s husband, your impostor) once hired them a long time ago  and told them never to do anything illegal.  (As if Mosey’s husband would have ever given somebody that good of an advice! This is typical you to tell people to stay clean!)  Besides, the detectives had no grounds to sue you at all. You didn’t break any contract with them. 

Is it possible that Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold know very well that you are wrongfully incarcerated, can’t defend yourself like a free man but that Mosey’s husband is always ready to impostor you also in a court of law and against your will?  Is that the reason why they added your name to the case? Because Germany loving Mosey’s husband, the always ready impostor is around wanting to help them to more Scientology money? How good was their surveillance of Broker anywhere when one of their relatives befriended him? And where are the missing millions from Ron’s cash? 

Did David Miscavige settle the case to avoid that you, the wrongfully incarcerated person would despite all odds make an appearance before the court?  Is it more important to him keeping you wrongfully behind bars and unreachable for me than getting Mosey’s husband out of his styled hair? Your testimony could have saved the orgs lots of money. If you would have hired the detectives only for a certain period and for one job, they wouldn’t have had the right to demand more cash. David Miscavige rather wastes Scientology money than getting the right man in the witness chair: you! And this man runs our religion. No wonder that it got this bad of a reputation! 

Despite Mosey’s husband knows very well that he didn’t hired the detectives (Mosey’s husband was nowhere around in the RTC or OSA back then), he impostored YOU before that court of law  in a lawsuit.

Mosey’s husband will never get away with not having impostored you before a court. This case is the clear evidence that he doesn’t mind impostoring you before the authorities like a court of law.  

Here is what your impostor told the media: “Rathbun said he was prepared to rebut the church’s position before the case was dropped.”

His Cobness will no longer grin if the tables are changing, and he’ll sit in a cell with Mosey’s husband together. 

Marty, I can’t help it, but Mosey’s husband (and his supporters who know very well that Mosey’s husband isn’t you) and David Miscavige (and his supporters who know every well that Mosey’s husband isn’t you) must think that you never will get justice and that you will die wrongfully behind bars. And these MONSTERS have the guts to claim that they are Scientologists. Outrageous! Ron would assign them the lowest condition for a billion of years. They are: inhumane non-Scientologists! They have no human feelings. I am disgusted by them!

I love you, Marty. Very much People are apparently scum, but I won’t let you down. I promise you. Let’s get together and let’s kick their butts legally.

Yours forever,





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  1. There is more by Tony Ortega (fired by Village Voice?)

    ….They are Paul Marrick (“Junior”) and Greg Arnold (“Junior’s Brother”), and they were hired in 1988 by a church executive named Marty Rathbun (“Three”) on behalf of his boss, Scientology leader David Miscavige (“The Duke”), and spent more than two decades tailing Pat Broeker (“The Gardener”), whom Miscavige considered a rival to his leadership.


    November 30, 2012 at 3:56 am

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