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Paul Haggis attempts to gain more notoriety by bashing Scientology makes me vomit! (He never was a Scientologist – hanging out in Scientology orgs to get writing gigs is not being a Scientologist! Stealing candles in a Catholic Church does not make a person Catholic either, right?)

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

Paul Haggis is scum. I have no other word for it.

He has no right to claim that he was a Scientologist as he never was one!  In 30 years, he hasn’t even read the basics of Dianetics and Scientology. He doesn’t even know what it is. I bet the only reason he joined Scientology was not to better himself but to get connections to movie stars and writing gigs.

He says he was stupid to join. He is lying because he owes his success to Scientology despite he defames it to get more notoriety. In my eyes, Haggis is stupid scum and worthless. 


Once again, I also use critic on DM. His obsession with Hollywood causes the infiltration of people like Haggis. He doesn’t make them ethical, he just counts their numbers. They don’t have to come clean under DM. With all those OWs, they blow at a certain time and try to harm Scientology. How come that nobody spotted in all these decades what a disgusting creep Haggis is? DM and anyone else should be ashamed having allowed him to even stay in the  Scientology orgs for so long by claiming wrongfully that is he a Scientologist!   

We, Marty, my prince, can proudly say that we never were like Haggis, neither on staff in Scientology, as public or no longer on staff and as Scientologists in general. We never were not thinking for ourselves. And that makes us into real and original Scientologists!

Many kisses and I love you very much. Have to hurry now to complete a difficult and large matter not related to the idiots who infiltrate Scientology.

Yours forever,




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  1. I watched the ABC interview and find him kinda contradictory. Can’t help it…


    January 18, 2013 at 12:05 pm

    • Tell me about it. He said he got wins from Scientology like from a real good self-help book but slams our religion. He conceals or never got that SCN was infiltrated by non-Scientologists and altered him missing that tells me that he is stupid or corrupt or both.

      Also frustrating is that reporters think that everyone who joins Scientology does it to get help. I didn’t. I wanted to know the secrets of the universe. That was the reason why I joined.

      Anyway, as longer DM stays the COB by having done so many things wrong, the more bashing of Scientology by others.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 18, 2013 at 12:59 pm

  2. Haggis changed his story. Originally, he justified leaving with that Scientology isn’t gay supporting.


    January 19, 2013 at 12:17 am

    • I don’t want any gay people to be lynched or human rights taken away from them but I just shake my head when I am being told that all gay people are so nice. Some of my worst cyber and beyond stalkers are gay.

      Anyway, about Haggis and any real or fabricated abuses: Miscavology and Vistarology is not original Scientology. And if Haggis ever would have been a real Scientologist, he would know that and don’t attack the religion.

      By officially accepting the condition “gay”, we overlook following:

      1) SEGNPMSS tricks people into picking up bodies with genders that they didn’t had in their former lifetimes, which confuses them.
      2) If being gay would be a natural condition, they would be able to reproduce by nature.
      3) I think it is a choice. The gay people that I met were/are sometimes not that or at all gay.
      4) Most of all, gay people have to know why they have these feelings being attracted to their own gender. (Because they have a timetrack of past lives with having bodies opposite to the gender they have now, courtesy of secret service psychs who call their ear drum codes that they hear also without having a flesh body and by having these people rushing into bodies without even seeing the gender! That is also why abortion is a serious matter. It is not just tissue. Beings are going into an embryo very early because SEGNPMSS case officers are lying to them that they can’t get otherwise any body. Once they are in it, they play tapes and the “baby” forgets its past lives and everything else. This is done to all people, also those that were lucky enough to get a gender that they would have chosen themselves.)
      5) Original Scientology is exactly the way to understand all that and to make sure this will not happened to them again.
      6) As people would have not picked up bodies of the gender of the opposite sex if they wouldn’t have been tricked into it, why legalizing these criminal activities instead equipping people with knowledge and tools to avoid that they again are manipulated in another lifetime?

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 19, 2013 at 4:42 am

  3. Hi Barbara,

    FYI – I have never posted or commented on any other website having to do with
    Scientology – ever, only this one. You are entitled to your reality, I would not invalidate

    I like very much what you say about traitors and psych’s, we share that.

    Many, many, many of the Indies I have known personally. I believe many of them read your blog too.

    I would ask these questions to the “Indies” if I felt they would only post my comments. I would welcome your thoughts too.

    1) If, in PT, you had a friend that you cared for would you
    NOW attempt to get them to go into an Org to do a comm course
    and get them started on the bridge – or – would you feel you
    are doing them a mis-service by getting them (raw meat) onto the bridge? (because, in their opinion there is out -tech in the Orgs, or maybe they might get regged for the SO and have to disconnect from friends and family down the road, or because there are not or very few, real scientologists left now
    in the Orgs, or because the CofS are money grabbers etc etc etc) and may drain their money only because they can’t just says “NO”, these seem to be the main consids that the Indies post, and rail about.

    Simple question – Would they direct someone they cared for to an Org, or would they do all they could to keep them off the bridge?

    2) If the CofS does not purchase and create beautiful, expensive looking “Ideal Orgs”, to be used as “props” for the Lobby groups of the CofS, in order to make an impression on and force the “worldly oriented gentlemen” of the US Congress to change the laws concerning (or better yet, to stop) the manufacturing and distribution of Psych drugs.

    Simple question – What else should the Orgs do with all their money???

    3) Do the “Indies” just want to shut down the bridge, keep people off it, or do they want to physically “take over” the Orgs with what they consider “saner” people.

    4) What is their purpose as a group? i.e. the end product they want to exchange with others and their dynamics.

    5) Do they feel there is much earth time left, possibly in 50 years from now it will be very uncommon to find an undrugged person, meds will be the norm, especially when “health care is free”… wow!!

    We were all once young and full of passion and loyal officers, possible some have snapped terminals (what you resist you become). But…… there are still many many young and passionate loyal officers who get up everyday and do their posts to the best of their ability. It is an overt act to not
    support persons of good will. You actions, or lack of actions, will only destroy yourselves.


    January 19, 2013 at 11:12 am

    • Alright, let’s see.
      To your no. 1): I wouldn’t stop anyone starting with Scientology in a Church of Scientology or a mission. Unfortunately, I also would have to tell a person too that the orgs are infiltrated by non-Scientologists and that my friend has to watch out. I would advise him to study any material available and learn how to co-audit with a friend. I personally would not pay large amounts for the OT levels as DM’s finance policies are not that of Ron and the upper levels are altered. I would advise my friend to study not just the words but also read between the lines. What helped me always was knowing Ron’s personality, what is written in his clear frame mind and what’s out of character and added by whoknowswho. I sort study sort of looking through Ron’s eyes by thinking for myself. It works.

      The lower courses in Scientology are helpful to anyone. When you enter the upper courses, you really have to think for yourself. My opinion of what body thetans differ very much from the Vistarologists and Miscavologists.

      People who start on the comm course in an org or mission are treated usually very well. Nobody was treated like raw meat while I was in the orgs. It’s what DM turned the Sea Org in, which sucks. A person could do an introduction course or go to an org lecture, and then decide for herself. However, I assume that regs will be around. A person must know that she will be approached to do more and then she has to decide for herself if she wants that or not.

      If somebody does not want to disconnect, the person simply should not disconnect and say so. It is all about keeping your own position. It is really weird that disconnection thing. We knew of disconnection but never anyone disconnected from anyone in my times. We handled our problems but this is not the DM way.

      Ron says any auditing is better than none. If your friend can get training and auditing, he should go for it. Nobody in the orgs and mission bites. The climate is actually very friendly in those orgs and missions. Becoming a Class IV auditor is a good idea. However, one always has to keep in mind that material could have been altered and should be study this with keeping in mind. Your friend should try out everything in real life to see if it works. If it does, he has a real piece of Scientology.

      One example: the objectives. I did a study drill on the Objectives confronting material I was bugged on. The drill was to hang the sheet on the wall and sit there and face it until you are able to confront and study it. It was hung up side down. I did this drill and my main thought was this: If the sheet hang NOT upside down on the wall, it would work like a charm. I noticed that by sitting there and confronting my problem, my counter intentions and problems studying the subject went away after I confronted it not upside down. I figured that Ron didn’t write hang it up upside down but hang it up straight, so that you can really see the subject on the paper.

      It is not always that easy as just turning something around and then you have of original Scientology again and the stuff that the infiltrators changed handled, but only those who think for themselves are getting the best our of Scientology. True believers are not Scientologists. True believers are Vistarologists and Miscavologists.

      To your no. 2) Ron said wisely that organizations need to be organized and need money to survive but hoarding billions in Luxembourg was never his idea. Scientology money should be used to disseminate Scientology and better the conditions on this and other planets.

      To your no. 3) The “Indies” might want all of what you said. It depends of who that Indie is. And some of them might truly think that being a lose pack of people will save Scientology, but it won’t. Scientology needs to be organized to survive as anything else too. Just not organized like DM does it.

      To your no. 4) I don’t think that the “Indies” have worked a final end product out yet if they ever. For some it might be just hanging out together, for others to write books, for others getting back at DM…

      I believe their alleged end-product is to deliver Vistarology. Yes, Vistarologist because anyone of them should have seen that Jack Vistaril is not the founder. They are mum as to that the founder was impostored. I other words, they are just interested in Vistarology, otherwise they would demand original Scientology and not Jack Vistaril’s altered version of Scientology back. I am anything but a Vistarologist and that is why I won’t join or support them.

      To your no. 5) Medical Drugs are one big problem of the planet, but there are more. Health care will be never free, tax payers pay for it dearly in any country of the world. And drugs should cover the problems up and make people contract other diseases and shorted their lifespan. We needs a brandnew way of living, which is actually a plan that it century old and was once drawn up by the real founder of Scientology. Second and third generations of Scientologists have no idea what I am taking about.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 19, 2013 at 5:14 pm

      • Thanks, very well said on all. I especially liked your view on #1. I’m glad you speak out on issues that you know are just plain wrong. I’m glad you want people on the bridge, and I hope they follow your advice. It seems to me to be the same R-factor that LRH would give a new student!


        January 19, 2013 at 6:55 pm

      • Your #4 is spot on too!!


        January 19, 2013 at 6:58 pm

  4. But keep in mind that if this “friend” has any intention to infiltrate Scientology (for whatever intentions) and doesn’t join Scientology for the right reasons: getting essential answers about the universe and where he came from and where he is going and to better himself, it will come back to hound him. Secrets have a tendency to burden their carriers and come out at the end.

    Barbara Schwarz

    January 20, 2013 at 3:26 am

  5. Good day to you, Barbara. There is an Indie who wrote this essay on a blog. I don’t own the copyright. If he asks you to delete this essay, please do that on my behalf. Thank you. I wanna ask you what you think of it.


    We’ve had a lot of talk about Scientology, L Ron Hubbard, seen peoples viewpoints on what happened to Scientology, who’s to blame and so forth. I have also watched as people sit in judgment of L Ron Hubbard, second guess him and his actions, criticize the man and his products.

    The name L Ron Hubbard has taken tremendous bashings over the last several years, especially recently and it is mainly and solely due to the actions of David Miscaviage and others like him who push LRH and Scientology over the abyss with their irresponsible and unpardonable actions with the body of technology that was entrusted to them to care for “Attacks from governments or monopolies occur only when there are “no results” or “bad results” KSW #1.

    I want to say a few things about the man, the author, the Science Fiction Writer, the founder of the most controversial Church ever or whatever anyone wants to call him. I am not going to be open minded and say “well, he has a viewpoint and he is right in some of the things he says”. I think LRH deserves a standing ovation for all of his accomplishments in this lifetime.

    L Ron Hubbard is the best friend that a person could ever want. There have been hundreds of philosophers over the millennia who have introduced technology and doctrines for living and they all have been helpful to one degree or another. But LRH has developed technology throughout the space of thirty short years that covers every aspect of life. Some say that LRH is not the only technology that there is, nor is his philosophy there only one that works and that following his technology or values only is being blind or being robotic. That’s fair and in theory it is a solid viewpoint, but in practice it is fatal.

    LRH even said in one of the PDC tapes that he doubts that there is any original thought in this universe. He’d be the first one to tell you that most of what he developed is from research into the world at large where he learned such things as the basic purpose of mankind’s existence is the urge to survive and from there he developed the entire body of the triumphant Dianetics, the world’s first successful foray into the real structure of the mind. Successful technology has been lying around the planet for eons, all developed by aboriginal tribal witchdoctors, psychologists, clans or civilizations, waiting for someone to come along and codify it and put it to good use. LRH found all of this knowledge and brought forth only the technology that was time tested and proven to be a high-rate-of-success application which made people better. LRH was like a kid in a candy store finding and testing workable technology. He would travel to far ends of the earth, find technology, research it for workability and in some cases adjust it so that it would work in most cases and then make it easy to us to use. He even developed technology for us to be able to duplicate written material. How’s that for a first-ever? This is a lot of work for one man.

    When you apply something that is so utterly simple and so remarkably effective as the “Contact Assist”, or “Touch Assist” or even the powerful “Locational Assist” realize a lot of time and development went into it and L Ron Hubbard worked a lot of late nights in order to bring this technology to you in an easily understandable form to make your life that much better. And just as an aside here, we used the locational assist in New Orleans and Mississippi after hurricane Katrina on people who never heard of L Ron Hubbard and had people tell us that it saved their lives. We had thousands of such wins from folks in the Gulf area from the lowly locational assist. It worked like magic.

    You see, LRH cared about you. He cared about all of us much more than we actually understood. He didn’t invent Study Tech to make money. He made it so we could read and duplicate. That’s love.

    Is his tech and philosophy the only tech out there? No, not by any means. Is the way it is codified and presented to lay men the only usable tech out there? Yes. LRH introduced us to “The Wall of Fire” and then taped the route through it for all of us to see. All we had to do was walk the taped line.

    But this is way too simple and a lot of people have to add their own viewpoints to the chalked path and wreck the path. LRH Says in HCOPL 14 February 1965 SAFEGUARDING TECHNOLOGY

    “It has taken me a third of a century in this lifetime to tape this route out.

    “It has been proven that efforts by man to find different routes came to nothing. It is also a clear fact that that the route called Scientology does lead out of the labyrinth. Therefore it is a workable system, a route that can be travelled.”

    “Scientology is a workable system. It has the route taped. The search is done. Now the route only needs to be walked.”

    Independent Scientologists are Scientologists that are independent from the Church of Scientology. The Church is errant and has been turning good, workable Scientology technology into unworkable technology to free people and turned it into workable technology to entrap.

    There have been a lot of recent books, writings and talk about L Ron Hubbard and the end result of all of this talk and writings, rantings and foam of the mouth is an attempt to make LRH less of a successful philosopher. Most Scientologists are taking the bashing right alongside of LRH and feel the pain.

    Realize that ANY attempt to write against L Ron Hubbard is an attempt to destroy that which frees mankind from their traps.

    Is Scientology the only route out? Yes. It is the only applied philosophy that has the OT Sections (which were removed from the bridge by David Miscaviage).

    Should someone follow L Ron Hubbard blindly? I would say so because to me it would be better than stumbling around blindly for the rest of your existence. LRH is the smartest person I have ever met. He is also the most caring person I have ever met. He cares about us more than any other person on this planet, even more than Tom Cruise does (joke). The tech volumes, the miles and miles of taped recordings, the green volumes were written by LRH for YOU to use.

    Yes, you can read the Tao or read Buddha and so forth, but you would have to sort a lot of wheat from a lot of chaff to get to Nirvana. LRH already sifted and worked it all out for us to use.

    This posting is written for Scientologists, those who sat down and did TR-0 and had their lives changed for the absolute better, or those who experienced going exterior for the first time, or those who went whole-track on a touch assist and the other hundreds of ways one could have a major stable win applying the fantastic tech by LRH.

    Get back on the taped route and find your way out of this mess. Find a good Indy auditor and go up the bridge. LRH said to build orgs. Then by God build orgs. LRH said to manage orgs, then we manage and we fix management and what went wrong with it the first time. Do it the way LRH says to do it and it will be right. Just because it went wrong the first time was not LRH’s fault. It is right out of KSW #1 “What Did You Really Do?” We screwed it up. So we set it right, not cancel it because we screwed it. It’s exactly the same thing as saying “Well, I tried process X and it didn’t work, so toss it out.” Come one, wake up. KSW was at the start of every course and checksheet you ever did and that is because LRH ordered it. He saw this coming.

    So come on. Let’s get this show back on the road.

    Ivana Ivanov, Petrov, Vasiliev, Nikitin, Tarasov, Titov, Fedoseev, Fedorov, Sidorov, Alekseev, Egorov, Demidov, Mihailov, Andreev, Alexandrov

    January 22, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    • Probably takes you hours just to fill out simple form papers with a name like that. 😉

      Anyway, “Jack Vistaril”, Ron’s impostor really was a crook. We do the founder of Scientology and us Scientologists no favor by not talking about it. Ron has a right to be differentiated from the impostor. That is what I gotta say to this essay.

      The founder did the work, the impostor took the credit for it, and altered Dianetics and Scientology. And this is not right. It is the duty of each and any Scientologist to be truthful.

      Despite all Ron did for mankind, he is treated like a slave by not even alleged Scientologists not making any differences between the founder and his lawless impostor “Jack Vistaril”, the man married to Mary Sue.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 22, 2013 at 4:01 pm

  6. If you were in Scientology as you say, why don’t you know that new public are NOT treated like raw meat in the orgs, Harol??? I agree, you are a troll.


    January 24, 2013 at 2:54 am

  7. “According to (psychiatrists), everyone is helplessly mad and anyone who opposes them is especially so. Yet where are their cures? They only have victims. They torture and kill out of sight in their
    institutions.” L. Ron Hubbard

    Quiet Reader

    January 29, 2013 at 1:09 am

    • People who use critic on psychs are defamed as mentally ill. This is absolute a fact.

      But Ron said more. He also said that secret psychs kill with remote control not just in their institutions but anywhere at anytime. And they are getting away with it because they run the authorities who do not investigate them.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 29, 2013 at 6:51 am

  8. Christians who make fun of Scientology by saying it contains contradictions are whited sepulchers. Their bible is filled with contradictions. Just sayin’.


    January 30, 2013 at 1:45 am

  9. Ola Harol, if by any chance your friend is one of those who natters and campaigns against Scientology, he’ll have no easy start in Scientology. He must come clean first and will be routed to Ethics. On the e-meter he’ll be ask questions as to if he tried to suppressed the religion. The e-meter does not lie. If he has no F/N but a dirty needle and conscience, it will show right up on the display. The Ethics Officer asks him to repair the damage that he caused Scientology. That is not easy. If one cogs that Scientology is absolutely worth pursuing, staying clean is the best and easiest route for that.

    Te cuidas…


    February 3, 2013 at 2:12 am

  10. Off topic but interesting.

    The leader of a dissident Amish sect was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Friday for a series of bizarre beard- and hair-cutting attacks on other Ohio Amish that drew national attention.

    Samuel Mullet Sr., 67, the leader, was sentenced in Federal District Court in Cleveland, for coordinating assaults that prosecutors argued were motivated by religious intolerance. Fifteen of his followers, including six women, were given lesser sentences ranging from one year and one day to seven years by Judge Dan Aaron Polster.

    The breakaway Amish were convicted last fall under multiple counts of conspiracy and hate crimes, which carry harsher punishment than simple assault. Prosecutors had asked for a life sentence for Mr. Mullet. Defense lawyers claimed the government was blowing out of proportion personal vendettas that Mr. Mullet harbored against former followers and other critics, and that the hair- and beard-cutting was humiliating but not physically injurious, and thus did not deserve a lengthy sentence.

    News for ya

    February 8, 2013 at 10:01 am

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