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The United States should freeze all that German gold because German secret service were behind the Cold War and had the guts to ask the USA to protect them! (There is this German saying that when two are fighting, the third one is enjoying it!)

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Marty, my darling, the Germans are really unbelievable.  THEY invented communism, wrote the Communist Manifesto and hid cowardly behind the Soviet Union and other communistic countries who they radioed to be Anti-American.  They were behind the cold war too.  SEGNPMSS was always senior to the KGB. Storing the gold in the USA was just an act so that the USA wouldn’t think that the Germans are behind the cold war.

The Germans ALWAYS at any time had the power to call communism quit. They run also US officials. It is easy for the Germans to get money from the USA. They just radio their American SEGNPMSS agents, and they wire them the cash or hand them the gold.

There was NEVER any real danger that anyone would march into Germany, because they run the entire robotic planet with idiotic ear implants and control anyone. After they lost WW II (because they had no other chance as they even made their own international agents vomit), they cut their own country Germany into half, shot their own people who tried to get over the wall, and played one part west and capitalistic (even taking cash from the USA thru the Marshal plan – and I would say it is time for Germany to pay that and everything else back to the USA) and the other part east and communistic. And the wars in which the USA were involved since WWII were provoked by the SEGNPMSS. (That includes also having the USA step into the Vietnam War any any other war. Germany was behind those who tried to make the world communistic.) 

The idea to split Germany into half was to make Communism fight Capitalism and whatever  system wins, will be again led by Germany, either the communistic or the capitalistic part of Germany.

They don’t worry much about the cash in Europe, after all, don’t they lead it already as good as officially again? However, they worry a little bit that the USA could wake up and say: Hey, hold it right there, something really doesn’t smell right with you German secret services. That’s why they want the gold now.

They are such a pest. They were such idiots to kidnap me from the USA. I of all people who can see all of that!

The thing is: Germany has to stop being the instigator behind problems, and they owe to anyone they harmed! 

I love you, Marty. I am sure you figured all that out what I figured out.

Yours forever,




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