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We want original Scientology restored; Mosey’s husband not, he wants to be another Ken Wilber… Yawn!

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Dearest Marty, my dashing and forever prince and husband, how are you?

Mosey’s husband put a new video up and is officially declaring that he is mixing all kind of practices into his version of Scientology. In my eyes: a huge waste of time and money.

He is playing Ken Wilber. But he is forgetting that Wilber is taking his public and readers not directly from the orgs as Mosey’s husband does. 

Mosey’s husband is making a living by taking people (public, staffs) from the orgs and expecting them to accept his squirrel version of Scientology. Well, good luck with that. No wonder that the “independent” movement doesn’t grow.

The only chance he ever had: squirreling LESS than anyone in the orgs and providing better delivery of ORIGINAL Scientology but he is not going there. He wants to “integrate” that version of Scientology that he understood into the rest of the world but he is ignoring for example ethics completely. I think he has a crashing MU on it that it is not unethical to lie to the entire world that he YOU and not your impostor and concealing that the founder was also impostored. He has quite some nerves.

He made a few true believers and some non-Scientologist trolls supporting his blog who are buying his crap and who applaud to anything that he says or writes. But as you know, Marty, Ron, the founder, never wanted true believers as they are not thinking for themselves. 

I wrote about subjects that might SEEM to others not being a part of original Scientology (thetans orbs with theta bodies, non-aging, immortality not just of thetan but also body, etc.), but I REMEMBER that they were part of original Scientology. However, what also nobody else is saying  is that we need Ron and original Scientology back and that I have all reasons to believe that ANYTHING that Ron (the real founder) did, said and wrote was filmed and recorded by secret services. THEY are in possession of original Scientology. They also spied on Ron when Ron was audited. They know his past lives too.  So, unlike me, neither David Miscavige,  Miscavologists, Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, Steve Hall, Jim Logan, or anybody else of the Freezone or Independents tries to get Ron or original Scientology back.

They are so stupid. They never really understood what they are missing.

Mosey’s husband admits that he doesn’t even have a program. He seems not really admin trained and is unorganized and this is the best way of getting nowhere. Basically he knows that what he does is wrong (among other thing being your impostor, Marty) and that he has to run and hide if you appear back in the public eye, so he doesn’t want any real responsibility. He doesn’t want any org, and the “Independents” do not really reach out to new people and are just trying to steal those who had it with fellow co-conspirator David Miscavige. So pretty much like DM, Mosey’s husband sits on packed bags too and is ready to run and hide at any given moment.

Instead of demanding original Scientology and study that first (Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, and David Miscavige are some who know for certain that “Jack Vistaril” was not the founder and that “Jack Vistaril” altered Scientology on the orders on psych- and medically oriented secret services), Mosey’s husband admits that he adds his own stuff into Scientology, even “science”, which I bet is all sort of p$ych crap. Depending  on what the person wants to hear, I suppose he tells them either that he is completely pro Scientology, and to those who hate Scientology, that he is pro-psychology and just uses some parts of Scientology that might fit into psychology… He is full of it. He is never able to break the orgs as he dances on all parties without standing for ORIGINAL Scientology. All he got is VISTAROLOGY, which is already altered Scientology.  

He talks like a psych-wannabe and a Wilber-wannabe.

No ethics applied is the reason why any good system in the past crashed and was destroyed. He lives an unethical life by concealing that he is your impostor and ignoring his bad conscience. Of course, such a person things that ethics is obsolete or garbage.

The problem is that Scientology as by the real founder is NOT orthodox applied. DM applies  psych-altered Vistarology and Miscavology version  of SCN “orthodox” but that is the psych-version, the cultic-version . If Scientology would be applied as the original and never altered, there would be no bad feelings, no disappointments, no money-orientation, and everyone would win. There would be no cult as original Scientology is the anti-cult. Scientology was attacked by psychs because Ron discovered their ear drum and other medical and psych cult control of the planet

Mosey’s husband is into Tao Te Ching but does  not mention past lives and that it more than just probable that  Ron has developed Tao  and Buddhism in a past live. A thetan tends to do the things again in later past lives that he was passionate in former life times. Ron founded a philosophy in this lifetime and he did so also in earlier lifetimes. Sometimes I think that just a very few Scientologists know who Ron really is, Marty.  

No mention by Mosey’s husband that on this planet, all religions are altered by snakes as they want them destroyed and no ethics on this planet. And no mention by him that when you look at China now and its history that TAO had the same fate as other philosophies or religions and apparently ethics was/is missing to turn the world around with Tao.

Phoenix Lectures were also altered. I often can differentiate what came out of Vistaril’s mouth and what Ron said or what was altered by Jack Vistaril and his secret case officers.

Mosey’s husband goes into quantum physics and how the quantum physicists explain the universe like the  Tao Te Ching but he doesn’t give Ron credit by saying that it seems that  physicists are using data that Ron had researched and discovered, for example, the axioms, history of man  or in so many other (often unfortunately altered) material.

I think that Mosey’s husband just says that he is pro L. Ron Hubbard because that brings him business by Scientologists. He gives Ron no credit as to his past lives identities  in his video that I think his secret job is to turn people away from Scientology and Ron’s research. 

Mosey’s husband says that Ron’s findings of Scientology are not used in quantum physics but Tao Te Ching is. On the other side, he says that he thinks that Scientology is largely based on  Tao Te Ching. What makes him so sure that they don’t use SCN secretly but Tao? He says  Scientology is Tao on steroids. I think Scientology is exploited everywhere without Ron getting any credit. However, ethics, the Scientology technology to survive and being noble, none of these idiots truly applies.  

He calls his environment “not a cult”.  Whose leg is he pulling? The entire world is a psych cult, just about all people are run robotically with their ear implants and on secret psych and medical programs.

He says that people in the org are getting away with doing hideous things. He “fails” to mention that these are no Scientologists but medical and psych infiltrators. HE is impostering YOU, Marty, and adds to that you have to suffer innocent behind bars as I don’t find you to prove your innocence… A gross violation of your and my human rights. What is not hideous about that? 

Vistatology, Miscavology, and Moseyhusbandology. Three wrongs make no right.

If it is true what he is saying that people run his door in, how come he posted a few days ago that Mosey had to go back to her job in the medical industry and can’t no longer audit as they run out of PCs and cash? He says, that people don’t want to go near orgs. But he is forgetting that they don’t want to go near his place either and the orgs still are getting a lot more public than he does. 

He is a squirrel who wants to do nothing to get original Scientology back but rather wants to dissolve  Scientology by  “integrating it” in systems that didn’t change the world to the better. And he hates ethics, by mentioning nowhere that even the paradise and any other better system on earth was lost because of non-ethics.    

Mosey’s husband’s chance would have been to blow the cover of impostors and infiltrators in Scientology and insisting of having the relevant secret services turning original Scientology over to Scientologists. He blew it and his movement will end nowhere. His few cult followers will be one day without leader as he ran off when you come forward, Marty. 

I love you, my prince, forever and always. Many kisses and tender embrace.












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  1. This guy explains Tao in few words. He is a fast talker though and forgot to mention Hinduism.


    March 13, 2013 at 7:11 am

  2. According to him, the spirit in TAO is not individualized, and after death you are sucked back into the big source of all things. That sounds like an implant station to me.

    The axioms of Scientology say that we once were all together in the big source but started to individualize. As far as I am concerned, I am so grossed out by what people have done and do, that I don’t want to become one with them anymore.

    When Mosey’s husband is saying that Scientology is basically TAO on steroids, he is forgetting or not considering that we Scientologists believe that because because people are basically good, they penalize themselves when they do bad things, which would then something like karma that is rather a part of other Eastern religions.

    TAO (as it is now, likely was altered after its founder was gone) has no reincarnation and no God. This is not Scientology.

    Barbara Schwarz

    March 13, 2013 at 7:33 am

  3. By trying it to “integrate” Scientology in other systems, Blog-Mark wants to make Scientology smaller than it is.


    March 14, 2013 at 5:38 am

  4. Do you know Phil Spickler?

    Anonymous but not part of group Anonymous

    March 15, 2013 at 11:03 am

    • Just somebody else who does not differentiate between the real founder L. Ron Hubbard and his impostor “Jack Vistaril” or can differentiate but is not ethical enough to clear this matter up.

      All run by the same non-Scientology source. Fools. Mosey’s husband calls Spickler and Steve (Sarge) the “Forrest Gumps” of Scientology.

      Here we have Scientology that is about the most important questions of life and the universe and Mosey’s husband and the “Independents” and “Freezone” trust Forrest Gumps to “integrate Scientology” into…

      Can they spell GIGANTIC IDIOTS?

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 15, 2013 at 11:36 am

  5. I am truly visiting this site regularly. Nelson


    March 29, 2013 at 12:16 pm

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