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Wooohooo! Non-faded Original Marty picture surfaced! Jippee! (To Karen de la Carriere who posted this photo: you are not the brightest crayon in the box or corrupt by saying that Mosey’s husband is the original Marty, but I sure love you for posting the picture of the original Marty for me, girlfriend!)

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Dearest Marty, my AWESOME PRINCE and SOUL MATE,

Karen posted your photo in an anti-Scientology forum. I don’t read this forum, I just saw the photo per accident under search result images pertaining to your name. Most photos there show Mosey’s husband, your doppelganger and impostor, but the first picture below shows YOU. I saw immediately that it is not Mosey’s husband.



And here is Mosey’s (Monique’s)  husband,  who slipped in your uniform  and  who was hired to impostor you, the original Marty, and who keeps on impostering you, the original Inspector General for Ethics despite he doesn’t answer to David Miscavige anymore. You both are clearly two different individuals, particularly what the personality is concerned:


If Mosey’s husband doesn’t want to be judged as impostor, he simply has to come forward and confess why he took over your position in the first place, why you disappeared and why he after a decade of no longer answering to David Miscavige still wrongfully claims that he is you.  And I also want to know why DM and his supporters conceal the same fact, despite that they scorn Mosey’s husband.

I say they all have very dirty hands.  

Who doesn’t see that you and Mosey’s husband are two different individuals is either completely dumb or corrupt, and corruption is nothing but stupidity because corruption comes to haunt the corrupt person. Mosey’s husband (and all who cover the imposter actions up) are so busted. The clicks on my blog are increasing. The message gets around. It is just a matter of time until the house of lies comes tumbling down.

I love you, Marty, so much. I know you all my timetrack long, since the beginning of time. Do you know how long it takes me to figure  on photos alone who is you and who is your doppelganger? A split second! I see it right away, and I can see also who the original L. Ron Hubbard is and who the impostor “Jack Vistaril” is.  So, who says that there are no OTs?

Hope to see you soon, Marty, keep on surviving.

Something else, Marty: my brother got a potentially very serious diagnosis from a doctor and my sister got strange  swooshing noises in her chest (never smoked). What I am saying is that there are always  doctors who are willing to kill with remote-controlled devices just to get some favors from the SEGNPMSS. But I am onto them, and I know you too.

See below link. They have not figured out all that I have figured out, Marty, but they sure are not as blind as the rest of the world population:

Particularly, what everyone is missing is that German secret doctors have the overall control about all others.  If Congress, government officials, and judges doesn’t protect people better, they and their families will become SEGNPMSS victims too. They conspire against and kill their own agents too. 

Many kisses,

Yours forever,


Clearly, two different individuals: The first Inspector General for Ethics (Marty Rathbun) is not the second IG for Ethics (Mark Rathbun who calls himself now Marty too and lives in Texas)

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Good morning, dearest Marty, my one and only prince,

And here is proof. Any intelligent and non-corrupt person should be able to see it by just comparing the photos: Mosey’s husband isn’t you. Here are photos were both of you were really young. Sorry that your photo is wrinkled, Marty. I carried it with me all my life and I had to survive many storms. This picture can tell quite a story and was also kissed a million times. By me of course. I wish, I would have a non-wrinkled original. 


Below is a photo of Mosey’s husband who was back then Anne’s and before Cheray’s husband and who is your impostor. No doubt, he is handsome too but his personality is very different from yours. After you were wrongfully arrested for crimes that you did not commit, Mosey’s husband apparently slipped in your IG jacket (with approval by DM) and was photographed. He looks very similar to you but not identical. He has a different hair consistency than yours. His cheeks are fuller and his ears, nose, mouth, chin, and lips are slightly but noticeable different from yours. I can see a different thetan behind his and your eyes. I don’t know why others can’t, guess they not smart and no real OTs, otherwise they would see it too. And the eyes of a OT woman in love can’t be fooled. 

When I saw that video by Mark Bunker showing Mosey’s husband walking inside a court-house (Mark Bunker removed this video later), I saw that he also walks differently than you. I assume that Mosey’s husband doesn’t like to hear that he’s a doppelganger or clone. I wouldn’t call him that if he would not impostor you. Each person is indeed an individual. Also a twin is its own person and even clones are their own persons. But by impostering somebody, a person is not himself but tries to be somebody else. And that is not okay.

Joel Sappell’s latest article proves that Mosey’s husband makes half-hearted admissions of what YOU never did.  

Somewhere in this blog, I posted a face of a woman who has my face. When I saw the photos of her (as far as I know she does not impostor me), I thought that somebody made a Photoshop picture and installed my head on her body. But then I studied her eyes, and saw of course that it is not me. Her tonelevel was not mine. I thought for a moment that it was my face that they used for these disgraceful photos. But that person really lives but is not me. Somebody can look like somebody but completely be different. These photos of that woman were once posted by Dave Touretzky trying to mislead others deliberately that this woman would be me.  

Mosey’s husband wears your ribbons. I also saw photos of him a bit later wearing a jacket with completely different sea org ribbons. 

Mosey's hus

Mosey’s husband knows that he is your impostor, but I really would like to know what his explanation is for looking so much like you. Does he really think that is a co-incident? Does he really think secret service doctors had nothing to do with it that he was born approx. one year or maybe just 9 months after you looking like your twin? And why on Earth impostoring somebody who could be a brother? If I would be him, I would be more interested in finding out why I look like somebody’s twin brother but impostering him.

I know one thing for sure, Marty. If the tables would be turned, and he would suffer wrongfully behind bars and his wife would desperately search him, you would not conspire and impostor him, and you would not wait until his wife dies of a broken heart but you would tell her the truth. And that is why you are my kind of thetan.

Many people have attractive bodies, but it all does not count because if the thetan who inhabits the body isn’t true, all the handsomeness isn’t worth much if anything. Looks fade and just the thetan remains. That is why the attraction between man and wife must be not chemical or a body attraction but thetan attraction, because THAT REMAINS in all eternity if people don’t commit OWs against each other.    

Mosey’s husband says he cannot be bribed. IF that is correct, he doesn’t impostor you for money.  Then he must have other reasons for wanting to be you. Maybe he has a huge problem and tries to solve it by trying to take your life over. But what kind of “solution” is that? It is none, in order to handle his problem, he has to face it and take responsibility for it, whatever it is.    

I feel sorry for him having had that rough childhood, but I had a really rough childhood too. I don’t impostor people and I am not violent. Particularly finding Scientology and understanding ethics should have turned his life around.

He is quite capable to make an impression on people. People are more fascinated by him than any other person who left the orgs. Apparently, he can write and inspire. And therefore, it is so odd that he does not want to emerge out of your shadow by being truly himself.  Nobody doubts that he was in the Sea Org since approx. 1990 and on the very top. He does not need to impostor you to be somebody. But he does impostor you.

What was before 1990 at INT is your legacy and not his. And you did good and honest work and you have no dirty hands and if you would have stayed on the Inspector General for Ethics post, many things in the orgs and the world would have developed to the better.  

Hope that Mosey’s husband found his soul mate in Mosey. How about him helping the both of us to get together as well? 

I know I will see you again, Marty. And I know that the truth will come out. And through that, original Scientology can be restored too.

I miss you, Marty, and I know you for a billion years. If I don’t know you, how does?

Marty, years ago, I heard this country song and despite it is a bit sad, I never forgot it. Country radio doesn’t play it often, they rather play boring songs.

But here it is, sung by George Strait. One of the most beautiful country songs ever sung:

 Hope I didn’t make you sad with this song. It is just so beautiful. I just heard it once before and never was able to forget it. (Typically for the sabotaged country radio stations not getting a beautiful song like that in the top tens.)

You are my first in love.  And you always will.

Many kisses and yours for all days and nights to come.




Mahatma Gandhi: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” – Barbara: “I love Ron. You alleged Scientologists are so unlike Ron.”

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soul mate, how are you?

I find myself thinking of you as always.

Christians celebrate Christmas Eve today, and I can’t help myself thinking  how hypocritical they are by conspiring against us and keeping us apart. This also concerns all other religions, including altered Scientology.  I agree with Mahatma Gandhi’s statement about the Christians: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

I wonder that if Christmas wouldn’t include gifts and lots of food if anyone would celebrate it. Look at the Christian holiday Pentecost. Who celebrates that? There are no gifts and lots of  food, and most Christians probably don’t know what that holiday is for.

Christians had centuries to build a better world, and they failed miserably. Nazis grew in Germany, a country that was/is Christian.

Christians that I met are liars and conspirators, just as people of other religions. The worst about Christianity is the attitude of the Christians that God will forgive them anyway anything, including slaughtering other people. There are Christians who commit constantly crimes, and wrongfully thinking that God or Jesus will let them get away with all of that makes them “feel better”. When they stand before God and Jesus to be judged, they think, all they have to do is to say that they believe in God and Jesus, and all is forgiven. These people must think that God and Jesus are completely idiots to accept such a “deal”.

There is no need for Christians to behave ethically, because they wrongfully think Jesus’ death “freed them” and that God is so dumb to just forgive these perverts, it doesn’t matter how badly they hurt his loved ones. This is NUTS. It just doesn’t work this way.

Scientology is a lot better. Real Scientologists know that unethical behavior is harmful to themselves. And by hurting others, they are hurting themselves. However, many infiltrators don’t want to have this true. They are not honest to each other. They try to ignore that and by hurting us, they are hurting themselves.

There are some who are using “What is Greatness” as an excuse. Sort of “L. Ron Hubbard forgives us anyway.” I happen to know that What is Greatness is not letting evil win or unpunished. Ron knew, when one turns the other cheek, that cheek will be hit too. When one surrenders to evil, the world has no chance to become better or a civilization we all can be proud of. Ron’s postulate was paradise on Earth. As long as people conspire against each other, we can’t trust each other. And without trust, there will be no real peace, so sanity, no rights, and no paradise. It is as simple as that.

However, in regards to the Nazis, some of Gandhi’s advice was good either:  Around 1940, he remarked: “I would like you to lay down the arms you have as being useless for saving you or humanity. You will invite Herr Hitler and Mussolini to take what they want of the countries… If these gentlemen choose to occupy your homes, you will vacate them. If they do not give you free passage out, you will allow yourselves, man, woman, and child, to be slaughtered, but you will refuse to owe allegiance to them.”

Marty, if we allow Hitler and Mussolini and the doctors behind them to do that, isn’t that already allegiance to them?

In a post-war interview in 1946, Gandhi said, “Hitler killed five million Jews. It is the greatest crime of our time. But the Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher’s knife.”

Marty, I believe that at least six million Jews and a total of over 60 million people died in WW II, which was provoked by Hitler and those who conditioned and run him.

Besides, the German Jews did NOT fight back. Most of them stayed and did not fight back  and did exactly what Gandhi advised. And what did happen? They were slaughtered. And the worst of it, if evil people think that crime pays.

Only one Jewish Ghetto in Poland fought back, and they won against the huge German army.  The Germans didn’t stand a change against them.  If Jews would have fought the Nazis back from the start, the Holocaust could have  been prevented.

The very peace-loving real founder L. Ron Hubbard advised to fight back  because only fighting evil back means winning freedom.

So, are God and Jesus really never angry with unethical people? What about Jesus kicking out the traders from the temple? What about God sending the Noachian flood? If I would be a Christian, I would think about that. There are consequences.

I noticed that people with dirty hands want forgiveness. So they spread the falsehood that whatever people do, Jesus and God will simply forgive them. They come to that conclusion by interpreting the bibles, which were altered by non-religious people just like any other religious scripture including Scientology scriptures. Did it ever dawn on them, that God and Jesus may judge them before some kind of court and demand reparations?

What kind of reparations? Sending the family of victims a Christmas card or some cookies? For sure not. Anyone has to make up to others what they did wrong.

By conspiring against you and keeping you wrongfully behind bars and not coming forwards, according to God’s and Jesus’ justice, it is YOU who decides when the criminals did sufficient amends and should be forgiven. If you after a million years or more should still have a feeling of suffering as to what they did to you, they have to continue to make the damage good again. Crime really does not pay and these people who count on forgiveness have to learn.

In a court of law, judges decide when to let a criminal off the hook. The victim or its family might still suffer. (Nicole Brown, Ron Goldman are their families just one example.) The justice of judges is not the justice of God. If I would be a Christian, I would finally get that if I want forgiveness, besides of having provided the EVIDENCE of having truly changed and done the truly good deeds that come with it, God doesn’t forgive when just of his loved ones still suffers.

It is sad the same what happened to Christianity (alteration) happened to any other religion, including Scientology, and that despite Keeping Scientology Working. We do not save the world by becoming ineffective as Christianity and other religions. The orgs have to depart from Miscavology and Vistarology.  We need to go back to original pure Scientology because that is the religion that is no cult and able to bring out the best in anyone when properly applied.

I love you so much, Marty, and I am so glad that you are one of my kind.

Many kisses

Yours forever,


P.S. I like how this player plays Carol of the Bells. He played this in Salt Lake City at the Gallivan Center. The backdrop is the spring that runs through the Salt Lake City Canyon.


NRA wants an armed cop (who can be turned into a Manchurian candidate too) in each school (annually 1 billion USD for taxpayers) so that the gun makers can sell more weapons and make more blood money

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The second Amendment protects the right to bear and keep arms. Sure, we are born with them, we sure have a right to bear and keep our arms. These kind:


Marty, my wonderful soul mate, how are you and how are your days like? 

Did you hear that? The NRA wants an armed cop (cops can be turned by psychs into Manchurian candidates too) in each school (annually 1 billion USD for taxpayers) to sell more weapons and make more cash. Besides, most schools are large compounds. What if the police officer is in one part of the compound and the killer starts shooting in another one? Most of these shooters and terrorists are psychiatric implanted to commit suicide or don’t mind to be shot by an officer. That means, the knowledge that an armed officer is at the school won’t stop them. What when the killer shots him in the back? And what if p$ychs turn the cop into a Manchurian candidate? Then he will be the school shooter!

We need a brand new world. Environmentally closed (very pretty) villages with a checkpoint that just opens for anyone unarmed. Period. And as these villages also preserve health and youth, they are no waste of money but save Uncle Sam money BIG time.

If people wouldn’t so mind controlled, they would have figured that a long time ago.

I miss you, my darling. You and me, we would make a big difference together, not each one on another front fighting to get our human rights granted.

Many kisses and forever yours,


Baby, please come home:



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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you? I think of you and wish you would be here. 

L. Ron Hubbard (the founder, not his impostor “Jack Vistaril”) never would have condoned child labor and human trafficking. It is all over the net, Homeland Security allegedly investigates some more David Miscavige crap. I am sure that those who oppose him make stuff up too – but overall, he pulls in bad stuff because he conceals that Ron was and you are impostored, and who knows what else, and I bet David Miscavige has (like the rest of the world) non-Scientologist case officers talking through his ear implants and that’s why everything is such a mess. 

I heard that there are weapons at the INT base. Didn’t it ever occur to the DM that p$ychs could condition a person (like James Holmes or Adam Lanza or so many others before them) on Scientology lines to get hold of these weapons and open fire on Scientologists? We are a religion and a church. We need no weapons. We can handle anything without them.     

Anyway, while investigating whatever DM and his supporters did, Homeland Security should remove weapons from all orgs as a precaution if DM is too non-OT to look into the future. As if p$ychs wouldn’t had such a plan to blame it on Scientology! 

I love you, my darling. Many kisses. I have snow, it is cold, but as I plan to go nowhere except once in a while in town, I don’t mind. But I miss YOU very much.

Yours forever,



Joel Sappell’s based his article Tip of the Spear in the Los Angeles Magazine on this outrageous falsehood: “In the early 1980s, the Guardian’s Office was replaced by the Office of Special Affairs, with Rathbun at the helm.” Not true at all, because DM’s handpicked replacement in the early 80s was Lawrence Brennan, Special Unit in Charge, a man who turned out to be no Scientologist at all

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Dearest Marty, my breathtaking Prince who you always were and always will be,

Isn’t it a shame that a reporter call himself an “investigative reporter” and does not even do the research that somebody in first grade would have done? There are affidavits of Larry Brennan on the Internet saying that he was the Special Unit in Charge in the early to the mid 80s and not you. Sappell doesn’t know how to Google or what is his problem?  He called today’s C of S with press speakers who probably were not even around in LA when he wrote his first series of stupid articles. But Larry Brennan was and can be reached easily. He run the SU at that time under DM, not Marty. DM removed him later but he gave him originally that important job.

And I thought that Tony Ortega’s stupidity and superficiality wasn’t to top but Sappell sure did it.

Larry Brennan should be asked if he or DM or anyone else ordered dog killings. Scientology orgs are infiltrated since a long time, but I am sure that these dog killings are a fabrication. I sure know that you never would have accepted such an order or any illegal order from DM or Larry Brennan or anyone else, Marty. DM loves dogs, Mosey’s husband wasn’t around, but he loves dogs too. Leaves Mike Rinder who later became the boss over the SU? Rinder loves dog too and has a big one.  Leaves Larry Brennan and he blew and works for the post office now. Bet he has some pepper spray on him all the time, but dog killing?  


Joel Sappell is a weirdo. If you didn’t smiled at him in the 80s, I can’t blame you, Marty. If he would have been a good husband and good custodian of his dog, he would have taken both with them on vacation.

It seems that he ruined his first marriage with this obsession about Scientology. What a shame, and he never wrote any article that would tell the real story of SCN, the infiltration of non-Scientologists and the ringers. Also his series of articles in the 80s is just good enough to wrap fish in. Or clean out a dog house.


He wrote: “I was immersed in the universe Hubbard had created—often to the exclusion of the people and events of my own world.” Obsessed. Sounds like a Tony Ortega. Instead of bashing Scientology, auditing would have done both good.

In that 80s series, he didn’t mention the name Mark or Marty Rathbun, but suddenly, he writes that long article on you and Mosey’s husband? Good grief. Strange is also that he didn’t interview Mike Rinder who overlooked OSA. He just wanted to smear your name and not talk to those who were in charge of that unit. 

Why does he want answers from your impostor (Monique’s husband) when it was Larry Brennan and later others but you who run external affairs and the Special Unit? David Miscavige picked non-Scientologist Larry Brennan for that important job of the Special Unit in charge in the 80s, which replaced the GO. He removed him later but nevertheless he picked Brennan and replaced him later with others but NOT with you.

I know first hand that in that time, when Joel Sappell and Bob Welkos “researched” (used other press article to base their crap on but never investigating from scratch), you worked with attorneys on legal cases, and Larry Brennan was above you, and he also run Jeff Chavell who back then and according to my observation had his mind on the breakaways of Scientology mission leaders of that time. 

Sappell scribbed: “During the five years I investigated Scientology, Rathbun had been the tight-lipped chief of Scientology’s operations to monitor, track, and intimidate people like me.”

Completely untrue because 1) He can’t differentiate between Mosey’s husband, your impostor and you, and he conceals or never figured out that Lawrence Brennan was in charge of external affairs and the SU.  2) You are anything but light-lipped. Your communication skills couldn’t be better, Marty. I heard you talking for 2 hours in a row and nothing that you said was nonsense or tight-lipped. Guess he blamed you on his own shortcomings. 



And I want to kick Mosey’s husband’s behind too by not finally stopping with this impostor act. He really made half-hearted “admissions” on your behalf and wasn’t even around in the 80s. 

Mosey’s husband should have told him: “I am not that Mark Rathbun. He was the Inspector General for Ethics before DM hired me to impostor him, and I did it because I need his alibi or whatever.  And Larry Brennan run the Special Unit in the early 80s, followed by ….”

As you worked with attorneys on legal cases, Marty, I wonder if Sappell fabricated these car dealer credit checks or if DM ordered them via Larry Brennan or somebody else. However, fact is that Sappell doesn’t want to know the truth by asking the wrong people.

Sappell cites Mosey’s husband’s speech. Very vulgar, you never talked like this, and as I said, Mosey’s husband wasn’t around when Sappell “researched” and wrote his 6 days long crap on Scientology.  Mosey’s husband can’t talk for this period.

Now he wants to blame YOU on a process-server jumping out behind the bushes. Why doesn’t he blame the process-server who likely wasn’t a Scientologist but a law office employee?


As far as the complainant is concerned who accused Sappell of assault… Why didn’t he ask Larry Brennan or Mike Rinder if he ordered that? Or Jeff Chavell if he knows about it?  Would be easy for the reporter to contact them as both left the Sea Org. But he doesn’t want to ask those who knows. He wants Mosey’s husband to make false admissions to smear you, Marty.

Who needs a war with reporters? All that the orgs have to do is to provide the evidence that Ron was impostored (and they have it) and who the founder really was and how he really was and any corrupt reporter who wants to smear Ron nevertheless will be remembered as corrupt idiot in history.

He considered the meeting that YOU had with him in the 80s a “hostile interview”. Never saw any hostility on you towards anybody. You probably thought just another of those “investigatory reporters” who never investigate anything properly and are just scribbling crap and fabrications, and with Sappell, you sure were right. He proved it again this year how little he can figure. 

He complains that Mosey’s husband was pacing up and down and that he had to look up to him. Does Sappell have inferiority complexes? We Scientologists have none. Why didn’t he join him pacing up and down?

Mosey listening in and typing, doing spying work on her laptop? Maybe, but this reporter doesn’t like others to be suspicion about him and checking him out, but he sure has a suspicious mind in regards to others, doesn’t he?

What is Mosey’s husband saying? He shredded all your paper work in the org? Maybe to avoid getting in troubles with details when impostoring you?

Sappel smeared: Sometimes, it felt like having a conversation with the new and the old Marty. My goodness, the man either doesn’t check anything at all or conceals that you and Monique’s husband are completely different individuals.

Moseys husband said: … for example, that the church obtained Bob ’s and his personal phone and financial records from private detectives who bought them from sources specializing in that sort of skulduggery.


You never allowed illegal acts. You told the PI’s never to do anything illegal as it was RECENTLY CONFIRMED my PIs who sued the C of S. Did Larry Brennan order or allow that as SU in charge in that time when Sappell and Bob “investigated”? Sappell avoided to ask Brennan or Rinder or others. He just wanted Mosey’s husband to admit what you never did.

I know you were not involved in that, Marty. You even told anyone not to commit such act. Mosey’s husband doesn’t mind having that kind of reputation but yours was clean before he took over.

Read this, Marty, this is how Mosey’s husband ruins your reputation: “What you were doing was still illegal,” I counter. “Yeah, you’re right,” he says. “You accused me, and I’m not denying it. I guess the lines got blurred over time.”

How dare Mosey’s husband to make admissions for you when he wasn’t even around and you didn’t do anything of this.  He is so “blurred” that he “forgot” that he is not YOU, the original Marty Rathbun and Inspector General for Ethics. 

So many say that Tommy Davis doesn’t know what he is talking about as he was not around the INT Base. Same applies for Mosey’s husband in the 80s.

Mosey’s husband insists that he was only following orders. Miscavige, he says, nurtured a “real hatred” for Bob and Sappell. You were never robotic Marty and never followed blindly orders. Besides, Mosey’s husband wasn’t around. How can he say that?  “He’s got everyone in the conference room trying to figure out how to stop Welkos and Sappell,” Rathbun recalls. “You’re working for the enemy…. You were part of this machine, a deployed agent. The L.A. Times was demonized.” Is that what Larry Brennan says too? Larry was around in that time, Mosey’s husband not. Mosey’s husband wasn’t there. That was YOUR time, and you should be interviewed not Mosey’s husband.

Sappell: Among other things the church had paid millions of dollars in lawsuit settlements to ex-members to keep them quiet about their run-ins with Scientology and to avoid even bigger financial and public relations hits down the road.

You didn’t want to throw Scientology money at former infiltrators, Marty. That is what is DM likes to do. He pays off instead of handling people by publishing the true story of Scientology.

Sappell: Rathbun volunteers that he was responsible for plucking those passages out of the stories but credits Miscavige with the concept.


Mosey’s husband said this. He wasn’t around back then! How dare him taking your life over and destroying your legacy as Inspector General for Ethics, Marty!

Sappell lies that you were aggressive in the 80s. He is clueless. I guess you didn’t hug him because you saw what an unprofessional and obsessed person he  is. He can’t even figure who the originals are and who the ringers are and wrote his article without taking Special Unit leader Larry Brennan into account who plastered the web with his affidavits. How UNPROFESSIONAL!

“There is a reason DM fears me like no other,” Rathbun says, referring to Miscavige by his initials, as do many in the church. “Because he knows in his heart of hearts…that I’m his worst nightmare for one reason and one reason alone: I have no price.” Unlike other ex-church members who reached out-of-court settlements in the mid-1980s, Rathbun says, he can’t be bought. “Everybody has a price and I don’t.

I think DM has a non-confront on Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband. I bet he regretted having not thrown more cash at Mike Rinder than 5000,00 bucks. When Mosey’s husband says that everybody has a price, is he saying that Mike Rinder for example can be bribed?     

As far as not being bribed… I think Mosey’s husband can be bribed too. Somebody bribed him to take over your identity and life… Or whatever other reasons he has. Maybe it has to do with his brother Bruce after all. 

DM fears Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder because they know of that the C of S is infiltrated by non-Scientologists who have non-Scientologists case officers. DM fears that he could get personally in legal troubles for having accepted Scientology from “Jack Vistaril” Ron’s impostor and for having replaced you with Mosey’s husband. But as all of them have dirty hands on that, they keep on conspiring together, despite of all that fighting and showing the world a false picture of Scientologists, because no real Scientologist would cover up this infiltration and the impostors!  

I know that Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, and David Miscavige want to ring my neck if they could, but did they ever think about how they would feel if I would to them what they do to us, Marty? CONSPIRING AGAINST US? No, they don’t. They just justify their overts against us.

I love you, forever.


I will wash windows now and use Sappell’s articles to wipe them clean.  That’s the only thing they are good for.

Many kisses, my forever darling.

Yours in all eternity,



In regard to Joel Sappell article: Larry Brennan and not you, the original Marty Rathbun run the SU in the early to mid 80s. You never run the SU. Not even your impostor Monique’s husband run the SU in the 80s. “Investigative” reporter Joel Sappell didn’t get the facts right.

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful and one and only Prince,

Another article (this time by reporter Joel Sappell) was published that conceals that the founder L. Ron Hubbard was impostored by “Jack Vistaril” and that you are impostored by Monique’s (Mosey’s) husband. Didn’t David Miscavige love his dog so much that he ordered him a custom-tailored sea org uniform and insulted human Scientologists with that? I think DM loves dogs more than people.  Mosey’s husband loves dogs  too and calls his own dog “Princess” or “Baby”. He wrote a false birth date on his marriage certificate. Maybe he loves his dog even more than his wife. And he wasn’t around in 1988 in the Scientology executive strata, and he fails to tell reporters and the world that he impostors you, the first Marty Rathbun in Scientology. Besides, if Joel Sappell would be an intelligent reporter, he would have figured that all out on his own. You were a completely ethical person, you never harmed anyone. Harming and killing a dog or a human would be completely out of character. Whoever did the dog killing, I am certain, he or she had nothing to do with Scientology, except maybe wanting Joel Sappell, Bob Welkos and others to blame Scientology on it. 

Above sea org photo was taken on new year eve 1987/1988. The high RTC Scientology executives are with David Miscavige on stage. But not you. And Mosey’s husband isn’t there either. IN 1988, HE WAS NOT YET A MEMBER OF THE EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT. He was first hired to replace you AFTER David Miscavige violated the Code of Honor by leaving  you behind WRONGFULLY imprisoned. No wonder he pulls in motivators for himself now! In a way, he deserves Mosey’s husband for having him hired and for letting you down, Marty.

In regards to the pro DM blog articles online, saying Mosey’s husband was e-shocked while his mother was pregnant with him: I shake my head about DM. For two decades, DM had no problems with that, not even with the pending murder investigation of Bruce Rathbun, but only after Mosey’s husband became his critic, DM has a problem with it. He just doesn’t get it: by having Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder as his right and left hand for more than two decades, anything that they (and any other high exec directly working for him) did wrong in that time, shows DM in the same light.  He wasn’t thousand of miles away for more than two decades, was he? 


In other words, Joel Sappell met YOU in the 80s, Marty, as Mosey’s husband hadn’t yet arrived, and he now wants an “admission” by Mosey’s husband that YOU did something that you didn’t do. (Gerry Armstrong [“We don’t have to prove a goddam thing. We don’t have to prove shit. We just have to allege it.”] for example tried the same thing.) How stupid and blind is Joel Sappell anyway? Researching Scientology for five years and not figuring that the founder of Scientology was impostored and Scientology altered? Sheesh! What does this say about his IQ?

Whoever killed those dogs (that of Sappell and judge Swearinger) wanted them to blame it on Scientology. Judge Swearinger should have recused himself from the case instead of talking to reporters about a party of a trial that was going on in the same time. If he truly believed that the orgs had something to do with the death of two dogs, he could have used his influence to get the dog killings investigated. But he didn’t, did he? Was he afraid that the truth would have come out that these dog’s deaths had nothing to do with Scientology, except antagonizing judge and reporter against Scientology?

 “I hear your dog was poisoned,” the judge said softly. I was startled. It’s highly unusual for judges to contact reporters during a trial, especially when they’ve already been accused of bias. There was a pause as Swearinger took a breath. “My dog was drowned,” he said, referring to his collie. “We found him dead in our pool. He’d never go near the water on his own.”

Why didn’t the judge (who contacted reporters during a trial) cover his pool like responsible people do?


It is so unfair, how the propaganda machine is mixing up your character with that of Mosey’s husband, Marty. And to all of those still on staff and all of those who left staff and know about this, I am saying: SHAME ON YOU. YOU ARE NOT SCIENTOLOGISTS BUT INFILTRATORS AND PSYCHIATRIC AGENTS. If it is any consolation, Marty, the SAME happened to Ron, and I am not falling for anything. My mind works better than this of Sappell, Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold, etc.

And here is something else that is coming on my mind. Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold told the TAMPA BAY TIMES that while hiring them, you told them NOT TO DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL. But Sappell tries to indicate that YOU were involved in killing a dog? Duh! This reporter needs to think things through. Mosey’s husband admitted to illegal acts while on staff. But he isn’t YOU. I witnessed that you lived by your policy: NOT DOING ANYTHING ILLEGAL. That also proves again that Mosey’s husband is not you.

Sappell writes that Ron’s biography is “bogus”. But that there were at least two very different individuals by the name L. Ron Hubbard that doesn’t enter his small mind or alternatively, he knows it, and covers it up? Where are those investigative reporters who REALLY investigate and figure things out? Mary Sue was the wife of the impostor not of the founder!


You became the Inspector General for Ethics, Marty, because you were ethical and before that, you worked with attorneys on legal matters and you followed the law. It was Larry Brennan and later Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder who David Miscavige handpicked as choice to “confront external threats.” When Sappell “researched” his series and around when the Wollersheim case (judge Swearinger) was in court,  Larry Brennan run the Special Unit in the early to mid 80s, not you. You never run the Special Unit.  Sappell should really get the basics right.

You, Marty, hadn’t a violent streak on you and intimidating others is out of character for you. How dare Sappell selling articles with false allegations just to get himself into the spotlight of attention as alleged victim of what he imagined! Can’t say that for Mosey’s husband. On the outside, in younger years, Mosey’s husband was really a convincing doppelganger, but not as far as the personality is concerned. I can see the different personality shine through the photos! Are other people really so incapacitated that they can’t see what I can see?

Marty, without the power and resources of the Church of Scientology behind you, YOU are a LOT MORE than  just another baby boomer like Sappell. 

Sappell complained: “We knew of three separate sets of private detectives who were rummaging through our lives, questioning old friends, bosses, and people we’d interviewed. Our credit reports, meanwhile, showed numerous inquiries from an assortment of car dealerships. When we contacted them, all insisted they had no idea who among their employees had made the illegal checks—or why.” He blamed YOU on it, Marty, despite YOU worked with attorneys on legal cases and it was LARRY BRENNAN and later others who was/were in charge of the Special Unit. For an “investigative reporter” Sappell and Bob Welkos sure didn’t do any investigating of who was in charge and responsible of what. If he truly believes that something odd happened, why in all world, didn’t Sappell didn’t go to meet Larry Brennan, the in charge of anything that had to do with reporters and detectives back then? He didn’t interview Mike Rinder neither. 

Sappell was a reporter who wrote about various subjects than Scientology, I guess. Never dawned on him that maybe some people unrelated to SCN were responsible for some of what happened to him? Or that these acts were committed by an anti-Scientology front to make sure that their articles on Scientology will be NEGATIVE?! Or Sappell was so obsessed with smearing Scientology that he gave the dog something bad and took off then and later blamed it on you and Scientology. 

Him blaming you or even the orgs on that the police pulled his buddy Bob over because he drove funny, sounds really odd to me. Sounds like Sappel and Bob are seeing white mice.

Did Bob and he ever interview Forest Lawn if they distributed burial brochures? Shouldn’t investigative reporters do that and mention in their article what the institution replied?


And if these events that he alleged did indeed happen and the orgs were involved, why doesn’t he blame the man who ran the Special Unit in the 80s, LARRY BRENNAN on it? Or those who run the SU later, which was NOT you and not even Mosey’s husband.

Mosey’s husband was not in the Executive Strata in the 80s. He should have told the reporter that instead of acting as he would be you and attaching his flawed character to you, Marty. He is continuing to impostor you despite no longer controlled by David Miscavige. And then, these two (and Mike Rinder who keeps that secret too) wonder why I don’t like them? Duh!

Look how much Mosey’s husband is “swimming” by trying to be you:  

Sappell:  When I ask about the private investigators who dogged us, he quickly asserts, “I never hired an investigator to investigate you.” A moment later, however, he concedes that what he means to say is that he never personally hired an investigator. He says the “intel” guys under him took care of that job for him. 

That isn’t true either, because in the 80s, YOU worked with attorneys on legal cases, Marty, you had no “intel guys” under you. I know so, because I was there. It was  Jeff Chavell who run in the Special Unit what was formerly B1. I heard he blew a long time ago. I remember him as kind and mild-mannered. And Larry Brennan was in charge. Let’s say, Jeff Chavell did run an intelligence operation (don’t know if he did), he would have NOT reported to you, as Mosey’s husband says, he would report to LARRY BRENNAN and after the mid 80s to his replacement which also was not you.


Mosey’s husband said to Sappell:  “It’s all a blur, but I remember beaucoup intelligence reports on you guys during that entire era.” After Miscavige read those reports, Rathbun says, “I shredded all that stuff…. There could be no trace of it.”

It is all a blur to him because he was NOT there! And how can he shred something by not being there? 


What nobody reports about is that Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, David Miscavige, and others (despite “at each throats”) still conspiring together and cover up your wrongful incarceration. And then they wonder that motivators (for non-Scientologists: karma) comes to haunt them.     

Truth will come out, Marty, I am not giving up on you.

Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,


We love each other more than we can say and tomorrow in the 80s is today. It is true, we love each other more than yesterday. At least as twice as much! If not more!