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Mosey’s husband provides another affidavit to be used in court and misleads that he is you, Marty!

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Dearest Marty, read this:

YOU were the RTC’s Inspector General for Ethics in the 80s, not he.

He stated under oath that he began administering church policies related to monetary refunds in an (sic) around 1982.

Where the hell was he during that time? Not at INT. I never saw him in the 80s anywhere, only saw (and thanks heaven) you! Maybe sent in the Portland Mission by his non-Scientology case officers to be exchanged with you after they made you disappear?

All those German p$ych efforts for nothing: I figured it out in a snap!

If David Miscavige and other infiltrators in the orgs wouldn’t have dirty hands on replacing you with Mosey’s husband, they would have blown the whistle on Mosey’s husband’s doppelganger and impostor activities a long time ago.

Remember, when Tommy Davis flew off the handle by talking to the Saint Petersburg Times reporters? He indicated that they (DM, himself,  and likely others) would know something about Mosey’s husband, but TD didn’t come forward with what it is.

Mosey’s husband makes false concessions in your name, Marty. It is not just his name. It is your name and legacy too. He wrote in his affidavit that DM undermined the founder’s refund policy by making it as hard as possible to get any refund. 

I know that during the time you were the Inspector General for Ethics, you would have not gone along with anything like that if true. By wrongfully claiming that he is you, he makes you guilty of his own unlawful activities.

I am prophesying Mosey’s husband that he is getting into legal troubles. How dare him to impostor you including before the authorities as the courts!

He wrote this affidavit under penalty of perjury to support case Luis A. Garcia Saz and Del Rocio Burgos Garcia against the C of S and the IAS, case no. 8:13-CV-220-T27 TMB, Florida, on April 19, 2013 in Bulverde, TX, his new home.

I read Tony Ortega’s blog article only if I have time, which is almost never. Because he is not informing people with the truth but campaigning against Scientology.  Tony Ortega is a COWARD. He is obsessed with Scientology on a daily basis, yet, he never wrote about the fact that you are impostored by Mosey’s husband and even the founder of Scientology was impostored by “Jack Vistaril”.

It is a pitiful sign of Tony Ortega’s IQ (but also Lawrence Wright, Janet Reitman, Jon Atack, and any other reporter obsessed with Scientology) that he/she didn’t figure out the fact of doppelgangers and impostors hired to illegally replace the originals.

However, anyone who ever googles the founder or Marty Rathbun runs rather sooner or later in my multiple postings of those doppelganger and impostor activities, where I prove even for the dumbest and blindest person that these impostors are real.

Tony Ortega but also Lawrence Wright, Janet Reitman, and any other reporter obsessed with Scientology deserves this award: Pullizer Price for Extreme Blindness, Outstanding Cowardice, and No Journalistic Backbone! 

How can anyone not see this or being a coward and unethical creep by avoiding to write about these impostor facts?

Just proves my claim: The entire world is a cult. There is no independence from the SEGNPMSS. No reporter reports the real story of Scientology.

They also don’t report the real story of the United States (replacing President Eisenhower permanently with a doppelganger while still sitting US-President) nor do they reveal to the American public that the real Hitler and the real Bin Laden came away and idiotic doppelgangers were killed instead of the real monsters.

Really, Marty, how could we ever land on a planet that is so blind, dumb and unethical as Earth? If I would be an alien discovering Earth and if my home planet would ask me if there is intelligent life on planet Earth, I would report home: Yes, there is lots of life here, but it is not intelligent.

I love you, my prince. You are so different. Keep on surviving. I sure won’t give up on you. Never, ever! We’ll never obey to barbers, butchers, p$ychs, and still-existing Nazi doctors. We are the real Independents!

Millions of kisses, my hero.

Yours forever,




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  1. “Tony Ortega but also Lawrence Wright, Janet Reitman, and any other reporter obsessed with Scientology deserves this award: Pullizer Price for Extreme Blindness, Outstanding Cowardice, and No Journalistic Backbone!” That’s funny!

    Have a nice evening!


    April 23, 2013 at 1:27 pm

  2. Van Morrison pays thanks to L. Ron Hubbard on one of his albums.

    Van Morrison totally looks like LRH.


    April 24, 2013 at 12:58 am

    • There are some similarities but Van is no doppelganger.

      He never said a bad word about L.Ron Hubbard. There is nothing on the net like that.

      Otherwise, I think Van Morrison made some of the BEST music on the planet.

      This one is one of my favorites. However, I wonder why Little Johnny is gone in the falling rain right on time, right on time… But makes one sure glad that someone was with the child, right beside it.

      Barbara Schwarz

      April 24, 2013 at 3:12 am

  3. Dozens die in Russia psychiatric hospital fire

    At least 36 people have been killed in a fire at psychiatric hospital in the Moscow region, officials say.

    They say the blaze started shortly after 02:00 local time (10:00 GMT Thursday) at the No 14 hospital in Ramenskiy village.

    Most of the victims are believed to be local patients. There are fears that the death toll could rise further.

    The cause of the blaze is being investigated, with one report saying it was caused by a short circuit.

    News for ya

    April 25, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    • One should think that they know more about electricity – after all, they e-shock patients since centuries!

      Barbara Schwarz

      April 25, 2013 at 3:50 pm

  4. Isn’t he a Germany lover?

    BERLIN – Berlin’s renowned Charite hospital says it plans to investigate allegations that patients in East Germany were used as unwitting guinea pigs in medical trials.
    Claims that Western drug companies paid the communist regime to conduct such tests first surfaced shortly after German reunification in 1990.
    But German weekly Der Spiegel reported this week that previously unpublished documents showed at least 50,000 patients were involved in more than 600 trials.
    It reported that drugs were even tested on premature babies, comatose alcoholics and mental patients unable to give informed consent.

    Read more:

  5. Your style is very unique compared to other folks I’ve read stuff from.


    May 14, 2013 at 12:36 am

  6. Source: Inspector tied to collapsed Philadelphia building kills self

    News for ya

    June 13, 2013 at 3:52 am

    • I can feel the secret service p$ych terrorism behind this “accident” in Philadelphia. Whenever somebody could turn against them (to save his own skin), he/she is is killed or commits “suicide”.

      And the alleged more than 60.000 NSA/CIA surveillance people who read phone records constantly miss events like this. It is such a sad SEGNPMSS controlled world.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 13, 2013 at 2:39 am

    • That might be very well possible, but they should tell the American people and the world when they did that. Why are these accomplishment kept a secret?

      However, what they have definitely not prevented are most SEGNPMSS activities and medical terrorism that kills the entire world population in an average of just 75 years. Can you spell the worst mass murderers in the universe? (If people would be allowed to live in protective villages, which the SEGNPMSS prevents, they would be not old aged 75 but very fit and healthy. But as their pets and colleagues, doctors and the pharma industries want to be rich and “play God”, people have to age, suffer, and die instead. This planet is in deep trance not seeing it.)

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 13, 2013 at 3:58 am

  7. Speaking about courts, the US Supreme Courts supports prostitution. How “uptone”.


    June 20, 2013 at 1:15 am

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