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Happy Valentines day, Marty, my soul mate,

Growing up in Germany, I am not used to any Valentines day. It wasn’t celebrated there (not a big surprise) so for me, Valentines day is just a day. You and me finally together again… With a love that strong and eternal, any day will be Valentines day. There will be 365 days like Valentine Days for the both of us.
We are not tempted by other people, and by loving and treating each other honestly and with respect and by not doing what we don’t want to be done to ourselves (which is the typical fair attitude that we are having), we will keep this love and the passion alive for all times to come.
Amazing, isn’t it? All people want true and passionate love, the butterflies in the stomach, the elevated heartbeat, the excitement, the feeling of being in love but when you listen to them or read what they experienced, they are saying that the Honeymoon ended fast and what stays is some sort of (economic) partnership or a divorce. That is not what I want. I don’t want routine. And I know you don’t either. Our values are very much the same, Marty. I would never allow romance to leave our marriage. After being married, one has to keep on dating, but the person who one married.
Many people want their partner to be romantic and passionate and they themselves don’t do much to keep it up. That is not what I have planned for us, Marty. And you don’t have this planned for me. If there are not two determined romantics, the real romantic will burn out at a certain point. But this will be never a problem between us. We are two determined romantics. After being many years together and it doesn’t mind how old we are, even thousands of years and more together, I will be still excited just looking in your eyes, the eyes of a real OT. And I REFUSE to let this feeling go, because it feels so wonderful. It makes the entire 2nd dynamic not a duty but breathtakingly exciting. And I refuse to settle for anything less.

On the other side, Marty, I am not even high maintenance. I don’t want designer clothes, jewelry and a house in Beverly Hills. I also don’t expect you to dedicate all your attention to me. When we are back together, there will be also the other dynamics that will scream for our attention, particularly the 4th D, and I know how much needs to be handled for a truly better planet. But always to be honest with each other, never collecting withholds or overts, always communicating when there is a problem, never being rude, always treating the other one as one wants to be treated herself, will cause that our love will stay fresh and passionate and will stay the cherry on the cake of our lives.
In doubt as to what is the right thing to do, I apply the simple question: is that what I plan to do and how I want to be treated? If the answer is truly and completely yes, it is fine. If not, this thing will be not carried out.
There is also the way of communicating. Some people may are making an honest approach, but they are rude and that does kill love and affection too. If something is not said with empathy, it really can damage a 2D. The brief thought: how would I feel if someone said something to me that brutally… can make all the difference and love stays.
During the course of my life, I often heard that I am being loved. But what was missing in almost all cases was respect. And love without respect just hurts. This is when people are forcing (or are trying to force) their ways onto you without considering your feelings because “they mean well”, and they know everything better than you do without even hearing you out, or they throw things at you which they don’t want to be thrown at themselves. Then, I prefer not to be loved at all.


When we are back together, and when we continue our marriage, I don’t want to repair. I want to make it right from the start. (Somebody once gave me his OW write-up to read to get rid of his OWs. I actually was shocked that he did what he had written down there. Maybe he felt relieved but it didn’t make me love him.) So, what I am saying, I PREFER THE OWs THAT NEVER HAPPEN, and when I just take some time to think about my ACTIONS in ADVANCE, I can avoid them all. Or alternatively, I can talk about this and explain the situation before it turns into an OW against someone who needs to know with greatly considering his feelings. I am sure that you understand what I mean.
I remember a talk that I once had with a female staff in the Munich org about OWs. Her attitude was that they happen and one can simply run them out in auditing. But this is not how I want to live my life. I want to live my life in a way that I don’t need to write OW write ups because there is nothing to report. And if there is a situation that needs to be cleared, it should be said in the beginning stages so that it does not evolve into OWs. I find prevention so much better than repair.
Besides, I don’t believe that a simple OW write-up or running these things in auditing does cut it. In order to make an overt disappear, it needs amends and the absolution of the person who was harmed. And the 2nd D is not a good dynamic to place OWs on. If there is not two of the same kind of ethic levels, one is thinking: if you were capable of this, shouldn’t you rather be together with an ape instead of me? Lucky for us, Marty, WE both are of the same kind, and I know that you prefer ethical conduct before OWs.

However, I don’t expect perfection of you either, Marty. You should never think that you are not allowed to make any error and I don’t want you to live at my side without being relaxed. What really counts is your whole heart in it and seeing our 2D as a treasure, and I know WE BOTH HAVE THIS ATTITUDE. I know you think about how to make this incredible love that we feel for each other stay, and so do I. And I have a very good premonition that we both will make this happen again. It won’t fade away and it will be not replaced by routine.
We both did it right, Marty. This lifetime, and all the timetrack back, we were there for each other, we could count on each other, we were helping each other, we didn’t betray each other, we committed no OWs and considered our feelings, we loved each other with enormous respect, we were exuberantly happy if not one was killed or otherwise ripped apart by jealous folks who failed to build for themselves what we had created for us.
And we will do it right again because I get your thoughts and they equal mine in so many points because we are truly soul mates, thetans who are searching each other and are finding each other to be back together.
With all my heart, I love you.
Yours forever,

You will be at ease in my arms, Marty. It is a place that will never hurt you.



Written by Barbara Schwarz

February 13, 2013 at 6:01 pm

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  1. This is off-topic to this posting but top news today: Meteor injures more than 980 in Russian city

    News for ya

    February 15, 2013 at 4:51 am

    • As I said before, if people would build villages under water, they would not just keep dust, UV beams, pollens, insects germs and other illness carriers and anything else bad outside, the preferably salt water floating over the village would also dampen the impact of such meteor showers.

      Besides, I believe that this meteor was SEGNPMSS environmental terror against the Russians. German hard core psychiatrists and medical doctors are Nazis and they hate anyone including themselves. They have the overall control over all weather satellites (meaning, international people who operate them have their ear implants and do robotic what is ordered when they hear their codes) and can break off chunks of space material as meteors and make them land and hurt right where the SEGNPMSS wants it.

      If the Russians would be smart, they would stop helping the Germans to suppress Scientology and rather work with us.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 15, 2013 at 6:59 am

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