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The American house dream could change to an American village dream…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

My thoughts are with you and I would give anything to see YOU again.

The American dream is owning a home, so people say. But how smart is it, building a house on the unprotected surface of the world? (Not talking today about how bad it is for health and staying young. Today, I just talk about work, costs and waste of energy.) As soon one is done with building it or a restoration, one can start over as the each season does it own bad thing to MEST. The work around a house never ends because houses are built without domes to protect them.

And this is the American dream? Sure, I am glad to have one, but there is constantly repairing, painting, adjusting, renewing, phew! And I see it also at my neighbors places. When they don’t  constantly repair, replace, adjust, and renew, their places look run down after just a few seasons.

Paint that has 15 year warranty looks season-attacked just after a year. 15 year warranty? Who are they kidding? Besides, wood inside and outside the house feels a lot better and more natural than paint. But also wood is attacked by the environment and the seasons.  

Heating and cooling is another thing. Would be so much better having Hawaiian temperatures all year round in a large village under a dome that keeps the dirt, the UV rays, the pollution, bugs, germs, dust outside… 

Bugs is another problem when living in the country. They keep on coming. Some people think that living in the country is great and healthy. I never saw so many chemicals being used than in the country. People don’t want to be overrun by critters, so they use them.

If they would have a dome over their houses, they wouldn’t have to spray, and the pesticides wouldn’t be in our food and water either.   

Will they ever get it?

It is really expensive for just one person or family to build such villages but the orgs could do it and it would pay out in the long run and would be on-policy too by supporting Ron’s research on longevity and health. But with infiltrators running it, what do I expect?

Love you so much. Be kissed.

Forever yours,


Now Singapore builds gardens under domes. Very pretty, but could be greener and that dome looks a touch too modern for my taste. I like it with wood inserted, like the village under a dome that I remember…


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