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1) L.Ron Hubbard did not think highly of Freud nor did he “borrow” from him 2) Wonder who that young reporter is who interviewed the real Ron… He could be a witness as to what was cut off from this only ever published filmed interview with the founder.

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince,

I am thinking of you a lot.

Like you, I want the truth to be known. I am so sick of the world lying and particularly tired of German controlled impostors and agents taking over our religion and changing it. How can they even remotely think that there will be no consequences and that they will get away? A person must be a real idiot thinking he gets away with corruption.

Marty, I like watching below interview with Ron because the only published video with the real Ron.  When I hear too many contradicting story about Ron, I return to these videos. However, I am also aware that this video is cut.  

I don’t mean the videos with the  guy interviewed by Granada production on the Apollo who is “Jack Vistaril”, Ron’s impostor who died in 1986. He was a secret service dupe and an impostor and was told to use the term “this is very interesting” to make idiots think that he is the founder. Duh!

There is also a tape on YouTube saying L.Ron Hubbard spoke about the history of Xenu. It took me just a few second to recognize that the voice who is talking about Xenu is not by the real founder. But note that I am not saying that implanters, hypnotizers, barbers, butchers, psychiatrists and medical doctors did and do no horrible things as described in OT III to spiritual beings.  But mostly it is secret service agent Jack Vistaril who is talking altered Scientology to a stupid audience and co-conspirators, and he is repeating altered Scientology like his SEGNPMSS case officers channeled it through his freaking ear implants.   

Furthermore, I also clearly can see that the people – who are making hate comments on YouTube to the videos with the real Ron – do so because they are stupid and primitive, and their German-controlled medical case officer transmits the hatred and content of their postings through their ear implants. These comments come all from the same psych/medical/German sources.

Shame on David Miscavige and anyone within the C of S for not providing the full interview with the real Ron on YouTube and not monitoring or disabling the hate comments. Is that too much to ask for? They put other C of S videos on YouTube. Why not the only interview with Ron without allowing hate comments added to it? How dare them calling themselves Scientologists!  

Instead of assuming what Ron said and meant, like Mosey’s husband and his supporters, I suggest people watch the only interview with the real Ron often (although this interview is cut short and evidently, data are withheld by the medical-oriented infiltrators).  


Below section of the  video says clearly that Ron believes in God and not in a Big Bang. He calls the creator “Author of the universe” and he says that thetans (all of mankind) participated. It seems, one did all the work but all other thetans participated in the creation. So, the spirit always existed but the bodies and the rest of the physical universe is a creation. I figured that after the creation, there was also evolution stemming from the creation and also rotten medical experiments done to the creation.  All of this is today either credited to God or to the evolution, which is unfair to God

Ron says that NOBODY could tell him who and what man is: not philosophies, no religions, apparently no science or psychology, psychiatry and medicine either. He objects very much to that psychs think that man can’t better himself, that he can’t raise his IQ, that he is mainly or all flesh. So, Ron did his very very own research, and up to today, still only Scientology explains what man is and got it right (except of missing data and altered data and technologies).  

Ron is the greatest researcher of all times. I know that you know this too, Marty. If the true story breaks, the world will hold its breath and will be in awe. Nobody tops what Ron discovered. And he didn’t do it to make cash as the SEGNPMSS lies. He did do it to help fellow beings and for no other reason.   


“Thanking Freud” in early SCN publications was apparently added to Scientology by psychiatrists behind Ron’s back. All psychs had to do is radio their infiltrator agents with ear implants and they executed it. Freud was clueless about past lives and not even with hypnosis he discovered past lives. Maybe he did and covered it up. Ron discovered past lives by having people remember without hypnosis. Freud claims all what makes a person troubles lies in childhood. Ron said that this is crap and that there is more and without handling also the problems that happened in PAST LIVES, they will continue to exist.

Freud was an anti-religious idiot and the real Ron never would have thanked that sex-obsessed fool. Mosey’s husband (son-in-law to a psych) does of course his part and leads his followers into more misunderstandings and pro-psych crap. Instead of studying themselves what the real Ron really said and making their own conclusion from source, as I do, they allow Mosey’s husband to “translate” for them, and are getting more misunderstanding. (Same goes for Miscavologists who allow David Miscavige to think for them.)

Then there came Carl Young, another psych who tried to make psychiatry and therapy more “spiritual”. (Yeah right.) Ron developed Dianetics and Scientology already during the 20s. The SEGNPMSS watched any step that he did. Psychs stole from Ron, not the other way around. And Ron was gracious. He didn’t want a monopoly. But what was the “thank you”?  They didn’t apply Ron’s research ethically nor completely. And not just that. They also ALTERED his philosophy and technology. And the top SEGNPMSS barbers, butchers, psychs and medical doctors kept original Scientology to them, except ethics, that they dumped and that is why their system also crumbles and why they are killing each other.

Young was another sex-obsessed and Nazi-friendly psych who was interested in the occult. Ron never was. His impostor Jack Vistaril was. It appears rather that Young stole from Ron. But Young also miserably failed.

Besides, knowing Ron, I can tell with 100% certainty that he researched Scientology already in lifetimes before but not as a psych.

Here is the first tape:

Here is the second tape:

Here, right in the beginning, the reporter asks Ron if Scientology is an extension of psychology. And Ron says clearly: “Oh no, no.”  (Get that you stupid “Indies” and infiltrators!) He basically says that Germany is the cradle of psychiatry and psychology and that Wundt etc. treated people like animals. If people don’t trust the CCHR museum, they can visit other psych museums on the planet and they confirm too that Ron was right, psychs treated people like animals.   

Freud and Young for example, didn’t see a person as thetan. They didn’t know what a human being is. They sort of admitted some kind of mind but psychiatrists and psychologists didn’t get the ever-living thetan at all.  

“WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH PSYCHOLOGY!” said by the real Ron and founder.  (So any psych crap added to Scientology is not original Scientology. Period.)

Ron is very critical of psychology in that tape. He says that psychs don’t know what psyche is. (Unlike psychs, Ron figured out what man is, a thetan, and how he is and can better himself!)  

Anything added to Scientology that says that Ron thanked doctors or psychs, is 100% a forgery.   

He says that psychs think that people are their brains but he found out that they are not. They have brains but are not their brains and that a brain is just some kind of switch board for the thetan. He points out that psychs claim that the IQ of a person can’t be raised and Scientology proved them wrong and that psychs didn’t handle this discovery lightly. (Yeah, no kidding, they ordered the infiltration and destruction of Scientology including a rotten and idiotic impostor for Ron.)  

Here below is the third tape:

At approx. 2.44, Ron says clearly that he doesn’t want Scientology to be associated with psychotherapy, which is fixed on sex. He talks how these psychs overcharge and do not help people.

(And the SEGNPMSS plotted to infiltrate Scientology orgs and to do to Scientology what psychotherapy does: overcharging and not helping.)  

He says that Scientology isn’t for the insane but can help anyone. He says that Scientology doesn’t practice medicine but by getting auditing, psychosomatic illnesses disappeared.  

He says that the medical profession is using Dianetics and that a doctor said that it won’t belong anymore to him. Ron takes it easy and laughs it off. Should send a message to the C of S to stop being so concerned about squirrels and rather deliver original Scientology.  (I say that the doctors stole Dianetics and Scientology from him, except ethics, that is the only part that these fools of doctors and psychs don’t want!) 

Ron indicates that the psych and medical branch attacks Scientology because they fear it as competition to their huge income. Ron truthfully says that he does not get money from Scientology and invested lots of his own fortune into Scientology research and never was compensated (compare to DM who paid himself at least 50 Million Dollars and lives since almost three decades in luxury like Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud and  Liechtenstein’s Prince Hans-Adam II combined).

How dare the orgs to waste money at so many corners and never compensate Ron for his research.  

However, I know that Jack Vistaril wasted Ron’s cash, particularly after the real Ron and founder was murdered in 1984.  

On the third tape, the poster cuts off the sudden out of the blue question of the reporter about  preventing aging, which is an odd thing to do. Also strange is that the reporter suddenly approaches aging. The  interview published by the C of S is also already altered. The question of the reporter about preventing aging is on it, but afterwards, the tape is cut off and apparently doctored (yes, doctored as in psychiatrist). Already the C of S copy of this only interview with Ron has no start and no end. Ron answers that Dianetics has nothing to do with aging, but I know that he added that his anti-aging research is a separate research. 


Why would a reporter suddenly start asking about anti-aging if Ron didn’t research this area too? (And if he didn’t have found a working solution against it!) Mankind doesn’t have to be as stupid and age as in the above picture.

Impostor Jack Vistaril narrated on the Philadelphia Doctorate Course that founder Ron (who he pretended to be) was once the leading light of anti-aging research. Typically, Jack Visaril just provides the general definition of gerontology (that word has the letters Ron right in the middle of it and “ge” sounds like the German geh, which indicates in the language code that I discovered that Ron’s his anti-aging research was stolen by the Germans) and neither Miscavology nor “Independents” or anyone else is asking: where did that research go

But I do raise this question, and I know you want to study it too, Marty.      

I love you, my sweetheart and I send you many kisses.

Yours forever,







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  1. That graphic is rather generous. Not many people reach hundred.

    Average lifespan of people on Earth is rather short, for men in their 60s, for women in their 70s.

    Fifth Season

    February 2, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    • Aubrey de Grey says that aging is barbaric and people are in trance by not wanting to discover that they are immortal. He lays out several reasons for aging.

      I agree with de Grey (who isn’t the easiest speaker to understand: ) on numerous issues but Ron’s approach as I recalled was a lot better: a brand new way of life that prevented these several reasons for aging not even hit the body. With Ron’s way of life, there is nothing to repair. You simply don’t age. You grow up to be a young adult but even when 1000 or 100 000 years or whatever, a teenager of 18 will not look and feel younger than the 1000 or 100 000 year old.

      And the infiltration of Scientology allowed this technology to be stolen. And now they are aging too, including DM, ready to get sick and being medically and psychiatric implanted for the next lousy short and painful lifetime. What a bunch of fools.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 2, 2013 at 12:58 pm

  2. Hey Barbara, did LRH teach humility?


    February 5, 2013 at 6:37 am

    • He didn’t teach subservience as this is on the button on the tonescale and feels bad.

      But as far as humility is concerned, he sure taught humility. Does this as said by the original founder Ron ring a bell?

      “A being is only as valuable as he can serve others.”

      You Indies don’t know the Scientology founder very well, don’t you? You are just like the Vistarologists and the Miscavologists!

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 5, 2013 at 7:02 am

  3. Wow. Check what they asked Neil Gaiman.

    You stated that you spent three years, approximately three years working as a counsellor with the Church of Scientology, is that right?

    A: Yes.
    Q: Were you a member of the Church of Scientology at that time?
    A: Yes, at the time.
    Q: Are you still a member of the Church of Scientology?
    A: I don’t consider myself as such.


    June 2, 2014 at 12:30 am

    • I think they should have asked him instead:

      Are you still considering yourself a Scientologist?

      If one is asked to be a member of the Church of Scientology, one is suspected of being in agreement with Miscavology. Creep DM unfortunately took over in the 80s. He runs Scientology into the ground, the only reason why he got the job in the first place from a secret service.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 2, 2014 at 12:38 am

  4. OMG, did you see the pic of the gun on Mike Rinder’s website today under his blog title headline “What Ron would do”? What is wrong with Mike Rinder?


    June 8, 2014 at 1:41 am

    • Everything is wrong with him.

      Mike Rinder never was a real Scientologist. He has no clue about the founder’s real personality. He hides the fact that the founder was impostored by an agent doppelganger. Mike Rinder “joined” Scientology because his parents were members. He didn’t seek Scientology as we did. He never would have found or studied Scientology based on own interests. Just as DM never would have.

      He is an agent and much that happened under DM is also his responsibility as he run OSA for over 20 years. Now he is the leader of a hate group of comment posters against SCN, asking for donations. What a “career”!

      Showing a gun and mentioning Ron’s name is typical for a German-oriented and -run agent as it has nothing to do with the very peaceful Ron and founder.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 8, 2014 at 2:35 am

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