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I am certain that Ron researched Scientology already in earlier lifetimes – before his L.Ron Hubbard-lifetime, but not much remains on a planet with history-altering and stealing secret service p$ychs…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, how are you?

I hope the new year is kind to you. But nothing and nobody ever will be as kind to you as I am (besides your family).

The large quantity of Scientologists is aware of past lives. They don’t doubt it at all, because most of them had at least glimpses of past lives in Scientology sessions to know how real they are. But how well to they know thetans (themselves) really as SCN tech is altered?

Ron was driven by figuring life out. He wanted to KNOW “what man is” and all the secrets of the universe. He did figure it out, but I am certain beyond any doubt that he worked on Dianetics and Scientology already in lifetimes BEFORE. You don’t dedicate your entire life to a cause so early (he officially started his SCN research in the 1920s) if you have not engaged in that research before.  There are some people who say that Ron built his work on discoveries of others, those who lived before him. Really? What about that he WAS these former thinkers, philosophers, writers,  and discoverers?  That should make a lot of sense particularly to Scientologists.  


As Scientology was altered by impostor “Jack Vistaril”, his non-Scientologist case officers and other infiltrators who listens to German p$ych commands, many so-called Scientologists of today can’t even exactly define what a theta body is and how it looks likes. I know that the real founder Ron discovered theta bodies and also said that the theta body can be seen and tracked. This can be good and bad news. Good news for those who think that death of the human flesh body is the end of a person, which is it not. These people could see with a good camera a cloud emerge from the body of the dying who is responsive after death. Thetan can still feel, think, and see after death of the flesh body.  The bad news is that SEGNPMSS psychs track thetans with theta bodies and entrap, trick, and force these thetans into something that the thetans wouldn’t have chosen for themselves. A thetan does not need this theta body but has it when it dies.

The purpose of the OT levels is to enable the thetan to be cause over life.  Very much so its own life. Doctors are saying that germs are living organisms. In the beginning, there was nothing (axioms) and then some thetans wanted a game. In the beginning there were just all thetans happily unified in an existence with God together. Then a thetan wanted a game (bodies and the physical universe were created) but many thetans didn’t stick to rules of decency. Some of how badly that worked out is written in  history books. 

Germs are living beings. They are degraded thetans with germ bodies. (Degraded because which able thetan wants to be a germ?)  Germs attach themselves to our bodies. Body thetans. Anti-bacterial soup doesn’t kill all, and they are even inside of human bodies. Sauna might help a bit sweating them out, but people will get them right back in the deliberately dirty medical world in which we have to live. Secret service doctors (with remote-control) are using germs to cause hundred-thousands of diseases (to make doctors rich) and kill people at the end.

Wouldn’t it be great to make germs leave our bodies and leave us alone? If we just kill them with anti-bacterial soup, what is with saving thetans? Shouldn’t thetans in germ bodies understand that they should rather exist as great beings and not in germ bodies that are used to bug people? Thetans in germ bodies can hear the commands of medical secret service officers via quite some distance and upon medical command, bacteria become tame or aggressive and deadly. Germs are basically nothing else but thetans in animal bodies. They understand certain things.

Here is a thetan with a large theta body:


When we die, we leave the germs in the body that the germs killed upon remote control of the secret service doctors. But we are taking the theta body with us. But we don’t need a theta body. I don’t think that God has a theta body and that is why secret service doctors can’t track him. So, what is the theta body?

The Series PABs indicate that Ron wrote about them, but I don’t think that Miscavology, Vistarology or the Freezone is using that technology, which is so important.

I am also sure that everything that Ron wrote was altered by psychs to keep people in the dark.  See for example, the psych test in the PAB series by a woman named Lewis. As if Ron would have allowed that. Data  were added and removed to make Ron look unprofessional, ridiculous, contradictory or kissing up to the medical profession or psychs, which he never did. But there are also data still left that he really wrote and that indeed help to understand the most important questions of the universe.

The series PAB was posted online by somebody, but I haven’t found  5203C HCL-21 Anatomy of the Theta Body, or **5203C HCL-23 Theta Bodies or online.  Also not online are * 5204C15B LECTURE Theta Body Lecture,  5204C16A LECTURE Anatomy of Theta Body or  5204C16B LECTURE “Theta-Psychometer”: Theta Body Demo.

OT III, altered by Jack Vistaril and his psych case officers was posted a hundred times by somebody, but none posted these important lectures. But once again, I am not saying that the lectures were not altered as well, but I still hope that they contain at least same grains of truth of Ron’s original research. 

What about the “orb” phenomena, Ray Mitthoff and David Miscavige? Believing idiotic Wikipedia “editors” that these responsive phenomena  are dust and not theta bodies? Here, they are hanging out on a playground just like kids that they basically are just without a human body. Turning the “b” in the term “orb” results in “org”. But “g” also stands for “gone”. Fits in the secret language code that I discovered. Ron’s wisdom about “orbs” are removed (“g”one) from the or”g”s.   


THIS PICTURE CONTAINS THETANS WITH THETA BODIES (ORBS) AND ALSO DUST PARTICLES.  Ron explained this phenomena for sure, and I am certain that these data were not confidential. Secrecy helped and helps secret services to alter Scientology as developed by Ron.   

Thetans with theta bodies, and I wonder what kind of tech if any David Miscavige and Senior CS INT Ray Mitthoff are using to address theta bodies and the fact that they can traced by secret services. Do they think that the theta body consists of other thetans? Do their OT levels make thetans with germ bodies leaving the body of a OT? If yes, Scientologists on the OT levels should not die on cancer or heart-disease, etc. Do their OT levels get rid of theta bodies so that a thetan can’t be traced and tricked or forced in a body not of its own choosing? I doubt it. 

Something is telling me that the most important  data are not studied and addressed anymore in Scientology, just as the doctor orders! Same applies also to the Freezone and the “Independents”. They have no original tech either. They can’t explain exactly what a theta body is either and are clueless that a theta body is what is known as an orb (see above pictures).  

I love you and many kisses.

Yours forever,




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  1. Fascinating posting, Barbara. Glad you have the courage to blog about this. Happy New Year to you!


    January 5, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    • You make me want read or listen to 5203C HCL-21 Anatomy of the Theta Body, or **5203C HCL-23 Theta Bodies or * 5204C15B LECTURE Theta Body Lecture, 5204C16A LECTURE Anatomy of Theta Body or 5204C16B LECTURE “Theta-Psychometer”: Theta Body Demo.

      Where is it? In DM’s vault?


      January 6, 2013 at 6:59 am

    • Thanks, same to you.

      So many people claim to know Scientology but then it turns out that they don’t.

      Copyright CST – Are these data applied in the C of S today? (Data which could be altered by Jack Vistaril or the shady C/S Int’s but I still hope contains at least so many real data by Ron that smart people can figure it out how he meant it.) PAB Series kisses up to Freud. Ron never would have done this. So, that is not an unaltered series but I can figure most of the time out what Ron wrote and what not. I still would be interested in reading all about the theta bodies. The talk of “patients” instead of PC in the PAB has alteration of medical doctors and psychs written all over it! THEY try to sell Benezedrin and other crap. If any Scientologist knows the real Ron, he knows that Scientology is altered by doctors. And I wish these doctors to hell where they crawled out in the first place!

      It is possible that the original Theta Clear was one who had no Theta Body anymore. Most people who die and discover that they are living might not even aware that they have a theta body. Or they might keep it because they think they are the theta body. I am not sure that it is so easy to drop a theta body just by knowing and not wanting one. I will sure do my best to get rid of it.

      Theta body demonstration; an auditing demonstration given on 16 April 1952.
      Type of Work:
      Non-dramatic literary work
      Registration Number / Date:
      TX0004671033 / 1997
      TX0006245768 / 2002-11-05
      Theta body demonstration; an auditing demonstration given on 16 April 1952 / by L. Ron Hubbard, Church of Scientology International.
      Application Title:
      “Theta-psychometer”, theta body demo/Apr. 16, additions to lect, goes into demo (theta psychometer …) (alternative title)
      Previous Registration:
      Prev. reg. 1997, TXu 822-346.
      Supplement to Registration:
      TX 4-671-033, 1997
      Number of similar titles:
      Other Title:
      Research & discovery series, vol. 10
      Copyright Claimant:
      Church of Spiritual Technology
      C.O. corres.
      Authorship on Application:
      editing: Church of Scientology International, employer for hire)
      L. Ron Hubbard 1911-1986
      Church of Scientology International (1690 documents)
      example document: Exteriorization and the phenomena of space, vol. 8
      Church of Spiritual Technology (7045 documents)
      example document: Summary lecture–training of auditors
      Add comment

      Read more:

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 6, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    • I know a good reason why David Miscavige doesn’t give press interviews: he can’t answer these questions. If he or also the C/S Int would be asked what these orbs are, they probably would come up with no-answer or the conspiratively wrongful Wikipiggy answer that they are reflections or dust. Just like the secret service doctors order.

      As of date, Wikipiggists play the orb phenomena down. As of date any crap but orbs are getting more attention than theta bodies.

      Only one smarter person posted on Wikipedia, the talk section about orbs, this: “I still believe that orbs could be paranormal activity cause then how come you can capture orbs moving on video cameras and even seeing them moving across the camera (without taking a picture). I also have picture’s of a few orbs shaped like butterflies and the scale is clearly too big to be a real butterfly. So how can it be a “photographic glitch” when we don’t get orbs all the time in every photo and some people never ever capture them at all even if they have same camera etc. explain? 14:20, 2 August 2010″

      There might be indeed dust that look like orbs, but there are definitely orbs who I have seen with my own eyes through my camera, and those were no dust.

      Interesting is also that dust dissolves in water, yet orbs, lots of thetans with theta bodies can be seen in the ocean.

      Just as with originals and impostors, Wikipiggists are unable to differentiate between the dust and the theta bodies. No real IQ.

      Wikipedia is such a remote controlled doctor tool. It has a doctor-ordered section that the moon-landing was fake (cause they have stuff to hide on the moon) but cover up thetans and theta bodies. That is so typical p$ych.

      And there was also that professional photographer who said that they come when she calls them and are not there when she does not call them.

      As there is also dust that look like orbs, many people are mistaking thetans with theta bodies (orbs) as dust too. Maybe phrase “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust” from the Anglican burial service are some indicator that people after they die are sent to be with the dust orbs by being no dust…

      This one talks about orbs within orbs? Basically? A collection of body thetans in a theta body?? To bad that after the infiltration of alteration of Scientology, we find no original data anymore, just as the other religions have no clear data anymore. SPs always destroy and want to keep the data for themselves, until the day when their knowledge are stolen from them, and they become even blinder than the rest of the world due to their OWs.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 7, 2013 at 4:48 am

  2. The alleged official definition of THETA BODY: a thetan very often carries with him a theta body which he mocked up on the past track and which is a number of facsimiles of old bodies he has misowned and is carrying along with him as control mechanisms which he uses to control the body he is using. (PAB 130)


    January 6, 2013 at 12:02 pm

    • That nebular stuff around the orb is of course a tiny bit of mass that a thetan carries along from past lives. Misowned, I guess stand for being killed or unable to hold onto a certain body in a past live. Means that the thetan didn’t completely let go of a or several past lives? That might apply to anyone, and from the numbers of orbs around, there are tons of those thetans around as you can see on photos.

      I guess only those thetans have no theta body who never had any body. As of know, I actually regret that I ever took one. It is not wise taking a body on a planet that is actually a snake pit.

      I want to get rid of my theta body when I am dead. I don’t need it (Axioms say that thetan originally had no mass at all), and I don’t want to be traced by secret service psychs who lie to mankind that there are past lives and no theta bodies… It’s no doctor’s (past life barber’s and butcher’s) business where I am going and what I am doing once this body falls into pieces.

      I am not sure if this definition is completely by Ron or altered. I bet the content of the world bank (if it would be mine) on that secret services trace thetans based on their theta bodies. They film them when they die and they follow them around and trick or suck them into bodies and existences not of their own choosing. It means that THEY use the theta body for control purposes. I don’t see why a thetan needs a theta body to control anything. I sure would like to study more about the theta bodies. They are much more significant than body thetans. (Which are in my opinion any organism that attaches to our bodies, as germs, and viruses, etc.)

      Sign me up for real LRH data on who to get rid of this thing. I want to be completely invisible. Hate being stalked.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 6, 2013 at 1:26 pm

  3. Are theta bodies and body thetans the same?


    January 6, 2013 at 3:59 pm

    • Not per current SCN definitions. Thetans with theta bodies are the orbs (see the pictures in my posting), but body thetans are thetans that are attaching themselves to a human body, perhaps even to a theta body. Maybe in those clusters that you see in the photos are several thetans clustered together. Whatever it is, after my death, I want to get rid of it or them. Germs most certainly are body thetans but DM and others who do not really know the original founder might not agree.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 6, 2013 at 5:41 pm

  4. Hi you guys. The orb pictures are fascinating.

    According to SCN definitions, Theta Bodies are no Body Thetans but some who haven’t studied Scientology properly might confuse them.

    Have a look here. LRH’s Research and Discovery Series:

    Lectures (Phoenix, Arizona)
    15 April The Success of Dianetics Only in R&D
    15 April Theta Bodies Only in R&D
    16 April Anatomy of the Theta Body Only in R&D
    16 April How to Audit a Theta Line—Part I Only in R&D
    16 April How to Audit a Theta Line—Part II Only in R&D
    16 April How to Search for Incidents on the Track—Part I Only in R&D
    16 April How to Search for Incidents on the Track—Part II Only in R&D
    16 April Theta Body Demonstration Only in R&D control.

    Auditor John

    January 7, 2013 at 5:01 am

    • I am aware of this series but it contains also written samples that are saying that Ron wrote them but they are forgeries. Unfortunately, there is no piece of data I just believe being from Ron. According to my experiences, If it works and it true, it is from Ron. If it is contradictory, it is what impostor Jack Vistaril and his medical case officers added to Scientology.

      The problem is that the guy who audited Nibs in Kansas in 1952 with amphetamine was not the founder but his impostor Jack Vistaril. Dianetics boomed when the real founder published it and the idiotic impostor put a stop on it with his babble and garbage, just as secret service doctors ordered it.

      Apparently, thetans have theta bodies. (See pictures of the orbs.) What kind of material this is, would interest me. It cannot be seen with the bare eyes. But with better cameras, people discover them now, many decades after Ron discovered them, while Vistarology and Miscavology forgot about them.

      There is a piece of data floating around the net (by dubious sources) talking about “black theta body”. I looked at many orb pictures. They are not black, but it could be just a matter of speaking, like a negative thing to have. It is also possible that Jack Vistraril confuses these terms by impostoring the founder.

      The black theta body allegedly consists of body thetans clustered together. That would mean according to these sources, a theta body are clusted body thetans.

      I always tend to think that body thetans are thetans that occupy germ bodies and attach to your body. Or thetans that blanket you for various reasons. Some because they love you and for example want to be born as your child and some to attack you because they are downtone creeps.

      Anyone denying that germs exists and are living organisms is simply an idiot.

      And when you die, when you drop this human body, you got rid of them, including those thetans who blanket your human body.

      Now you are without a human body and look like an orb. Your very original existence is without a theta body. It is possible that the theta body restricts you to be everywhere you want to be. And what really bothers me A LOT is that the theta body can be traced and I know that secret services know how to do it.

      Of course, I would try to get rid of my theta body. But is it so easy to get rid of it by just throwing it in a dumpster? According to the Search & Discovery, auditing is being used to approach this problem.

      Also, look at the orbs. They come in different sizes and consistencies. Could an orb indeed many thetans clustered together around a “lead thetan”, one who has the most saying and the others just grab onto him/her?

      I know that Ron figured it out but the infiltration, impostoring, secrecy, and alteration confused the truth.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 7, 2013 at 6:27 am

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