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Keeping from the public that he (Mosey’s husband) is your impostor, Marty, and that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored by “Jack Vistaril” seems to be no lie in the eyes of Mosey’s husband. Unbelievable!

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, how are you?

Still some home fixing up what the seasons did to my home, but will be done before my visitors are arriving.

Keeping from the public that he (Mosey’s husband) is your impostor, Marty, and that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored by “Jack Vistaril” seems to be no lie in the eyes of Mosey’s husband. Unbelievable! 

He learned that Ron wrote that a OT carries no lie around with him anymore. He says that OT is a person without lies. (I agree.) Yet, he didn’t gave up his lies but provides affidavits that are trying to make others think that he is you, which he is NOT.

Otherwise, he constantly tries to sell “Jack Vistaril’s” impostor crap as that of the founder. How dare him and the likes! This is the absolute insult for the founder!  

This is  Mosey’s husband’s moral: Do as I say but not as I do.

Here is what I see at the horizon, Marty:  The moment you come free, Mosey’s husband will disappear, likely to Mexico or maybe the Germans offer him asylum like they helped Gerry Armstrong to avoid American justice. On the other side, the Germans have a history of betraying their own agents and getting rid of them. Working as an agent for Germany does not really pay.  

I suspect he will not take Mosey with him as he married her by providing a false date of birth. (Guess that was again a sample of his “honesty”.) At least that should have set up alarm bells with Mosey.  Okay, their private life is not my business, so I keep out of it, but him impostoring you, Marty, and making others believe that he is you and that “Jack Vistaril” was the founder, when he was not, this is my business.  

Lies are making stupid. By keeping lying that Jack Vistaril was the founder and that Mosey’s husband is you, anyone participating is these lies is stupid and provokes his/her own motivator.

Besides, Mosey’s husband’s fan club are idiots. Or corrupt agents. Likely both. Photos and videos alone are telling the story that “Jack Vistaril” was an impostor and is not the founder and that Mosey’s husband is not you. People have not even a justification as photos and footage prove that I am right. People are playing stupid or are dumb are not entitled to call themselves Scientologists, because most of all, a Scientologist is smart, ethical, truthful and not a cool aid drinker!

Scientology was altered by Jack Vistaril on German p$ych and government orders. Mosey’s husband works with the Germans against our religion and wonders if others suspect him being a Nazi (on top of promoting  Louis Farrakhan). The “Independents, yeah right!” don’t expand. If they would, Germany would come also after them. Mosey’s husband and his cool aid drinkers don’t check anything. They are clueless.

Some of these alleged “Scientologists” (rather former infiltrators) believe that when a policy or bulletin or a tape is old, like from the 50s, it wasn’t altered and still is pure founder. They are such idiots. As if the SEGNPMSS wouldn’t have left that out and not altered it. They are micromanaging ANYTHING to destroy Scientology, and the “Indies” are helping by drinking Mosey’s husband’s cool aid. 

If any of these people, who cheer Mosey’s husband on, would be smart, they would notice how often Mosey’s husband attacks the founder covertly and overtly. Just like a typical German controlled p$ych agent.

Sometimes I think that when Mosey’s husband would not also make money with Scientology, he would pull the founder and Scientology completely (and not just sometimes and covertly as  he does now) into pieces.  

He posted that he [they] pursue [their] course. What is that anyway? As good as no new people want to join them. They are shrinking. They are just taking the crumbs from DM’s table. I rarely read the comments on Mosey’s husband’s blog but when I do, I notice that the people who follow Mosey’s husband are calling themselves “Indies” are no Scientologists. They are clueless and truth and honesty means nothing to them. They are his co-conspirators or complete fools. And he allows people who never were in Scientology to pretend being Scientologists and to post outrageous  lies about the founder in his comment section or link to websites of such even if they are pro Neo-Nazis. No wonder that Mosey’s husband does not win real Scientologists over.  He allows the comment section of his blog as outlet for outrageous defamation comment postings by a very few green-with-envy-jealous Ron-haters  (with multiple posting ID’s and IP nos.) who never were Scientologists and think they will defeat Scientology by posting hostile comment postings against the founder  not realizing that this is the one of main reason why Scientologists don’t want to have anything to do with Mosey’s husband and the likes.

Mosey’s husband can’t find public on his own. He needs the orgs to get public. And he does not realize that his covert and overt hostility against the founder makes him get less and less. He tries to dance on all parties, even those lunatics who are obsessed of wiping Scientology from the planet. And he does not get that he is cutting his own business down by doing so. By allowing all that entheta and the lies against the founder, Mosey’s husband is shooting in his own leg. There are thousands of Scientologists not active in the church right now (mainly due to DM) but they don’t consider Mosey’s husband or the “Indies (yeah right)” an alternative. How can they? He should have an honest glance on his blog and his activities, and so should all who support Mosey’s husband. But he blames anyone else, even the GO who is gone for decades.

 Not DM and OSA’s stupid squirrel busters made Mosey’s husband to ease up on DM. Since Mosey’s husband  (he wasn’t able to take my blog down) learned that DM pays a service to keep my blog down, he got out of DM’s hair. After I posted this, Mosey’s husband makes once in a while a vague attempt to scold DM on bis blog (to make me wrong who said that he stopped posting against DM because DM pays a service to keep my blog low in the search engines) and he rather finds excuses for DM. According to him, it is suddenly no longer DM who micromanages OSA. Mosey’s husband thinks that DM is now suddenly again the good guy and/or non-influential guy and just OSA has it in for him. Awwwww.  I always found the Squirrelbusters idiotic and they helped Mosey’s husband to a victim image in the eye of the public. And on top of it, I have nothing to do with OSA and don’t have it in for Mosey’s husband or his wife. I wish them all the happiness in the world.  All I want is the impostering to stop and the truth being told.  

The bad boys are again reunited. Both against the truth. Heck, they both (MH and DM) have not just no problems with anti-Semitic Farrakhan, they adore and work with him!    

I bet that Mosey’s husband doesn’t even get why I don’t like him. I bet he thinks, he is the good guy and we are not, despite we don’t do to him and others what he does. I don’t want them destroyed. As far as I am concerned, they all can live happily ever after, but we have the same right and they and others should not conspire against ours.

All I want from Mosey’s husband is to come clean and be finally truthful about all the impostor business.   

When I saw you in the 80s, Marty, I noticed that you had figured the facts already. Mosey’s husband has nothing on you. 

Love you so much, and I am sending you a million kisses.

Yours forever,



Written by Barbara Schwarz

April 29, 2013 at 10:17 am

Historical mass destruction in Europe? Current Europeans replaced successful Europeans a few thousand years ago?

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

My gigantic Crap apple bush gets it’s deep pink flowers now. Wish they would not just last a few weeks but all year round. It is such a pretty sight.  

I read that there is a “new discovery” that the DNA of Ancient Europeans underwent “mysterious” GE transformation 4.500 years ago.

My intuition tells me that indeed once more something huge and bad did happen in Europe. But did the scientists get the date right?

1) They  tested 40 skeletons.  37 of these skeletons were German. They found the old and successful Europeans had disappeared and were replaced with a new race. Highly unlikely that the original Europeans all got in a spaceship and left, right?  They rather were driven away or killed, I strongly assume. Did the scientists try to find out if the DNA of the original Europeans appeared elsewhere on the planet or were they completely eradicated by the later Europeans?     

2) How did they exactly determine that the “genetic transformation” took place 4500 years ago and not sooner or later? I think they do radiometric dating  or radio carbon or Carbon-14 testing despite controversy about its accuracy.

3) How come history books didn’t mention that enormous event? How come archaeologist didn’t dig something up? How come historians missed everything? I am not saying that horrible events didn’t took place that wiped out races. I think they did happened without that all were reported. 

This is what one of the scientists who worked on the study says: “What is intriguing is that the genetic markers of this first pan-European culture, which was clearly very successful, were then suddenly replaced around 4,500 years ago, and we don’t know why. Something major happened, and the hunt is now on to find out what that was.”

4) So, all the original Europeans were eliminated just 4500 years ago? Yet another mass murder by those who became later the Nazis and the German doctors behind them? What it means for sure is that we can’t trust the history books. The critics of L. Ron Hubbard should think now twice about the  OT III incidents. If the  entire successful European race disappears and is exchanged with another one, OT III doesn’t sound unrealistic at all. But also here, I am sure that the SEGNPMSS (replaced the original Europeans) altered the date so that people think Ron is unscientific.  

5) Did the past have weapons of mass destruction? Did past life doctors mess around with the DNA of people like they secretly do today? Were the original Europeans killed by medical means?  

6) Where did the new European race come from? Maybe out of space and they are the OT III bombers and implanters?

7) Well, fact is that the new European race who replaced the old and successful race is also the one who is obsessed with doctors, psychs and came up with the Nazis! 

I love you, Marty, many kisses. I think of you every day and wish I could be with you.

Yours forever,


You and me in former centuries: 🙂


Written by Barbara Schwarz

April 26, 2013 at 12:19 pm

Mosey’s husband provides another affidavit to be used in court and misleads that he is you, Marty!

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Dearest Marty, read this:

YOU were the RTC’s Inspector General for Ethics in the 80s, not he.

He stated under oath that he began administering church policies related to monetary refunds in an (sic) around 1982.

Where the hell was he during that time? Not at INT. I never saw him in the 80s anywhere, only saw (and thanks heaven) you! Maybe sent in the Portland Mission by his non-Scientology case officers to be exchanged with you after they made you disappear?

All those German p$ych efforts for nothing: I figured it out in a snap!

If David Miscavige and other infiltrators in the orgs wouldn’t have dirty hands on replacing you with Mosey’s husband, they would have blown the whistle on Mosey’s husband’s doppelganger and impostor activities a long time ago.

Remember, when Tommy Davis flew off the handle by talking to the Saint Petersburg Times reporters? He indicated that they (DM, himself,  and likely others) would know something about Mosey’s husband, but TD didn’t come forward with what it is.

Mosey’s husband makes false concessions in your name, Marty. It is not just his name. It is your name and legacy too. He wrote in his affidavit that DM undermined the founder’s refund policy by making it as hard as possible to get any refund. 

I know that during the time you were the Inspector General for Ethics, you would have not gone along with anything like that if true. By wrongfully claiming that he is you, he makes you guilty of his own unlawful activities.

I am prophesying Mosey’s husband that he is getting into legal troubles. How dare him to impostor you including before the authorities as the courts!

He wrote this affidavit under penalty of perjury to support case Luis A. Garcia Saz and Del Rocio Burgos Garcia against the C of S and the IAS, case no. 8:13-CV-220-T27 TMB, Florida, on April 19, 2013 in Bulverde, TX, his new home.

I read Tony Ortega’s blog article only if I have time, which is almost never. Because he is not informing people with the truth but campaigning against Scientology.  Tony Ortega is a COWARD. He is obsessed with Scientology on a daily basis, yet, he never wrote about the fact that you are impostored by Mosey’s husband and even the founder of Scientology was impostored by “Jack Vistaril”.

It is a pitiful sign of Tony Ortega’s IQ (but also Lawrence Wright, Janet Reitman, Jon Atack, and any other reporter obsessed with Scientology) that he/she didn’t figure out the fact of doppelgangers and impostors hired to illegally replace the originals.

However, anyone who ever googles the founder or Marty Rathbun runs rather sooner or later in my multiple postings of those doppelganger and impostor activities, where I prove even for the dumbest and blindest person that these impostors are real.

Tony Ortega but also Lawrence Wright, Janet Reitman, and any other reporter obsessed with Scientology deserves this award: Pullizer Price for Extreme Blindness, Outstanding Cowardice, and No Journalistic Backbone! 

How can anyone not see this or being a coward and unethical creep by avoiding to write about these impostor facts?

Just proves my claim: The entire world is a cult. There is no independence from the SEGNPMSS. No reporter reports the real story of Scientology.

They also don’t report the real story of the United States (replacing President Eisenhower permanently with a doppelganger while still sitting US-President) nor do they reveal to the American public that the real Hitler and the real Bin Laden came away and idiotic doppelgangers were killed instead of the real monsters.

Really, Marty, how could we ever land on a planet that is so blind, dumb and unethical as Earth? If I would be an alien discovering Earth and if my home planet would ask me if there is intelligent life on planet Earth, I would report home: Yes, there is lots of life here, but it is not intelligent.

I love you, my prince. You are so different. Keep on surviving. I sure won’t give up on you. Never, ever! We’ll never obey to barbers, butchers, p$ychs, and still-existing Nazi doctors. We are the real Independents!

Millions of kisses, my hero.

Yours forever,



The American house dream could change to an American village dream…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

My thoughts are with you and I would give anything to see YOU again.

The American dream is owning a home, so people say. But how smart is it, building a house on the unprotected surface of the world? (Not talking today about how bad it is for health and staying young. Today, I just talk about work, costs and waste of energy.) As soon one is done with building it or a restoration, one can start over as the each season does it own bad thing to MEST. The work around a house never ends because houses are built without domes to protect them.

And this is the American dream? Sure, I am glad to have one, but there is constantly repairing, painting, adjusting, renewing, phew! And I see it also at my neighbors places. When they don’t  constantly repair, replace, adjust, and renew, their places look run down after just a few seasons.

Paint that has 15 year warranty looks season-attacked just after a year. 15 year warranty? Who are they kidding? Besides, wood inside and outside the house feels a lot better and more natural than paint. But also wood is attacked by the environment and the seasons.  

Heating and cooling is another thing. Would be so much better having Hawaiian temperatures all year round in a large village under a dome that keeps the dirt, the UV rays, the pollution, bugs, germs, dust outside… 

Bugs is another problem when living in the country. They keep on coming. Some people think that living in the country is great and healthy. I never saw so many chemicals being used than in the country. People don’t want to be overrun by critters, so they use them.

If they would have a dome over their houses, they wouldn’t have to spray, and the pesticides wouldn’t be in our food and water either.   

Will they ever get it?

It is really expensive for just one person or family to build such villages but the orgs could do it and it would pay out in the long run and would be on-policy too by supporting Ron’s research on longevity and health. But with infiltrators running it, what do I expect?

Love you so much. Be kissed.

Forever yours,


Now Singapore builds gardens under domes. Very pretty, but could be greener and that dome looks a touch too modern for my taste. I like it with wood inserted, like the village under a dome that I remember…


James Holmes is getting “truth serum” (instead of a good auditor checking him with an e-meter on being hypnotized and implanted by his colleagues [other psychs])

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Dearest Marty, my breathtaking Prince,

How are you? Was really busy over the weekend with somebody dumping work on me, which turned out to be much more time-consuming that I initially thought. Stole pretty much all of the weekend. Don’t understand why busy is charming but I take Loretta’s word for it. 😉 

Otherwise,  two members of my family will  be here from May 15 until June 3, Marty. Guess we will again travel a bit and hang out at my place.

Something else: James Holmes is getting “truth serum” (instead of a good auditor checking him with an e-meter on being hypnotized and implanted by his colleagues [other psychs]). His judge ruled that in the event of Holmes pleading insanity, his prosecutors would be permitted to interrogate him while he is under the influence of this medical drug. They want to see if he was “sane” when he started opening fire in that cinema. How can that be sane? But did he knows what he did. Of course. He was there. He did it. I can see it behind his eyes that he knows. No, it is not body language. Tonescale is not body language it is seeing what’s up with a thetan, the entire tonelevel, all the emotions and what to expect of him/her.

P$ych drugs to get to the truth? Good grief. People are still lying under that drug. When they hear their case officer calling their secret code/number, they just repeat what they hear. And that is called “truth”

Members of Congress, law enforcement, and judges must be hypnotized too by not getting that these terrorists, serial killers, and mass murderers are medically and psychiatric conditioned to commit these atrocities. Otherwise they would understand right away what is going on and go after those who make terrorists.

A trained auditor could check people like Holmes or the Tsarnaev brothers and others like them  and prove that these guys were implanted and hypnotized to let go of their social barriers.

They know what they have done (I can see the guilt behind their eyes), but I bet if they wouldn’t be hypnotized and implanted by fellow neuro-“scientists”, they would have not gone through with it. Not because they are good people. Violence must be a part of somebody because if not, a person wouldn’t act violent.

But with implants and hypnosis, they changed in Holmes that he wanted to be an admired p$ych (neuro-scientist). What he would have done in secret (being a rotten to the bone psych but publicly admired psych and maybe secretly hypnotizing and implanting others), he did after the implants and the hypnosis by fellow psychs for everyone to see: being evil.

Nobody is safe from mind-alterations, not even psychs are safe. One is doing it to the other. We need a better world badly. EVERYONE loses in the world that we are having.

Love you eternally, Marty and wish I could be busy with you together!

Many kisses, my love, and a million hugs!

Yours forever,




Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion near Waco an accident? Get real, authorities!

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince and soul mate,

How are you?

People contribute to a widespread conspiracy and cover it up or can’t confront that it is there. Before they even have found those who did it, they make statements that there is no bigger plot (Janet Neapolitano) or the authorities in Texas (accident rather than terrorism). And they do this before they have investigated a case. 

Extreme case of cover up or blindness!

Until those responsible to keep the USA safe are getting a higher confront and ethics level by going after those who truly set these atrocities up, the United States and everyone in it will remain without rights as he/she/it can be blown up or shot or otherwise killed whenever the SEGNPMSS wants it and sets it up.

This latest Waco explosion just as much as that one in Boston are linked, and I bet that more terror is planned.   (On April 19,  1993,  the Branch Davidian compound in Waco blew up. This was a very unprofessional if not corrupt handling by the feds. And it demonstrated typically how the SEGNPMSS works. They are using their own agents within the government to make very bad decisions and then, they are using their outside agents to attack in retaliation the bad decisions of the government! ) Harm and more harm is what these monsters (which no government want to bring to justice) do. 

SEGNPMSS is also trying to send another message. It is this message: “You are living in a small town or rural area? You are NOT safe from our terror.” 

Americans and the rest of the world will be a lot safer if the USA finally acknowledges their existence and truly goes after them. Their agents think they are safe with them, but they are so mistaken!

Unlike others, you are not blindsided.

I love you so much, Marty.

Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,



President Obama said in 2013 pretty much the same as President Bush in 2001: terrorists will feel full weight of justice or will hear soon from the US… But the SEGNPMSS is still not traced down and persecuted.

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Dearest Marty, my hero,


Another terror attach and it  sounded like déjà vu. George Bush jr. said that he’ll catch whoever was behind the 7/11 terror attacks. He did not  look behind Al Queda (and neither did Lawrence Wright in his book or other alleged analysts) despite  it became known that Mohammed Atta (psych-implanted and hypnotized) ring leader  lived in Hamburg and plotted the Sept. 11 attacks there. They just traced the attacks to Al Queda and Bin Laden and looked no further. And President Obama got just the dead doppelganger of Bin Laden, and the real monster came away with German secret service help. I am so ” impressed”.

When will those who are paid for to protect the world finally see what is behind the  terror of this planet? I named it SEGNPMSS. I had to give this ugly “child” a name. I don’t care how others call it and how their agents call it. But they must be busted, and Al Qaeda is just a front movement of the SEGNPMSS. Just as the Nazis were just a front movement of the SEGNPMSS.

I am sure that you are aware of this, Marty. You are the last person who needs a lecture on the SEGNPMSS.

I plan no new body if this should one die, Marty. A game with a body on this planet is too dumb for me. It is not worth the pain and the effort. They want stupidity and being controlled  with ear implants and silent sounds… If they want disease, aging, crime, terror, conspiracy, and insanity,  if they want the psychiatric-altered version of Scientology, they should have it, but I won’t join them anymore. The entire planet is a nuthouse!  

Love you bunches.

Many kisses

Yours forever,