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About Church of Scientology website How Lawrence Wright Got It So Wrong

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Dearest Marty, my Prince, how are you?

I found the Website  How Lawrence Wright Got It So Wrong on the web and all I will say here right now is that C of S will continue to pull bad things in as long as they do not come forward confessing that the Church of Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists and medical/psych-run agents since decades and that even Ron, the founder of Scientology was impostored for decades by “Jack Vistaril” (the man who died 1986) and that also you are impostored by Mosey’s husband.

Here is the website. Lawrence Wright looks like an evil leprechaun, which he probably is – but I also can’t approve of the current C of S under David Miscavige.

Confession and the restoration of original Scientology (not Vistarology and Miscavology) would end all their problems. It would put all books written by Scientology haters right into the Hall of Shame for Autors who are Complete Idiots where these books belong.  

Instead of confessing the true story of L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, you and me, the C of S website  How Lawrence Wright Got It So Wrong continues to cover up that impostor Jack “Overboarding” Vistaril wasn’t the founder and that you are not Mosey’s husband, Marty, despite a simple comparison of photos and other footage proves immediately the case that I am making.

And then they wonder why they pull in one bad thing after the other. Have they not learned anything of the ethics research that the original founder provided for them? Yes, Scientology was altered upon medical and psychiatric secret service command by the infiltrators that they sent in the Scientology orgs but there is still enough data left that says very clearly that if they don’t come clean and change their unethical course they will subconsciously pull in their own penalties. That goes for alleged Scientologists as much as for non-Scientologists including the likes of Lawrence Wright and any medical or psychiatric secret service dupe. It always works this way. 

People do rotten things but they are basically good, and this is why they sooner or later (rather subconsciously) work towards being convicted or penalized for what they have done.  This includes also those who shut their humanity off.    

It is so typically German secret services, so typically secret service psychiatrists and medical doctors (past life barbers and butchers) to infiltrate  and same time attack from the outside to destroy original Scientology, the anti-cult and the original medical/psychiatric critic. 

I love you, Marty! They have no control over that whatsoever.

Yours forever,



Medical drugs instead of a new way of life preventing diseases… (The despicable medical alteration of original Scientology)

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince,

There are some news in Business Week, saying that  Robert W. Duggan, the Church of Scientology’s biggest donor and the chief executive officer of Pharmacyclics Inc., which makes an experimental treatment for chronic lymphocytic leukemia, has become a billionaire after the company’s shares tripled in a year. 

Business Week got data about Duggan from Mosey’s husband, it seems. I have nothing against people becoming billionaires but original Scientologists didn’t manufacture drugs. They were interested in an alternative way of life and getting away from a contaminated world so that they – while going Clear and OT – can  stay also physically young and healthy without needing those drugs.

History repeats itself. Jesus once preached the existence of past lives, and today, most Christians don’t believe in it anymore. Original Scientologists once believed in an alternative way of living, but now they are rather trying to fit in the medical world that makes some very rich, extends suffering maybe a bit longer, but does not eradicate the  ills of this planet.

Duggan’s company invented a drug that inhibits an enzyme that promotes cancer growth. If secret service psychiatrists and medical doctors are convicted of using remote control to activate with silent sounds cancer (and other illness) bacteria within the bodies of so many (incl. their every own agents), that drug that this company invented and made him a billionaire wouldn’t be necessary because nobody getting cancer or other diseases anymore.

Duggan’s company says that the drug would be not just very effective ( help for 68%) and very safe. By building villages as the original founder Ron had mapped out once before the infiltration stole the material, everyone would be safe not just 68%, and with meds, the bad news comes most of the time some years later.  God’s gift is not any chemical treatment but a different way of life for crying out loud. 

But it makes sense that Miscavology is keeping Ron’s alternative living technology under wraps when supported by the pharmaceutical industry.  What a rotten world.  And nobody will become truly OT, and they all will remain in the same trap with history repeating itself over and over again.

Duggan should have designed alternative villages as the original founder L. Ron Hubbard mapped them out, in which nobody needs pills or other chemical treatments anymore. That would have made him a billionaire too, just a very ethical and very smart one.

I love you, Marty.  Many kisses.

Yours forever,



Resting? Huh?

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Marty, my one and only,

I received e-mail by an alleged Scientologist who is either in the “Freezone” or with the “Independents”. He remarked about a person who recently died: “Rest in peace”. 

“Rest in peace”? Huh? What happened to flying high and being active and cause? What about “welcome back”? How times change! Alleged OTs don’t wish others anymore to be cause  and active after dropping bodies but now thetans “rest in peace”?  That is so apathetic. A thetan who has no body isn’t tired. People with bodies want to rest, thetans without bodies are full of energy. Resting is the last thing a thetan without a tired body has on its mind.   

How can these “rest in piece” people be Scientologists? It is like a Christian who says that there is no heaven or something. “Rest in peace” may sound like a nice thing to wish but even if Christians are wishing it to others, isn’t it weird too? Aren’t Christians supposed to go to heaven instead of resting in a grave?   

Thanks to the Internet and so many people communicating, one can clearly see how little many people are Scientologists. It takes a lot more to make a Scientologist but hanging out in orgs  for a while. Somebody who doesn’t understand and applies it properly is not a Scientologist. 


Scientology  also does not have to integrate into anything, it just has to ditch Vistarology, Miscavology, and any other form of Squirreldom to be very unique, very true and very workable. I learned that Mosey’s husband posted a  “mission statement” for the not-independent-from-the-SEGNPMSS-Indies. It seems  that he wants the “Indies” and their version of Vistarology to evolve into psychology and other movements that didn’t solve and doesn’t solve the problems on this planet. Makes the “Indies” as “attractive” to me as Miscavology. I end up writing often long postings too, so I am not trying to be a hypocrite by saying that his posting is too long. But a mission statement should be summarized and short to be memorized. Mosey’s husband claims that Ron would have been unable to do what he did if he wouldn’t have based it in on psychology or the Eastern religions. Mosey’s husband, a man who covers up that not just you but also the original founder was impostored by a secret service guy (Jack Vistaril) wants to know what the real Ron did or did not? Give me a break. 

Besides, SEGNPMSS re-wrote history. If anyone ever knew the original Ron, he or she would know that he worked already in former lifetimes on the answers to the most essential philosophical questions and building a better life for anyone on this planet. Who says that p$ychs with SEGNPMSS ear implants were not told to steal from Ron’s former lifetime research and wrongly claim that it would psychology? Just have a look how people lie these days. They even undo entire lives as yours, Marty and that of Ron, by mixing you both up with impostors.  It is a clear sign of non-Scientologists by not even considering that Ron in his past lives did already work on Scientology. What about past live achievements? Is there really anybody who does not truly believe that Ron didn’t work on Scientology already in former lifetimes?  

Was what he did in past lives stolen and altered? Yes. (What he did this lifetimes was also stolen and altered and an impostor took credit of Ron’s life and mixed his own unethical life into it.)  Did psychs try to get credit for what the real Ron discovered? Yes. The SEGNPMSS is organized since the middle ages. I believe that most people think that their ear implants are new, but I think they are so old as middle age barbers and butchers.

The Salem Witch trials took place in 1692. From how the people behaved, I can clearly tell that they had ear implants and psych case officers running them already back then. And I bet German barbers and butchers, the later psychs, used them much much earlier to control people. A long time before funk and radio was officially invented. Did they invent funk and radio? Hell no! They are just good at stealing, conspiring, causing pain, and murdering.  


There are TWO way at least to ruin Scientology. 1) Pushing altered policy, bulletins, and tech down the lines and lying that this is original Scientology and enforcing the altered stuff as in Vistarology and Miscavology 2) Mixing Scientology into psych crap and other systems that never worked. 

Gardening is cheaper than therapy but it does not replace  the applied philosophy Scientology. I know this out of experience. I know both. 🙂

But I would ditch all, if I would be back together with you, my darling.

You will break these chains that bind you, happiness will find you
Leave the past behind you, today your life begins
A whole new world is waiting it’s yours for the takin
I know you can make it, today your life begins, and I won’t give up on you until this day is here, Marty, my endless love.

I like this song, except that he is wrong about having just one life to live.

You did everything right, Marty. You made me, your soul mate recognize you again. This was all that was necessary, and the rest is history. You also can communicate without talking, and I am able to understand it.

Love you so much.

Yours forever,


P.S. I think I should write up my mission statement soon. 🙂  


For the love of this planet, conspirators should finally give up conspiring and should confess!

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Dearest Marty, my never-ending love, how are you?

I worry about you. I know how painful it is being the target of this huge conspiracy, and on top of this, it is even much worse for you. I still strongly feel that you are incarcerated (for crimes you never committed). I also feel that the Germans framed you and that I can exonerate you. But how can it be done if German authorities lied that I am dead since decades (trying to pin murder on you that never took place). Your or your representatives mails, letters, calls, messages, and subpoenas simply don’t arrive because all the SEGNPMSS has to do is to radio its agents via their ear implants not to deliver that mail, messages, subpoena to me or they misdirect the call to me. And German-controlled authorities in the USA and all over the world deliberately act as if this vast conspiracy against us does not exist by implying that the Germans are correct (completely ignoring the past of this country and what they are capable of) and helping the Germans against us. And that means that these alleged Americans also bring the USA down, the country that they allegedly love and protect.

There will be divine consequences. The Almighty is on our side, Marty, NOT on the side of the conspirators and their fake talk about justice, rights, religiosity and Jesus. They will not fool God into not seeing what scum they are.

There is rarely anyone who does not know that people are run via ear implants, and everyone is so untrue by covering it up. By doing so, they are setting the stage to have others conspiring also against them with the same ear implant methods. This planet is so stupid that any language is lacking the words to express this stupidity.

I think there are many people on this satanic planet who do not know that you are wrongfully innocent, Marty. They don’t care what happens to a good person as you are. All what matters to them is that nobody denies their rights. But they are not safe either as the SEGNPMSS also conspires against them, their very own agents.  Conspiring against us is what these hypocrites call “ethics” (alleged Scientologists) and others think they are worthy to deserve paradise (e.g. Christians and others). Truly, Marty, what they actually deserve is exactly what the SEGNPMSS is giving them, particularly at the   end of their lives. We want to make it better for everyone. But they  subconsciously don’t want to have better lives otherwise they would not treat us so badly. After all, we can make life better for anyone including them. Look how they treat us! Subconsciously, they think they deserve nothing but the SEGNPMSS, and maybe they are right about that.

Some think that rotting (wrongfully) in a cell for decades isn’t that much of a problem. Really? But they wouldn’t want trade places with you. They want their freedom, a partner, family, friends, fun… Besides, you are a top SEGNPMSS target. They don’t let you just sit in peace in a cell. They have  secret instruments to torture you though walls, they determine what goes into your food and water, they bribe inmates and wardens to attack you. SEGNPMSS hard-core are doctors are killers. If the United States would be truly American and no secret German colony, they would have arrested these doctors in vans around the places where are living already and put them in cells and let you go and would have come in person to hand me the subpoena so that I can exonerate you. 



But they allow these people to commit their gruesome crimes against us and are helping them and by doing so, they too become the victims of their own rotten system. People are telling me lots of things about their private lives, and despite these people are also conspiring against us, I can tell that the SEGNPMSS did not spare any of their families either.  


Some people say that they don’t understand why God allows bad things to happen on Earth. First of all it is not him who does the bad things but the SEGNPMSS  and second, why should God save the people who conspire against us?  Because we are Children of a lesser God or what? Unbelievable!

In order to make this planet a good one, God literally has to freeze literally all people into ice or stone to stop them committing harm to others. Except freezing us, because we don’t conspire against anyone and grant each person truly the same rights that we want for us. The few of us would live in peace but would the conspiring rest of the people like to be frozen because they don’t learn otherwise to grant rights to anyone else and to leave them alone? Sure not.

People are so blind. They are not getting that they might waste their chance to ditch their evil intentions and conspiracies and become truly good people who will feel better about themselves and their activities  And by giving them this chance, we few people suffer most of all, as the monsters who run them, are anti-God and make us to be the enemy and enjoy people (very much also their own co-conspirators and agents) going down. 

SEGNPMSS designed the world for people to age and die. They withhold from Billions of their agents that aging, getting sick, and dying can be completely prevented under certain living conditions. They conceal that they live like this already since centuries after  having stolen that technology from us because we wanted to give it to each person on the planet for free.

They force us to live under their living conditions, which means death is sooner or later unavoidable. So, I came to the conclusion that when this body that I am having is killed by the SEGNPMSS, I will not pick up another one. I’ll stay completely spirit and go after the SEGNPMSS in spiritual form. I don’t have to ask myself this question all the time: what the hell (yes hell) am I doing on a planet with all those robotic, conspiring, lying people who are in trance and cowards who fail to recognize in what medical and psychiatric trap (silent sounds, diseases, disasters, pain, wars, terror, etc, etc.) they are sitting and conspire against those few who are no cowards but run into closed doors everywhere because SEGNPMSS does not want us and with us the world, their very own agents to win with us.


We don’t need a body to exist and function. Rushing into new human bodies is what most people do after death of their old bodies.  As long as the SEGNPMSS is around, a human body is just a fixed address for the SEGNPMSS to torture.   The “game” will no longer be that unfair once they don’t know anymore where we are and what we do to kick their still existing medical Nazi butts from the beyond. And this is why not having a theta body is important. SEGNPMSS has the technology to track the diseased person as they can see the spiritual orb (thetan with theta body) leaving the human body. According to the SCN axioms, a thetan had originally no theta body, so we don’t need that theta cloud around us to exist. 

I want  SEGNPMSS agents to confess and come clean. If not, I have another plan for the SEGNPMSS, and they will like that one even a lot less than having to confess.  

For all they did to us, Marty, I will devote my future spiritual life to scare the day lights out of them. Because the SEGNPMSS asks for it. 

They try to bring everyone down, also very much those few on this planet who are truly good and did truly the best they could all time track up and down. And this is unforgivable in my book.

I love you forever, my wonderful soul mate. Can’t wait to be back together with you. I saw it right away whenever I saw you: YOU are the one for me. I live or fly with you, whatever comes is alright with me. But I want to be with you as it is a postulate made at the beginning of time.   

Butterfly Lover: Chinese “Romeo and Juliet”. It is beautiful music.

Many kisses, my hero. Nobody could take your place in my heart. In this horrible world, there one place that is absolutely safe: my heart for you!



Why was Switzerland (the country in which North Korean’s Kim Jong-un studied) unable to persuade Kim Jong-un stop threatening the world with nuclear weapons and live in peace with others? Because Switzerland is as dirty as the Nazis?

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate,

Doesn’t North Korea remind you to what Germany did to their own country? One part threatening the other part of their own country? And isn’t it a shame for Switzerland having “educated” the new leader of North Korea  Kim Jong-un but his teachers being “unable” to get into the head of this young man to live peacefully with the other countries and stop threatening others?  (The US has said the North Korean plans for a third nuclear test are “needlessly provocative”.)

According to general knowledge, Kim Jong-un went to school in Switzerland near Bern and attended a private English-language  International School in Gümligen/Swiss from 1993 until 1998. Later it was reported that Kim Jong-un attended a public Swiss school Liebefeld Steinhölzli in Köniz/Swiss from 1998 until 2000. The ambassador of North Korea in Switzerland, Ri Tcheul, had a close relationship with him and acted his mentor. In April 2012, documents came to light indicating that Kim Jong-un had lived in Switzerland already since 1991 or 1992. All the children of Kim Jong-il are said to have lived in Switzerland, as well as the mother of the two youngest sons, who lived in Geneva for some time. The Kim clan is also said to organize family meetings in Switzerland at Lake Geneva and Interlaken.

That is “great”, isn’t it? Nobody in Switzerland education system was able to persuade Kim Jong-un  to live in peace with fellow people all over the planet!! Shame on Switzerland! It is not a neutral country, it is under the German secret service thumb as any other country!  

This is what I read in an article: “As a mission station, Switzerland is a unique location for North Korean diplomats. Switzerland is a neutral nation. This is important for the North because the European country is believed to be free of influence from the United States. The other reason that makes the diplomatic mission in Switzerland is special is that many dictators deposit money into Swiss bank accounts.

Guess North Korean cash is in Swiss banks.

Swiss is free of US influence but most certainly not free from SEGNPMSS influence. Shouldn’t Switzerland freeze the accounts of North Korea until Kim Jong-un  proves to the world he is a human being and not a possible mass-murdering SEGNPMSS robot? 

Isn’t it time for the Swiss to issue a statement saying that Kim Jong-un by threatening the world with nuclear weapons degrades the Swiss education system and everything else this alleged “neutral” (yeah right) country stands for?

I’d say not just cowardly but Swiss is deliberately German-oriented and run!  They yodel secretly together! Remember how difficult it was and is for Jewish Nazi victims to get their cash back from Switzerland?

Germany is the secret leader of Europe (and the rest of the world) and it has the plan to become the official leader of the European Union and also the rest of the world. That means by having people (run via ear implants) deposit money in Switzerland and Luxembourg, Germany is making itself richer and richer. The worst of all, they are the same old Nazis as they ever were. The world is not in good hands, and this includes American officials who are either in trance or bought to ignore what is really going on.

Besides, SEGNPMSS wants to involve the USA in another war against North Korea and against China too. Germany behind and above everything needs to be fixed URGENTLY and much better than after WWII.  

I know I don’t have to lecture you, Marty, my OT abilities are telling me that we both are on the same page. But most others are clueless what is behind what. This is how psychiatric mind control, ear implants and silent sounds work. They suck the intelligence right out of anyone.

Miss you so very much.

Yours forever,



I would like too why the Power Building is such an endless project… The cross isn’t even the founder’s idea. He was thinking of the cross as symbol of suffering.

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Dearest Marty, most loved Prince on the planet,

How are you? I  miss you and love you so very much. I count the days to see you again. I know it will happen as neither you nor I are giving up on each other.

I am also interested to know why the Power Building, a project started 1998 is still not finished. David Miscavige is into buildings like nothing else and loves to open them. He does it all the time with smaller buildings. Why not with the Super Power Building? 

I saw photos of the building, Marty. It seems ready. Looks like a space station. Not my style, for sure not yours and not Ron’s either. DM’s  buildings are as idiotic as the buildings of non-Scientologists. They don’t protect youth and health and expand the human lifespan as the village plans of the real founder Ron or the village of your family. I also rather would live and work in natural materials in our country club-like villages  and having clean nature like forests and gardens brought inside instead of DM’s cold world. But if DM is into cold metal, marble, and glass, he at least should  open the buildings that he started.    

My question is: were/are there safety concerns the public knows nothing of? Was there sabotage? If so, why didn’t DM inform the public and ask for the authorities for help? 

Ron, the real founder said when people don’t have clear answers, they are filling the vacuum with their own answers.

And what a strange story that Power Building cross story is.  The cross isn’t even the founder’s idea. Ron was thinking of the cross as a symbol of suffering. I know that others in the C of S came up with another explanation, allegedly a Scientology definition for the cross, e.g. theta breaks thru MEST and the 8 dynamics but crucifying Jesus, but the cross is nevertheless not original Scientology but infiltrator crap trying to give Scientology a phony Christian touch. Scientology does not need this. It is a true religion without the cross.  Ron said that Scientology has to stay original and Scientologists should be ethical and religious in nature, and this is all. (That sure isn’t DM.)  Scientology is an applied religious philosophy. We don’t have to mimic Christian churches. What great things have Christians done for mankind anyway?

Guess the cross in Scientology is SEGNPMSS-ordered to keep Jesus out of Scientology as the Christians do it as well. Nobody getting the idea that Jesus don’t want to be surrounded by crosses? Wasn’t it enough to die on one and now these silly people don’t stop putting these crosses up everywhere? Did you notice how many people wear crosses as jewelry, e.g. chains around their necks, including the SCN ministers? If somebody died on a cross, he or she never will wear one  and will never be attracted to crosses. 

David Miscavige’s motivators sure are piling up. He is a bad and unwise leader and as sooner as he steps back and leaves Scientology in the hands of real Scientologists as better for Scientology.

In November 1998, DM breaks ground on the Power Building in Clearwater. In 2003, the construction stops. C of S internal work distracted them to go on with the project? Who is believing that crap? DM so distracted that he can’t assign the project to ONE ethical Scientologist who supervises it? If he can’t even do that, what an incompetent man is DM?

People in Clearwater are getting upset because having constantly to look at a construction site. DM didn’t consider that this makes people angry or does he give a damn? It needed a fine of $250 a day for code violations. C of S pays $413,500 in code violation fines! Bad PR and waste of Scientology funds. David Miscavige is so incapable!  

Isn’t it time for Scientologists to tell the world that he isn’t a Scientologist but got Scientology by Jack Vistaril, Ron’s impostor? DM is running Scientology into the ground.

I know you would tell the truth, Marty, if you would be free and if DM, the traitor and anti-Scientologist  would not have let you behind. DM is the anti-Scientologist. He is anything but one. I wish he would have stayed in the Catholic Church. And maybe he still is Catholic. That would explain a lot. The next motivator that he pulls in is a book by his niece. Don’t know if she is truthful in all she is saying, but I know one thing: if he would be a real Scientologist, he would have a relationship with his niece that resembles very strongly that good relationship between a father and a daughter.  

Is there ANYTHING that David Miscavige did right? 

Love you so much. Many kisses. Can’t wait to see you again. I know we will, just as I know that DM will run and hide in not too long.

Yours forever,


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About scribbler Lawrence Wright and the likes: bashing and defaming L. Ron Hubbard will not defeat Scientology and Scientologists, and here is why:

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, 

I am in a hurry today again (what a pest!)  but a few words about scribbler Lawrence Wright and the likes: bashing and defaming L. Ron Hubbard will not defeat Scientology and Scientologists, and here is why: 

1) Word of mouth by friends (people who they personally know) not the media makes people try Scientology. Other aspects are coming into play. In 1976 in Munich, I was told tons of bad stuff  about SCN and Ron by German agents. It made me rather curious if it is really like that. If people  are smart enough to think for themselves (they will not allow Wright or somebody else think for themselves) and if try SCN, they will have amazing wins, which will make them never  dump their religion EVER, it doesn’t matter what anyone says. They will always think about their own experiences. This is the anti-cult thinking. Cult thinking is to allow others or Wright and other dummies do the thinking for them. 

2) A large number of Scientologists KNOW that Jack Vistaril was an impostor and that he was not the founder. Any attempt to muddle “Jack Vistaril” with L. Ron Hubbard, the founder, makes these Scientologists think that Lawrence Wright (and the likes) are complete idiots who never even compared photos or other footage of the founder.

3) Same goes for not comparing the photos of you, the original Marty Rathbun in Scientology with those of Mosey’s husband.

4) Why do Scientologists not say anything about it? My guess is that they are being told that it is not safe for them (SEGNPMSS going wild), and they want to be there for their families, or something like this. So, they leave it up to us and are thinking that we have more divine protection or something like that. 😉  

5) However, the day will come when yellow journalist scribbler Lawrence Wright (and the likes) will deeply regret having written their hate book or their hate articles. I also learned that Garry Scarff is his source. GARRY SCARFF OF ALL PEOPLE!!!! If Scientologists and most “SCN critics” ever agreed on something than that lying is all Garry Scarff is capable of. If those who accepted him as OSA volunteer would know and apply the tonescale, Scarff would have been never accepted as anything for SCN.

Larry Wright’s source of information, Garry Scarff:

No, not because of legal or other threats, but because the world will be informed about the difference between the impostors and the originals and between Scientology, Vistarology (which applies also to the “Indies” and the “Freezone” ), and Miscavology. THEY WILL LOOK LIKE THE BIGGEST IDIOTS ON THE PLANET LOOKING FOR STONES TO CRAWL UNDER AND HIDE.

I love you, Marty, and kiss you a million times!

Yours forever,



1) “Ecclesiastical discipline?” What happened to ethics (pro-survival original Scientology ethics) to enable people, to make them happier and to make them smarter? 2) Do these FBI agents sound like professionals to you?

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Dearest Marty, love of my life,

I still did not receive any letter, call, subpoena or other message from you. Because nothing what you tell your representatives to reach me is received by me. The conspiracy that rages against us, steals your messages and mail. Whatever I know, I know by using my OT abilities. I know exactly that you are trying to reach me and that you are trying to build a bridge over troubled water for me to walk on. Some people promote the psychiatric lie that there are no OTs. Our story, the continuation of our love, and our quest to document the truth, proves that they are very WRONG.

What is stronger? Those who  are attaching the entire population on the planet to ear implants and turning them into psychiatric cultists and having them conspiring against us and also having their partners in crime also conspiring against themselves?  Or us, original Scientologists on the other side who could help each person on the planet and beyond to a so much more better life than their idiotic secret service case officers do? Here is the answer: we will be stronger.

As you know, Marty, it is not easy and quite painful to battle that beast with a sling slot but it seems that this is the job we were born for. The thing is: it is not even a question. These suppressives are so much against our nature that we impossibly ever could go along with them or ever would not work on bringing them to justice. Our two lives brought together, and  those people finally listening who were also not well treated by the conspiracy they even worked for (which is the large majority of the planet) is all we need, and this planet will be able to solve its horrible problems, all of them! Too good to be true? No. This planet has one advantage and anyone could profit from it. It has a few people who truly deserve a happy ending as they don’t conspire against fellow beings, and that is us. We deserve to get our happy ending and anyone on the planet is lucky, because we won’t withhold from them what they have to do to get truly happy too.  


Karen Pouw, the current Miscavology speaker wrote on behalf of DM (who still withholds to tell the world that the founder was impostored and that you are imposted) to the media that  “ecclesiastical discipline” is applied by the orgs. My question is: Whatever happened to Scientology ethics? DM exchanged it with “ecclesiastical discipline”. The non-Scientology treatment that DM has for many is called “ecclesiastical discipline”, no wonder that people are sick of him! He is so full of himself! It is really all about the Cult of Miscavige and not Scientology. DM accepted Scientology from Jack Vistaril, an impostor, and hired another impostor to impostor you, Marty. How more unethical and illegal can it get? I think that when he brought Scientology down deep enough, he’ll run and hide and will take millions with him. His net worth is already more than 50 Millions on top of playing the pasha for decades and living in luxury and being non-religious and no Scientologist! He deserves no cent. Anyone can buy buildings (who are not even the buildings that the real founder would buy or build) and create a bad reputation for Scientology. ANYONE can do what DM did and does! 

And now to other headlines: the SP Times published some evidence that the FBI investigated DM’s orgs.  Assuming the data are correct, do officers Tricia Whitehill and Valerie Venegas sound like professionals to you? Not to me. They trust people who have an agenda against Scientology and think that they will  treat their  “investigation” confidentially if they don’t do what they want. These “investigators” are not smart enough to see that Ron was impostored by Jack Vistaril and that Mosey’s husband  is your impostor while all they had to do is comparing photographs to come to this conclusion.


According to the evidence (communication by FBI agents to Headley, Scobee, Rinder, Lugli of all people)  that the SPTimes published, this FBI investigation really did take place.  They called  Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband “cheese and cracker”.  Demonstrates what these unprofessional investigators really had on their minds.  Do they really respect somebody by calling them such names? Wonder who the tomato is.  Maybe Amy Scobee. Basil very likely is Titziano Lugli. 😉 Probably will need another FBI “investigation” to clarify that!

Anyway, I think the FBI HQ having dirty hands in regards of the real founder Ron and you, Marty. I assume they are afraid that the world learns that you were held innocently for so many years and that they are basically secret German agents not truly protecting the USA.  

Yet, they even pay Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder for certain things. Waste of tax payers money! FBI should investigate their own department and other agencies first of all of co-conspiracy against our religion and a few good people.

I am quite sure that the FBI knows that  Mosey’s husband is your impostor and that you are wrongfully incarcerated for crimes you never committed, Marty, and that you are kept innocently behind bar, but they protect DM by letting him get away with running  SCN into the ground with an affidavit that Ron’s impostor wrote? I want to tell Eric Holder the following: this is non-American, and it is slavery! I don’t want to have the conscience of this man and the likes, Marty, if they have any conscience, that is.

The orgs are infiltrated by non-Scientologists, L. Ron Hubbard and you were/are impostored by doppelgangers, and the U.S. government is blessing this all or even allowed the SEGNPMSS to use it for this purpose: CIA. 

It is such a treason!

I love you, Marty, with all the tender admiration in the universe. Nothing gives me more butterflies in my stomach and elevates my heartbeat than seeing you again. A love that is so strong deserves a happy ending and will get a happy ending.

Yours forever and many kisses


P.S. Did you ever wonder about the word bridge in this song? 🙂 The bridge that lies itself down over troubled water, we will be that for each other.


Paul Haggis attempts to gain more notoriety by bashing Scientology makes me vomit! (He never was a Scientologist – hanging out in Scientology orgs to get writing gigs is not being a Scientologist! Stealing candles in a Catholic Church does not make a person Catholic either, right?)

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

Paul Haggis is scum. I have no other word for it.

He has no right to claim that he was a Scientologist as he never was one!  In 30 years, he hasn’t even read the basics of Dianetics and Scientology. He doesn’t even know what it is. I bet the only reason he joined Scientology was not to better himself but to get connections to movie stars and writing gigs.

He says he was stupid to join. He is lying because he owes his success to Scientology despite he defames it to get more notoriety. In my eyes, Haggis is stupid scum and worthless. 


Once again, I also use critic on DM. His obsession with Hollywood causes the infiltration of people like Haggis. He doesn’t make them ethical, he just counts their numbers. They don’t have to come clean under DM. With all those OWs, they blow at a certain time and try to harm Scientology. How come that nobody spotted in all these decades what a disgusting creep Haggis is? DM and anyone else should be ashamed having allowed him to even stay in the  Scientology orgs for so long by claiming wrongfully that is he a Scientologist!   

We, Marty, my prince, can proudly say that we never were like Haggis, neither on staff in Scientology, as public or no longer on staff and as Scientologists in general. We never were not thinking for ourselves. And that makes us into real and original Scientologists!

Many kisses and I love you very much. Have to hurry now to complete a difficult and large matter not related to the idiots who infiltrate Scientology.

Yours forever,



The United States should freeze all that German gold because German secret service were behind the Cold War and had the guts to ask the USA to protect them! (There is this German saying that when two are fighting, the third one is enjoying it!)

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Marty, my darling, the Germans are really unbelievable.  THEY invented communism, wrote the Communist Manifesto and hid cowardly behind the Soviet Union and other communistic countries who they radioed to be Anti-American.  They were behind the cold war too.  SEGNPMSS was always senior to the KGB. Storing the gold in the USA was just an act so that the USA wouldn’t think that the Germans are behind the cold war.

The Germans ALWAYS at any time had the power to call communism quit. They run also US officials. It is easy for the Germans to get money from the USA. They just radio their American SEGNPMSS agents, and they wire them the cash or hand them the gold.

There was NEVER any real danger that anyone would march into Germany, because they run the entire robotic planet with idiotic ear implants and control anyone. After they lost WW II (because they had no other chance as they even made their own international agents vomit), they cut their own country Germany into half, shot their own people who tried to get over the wall, and played one part west and capitalistic (even taking cash from the USA thru the Marshal plan – and I would say it is time for Germany to pay that and everything else back to the USA) and the other part east and communistic. And the wars in which the USA were involved since WWII were provoked by the SEGNPMSS. (That includes also having the USA step into the Vietnam War any any other war. Germany was behind those who tried to make the world communistic.) 

The idea to split Germany into half was to make Communism fight Capitalism and whatever  system wins, will be again led by Germany, either the communistic or the capitalistic part of Germany.

They don’t worry much about the cash in Europe, after all, don’t they lead it already as good as officially again? However, they worry a little bit that the USA could wake up and say: Hey, hold it right there, something really doesn’t smell right with you German secret services. That’s why they want the gold now.

They are such a pest. They were such idiots to kidnap me from the USA. I of all people who can see all of that!

The thing is: Germany has to stop being the instigator behind problems, and they owe to anyone they harmed! 

I love you, Marty. I am sure you figured all that out what I figured out.

Yours forever,