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Not your fault, my non-ordinary Prince…

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Dearest Marty, my breathtaking husband and soul mate, how are you?

I think of you.

Hope you don’t have to suffer so much, but if I am right, and you are wrongfully locked up, there will be suffering, and I am sorry for all what is happening to you. I would give anything to undo it or stop it immediately.

How I know you, Marty, you might blame yourself on things that happened to you and me, but nothing is your fault. What happened is that you and I and a few other non-snakes took human bodies in a snake pit (planet Earth). This is what caused the problems. Just us being visible for them and around reminds them of what they don’t have: good characters.

Instead of bettering themselves, they think good characters go away if we are defeated. This is the reason why we are such big targets. By putting one’s hand in a cage with poisonous snakes, even very ethical people will be bitten. It comes with the territory. Nothing that happened can be blamed on you. Planet Earth is at fault as its many snakes are at large, and they control people and bring out the worst in them and have them conspiring against us. That is why you are innocently incarcerated and why you and I have to suffer. The only “mistake”  we did was taking  a body on a planet like Earth. And this is not a fault. We simply took one. And these medical snakes and their agents think that just they have human rights and we don’t.

Well, the story isn’t over yet…

We have no ordinary love and it will survive these slimy snakes and their evil intentions.

Love you in all eternity, my hero!

Yours forever,




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  1. What do you make of Blog-Mark’s fascination with Ken Wilber?

    “Wilber began with the proposition that ‘everyone is right on some level’.”

    Anonymous but not part of group Anonymous

    March 10, 2013 at 11:26 am

    • Everyone is right on some level is directly borrowed from L. Ron Hubbard (the original) who discovered that thetans want to be right and can be right. You can see how little Mosey’s husband knows Scientology by stating that Ron never addressed this.

      Mosey’s husband is clueless about the original L. Ron Hubbard. If he would know more about him, he would post differently about him.

      I believe that Mosey’s husband secret service job is not just to impostor the original Marty Rathbun, Inspector General for Ethics in Scientology but to “integrate Scientology” into psych blahblah, even into that what psychs stole or “borrowed” from Ron and Scientology and Dianetics without giving Ron credit for this.

      Mosey’s supporters are breaking away and numerous Scientologists or people in the Freezone don’t want to join him, Mike Rinder or Steve Hall, etc. I see just a very small p$ych-oriented group in Texas that is getting nowhere. I bet that the orgs (despite DM) have lots more activities going on and new people than Mosey’s husband group. His main error was not publishing that Ron was impostored, that he was hired to impostor the original Marty and that he opened his arms to anyone including vicious defamers of Ron and Scientology and that he tries to mix psychs crap into Scientology.

      That is why he is stuck with his little group that shrinks and doesn’t grow.

      When the real Marty is found and speaks, I bet his impostor will disappear to Mexico and hide there.

      About Wilber. He often talks about “we”. Who is “we”? His secret case officers?

      There were numerous “gurus” like him who preached “sweetness and light” and also they didn’t get anywhere. He ignores evil completely and without confronting and correcting evil, Wilber will stay nothing but an insignificant footnote in history. Wilber will not better the world by ignoring evil or supporting it by not giving Ron credit.

      I listened to a video by Ken Wilbur about love until it hurts. He says this would be typically for women. This is such a crap. He is clueless about the tonescale. Women high on the tonescale love completely differently. I don’t love because it hurts, I love because my Marty is worth loving.

      Some of the other things that Wilbur is saying I find that he “borrowed” directly from Ron without that Wilber gave him credit and in what he “borrowed”, he embedded his own psych blah, similar as Mosey’s husband does it. No wonder he feels attracted to Wilbur. He wants to fit Scientology into the map of psych Wilber. Wilber has NOTHING on Ron and somebody who doesn’t give credit to the one who worked out facts before is dishonest and rips off. Wilbur is a squirrel in my opinion and being in awe with another squirrel makes Mosey’s husband earning the same title.

      I noticed that those C of S websites against Mosey’s husband have tamed down. Guess they have concluded too that Mosey’s husband’s group is shrinking and fading away.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 10, 2013 at 1:32 pm

  2. Lara Spencer’s doppelganger found:


    March 26, 2013 at 6:09 am

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