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The Universe and unscientific things we are supposed to believe…

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

The photo above is an  European “heat map” of the universe, and I think these maps are baloney.

Most “scientists” assume that the universe was created by a violent “big bang”. But they don’t come up with an explanation why a violent big bang comes out of nothing. Most people believe that it came out of nothing but some say that there was a smaller and dense universe that existed already, and then, there was a big bang. Knowing how obsessed some people to blow up things, I think this is highly probably. But the question remains, what was before the “big bang” and who CREATED the first, the dense and smaller universe? (There are people who think that there could be other universes that were not discovered yet.)

Many of these “scientists” think that this all and life was created by unstable energy. “Unstable” is a strange word for God if you ask me. Maybe they are unstable people and think that they were created by something unstable. But take us, we are anything but unstable, Marty.

People usually can’t even remember their first months or even years of their very own life, they also forgot what happened before to them, their past lives and how the universe came to be.We know already that we thetans always existed and already before the creation of the MEST universe, the planets and all on and around it. What if the MEST was created by the author of the universe but then blown up by SPs using violent techniques, causing inflation and the “big bang” or lots of “big bangs”?

Ron calls God the AUTHOR of the universe, not big bang. He who found out everything says there was an intelligent design, and if those “big bang” fanatics would look at it, they would see that too.

The “scientists” who use Hubble (in view of L. Ron Hubbard’s research of the universe, what do you say to use of the similar sounding name Hubble?) allegedly noted that galaxies outside our own Milky Way were all moving away from us, each at a speed proportional to its distance from us. Isn’t that strange? Doesn’t that rather indicate that something fishy is going on because the galaxies in our own Milky Way are NOT moving? 

Maybe there are 3D images or films projected before what they are seeing on Hubble and other telescopes to mislead them? Besides, if something is cloaked with blackness, Hubble wouldn’t see it. If something is cloaked with fake planets and galaxies, Hubble probably wouldn’t recognize that either. 

NASA wonders whether the universe will expand forever, or whether it will someday stop, turn around, and collapse in a “Big Crunch”, which I find complete nonsense. More explosions, yes, when space terrorists are not caught and held responsible. NASA (and other international so-called scientists) don’t even understand that remote-controlled germs can tear away protective material from space shuttles and kill a crew on re-entry in the atmosphere… So, I am not very convinced in anything of what they are saying.

Why would something natural suddenly stop and additional run in the opposite direction when nobody does anything to it? Big Crunch will never happen, but I can imagine men-made explosions that leave mainly space debris and kill all life on planets, another big bang, because bad people are not stopped when it was still time to do so.

International “scientists” now admit that they miscalculated the age of the universe by 100 Million years. That is a lot, Marty. How could they miscalculated this? 

And the European Space Agency’s Planck satellite provided above image,  a heat map (Doppler-method allegedly invented by Austrian Doppler) of the cosmos as it appeared only 370,000 years after the Big Bang, showing space speckled with faint spots from which galaxies would grow over billions of years. What if there is NO CHANGE, no destruction and no new growth without tampering? What if what “scientists” are seeing are 3D movies in space? I know, it sounds absurd, but I know the Germans and their obsession that anyone not being in-line with them and their plans for the universe.

(You may already know that this satellite spy is named after German Max Planck. The leading psychiatry institution in Germany is also named after him. Yeah, some  “science” it is.)

On the other side, “scientists” admit that they don’t know how big the universe is and if this universe is the only one or if there are other such universes around.

This is what Harvard is saying:

Astronomers have indirect evidence that the universe of galaxies extends far beyond the region we can see. But no one knows if the whole universe is infinitely large beyond limit. According to the leading theories, other parts of the universe may look very different from our own – and may even have different laws of nature.

So, with this in mind how can the  European Space Agency come up with such a map and the age of the universe and call it science or factual?

They are convinced that the Big Bang is a fact. (Like Ron, I think the universe is the creative design by an architect but that SPs blew a lot up the timetrack up and down.) The big bang is an attempt to explain how the universe developed from a very small dense state into what it is now. It does not explain what initiated the creation of the universe, or what came before the “big bang” or even what lies outside the universe.

If that space debris that the European heat map shows, how did the galaxies “grow”? What added to it? Who or what did it?   What are the faint spots exactly?

Keck and Hubble telescope allegedly showed an unexpected pattern of change that extends back 8 billion years, or more than half the alleged age of the universe. If this is true, something HAPPENED, and for those who met SPs knows that something violent happened. But I also suspect that “scientists” don’t see what is really out there. Most people don’t know what German fanaticism is. They got a small view on it during the 3rd Reich but then they hid again behind others because they are complete cowards. But would they steal inventions of others to cloak the real universe and fake and project a false universe? You bet they would!

“Scientists” are talking about a  mysterious dark energy that seems to be pushing space apart and the almost-as-mysterious dark matter that is pulling galaxies together. What if those are SEGNPMSS 3D-images to pull legs? What if they are messing around in the universe with strong lasers creating “the dark energy and matter”?

Whenever I read such articles, I always come to this conclusion: science? Yeah right! 

Miss you, Marty, many tender and passionate kisses. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Yours forever,




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