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Mosey’s husband considering his former boss Dave Miscavige an ally against my blog?!

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Dearest Marty, my one and only Prince, 

How are you? I am thinking of you in the middle of lots of work.

Since I announced on this blog that David Miscavige uses expensive services (having Scientology paying for it) to keep my blog down and low in the search engines, Mosey’s husband eased up on DM. I learned that Mosey’s husband and his friends tried to down my blog before and now DM does it for him. What a pair!  

Seems Mosey’s husband loves David Miscavige again. They both still conspire together and hate the truth and facts stated in this blog, and both need their behinds kicked by legal means. 

The world should not discover that the founder of Scientology was impostored and that Mosey’s husband impostors you. That is one of the main reason why they want this blog down.     

 Both, DM and Mosey’s husband are squirrels.

I recently visited the C of S website again and noticed following line: “Restoring Mr. Hubbard’s written works, recorded lectures and filmed lectures.”

What happened with his writings that it needs to be restored? No word about that. Besides, also no word of the fact that Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril” wrote lots of crap into Scientology, and David Miscavige who can’t even explain Scientology to his very own young niece, most certainly does not understand himself what the founder wrote and what the impostor scribbled. Or he knows it and keeps his mouth shut, implements the impostor crap and betrays all Scientologists by doing so.

Mosey’s husband dedicates his blog now entirely to mixing practices with Scientology. He acts as if he is an expert on L. Ron Hubbard (which is a joke) and is either unable or unwilling to admit that the founder  was impostored by a doppelganger, just as Mosey’s husband impostors you, Marty. Shame on him and the likes! He attributes any impostor crap to the founder. This guy is really unbelievable. I suspect him of being a card-carrying SEGNPMSS agent.

Mosey’s husband is a violent man, and he has the guts to claim that Ron would have suggested violence and would have allowed somebody to come away with murder.  How dare him to make such false accusations to his cool aid drinkers. He is losing followers and just complete cool-aid drinkers applaud him still. His “books” are apparently not widely read, he has to promote them constantly to his cool aid drinkers, and his wife has to take a job to support him as he is not earning enough money. What a catch.

By accusing the founder wrongfully on what is wrong with himself, Mosey’s husband will even lose more support.

I don’t know the facts of his brother’s death.  This is what I know about  Bruce Grenville Rathbun’s death:

However, I absolutely wonder why Mosey’s husband wants the world to think that he is you, and why he wants to have my blog downed when it is  crystal clear that he isn’t you. Does he needs an alibi? YOUR ALIBI, Marty? If that is the case, then my blog must make him truly very nervous, and  David Miscavige who hires expensive services to keep my blog down is than really his best ally. Well, DM doesn’t keep my blog down for Mosey’s husband but because he does not want the world also of learning the truth about DM. 

Actually, Marty, if he would not impostor you, I wouldn’t have given Mosey’s husband any attention unit and not much if any space on my blog. To get me out of his hair is very easy. All he has to make is a statement that he is not you and to explain why he impostored you and what happened to you.


But in any case, accusing Ron on his own terrible character is really too much. Who the hell does he think he is?

 I love and kiss you many times, Marty.

Yours forever,





Unbelievable! Not-smart and not-truthful David Petraeus got a standing ovation. He couldn’t keep his own personal matters straight, what makes people think that he protected the USA properly?

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

This newspaper header is very strange: “David Petraeus apologized in front of an audience of about 600, who welcomed him with a standing ovation, for an extramarital affair with his biographer in his first public speech since resigning as the head of the CIA.”  Sounds like he  got a standing ovation for an extramarital affair.  (The audience consisted of mostly veterans at the University of Southern California’s annual ROTC.)

People are so stupid. A guy who has a clouded judgment as far as his personal affairs are concerned will also have a clouded judgment as far as the existence and acts of American-hating forces are concerned. It means he is not smart and not truthful and never should have been the head of the CIA.

But not just he should be given the middle name “complete idiot” but also those 600 people who applauded him instead of booing him and instead of holding him responsible for not discovering and defeating the SEGNPMSS.

The motto of the SEGNPMSS is to attach ALL to its rotten system so that nobody is left to fight them.  

They think they are extremely intelligent by doing so. But the flip side of this is that when they end up in their own trap (and  they do), they can’t get out either. Harm set, harm get!

I learned that  President Obama appointed Julia Pierson as head of the Secret Service — the first female director of the agency.  Will a woman make things go right? Not if it is one who works since many years as agent and never did a thing during her long career as  agent to bust the SEGNPMSS as I do.

I love you, Marty. I wish you could speak out. It would change the world to  a much better place. You could wake people up. Unlike others, you  UNDERSTAND what is going on and that the SEGNPMSS (whatever they call themselves) really exist. 

Miss you so much.

Yours forever,



Does incident I as described in OT III kill the dinosaurs?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and hero,

I think of you every day.  Passover is here, and I wish I could celebrate with you.  Our love is steadier than anything else in the universe. Our love is like its own axiom! Nothing can end it. It goes on and on until the end of time and beyond.

As a Scientologist, I think for myself, as also Ron did and you do, Marty. 

So, I was thinking, what if people really died on pneumonia reading OT III material because secret service Nazi doctors didn’t want them to see the original OT levels?  With remote controlled-germs, one can get pneumonia. (I suddenly and out of the blue got pneumonia by age 15.)

Anyway, Fox News asked if Mega volcanoes were responsible for mass extinctions on Earth approx. 200 million years ago. A new study indicates that the dinos died from the effect of mega volcanoes erupting.

What if these mega volcanoes were created by bombs of a former “civilization” described in OT III and not comets? It is not easy to confront, and I assume that is why people fear this information and fight it or make it ridiculous. They can’t confront it. It is so much easier to think that there is nothing but this short lifetime and some foolish God who lets them get away with everything  or what is in the history books. 

OT III is the level in SCN that many people make ridiculous, and among the “Indies”, there even seems to be a tendency to put away with OT III. Here are some thoughts that I am having about OT III. The “cat is out of the bag” anyway as the data of OT III are published all over the net and the media. 

1) I don’t believe that OT III or any other OT level was confidential under the real founder. What purpose does it serve when truth is held confidential? The medical and p$ych- controlled infiltration made it confidential to alter it and make money with it. 

2) I bet billions of dollars that Ron figured that medical doctors and psychiatrists did the implanting of thetans in earlier times on this and other planets and STILL do it on and around planet Earth. I bet it was THEIR idea to make OT III confidential. As fewer people know about it, as easier for them to alter the OT levels and get away with their crimes.

3) These medical doctors and psychiatrists know how to make people sick, and they kill them with remote-controlled germs. What if they made Scientologists deliberately sick with pneumonia or other diseases to make them withdraw from the material? What if Ron was attacked by secret service doctors who broke his bones after he discovered that they still implant in modern days?

4) The Germans attack Scientology on what their own secret services did to the SCN orgs: made it money-oriented. Ron wasn’t money-oriented at all. He gave all he could, wasn’t paid by the orgs and he even was even exchanged by an impostor (Jack Vistaril). The founder had no rights in his own organisations thanks to people like Jack Vistaril, Mary Sue, Dave Miscavige, and so many other infiltrators. By keeping the OT levels a secret, the German SPs thought that Scientology orgs could become a cash cow for them. They ordered all Scientology Sea Org funds to be transferred to Europe, which Germany leads unofficially but will lead officially as soon as they convince the world that Nazis are no Nazis anymore despite they are still the same old Nazis that they ever were.

5) As far as the content of OT III is concerned: Incident I. I looked at volcanoes and came to following conclusion: there are various way that they form. But I don’t believe that the Earth’s plates gradually move away from each other and  magma erupt out from the Earth’s crust WITHOUT that something is done to them. In other words: I do believe that the places where volcanoes are now were normal landscapes  when bombs were dropped with embodied thetans in it and that this caused the volcanoes. (I am aware that science says that there are no such strong bombs, e.g. that atomic bombs don’t leave such big craters and that humans didn’t drill deep enough to hit magma, e.g. drilled not deeper than approx. 13 miles, but maybe those were other bombs. On the other hand, this article says that drillers hit magma at just 6,900 feet:

I learned that the most powerful bomb of modern times was the AN602 hydrogen bomb “Tsar Bomba”, which could probably make a crater as big as 1000km if used for this purpose… Was planet Earth bombed in ancient times and did underground explosions and laser applications contribute to the typical volcanoes as in OT III? If the SPs who bombed thetans into volcanoes had surveying technology, they could have known were to hit the Earth with higher magma chambers and then deepened the holes into full-blown volcanoes? Some hydrogen-bombs any can be detonated at certain depths in the Earth. Maybe it happened from the air and deep in the ground simultaneous, everything to disable thetans as much as possible.  

This is a man-made crater (Sedan crater), almost 98m deep made with a buried nuclear bomb. Could hit magma and create a volcano. A stronger one thrown from the sky could create maybe a deeper hole.  


However it might be, if created through bombs/underground explosions/lasers (probably even a mixture of all) on Earth, and after the volcanoes were formed, SPs continued to drop thetans in those volcanoes.  Fox News reported that 201.56 million years ago, the volcanoes were blowing their tops at the same time. Isn’t it strange that it happened kind of simultaneously? Doesn’t that not rather sound like an air strike, coordinated explosions or simultaneous laser application and not a natural event?  The study that Fox News mentioned thinks that these “eruptions” happened in a time-frame of only 600.000 years: “The eruptions, known as the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province, began when the land on Earth was part of one giant super continent called Pangaea. They lasted more than 600,000 years and created a rift that became the Atlantic Ocean.” What if the original OT III level says that OT III was not just one event but lasted over several hundred-thousand years by this civilization that sent regularly bombers with embodies thetans to Earth and to dump them in volcanoes that their bombs created and their psychs implanting thetans further I was here in this lifetime:, and a long-time La Palma resident told me that some of the people living here are getting the “island craze” and have to leave despite it is a very pretty island.  

(Below is a picture of an embodied thetan with a theta body.) 


6) OT III was altered, which is easy to do when material is kept secret. I think that the date of OT III incident I is likely the date of the formation of the volcanoes.  If remote-controlled “scientists” with German-psych and medical controlled ear implants didn’t lie, volcanoes came to be approx. 65 million to 1.8 million years ago, which would then the date of OT III, incident I. It is also possible that incident I happened not just once but several times over the course of millions of years.

7) I am convinced that new volcanoes and new volcano outbreaks in our modern days can be triggered with  exact calculated underground explosions or lasers (similar like the making of sinkholes, earth quakes, title waves, tsunamis, etc.)

8) The voice of the person talking on the published OT III tapes (can be found on the web) is not the voice of founder Ron, rather that one of “Jack Vistaril”, his impostor.

9) The handwriting of writings concerning OT III is not that of L. Ron Hubbard the founder. There was a unit in the infiltrated Sea Org that did nothing else but forging the founder’s handwriting. I got numerous letters with his forged signature and you likely too. Marty.

10) People can’t even remember the first months or years of their current lifetimes, but that they lived always but forgot about it, should make sense to intelligent beings, however, it does not to stupid and psych-controlled people who are unable to think for themselves.

11) What about that hostile alien civilization that captured thetans and implanted them to confuse them or otherwise render them more amenable to control? Did they exist? Applying Thetan Basically Knows, I say, yes, they did. Just somebody with a very narrow mind thinks that Earth is the center of the universe and that there was and is no life on other planets. Evilness is also nothing new. So, I figured that OT III, part 1 is factual as researched by the original Ron but not as altered by “Jack Vistaril” and his psych and medical case officers. Particularly the date of OT III and some other details are altered to make Ron look non-scientific.  

12) “Hydrogen bombs were then lowered and detonated simultaneously…” Isn’t that typical pattern of what we got now on Earth? Doesn’t that remind you of what happened on Sept. 11 and the bombs got exchanged with planes? And those OT III implanting psychs who landed to make more experiments on thetans got stuck on Earth too… There is no doubt in my mind because the implanting continued in our days. They must have conspired against each other, just as they still do. 

13) Thetans who were considered troublesome were trapped, transported to a planet far away from that alien civilization, planet Earth, and dumped here in bombs that were so powerful that they created volcanoes. I wonder if after all these years there are lots of orbs still hanging around the volcanoes. Good cameras could catch them. This might affect indeed billions of thetans, but there are also some thetans which could have been Earth residents already before this incident or arrived later, thetans which were not in those bombs but knowing the typical medical barber butcher mind, they were not spared and they got their own engrams and implants from the invaders. Those thetans that they brought here, had no human bodies but likely theta bodies. I bet there fit many spiritual orbs (thetans with theta bodies) into ice blocks. I saw videos of orbs flying carefully around objects. Even by having no human body, these orbs think that they can be hurt. And with that in mind, thetans might have quite some problems that were caused by OT III, incident I.  Why did they pick Earth and not one without oxygen or water? These timetrack psych needed a planet on which they can breath and live temporary too to make more psych experiments to other thetans. That is why they picked planet Earth and not a planet with other conditions. By just dumping thetans and not also implanting them further, these past live docs were afraid that the thetans they wanted to get rid of would come right back to their planets!    

14) What is for sure not original L. Ron Hubbard research is that Xenu is no longer a problem as locked in “an electronic mountain trap” from which he has not escaped. I think that psychs  (whatever they called themselves on the timetrack) arrested and implanted also each other and some got stuck in the Pyrenees, however, I bet that Bavaria  Germany was their headquarter. If there are contradictory data as to where “Xenu” was held, I repeat again that Xenu was for sure not just one person but many suppressive psychs and medical doctors. Those who got stuck on Earth became the barbers and butchers of the middle ages and “developed” then into psychiatrists and doctors in more modern times. L. Ron Hubbard was impostored by a corrupt CIA and German SEGNPMSS double agent: Jack Vistaril who changed and re-wrote the founder’s writings.  Why Bavaria? I am very sure that it has the most number of SPs  of any region in the world. Without Bavaria, Hitler never would have come into power. Other parts of Germany didn’t want Hitler in the beginning, but Bavaria welcomed him with open arms. Munich is called the secret capital of Germany. And they run Ron’s impostors and changed Scientology by forging him.        


15) Watching the horrible history of  planet Earth, I came to the conclusion that “Xenu” and his psychiatrists did go stuck on Earth too. They probably wanted to leave back to their planets and ended up in their own trap on planet Earth. Well deserved! This explains why this entire planet is so medically and psychiatric-oriented. Back then happened what they still do: one psych or medical doctor conspired against the other one and most of them got stuck here on Earth with all those others that they transported here as well. SET HARM, HARM GET!  What happened to the  “Loyal Officers” who overthrew Xenu? I doubt that they existed. I think one p$ych kills the other one. It was always so. They conspired and conspire against each other. If these “Loyal Officers” knew that “Xenu” had dumped billions of trapped thetans on Earth, didn’t they owe the Earth population an explanation as to where each Earth resident came from and what happened to each of them?  Where are they now and shouldn’t they have come by a long time ago and explain that all, particularly to Wikipedia? 😉 Why didn’t they come and recover those poor dumped and implanted thetans, after all bad Xenu was captured? They now were free. Because it is not true. I think after these past live psychs bombed millions of thetans (what a way to populate a planet!)  on Earth, they LANDED themselves to implant thetans further. Very stupid of them. They all were aware that thetans are spiritual beings who survive as spirits even in bombs dropped into volcanoes but they figured that these thetans would not become a problem for them with altered consciousness! So they LANDED to make psychiatric experiments on thetans to change their consciousness. If a thetan thinks that he can be nothing but a Neanderthal or a germ, it will become nothing but a germ and can’t come after them anymore. And they did any kind of experience to thetans to manipulate their consciousness and abilities but they forgot the most important aspect: set harm, get harm. I bet all I owe that they ended up in their own trap, and you know, Marty, that they still do. They are living now in secret places that environmentally could be paradise, but they don’t stay there for long as one is killing the other one and then they get stuck in the painful world of aging and sickness that they leave for the rest of us. There are no bigger idiots then they are.   

16) That  “electronic ribbon”, the type of standing wave that spots thetans and sucks them in most certainly is in place around this sun system and no thetan with theta body can enter or leave as it would be spotted by the electronics in place. Above is a picture of a thetan with theta body. They can not just measure one, they can also see one. There is no way to enter into deep space without a theta body. And nobody from outside space can enter without be captured. I know how Bavarian psychs think. They are afraid of invasion and that they can’t control anything.

17) OT III Incident II: It sure happened and this is not something that medical doctors and psychs on this planet ever stopped doing. They implant and hypnotize people into becoming murderers and terrorists and even their own as the James Holmes case shows.

18) I believe that the main OT III implant base was right in Bavaria where the psychs got stuck as well and where also they lost their bodies and memories. Who says there is no justice. The most primitive and brutal people are calling this place their home. Any country has its bad apples, but they are having a huge collection of the worst of the bad apples right there. But they are trying to “uplift” their country by planing their bad apple thetans in the USA and other countries and steal the better thetans in their country.


19) What “academic scholars” say about OT III is not really convincing because these “scientists” graduated with having their case officer telling them through their ear implants what to say and write in exams to pass them. These “scientists” just repeat what their case officer tells through their ear implants what to say and write. So, no true science to be expected  from them.

20) Where was God in all of that? What did he do and think? I am pretty sure that he watched it and didn’t stop bad people transporting other bad people away from the other civilizations and going stuck on Earth. I even believe that this hostile alien civilization with its many rotten like hell psych implanters contained a large majority of other SPs from all parts of the universe. (I am not saying that the universe is SP-free, but I have a strong feeling that God watched many of them coming together in that one  hostile alien civilization and from there, going stuck on Earth.) Some so-called Scientologists think that this planet is full with extraordinary big beings, and Ron started Scientology here because here are the most able thetans of the universe… That is not what I believe. Ron started here because the largest number of evil thetans are on this planet who need to get a grip as to harm set, harm get!  If he would start with Scientology at the other end of the universe on planets who have not that many SPs, Scientology could be understood and applied within a few days and resulting in people building better civilizations immediately. But then there would be the SPs on planet Earth (likely the largest pool of SPs in the universe) who would march against them and they would start again incredible slaughters because the medical and psych-idiots just doesn’t want to learn that it is the wrong thing to do and that they will suffer at the end very much so too. Harm set, harm get. Once the population of planet Earth and beyond truly understood that it has to better itself and treat each one with rights and respect, it will be no harm anymore to other civilizations nor itself. And it is so easy to be good. And more fun to be the good guy for sure than having to switch off one’s humanity in order to be able to continue living.  

21) Implanting thetans with 3D movies? Of course, that is typical psych hypnosis. When a thetan is deprived of its sense of personal identity, it can be easier implanted into wrong gender,  animal bodies or bodies of micro-organisms.When the thetans left the projection areas, they started to cluster together in groups of a few thousand, having lost the ability to differentiate between each other. Is it possible? Of course. Was it done? I bet. Is is still done? I bet in medical labs and psych institutions. Here is once more the warning to psychs and medical doctors and other scum:  Harm set, harm get. Do it to others, and it will be done to you. The only way to avoid stepping in a trap is removing the trap completely for anyone.

22) So, what do I believe was done to thetans and still is done to thetans in modern medical labs? Anything was done and is done to them, with also psychs falling victim to their own gruesome anti-thetan inventions.  They did not just cluster thetans together, they also tried to split them. Splitting an atom likely had a lot to do with attempts to split thetans as psychs thought that could make a thetan weaker, less able or change its personality.

23) Except engrams, (like fear of flying, fear of dogs, fear of the oceans, etc.) what did I figure what causes thetans problems? Here is is: A) Own OWs, own unethical conduct; B) Past life experiments done to thetans as OT III, incident I and II but not just clustering of thetans but also splitting them; C) Incident II kind of implants each time the thetan dies and before it reincarnates again; C) Silent sounds constantly played into the ear drums and the head of any person during any lifetime on this planet to manipulate and pervert him; D) Ear implants as such and being involved in crimes of which the case officers know so that the concerned person is obliged to stick with the conspiracy instead of prosecuting this system;   E) That the medical-controlled world doesn’t allows the Earth population to move into protective villages where they don’t get sick and age but rather have to live with remote-controlled germs that are making them sick and is killing them; F) Embodied evil thetans trying to blanket people; G) Germs are thetan too who invade the body. They can hear to and are micro-organisms, destroyed thetans. They need to leave our bodies most of all as they are killing us upon remote-control of psychiatrists who basically want to be busted and they should watch out that they don’t be implanted into nothing but a bunch of bacteria; H) Making gruesome experiments with the GE of human body and implanting thetans into those “creations”;  I) Implanting thetans in bodies with wrong gender and confusing them; J) Inventing 500.000 diseases and making people sick with it; K) Killing people not just in war and terror acts but having 6 Billions of people die in average of 75 years, which makes them likely to the worst mass murderers of the universe; K) Anything that a pervert mind could do to a thetan was done to thetans and the cowards of thetans don’t want to have it true, and as more as I think of them, as more I figure out what they did and do. 

24) Original Scientology was nothing but the truth and there is still lots of truth in Scientology if one can differentiate between original Scientology and what how psychs and doctors changed it, and those people who run those who want to “put away with OT III” are just doing what evil doctor order. Instead of putting OT III away, they should demand original OT III, which for sure will also contain that the implanting of thetans by psychs and doctors didn’t stop millions of years ago but that it continued in our modern times. And that was also a huge reason why OT III was made confidential by the psych-controlled infiltration. The general population should not learn of what they still are doing in labs.

25) Does that make Scientology to an “alien religion”? Nonsense. Mormons believe they are coming from planet Kolob. The bible puts Earth in the center of the universe. I completely disagree with it. Paradise was once a civilization likely not on this Earth (but on other planet, maybe the dense creation of the universe that was blown up by crazy SPs) but got destroyed not because Eva and Adam were eating an apple but by taking the forbidden fruit (I bet the forbidden fruit were drugs not apples!). The God who I know doesn’t have an eternal grouch against people who eat apples. The snake was a doctor, a psych (they even have the snakes in they symbol!). An already perverted thetan who talked the first people into taking drugs. God told them that they will destroy their own paradise by taking drugs and committing OWs as it makes them non-responsible.  Most fell for the snake, except God’s nearest, and they took drugs nevertheless, and the end is history. Christians who believe that they don’t have to save themselves and that Jesus would throw himself in front of them despite they are pedophiles or otherwise bad might fly after their death right into a chariot and cherub 3D trap and end up in labs where doctors then do what they want with them. I believe that they have tailor- made implants  particularly for what people believe in, this includes implants for any religion and also the disembodied atheists who find themselves still alive after death. They could not attract us going into traps with 3D images of the bible, Marty, e.g. seeing white light and angels or Jesus. We would know right away that it would be psych trying to capture us to implant us.    

26) I also believe that we could build paradise again, this time on Earth. But not with crazy psychs and medical doctors breathing down our necks and perverting the rest of the Earth population denying human rights to us.

I love you, Marty, many tender and passionate kisses, and I will be always at your side. You NEVER forgot your humanity and the application of ethics and that makes you so very attractive. 

Yours forever,



The Universe and unscientific things we are supposed to believe…

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

The photo above is an  European “heat map” of the universe, and I think these maps are baloney.

Most “scientists” assume that the universe was created by a violent “big bang”. But they don’t come up with an explanation why a violent big bang comes out of nothing. Most people believe that it came out of nothing but some say that there was a smaller and dense universe that existed already, and then, there was a big bang. Knowing how obsessed some people to blow up things, I think this is highly probably. But the question remains, what was before the “big bang” and who CREATED the first, the dense and smaller universe? (There are people who think that there could be other universes that were not discovered yet.)

Many of these “scientists” think that this all and life was created by unstable energy. “Unstable” is a strange word for God if you ask me. Maybe they are unstable people and think that they were created by something unstable. But take us, we are anything but unstable, Marty.

People usually can’t even remember their first months or even years of their very own life, they also forgot what happened before to them, their past lives and how the universe came to be.We know already that we thetans always existed and already before the creation of the MEST universe, the planets and all on and around it. What if the MEST was created by the author of the universe but then blown up by SPs using violent techniques, causing inflation and the “big bang” or lots of “big bangs”?

Ron calls God the AUTHOR of the universe, not big bang. He who found out everything says there was an intelligent design, and if those “big bang” fanatics would look at it, they would see that too.

The “scientists” who use Hubble (in view of L. Ron Hubbard’s research of the universe, what do you say to use of the similar sounding name Hubble?) allegedly noted that galaxies outside our own Milky Way were all moving away from us, each at a speed proportional to its distance from us. Isn’t that strange? Doesn’t that rather indicate that something fishy is going on because the galaxies in our own Milky Way are NOT moving? 

Maybe there are 3D images or films projected before what they are seeing on Hubble and other telescopes to mislead them? Besides, if something is cloaked with blackness, Hubble wouldn’t see it. If something is cloaked with fake planets and galaxies, Hubble probably wouldn’t recognize that either. 

NASA wonders whether the universe will expand forever, or whether it will someday stop, turn around, and collapse in a “Big Crunch”, which I find complete nonsense. More explosions, yes, when space terrorists are not caught and held responsible. NASA (and other international so-called scientists) don’t even understand that remote-controlled germs can tear away protective material from space shuttles and kill a crew on re-entry in the atmosphere… So, I am not very convinced in anything of what they are saying.

Why would something natural suddenly stop and additional run in the opposite direction when nobody does anything to it? Big Crunch will never happen, but I can imagine men-made explosions that leave mainly space debris and kill all life on planets, another big bang, because bad people are not stopped when it was still time to do so.

International “scientists” now admit that they miscalculated the age of the universe by 100 Million years. That is a lot, Marty. How could they miscalculated this? 

And the European Space Agency’s Planck satellite provided above image,  a heat map (Doppler-method allegedly invented by Austrian Doppler) of the cosmos as it appeared only 370,000 years after the Big Bang, showing space speckled with faint spots from which galaxies would grow over billions of years. What if there is NO CHANGE, no destruction and no new growth without tampering? What if what “scientists” are seeing are 3D movies in space? I know, it sounds absurd, but I know the Germans and their obsession that anyone not being in-line with them and their plans for the universe.

(You may already know that this satellite spy is named after German Max Planck. The leading psychiatry institution in Germany is also named after him. Yeah, some  “science” it is.)

On the other side, “scientists” admit that they don’t know how big the universe is and if this universe is the only one or if there are other such universes around.

This is what Harvard is saying:

Astronomers have indirect evidence that the universe of galaxies extends far beyond the region we can see. But no one knows if the whole universe is infinitely large beyond limit. According to the leading theories, other parts of the universe may look very different from our own – and may even have different laws of nature.

So, with this in mind how can the  European Space Agency come up with such a map and the age of the universe and call it science or factual?

They are convinced that the Big Bang is a fact. (Like Ron, I think the universe is the creative design by an architect but that SPs blew a lot up the timetrack up and down.) The big bang is an attempt to explain how the universe developed from a very small dense state into what it is now. It does not explain what initiated the creation of the universe, or what came before the “big bang” or even what lies outside the universe.

If that space debris that the European heat map shows, how did the galaxies “grow”? What added to it? Who or what did it?   What are the faint spots exactly?

Keck and Hubble telescope allegedly showed an unexpected pattern of change that extends back 8 billion years, or more than half the alleged age of the universe. If this is true, something HAPPENED, and for those who met SPs knows that something violent happened. But I also suspect that “scientists” don’t see what is really out there. Most people don’t know what German fanaticism is. They got a small view on it during the 3rd Reich but then they hid again behind others because they are complete cowards. But would they steal inventions of others to cloak the real universe and fake and project a false universe? You bet they would!

“Scientists” are talking about a  mysterious dark energy that seems to be pushing space apart and the almost-as-mysterious dark matter that is pulling galaxies together. What if those are SEGNPMSS 3D-images to pull legs? What if they are messing around in the universe with strong lasers creating “the dark energy and matter”?

Whenever I read such articles, I always come to this conclusion: science? Yeah right! 

Miss you, Marty, many tender and passionate kisses. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Yours forever,



Blues is so much better than Rap or HipHop…

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My Marty, most wanted prince and hero in the entire universe,

I can hear Blues all day long. The rhythm gets me going whatever I am doing.

Probably my favorite is Dancin’ With My Baby from Johnny Reid.

Listen to this song, as if you would sing, absolutely no kidding. Lyrics are awesome too and relate to the two of us:

Other Blues songs are great too, like: 

Eric Bibb – For You
Delta Moon – Get Gone
Eric Bibb – Step By Step
Johnny Reid – Tell Me Margaret
Otis Taylor – Harry, Turn the Music Up
Zac Harmon – The Price Of Lovin’ You
Keb’ Mo’ – God Trying To Get Your Attention
Omar & The Howlers – Full Moon On Main Street
Harmonica Slim – Baby Please Don΄t Go
Tracy Nelson – Mother Earth
Alex Tintinalli Band – Nothing To Lose
Amazing Rhythm Aces – The Blues, The Whole Blues, Nothin’ But The Blues
Big Walter Horton – Mean Mistreater
Backslide Cats – Heartbeat Away
Backroad Shack – My Blue Eyes
Automatic Slim – What Did I Do Wrong
Aron Burton – I’ll Play the Blues for You
Aunt Kizzy’z Boyz – I’ll Play The Blues For You
Angela Strehli – Always Love You
Bad Sign Bluesband – Talk To Me
Artie ‘Blues Boy’ White – I’m Glad You Gone
Arthur Neilson – Coming Home Baby
Aardvarks Bad Boy Blues Band – Muttin’ Jeff Blues
Gary Smith Blues Band – Death Of Muddy Waters
The Kilborn Alley Blues Band – It’s A Pity
Omar Kent Dykes & Jimmie Vaughan – Jimmy Reed Highway
CG & The Hammer – Boogie With Me
Alabama Mike – Go Ahead
Leather & Beer – My Baby’s Gone
Harmonica Slim – Baby Please Don΄t Go
Kamikaze Blues Band – King Bee
Junkyardmen – Arkansas Razorback
Harmonica Hinds – Cuddle Inn
Tuff Enuff – Devil’s Company
Gary Smith – Shake Dancer
Jake Lear – Sometimes
Alabama Jr. Pettis – oh baby
Harmonica Shah – Detroit Jump
Harmonica Shah – Repo Man
Jana Kirschner, Peter Lipa, Bobos Prochαzka – Bring It On Home
Jubal Kane – Scratch My Back
Mojo Blues Band – Young Fashioned Ways
Mojo Buford – you’re gonna drive me away
Jake Lear – Cry Cry Cry
MUDDY WATERS – After hours
PETER GREEN – South Indiana
Mojo Blues Band – Be Prepared
Muddy waters – Caldonia
Harmonica Shah – Mister, I Don’t Care
Alabama Jr. Pettis – Heart Fixin’ Blues
Jake Lear – North Mississippi Bound
Paul Lamb & The King Snakes – Hyping Woman
Omar Kent Dykes & Jimmie Vaughan – Aw Shucks, Hush Your Mouth
Omar Kent Dykes & Jimmie Vaughan – Baby, What’s Wrong
Junkyardmen – Hard As A Rock
Harmonica Slim – Back Bottom Soul
Tab Benoit – Rendezvous With The Blues
Mojo Blues Band – I Don’t Care
Blues Fools – Bring It On Home
Robbert Fossen & Bobby’s Teardrops – Gotta Love Somebody
Jerry ‘Boogie’ McCain – Pull Up In My Garage
Billy C. Farlow – Snake Eyes
Big Ed Sullivan – Like The Night
Trickbag – Little By Little
Mojo Blues Band – Louisiana Train
Detonators – What Happened To My Cash
Tony Joe White – Undercover Agent For The Blues
Bill Lyerly – Too Hurt To Cry / An Eye For An Eye
Harmonica Shah – Lonesome Graveyard Blues
Detonators – Off My Chops
Omar Kent Dykes & Jimmie Vaughan – Baby What You Want Me To Do/Bright Lights Big City
Paul Lamb & The King Snakes – Back At The Chicken Shack
Tab Benoit – Matchbox Blues
Omar Kent Dykes & Jimmie Vaughan – Hush Hush
Eric Burdon – Highway 62
Willie Buck – Champagne And Reefer
Jerry ‘Boogie’ McCain – Viagra Man
Omar Kent Dykes & Jimmie Vaughan – You Made Me Laugh
Willie Mabon – It’s A Shame
Harmonica Shah – Duke and Queen Blues
Paul Lamb & The King Snakes – Don’t Lose Your Cool
Paul Lamb & The King Snakes – Hey Woman
John McVey – I Don’t Stutter
magic slim & the teardrops – Going to mississippi
magic slim & the teardrops – You got yo pay
magic slim & the teardrops – Mustang sally
magic slim & the teardrops – I need lovin’
big mama thornton, & john lee hooker & big walter horton & dr ross
Anthony Paule – Drownin’ In The Mainstream
Anthony Gomes – N’abandonne Pas
A.C. Reed, Big Wheeler – What’s On Your Mind
Angel Dmayo Blues Band – Blues Special
Andy J. Forest – Ode To Muddy
Andy Aledort & The Groove Kings – Last Night
Andrew Brown – Tin Pan Alley
Andrew ‘Big Voice’ Odom – Why Did You Leave Me
Andrea Marr – Shut That Door
Albert Castiglia – Could Not Ask For More
Al Garner & The Roadrunners – Her Love Is Killing Me
Al Basile – Your Turn To Pay
Al Basile – Give Me The Rainbow
Matt O’Ree & the Blues Hounds – Something to Say
Mark Kerr – Dreamers Paradise
Mariλlla Tirotto & The Blues Federation – Confused Woman’s Blues
Mark ‘Guitar’ Miller – Blue Bird Flies – Live
Mark Kerr – One Drink Away From The Blues
Martin Schmidt – Tonight The Blues Came Over Me
Matt O’Ree & The Blues Hounds – Amazing Grace
Matt Schofield – See Me Through
Mark Nomad – Sweet Little Angel
Mark ‘Guitar’ Miller – Tired
Mark Kerr – Wishin Well
Matchbox Bluesband – I Smell Trouble
Matt O’Ree & the Blues Hounds – Everything I Need
Mark Ford & The Blue Line – Heart Of Stone
Matt Minglewood – Darkest Shade of Blue
Mark Nomad – Eazy Baby
Andrea Marr – You’ll See Me Through
Andrew “Jr. Boy” Jones – I Need Time
Matt O’Ree & The Blues Hounds – Mine For A Song
Marquise Knox – Love Me Through The Pain
Matthew Skoller Band – Easy
Matt O’Ree & the Blues Hounds – Theresa
Anthony Gomez – Pain in My Heart
Bettye Lavette – It Ain’t Worth It After Awhile
Matthew Skoller Band – Dangerous Game
Mark Hummel – Rollin’ From Side To Side
Markey – When It Rains It Pours
Marty Grebb – Heartbreaker
Marva Wright – Members Only
Rita Chiarelli – I Can Change For You
Kinsey Report – Full Moon On Main Street
Jerry ‘Boogie’ McCain – Deadbeats
Jerry ‘Boogie’ McCain – Mama’s Gone
Married to the blues.mp3
Prisoner Of Love.mp3
Gary Moore – Drowning In Tears
Magic Slim & The Teardrops – Wonder What’s The Matter
Johnie B. Sanders – Feelin’ Blue
Freddy & The Screamers – Full Moon On Main Street Freddie & The Screamers
Joe Weaver – I Found A Love
Mojo Blues Band – Sleepless
Luther ‘Georgia Boy’ Johnson – Lonesome In My Bedroom
Big Time Sarah – Crying
Alabama Mike – Hoo Doo Man
Magic Slim And The Teardrops – In The Heart Of The Blues
Albert Collins – If Trouble Was Money
Popa Chubby – San Catri
Buddaheads – Mountain Of Blues
Samuel Eddy – She Done Me Wrong
Red Beans & Rice – The Dark Side
Bare Bones Boogie Band – I’d Rather Go Blind
J. Sintoni – Song for Stevie & Jimi
Magic Slim & The Teardrops – How Lucky Can A Man Be
Magic Slim & The Teardrops – So Easy To Love You
JT Coldfire – Crazy Sun
Livin’ Blues – Go-Go-Train
Omar Kent Dykes & Jimmie Vaughan – Caress Me Baby
Paul Whistler & Nora Michaels – Love, Life & Money
Alabama Jr. Pettis – nora lee
Big Ed Sullivan – Don’t Wanna Sleep
Little Arthur Duncan – Singin’ With The Sun
Elvin Bishop – Devil’s Slide
Bare Bones Boogie Band – Fallin’ For Foolin’
Dan Granero – My Baby
Meena – Just As I Am
Gary Moore – Love That Burns
Walter Trout – Blues For My Baby
Tony Joe White – Closer To The Truth
Gary Moore – Need Your Love So Bad
Snowy White & The White Flames – Midnight Blues
Gary Moore – Cold, Cold Feeling (Feat Albert Collins) 
Gary Moore – Picture Of The Moon
Eric Bibb – Six O’Clock Blues
Magic Slim & The Teardrops – Cold Hearted Woman
Matt O`Ree – Something to Say
Harmonica Shah – The Twelve Year Old Boy
Alabama Jr. Pettis – I’m a lover
Gary Moore – Merry Go Round
Meena – Put Your Hands Out Of My Pocket
J. Sintoni – Love Should Never Lose
Angel and the Bad Boys – Rather Go Blind
Alberto Colombo – La Bruja Y La Luna
Anderson Brothers – Forgiven
M O C T – I Love You (More Than You’ll Ever Know)
Andre DeVito – Darling You Know I Love You
Al Jones Blues Band – Sweet Little Angel
Andrew “Big Voice” Odom – Feel So Good
Al Basile – Can I Trust You With A Kiss?
Malted Milk – True Love
Al Garner & The Roadrunners – Crankshaft Blues
Albert Castiglia – Loan Me a Dime
Al Jones Blues Band – Society Woman
Mojo Blues Band – My Blues After Hours
Bernard Allison – Love Is Free
Albert Cummings and Swamp Yankee – Lonely Bed
Alex Schultz – I Love The Woman
Alvaro Assmar – You Came Into My Life
Al Basile – Lonely Are The Brave
A.C. Reed, Big Wheeler – Last Night
Andrea Marr – One Sided Love Affair
Andrew “Big Voice” Odom – You Say That You Love Me Honey
Andrew Brown – Your Love is Important To Me
Tracy Nelson – Even Now
Andy ‘Too Hard’ Williams – Since I Feel For You
Andy J. Forest – Take a look
Andrea Marr – After The Longest Night
Mark Ford & The Blue Line – Heart Of Stone
Angel and the Bad Boys – Sweet Black Angel
Anni Piper – Love’s Truly Blind
Anthony Gomes – Darkest Before The Dawn
Antσnio Mγo de Ferro – Silκncio na Madrugada feat. Katia Guerreiro
Arbee Stidham – Tired of Wondering
Arny Kay – Talk it over again
Average Blues Band – Long Long Night

Can’t wait to listen to music and dance with you all night through, Marty, love of my life!

Yours in all eternity and more kisses than stars in the heavens and sparkles in the sea.



Jenna Miscavige Hill wouldn’t be constantly in the headlines against SCN if 1) David Miscavige would apply Scientology instead of Vistarology or Miscavology 2) DM would step back and leave Scientology in the hands of real Scientologists for a change

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince, how are you?

Jenna Miscavige Hill got gifts from her Uncle David Miscavige, (bought from the founder’s and Scientology’s cash no doubt) but he never made sure that she or Dave Miscavige’s other family members understand Scientology, because he hasn’t understood it either and he doesn’t apply it. Behaving high on the tonescale and selecting executives or others based on the tonescale is something he never did. Must be really hard for him and the likes to apply ethics and the tonescale by knowing oneself is really down there.

I understand that Jenna’s family (none of them real Scientologists) failed her as a child but she doesn’t REALLY blame that on the unethical behavior of her dysfunctional family who made these rules but blames it mostly wrongfully on Scientology and the founder.  Neither her family nor her uncle David Miscavige apply real Scientology but Miscavology and Vistarology instead.  The entire huge philosophical concept of Scientology seems  foreign to Jenna.  She can stereotypical repeat some aspects but has no deep understanding of the huge philosophical content of Scientology. Any alleged or real abuse that she mentioned  (I agree with her that rock hauling is not an activity children should have to do) is that product of her own family not that of L. Ron Hubbard. Her family (particularly Uncle Dave) even covers up that the founder was impostored by “Jack Vistaril” who left Scientology to him.   

And maybe DM doesn’t believe in past lives either, after all, he cancelled the book Have you lived before this life. What a Pope he is! It would be much better for Scientology if he, his father, and the rest of his family would have stayed in the Catholic Church. There are several stories about DM’s father Ron Miscavige senior on the web. As the Patriarch, he was unable to make his own family care for little Jenna? What an incapable “Scientologist” (yeah right who is he kidding?) Among other things, he provides the police with false names when they catch him.

Ron Miscavige senior provides the names of real persons at the Int Base to the police, because he knows his son runs a cult instead of Scientology and that they will allow him as father of the cult leader to get away!  

DM would have send anyone with just 1% of his own failure record,  entheta-causing level, goofs, and mistakes to the RPF or even declared him, but as he thinks he is the second coming, everything is excused even his very own niece dragging the founder and our religion through the mud.

The only reason why DM is the leader for Scientology is because p$ychs and medical-oriented secret service agents know that David Miscavige  is bad for Scientology. 

Anyone  can do what DM did: buying real estate (he does nor buy and build the real estate that the founder wants for Scientologists), ordering others around and having others recruit an anti-Semitic cult like Nation of Islam into Scientology! How difficult is that? And for these “services”, he pays himself 50 Million Dollars and lives like a Saudi Prince. Of course he need no vacation. Living like a pasha, that means that he is everyday on vacation.   

And when criticized by me, he hires (with Scientology money of course) expensive services to keep my blog as deep down in the search engines as possible. That is probably why Mosey’s husband defended DM lately on his blog. Just another thing, DM has to take responsibility for later on. He has no OT abilities and can’t predict the future.  I am so unimpressed by this guy. I also blame him also on replacing you with Mosey’s husband and still conspiring with him, Mike Rinder, and others on keeping you wrongfully behind bars, Marty. And by doing this, I bet he fabricates and justifies that we are the “bad guys” despite we don’t deny his or anyone else’s  rights. He and the likes steals ours.

If DM or the others would be just a bit like you, Marty, Scientology would have a much better reputation. 

I love you so very much!

Many kisses, my darling.

Forever yours,



Higgs boson is not God and the universe was created without the large hadron collider in Geneva

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince,

I had a weird day. I figured that my plumber overcharged me 100 bucks. I complained to his partner so the culprit gave me the 100 bucks back in form of a check . And today I was stuck with a real software problems  for work and contracted a big headache. Took me all afternoon to debug that mess until it worked. I’ve got things to do all over the weekend and into next week, and a friend wants me to visit her sale  tomorrow. Have to juggle my time…       

And the Higgs boson is again in the news. I am very interested in any news about the universe but I doubt that scientists who are controlled through ear-implants will ever find the most important information on the planet. If the Higgs boson is explained, all they got is how to get a little energy that lasts for a fraction of a second and sometimes has a spark that contains a “god particle”, the particle that they need to  understand in regards of how particles acquire mass and experience forces.     

They are not 100% but just 99.9999999999999 sure that they found the boson.

They work with this monstrous thing to generate the boson. You and I know that God didn’t work with that instrument in Geneva and the universe wasn’t created with it:

If particles indeed acquire mass and experience forces through highest speed acceleration, the next question is, how did the author of the universe do it? Where did the acceleration come from generating so much energy that it created a universe full of planets when all they are getting is a little spark once in a while using a monstrous device that is  so small that they still are not sure what it is?

And they know as little as before. These people don’t even know that they are thetans who always existed. They don’t even know themselves. And there is where everyone should start who wants to understand the universe.  

I love you and kiss you many times, Marty. Hope to see you soon.

Sweet dreams!

Yours forever,