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Can a thetan without body enter deep space? Theoretically yes, practically not…

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Dearest Marty,  my other half and soul mate, how are you?

I don’t know if you see much changing seasons where you are but I can see it on my vegetation that spring would like to come.

I sure hope to find you finally. It is a disgrace for mankind to plot against us and keep us apart. And for that they want to be blessed? Some kind of insane nerve!

Can a thetan enter deep space? This is what I figured, Marty: theoretically yes, practically no – unless it has no theta body anymore.

As you know, the theta body consists of a bit of material, which slows a thetan down when travelling even if he flies really really fast. I believe that the theta  body, that cloudy milky oval that the thetan keeps after death of the human body, doesn’t allow a thetan to have no space in time and to be instantly anywhere. The thetan can assume any viewpoint in space. It spans all over space but the theta body keeps it pretty much grounded. It consists of a little bit of MEST that can’t be seen with the bare eye but with modern technology. Most alleged Scientologists of today can’t even explain what the theta body is and does because Scientology is altered (on SEGNPMSS orders) from what it was under the real founder.

(By the way, Marty, David Miscavige hired at least one company if not more to suppress my blog to the bottom of the search engines. He is afraid others could learn the truth.) 

It seems getting rid of theta bodies is not a part of today’s C of S auditing anymore. And that goes for the orgs as much as for the “Independents” or the “Freezone”. Instead, they try use auditing as psychotherapy or to get rid of body thetans, which are something else but theta bodies.

Some attackers of Scientology say that people who are in need of help are joining Scientology.  We didn’t. We joined to get answers to the secrets of the universe, questions that these attacking and defaming idiots never asked and never tried to find. 

According to my observation, Marty, a body thetan is a germ. They are thetans too. They are animals, they can hear, can do certain things and have offsprings. SEGNPMSS and some university folks train germs and control them via remote control.  A germ attaches to a human body. Washing off doesn’t kill all, particularly not that are inside of the body. They make sick, cause pain and kill a human body, so it is better that the germs leave the human body and getting higher consciousness so that they want to become something else but germs.

The other kind of body thetan are SEGNPMSS case officers, despicable people with human bodies who send silent sounds in anyone’s ear drums to bring persons down. They make people believe that the strange ideas that they are getting are their own ideas and not ideas sent by these silent sounds producers. Those are also thetans with body: body thetans. Finally, there are the thetans with theta bodies who blanket other persons or move into a belly of a pregnant woman to be born again as baby. A family who wants a baby most certainly doesn’t want to get rid of these most precious thetans. On the other hand, I met really really creepy thetans in old German houses, basements and attics. But you know what? I shook them off just a few minutes after I felt that they were throwing themselves over me. And they retreated back in their dark spaces. How about thetans implanted together? There are no experiments that SEGNPMSS psychs did or do to thetans with and without bodies. Including splitting thetans. But it didn’t happen 250 billion years ago but much more recently. OT III handwriting is a forgery. It is not by the founder. OT III as under Jack Vistaril and DM does not tell the real story anymore. It was re-written to make Ron look unscientific and ridiculous.  

 Scientology makes a lot of sense for people who think  for themselves, as Ron wanted it.

My highest priority a Scientologist on the first Dynamic is getting rid of the theta body as this is how thetans are being tracked by the SEGNPMSS  in the afterlife. And altered Scientology as per Jack Vistaril and David Miscavige won’t help me much with this one, right, DM and Ray Mithoff?

Let’s say, there is a thetan who plans to leave this planet after dropping its body. It might not even know that it has a theta body and it is likely not as easy as throwing an old coat away and operate without. It is also possible that it thinks it is this theta body as some people think they are their flesh bodies. Anyway, thetan with theta body arrives at the Earth Atmosphere. In order to leave the planet by travelling with a theta body, it has to get through the Earth atmosphere. Particularly the mesophere is very tricky as it burns things up. So, there is another wall of fire. Without a theta body, a thetan has no position in time and space, which means it spans over all already and  is instantly anywhere. It can put its attention to some planet on the other end of this universe and would be there instantly and could hang out there as a spirit or could pick up a body there. But a theta body keeps a thetan grounded where it dropped the old flesh body, unless there is something that I haven’t figured out yet.

As far as I know, Scientology is so altered that theta bodies are not getting any attention anymore.  THETA BODY, a thetan very often carries with him a theta body which he mocked up on the past track and which is a number of facsimiles of old bodies… says Ron. So, a theta body is not necessary for a thetan to exist but makes it visible and traceable and if thetan thinks he needs this theta body or is this theta body, it will stop latest in front of the mesophere, afraid it (the thetan) will be destroyed. I have seen films of orbs (thetans with theta bodies), and I noticed that they fly around things not through things. I have seen an orb flying fast and making a turn when a person walked in its way, like a driver on the highway avoiding a coalition.


And I was thinking, with this theta body, they behave as they still have a flesh body, they never fly through the mesophere.  They would be afraid to be damaged.

Some person might think, hey, I am not so stupid, I use modern technology. I avoid the mesophere by climbing on board of a space shuttle and ride with them as far as they go and then I continue my journey to far galaxies myself.  

Germans (particularly) are afraid that people out in space are just as bad as they are and that they would come and take them over and do to them what they do to others. That is why I bet the content of the world bank – if it would be mine 😉 – that they not just cloaked this sun system (projected black mass around this sun system in which they reside too) so that it is not visible to extraterrestrials (which they have already discovered but that they withhold from the Earth population) but they also screen, measure,  investigate, and stop anything that tried to go in and out of certain boundaries around this sun system. It is like the Berlin wall, nobody gets in or out or else! 

So, with a theta body, one can never leave this corner of the universe. (I am not implying that life on other planets would be wonderful. Not just this galaxy has pretty messed up thetans.) However, only without theta body and with the awareness what a thetan is and what’s out there, one can leave, as that will outsmart the Germans. But  as they altered Scientology into a Vistaril/Miscavige cult that ignores the theta body, and I bet all these alleged OTs can be spotted right away with modern technology on the screens by the men behind Hitler.  (No, these psychs are not smart by not bettering the world. They sit in the same trap as those who they are trapping.)

And they pull anyone’s leg by letting people believe that it is difficult to cloak and that isn’t done already since a long time. What is so difficult about producing particularly blackness before objects even large objects as a planet to make it invisible? 


As I said, I know the typical German mind, and the creepiest of all are the typical Bavarians. The history books really left out a huge event. The worst and most primitive Suppressive Persons landed once in Bavaria and establishing their home there. So, when somebody tells me that he or she after physical death plans to venture out in space, he or she has no clue what is waiting for her or him. Besides, a thetan takes its mind with it, which could be questioned and examined on other planets and lead aliens here where also the top SEGNPMSS officers are hiding. These past live butchers, barbers, psychs and medical doctors are so afraid of running into others who are as bad as they are and doing with them what they want. I know that what I am writing about is no material for fearful people who are afraid to check reality and live in trance and think that this planet is all there is and that secret service play just a little foul and not spacewide foul. But you’ll understand me, Marty. I am sure of that.  

With their satellites, they can vaporize huge meteoroids but they also can drop them exactly on selected Earth  population. And they do that as well as other atrocities as they switched off any humanity. I also don’t believe in the coincidental asteroid “approach”: another asteroid almost hit the Earth at the same time as that one that did hit Russia. It reminded me rather to the 7/11 strategy to hit several targets at the same time to make people freak out and panic. It doesn’t matter how far they were apart. It just indicates that not just Russians are the target but any one on Earth. Even if those meteors were not “related”, in other words from the same block. The lunatics who use lasers to send space debris on Earth to hurt people and to make people afraid and panic are from the same German cult: SEGNPMSS. And as they run the world’s “scientists” robotic with ear implants, the crazy top SEGNPMSS terrorists always are getting away. 


People who think that the afterlife is free never met a real Bavarian SP. They HAVE to control anybody. They HAVE to. They driven by MUST HAVE TOTAL CONTROL OF ANYTHING. Yes, it is insane, but this is how they are. I once asked one of these SPs (who apparently lost his SEGNPMSS position of controlling the world  and was downgraded because they are  plotting against  and killing and implanting themselves as they can’t trust anyone within their own rotten system) why she can’t let go of having to control everything under the sun and beyond and finding something else to do. I never got an answer. I looked in eyes who didn’t understand what was wrong HAVING TO CONTROL EVERYTHING.

Anyway, for all these non-original Scientologists who think that they can leave into deep space after they dropped their MEST bodies, I got to tell this: with a theta body, you will not get far. German secret service doctors keep you grounded and determine your future lifetime, even your gender and the family you will be born in or in which country you are being kidnapped (your alleged nationality and also religion). 

So, what about Ron? He knew most of all. He researched everything there is to know. Well, Ron never would leave without his family: us. He is here too. The lie that DM read saying that Ron left this planet was originated by the SEGNPMSS. Scientologists should not look out for Ron. And when he comes back, he should be stopped by org security and reported as a crazy guy or squirrel, so that he can’t  continue where he left off. 

Many kisses, Marty, I love you. I wish you could speak. I know your speeches can wake people out off their trance better than I can.

Yours forever,





12 Responses

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  1. Good day, Barbara. You do have a “written accent” but I understand you quite well.

    A) What do you think of a posting ~ not one of yours ~ that is hard to understand as it has a scientific coating?
    +++++ That is by quickly reading it, people can’t say if it is based on nonsense or valid data. +++++

    B) And what do you make of a commenter who brags that he understands that text instantly and that word clearing is not necessary.


    February 19, 2013 at 5:42 am

    • Good day to you too. Nigerian scam letters start often with “Good day to you”, but anyway…

      A) A person who doesn’t explain herself/himself better to her/his audience is a jerk. Or a cult leader who thinks that his audience buys anything anyhow without understanding it, so he does not have to explain.

      2) A person who says that word clearing isn’t necessary is no Scientologist but a troll and idiot who thinks he gets people to ditch Scientology technology. If I would meet such a person, I would ask HIM to explain in details what was meant, and I bet he can’t because he didn’t understand anything.

      Word clearing is the only tool that one got to understand something thoroughly and to determine if something is nonsense or not.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 19, 2013 at 6:23 am

  2. Hi Barbara,

    Enjoyed your post. Made a very good read. We need more people made aware of their theta abilities. Please keep it up!



    February 19, 2013 at 2:07 pm

  3. If you fly with that little cloudy theta body orb into the mesophere, you might get rid of that theta body fast.


    February 19, 2013 at 2:19 pm

  4. Good day to you once more, Barbara.

    What about STASI? Is that the same operation as the secret service that you mentioned?

    What do you make of an Indie statement that he isn’t doing well financially and that not many Scientologists are willing to join him?


    February 20, 2013 at 4:02 am

    • No, SEGNPMSS was above and behind STASI and anything else rotten on this planet and beyond.

      SEGNPMSS is a still existing German Nazi psychiatrists mindcontroller secret service that formed according to my observation already right after the Middle ages. It was founded by barber and butchers who uplifted their “profession” by calling themselves psychiatrists or psychologists later and have their crap studied at universities. Medicine and pharma industry are their favorite pets. Even the German national hymn indicates that they stand above any other country. They run the planet with ear implants and their motto is that they are only safe if even their own agents don’t know who they exactly are and how they are named. So, by fooling the world into believing that their bad institutions and the Nazis and STASI, terrorist groups, etc. are the source and nobody else behind it, they come away all the time and the planet stays down.

      The reason why most Scientologists don’t want to join Mosey’s husband despite not approving of DM is 1) He is in cahoots with Germans and psychs 2) He just takes from the orgs and does not create his own public, e.g. new Scientologists except his wife, if she really is one 3) They might have gotten that Mosey’s husband is an impostor of the first Marty and Inspector General and don’t trust him.

      I bet these are the three reasons why he has a hard time making a living.

      Besides, he often attacks Scientology directly and helps odd reporters to write their hate articles/books about Scientology. This is counter-productive for Mosey’s husband who wants to make a living by auditing others. How will that create new Scientologists who come to him for auditing when they read all that crap about Scientology that these reporters spit out?

      It is possible that he says, he didn’t say this or didn’t do that, but fact is that he associates with these reporters and grant them inverviews and basic supports them who want to bring Scientology down.

      His blog is riddled with comments by people who attack the founder viciously for decades. Tory Christman and Chuck Beatty are just two of them. Somebody who is really a Scientologist (not a Miscavologist) wants as little being associated with them as with the Truthseeker or Garry Scarff!

      By dancing on all parties, Mosey’s husband is not getting enough public who pay him for auditing.

      Actually, his best bet would have been to create an org better than those of DM, not trying to steal org public and staff and not working with the founders’ enemies. In order for him to make it, he too has to BETTER the reputation of Scientology. And he does a very bad job at this. He forgets that most of his blog readers are superficial readers and don’t differentiate what he means with “Inc.” They read Scientology and pick up the bad news.

      Mosey’s husband also ignores admin policies that helps to grow. Scientology is very technical. It needs a good organization to be studied. He seems to be against any and all organizations but an organization can be very good and beneficial when run ethically and honestly.

      There are more than 6 Billion people out there, and the orgs just reach some and Mosey’s husband and the “Indies” just a few that once were org staff or public. Those are really bad stats on both sides.

      And of course not impostering the original Inspector General for Ethic, the original Marty in Scientology would also help a lot for him to win the trust of Scientologists.

      If Mosey’s husband would do the right things, NEW public would come to him. He has millions of hits on his blog but the people don’t want his services? That should make him think, right?

      The real Ron in St. Hill when it expanded 5.4 times in a very short time. He had so much to offer. He was positive and didn’t steal public from psychs, didn’t he? But they sure try to steal Scientologists from him, don’t they?

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 20, 2013 at 4:57 am

  5. That guy never heard that he shall do no harm but swore it.

    Medical Doctor Gosnell is charged with seven counts of first-degree murder in the killings of seven newborns during late-term abortions at his clinic at 3801 Lancaster Ave. He faces a possible death penalty if the jury finds him guilty.

    He is also charged with third-degree murder in the death of a Virginia woman, Karnamaya Mongar, 41, who prosecutors allege was administered too much anesthesia during a 2009 abortion.


    March 18, 2013 at 2:25 am

  6. One Nation Under The Gun: Thousands Of Gun Deaths Since Newtown!

    Nameless person

    March 25, 2013 at 2:24 am

    • Volcanoes can be created with different methods. Bombing (as in OT III) is one methods, strong lasers directed to make the earth crust open in form of crater and magma running out is another method. Both could have been applied to lo. (Strange name for a moon.) Another moon nearby is called Europe, which makes me look in the right direction when I hear active volcanoes and strange activities.

      Barbara Schwarz

      April 5, 2013 at 6:05 am

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    […] There you will find more Infos: […]


    February 4, 2014 at 6:48 am

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