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I admit that I find the past live survey on Mosey’s husband’s blog somehow interesting…

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And I even read the comments this time, what I haven’t done in a  long time. Maybe C of S should ask org staff and public something similar to figure out if they are getting correct auditing as per “WHAT TO AUDIT”?


Dearest Marty, my prince and precious gem, how are you?

What do you think? Is Mosey’s husband himself sure of past lives? I never read this from him, except this survey now. 

David Miscavige canceled the book “Have you lived before this life”, so apparently, it is a clear indicator of “getting rid of the awareness of past lives”. And that is the leader of Scientology! Wonder if he ever run or experienced a past live himself? 

I mentioned this before, Nicole Kidman was asked by Dame Edna once on the Tonight Show if she would believe in past lives. Nicole Kidman said she wouldn’t be sure. And that after receiving lots of auditing in the Church of Miscavology and despite the real founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard wrote in 1952 in his book “WHAT TO AUDIT” that was later titled “A HISTORY OF MAN”: “THE AUDITOR WHO INSISTS ON AUDITING THE CURRENT LIFETIME ONLY, WHEN HE HAS THE WHOLE TRACK TECHNIQUE AVAILABLE, IS WASTING TIME AND EFFORT AND IS, IN FACT, SWINDLING HIS PRECLEAR.” 

If Nicole does not know beyond any doubt that she lived before this life is telling me that she did not get whole track auditing and was swindled by Miscavology. I bet she would be still a Scientologist if she would have had whole track auditing.

Infiltrators and non-Scientologists doubt past lives or are afraid to use whole track tech on a VIP or other PCs because they consider “past lives” to be “political incorrect” and these “auditors” are likely people who come from atheist or Christian  roots. Which is an irony, because Jesus words and actions (despite altered like SCN) indicate clearly  past lives and advanced human abilities.

The overwhelming majority of Mosey’s husband’s supporters apparently have experienced past lives in sessions  (many as they were on org lines) or are otherwise are sure of the existence of past lives. But most seem to think that the “in between lifetimes area” (when they have no body and are thetans without body) is free and that there are no psychiatric traps, and there, they are very wrong. If just one of them would have met one of the top German psychs as I had the misfortune to meet, they would get the idea that these people are so control-obsessed that this very well covers all of the spiritual zone, even if  so many of them are making others believe that there is no afterlife.

Was that such a “great idea” of David Miscavige cancelling the Book Have you lived before this life? I say no, clearly a bad idea. He probably justifies the cancellation by saying that “LRH didn’t write that book”, but Ron didn’t write other publications neither that are published under his name and DM has no problem with that.

One person blogged: I was a staunch atheist when I started doing Scientology. My first ever auditing session was with Book One and after about 45 minutes I had returned to a past death. Scared the bejesus out of me.

I experienced the something similar. I was no atheist and for me past lives made more sense than anything else. People are dying and born again but they are forgetting their past lives. They even forget what they did in the very early stages of THIS lifetime! When they can’t recall the early stages of THIS lifetime, how can they be so sure that there was nothing else BEFORE?

You know it and I know it, Marty. It needs courage to look back.


I remember one of the first past life moments that I re-lived when I used Self-Analysis lists to break through buried memories. Courage is a part of it. And I was curious. One needs to have courage when one wants to be a Scientologist and figure out who one really is. So suddenly, I saw three riders coming FAST over the hill on horses, and yes, it scared me too because it wasn’t anything that I have mocked up. It suddenly opened up before my eyes, and these riders didn’t mean well with me. I knew about the intentions of these three riders  despite they could have been theoretically also good people, coming to visit or to help. But I could tell exactly their real intentions towards me. I didn’t see their faces long. They also wore hats pulled into their faces. That doesn’t automatically mean that they are bad. People do that to protect their eyes and faces. Why did I know that they were bad and not just three good men coming home from a long journey hungry and tired? Because I lived through that situation before, I knew what followed without having seen that part. But all came back to me when I saw them coming over that hill. 

In present time, recalling that, was it scary? Yes, it was. But I am no coward like those who deny the fact of past lives. I want to know. The scary moment went away very quickly, but with all emotions involved, I knew that it was a real past live moment and situation. I saw many movies, read many books… Three evil riders coming over the hill never scared me in movies or books. But it is different when you suddenly relive through one past live situation and suddenly have this crystal clear emotions: I have to get away as soon as possible, a sudden panic, which is very understandable, when one really was there.

It was reliving panic and fear for one brief moment. And even by going back, I knew this lifetime had past and a second later, I was already back in present time. And with one life-changing experience more: past lives is a fact.


I also have many very pleasurable and uptone past live memories, particularly those that involve you and Ron, Marty.

Reverie is really the condition one has to be in for the best recall. I found it is this relaxed state BEFORE actually going to sleep.  When I run SA and are telling me, okay, now I run all what happened to me in the 15th century, nothing happens. But for example, when I am in reverie and I look long and far down enough, I can access past lives. For example, I go spiritually back in time, and then I push open old doors. And I often see something unexpected and very realistic. I know it is past life. Not all is scary, lots of it is enjoyable. And I was often very happy. Many of past century history is somber and grim. But we were completely not stiff and alive, joyful, and enthusiastic. And very much interested in spiritual things rather than MEST.  

Is it squirreling? Course not because Self Analysis is not squirreling. 

 But there are rough things too on anyone’s trimetrack, and imo there are just few things that make a person unable to past lives:

1) No Scientology technology and no whole track tech

2) A bad auditor

3) Not giving past live a change

4) Afraid of looking back, being a coward. 

I know that past lives are as real to you as they are real to me. Ron figured out a way for anyone to access them, and when properly applied, people are never the same again. They are so much wiser then.

I love you. I love you in each past life, I love you in present time, and I will love you in future, Marty.

Yours forever,




Written by Barbara Schwarz

December 6, 2012 at 10:52 am

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  1. What do you answer detailed of these questions?


    December 6, 2012 at 8:49 pm

    • Never heard of Robert Monroe before.


      December 7, 2012 at 2:11 am

    • Well, I think that the “Indies” and neither Vistarologists or Miscavologists understand how psychiatrists implant.

      There are for sure medical laboratories in any country that make experiences on embryos and thetans but most of the implanting is done without a specific location.

      Here is the thing: SEGNPMSS organized that anyone on this freaking planet gets ear implants “to help them”. But what the inventors of this system are concealing is that they use this system not to help but to control people. They assign people codes and people are programmed on that code.

      When somebody dies, he or she still can hear. And the SEGNPMSS continue to use these codes to control the thetan into that body or family THAT THEY SELECT FOR THAT THETAN.

      As soon as the thetan took the new body, they play constant silent tapes into the directions to forget his or her past live.


      Barbara Schwarz

      December 7, 2012 at 4:59 am

      • Oh, and about that Robert Monroe. He started what he was doing after Dianetics and Scientology was already known to the world. Scientology was already registered as church. I bet that caused Mr. Monroe to do his own thing.

        Ron was first and discovered more truth that Mr. Monroe.

        Barbara Schwarz

        December 7, 2012 at 5:12 am

    • I am shocked about the answer of that Charles Carmichael whoever he is. He said he got 800-1000 wdah in the orgs and never run any past lives. He was thinking that he either is a new thetan or a hard case.

      But the real wrong, he didn’t get. He had lousy auditors and C/S! Infiltrators. No real Scientologists. There is no new thetan. We exist since ever. We were not created. Just the body is a creation not the thetan. He had auditors that didn’t run whole time track on him and sometimes it is also the PC who is AFRAID to look because the timetrack is indeed very often not very friendly. But the way out is the way thru.

      Somebody by the name of Windhorsegallery replied that past lives are overrated.

      Not according to the founder who stated clearly that a PC is SWINDLED if audited just for present life stuff (in a way is that what psychs are doing and that doesn’t make really solve people’s problems).

      In order to know and understand oneself, and ones relation to others one has to discover ones past lives.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 7, 2012 at 5:22 am

  2. ‘David Miscavige canceled the book “Have you lived before this life”’


    Is this really true?


    December 9, 2012 at 6:42 am

    • Yes. Try to order it from Bridge Publication and see what happens.

      That book has been consistently in print until 1989. There are still copies for sale but it is not currently offered for sale today by Scientology’s Bridge Publications and New Era Publications websites. There was no new edition in 2007 although 18 new editions of earlier Scientology books came out.

      DM tries to get rid of past life awareness.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 9, 2012 at 8:31 am

  3. “When they can’t recall the early stages of THIS lifetime, how can they be so sure that there was nothing else BEFORE?”

    Good point Barbara.


    December 9, 2012 at 6:44 am

      • I want to add two points here:

        There were/are infiltrators who made past life stories up to harm Scientology, as that alleged year child of which Cooper babbled.

        It is possible that this book contained false case stories. But that DM is anti-past lives shows that he didn’t replace false case stories with correct case stories and that quite some celebrities (and non VIPs) are completely clueless or at least very uncertain about past lives because they are not audited with full track tech that Ron provided.


        If you are audited with whole track auditing, you are not uncertain (as Nicole Kidman and likely tons of others) but very certain that you lived MANY lives before.

        DM is a wog. And Ray Mithoff probably too. Pardon my French.

        Barbara Schwarz

        December 9, 2012 at 8:44 am

  4. To see the whole track one must look in more than one direction.

    What lies behind is nothing to what lies ahead.

    The SEGNPMSS that you know are not immortal and will be gone from your track soon.


    December 10, 2012 at 10:45 am

    • Dream on!

      Who says that I just look in one direction?

      To assume that people who committed atrocities suddenly got better without having done the damage good against those who they harmed is ridiculous and stupid. Most of them still think that mass murder is just a little prank.

      With gassing the Jews and other minorities, the SPs showed their real face for split second in history. Even if they would die, they come back and are the same monsters again. If they can’t commit such crimes overtly as during the Nazi time, they do it covertly.

      The world governments failed to correct them. Churches including an infiltrated Scientology failed to correct them.

      If the SEGNPMSS ever stops to stalk me and others, then because they got publicly convicted. There is no other way.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 10, 2012 at 2:16 pm

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