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Vacation starts now…

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I will be back in a few weeks, Marty, sweetest and most courageous husband in the universe!

We will spend some days in the big city, then back to country, then day trips, than back to the big city, then me returning back to the country-side. That is the plan. I will not have time to post or for the Internet as my vacationers want to spent any minute with me. In a few days is your birthday, at least that is what I recall. I wish you that all your dreams come true and that you are getting the life that you  deserve.

In the meantime, my Prince, I am thinking of you. You will be always in my heart. Many kisses.

Yours forever!


And to all those who conspire against us and keep us apart, here is a message:  You do to us what you don’t want to be done to yourself. I don’t want to be in your shoes when YOU pull YOURSELF  the motivator in as YOUR own penalty for denying our rights! That applies not just to alleged Scientologists but to anyone. The motivator/sequence hasn’t anything to do with anyone’s religion. It’s because people are BASICALLY good and that they want to be penalized for bad stuff they did to others. My advice: instead of waiting of more bad things to come your way, get clean and change your rotten ways.  It is the only way to true and deep happiness. Clean hands make a happy life. Unclean hands make no happy life.

From the HCO BULLETIN OF 20 MAY 1968


AN OVERT, in Dianetics and Scientology, is an aggressive or destructive ACT by the individual against one or another of the eight dynamics —(self, family, group, mankind, animals or plants, MEST, life or the infinite).

A MOTIVATOR is an aggressive or destructive act received by the person or one of the dynamics.

The viewpoint from which the act is viewed resolves whether the act is an overt or a motivator.

The reason it is called a “motivator” is because it tends to prompt that one pays it back—it “motivates” a new overt.

When one has done something bad to someone or something one tends to believe it must have been “motivated”.

When one has received something bad, he also may tend to feel he must have done something to deserve it.

The above points are true.

L. Ron Hubbard


Almost ready for vacation…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you?

I am not really much into vacations, I would just continuing working, but my family loves to come here. Somebody told me that he never had a good night sleep in a hotel room, even if it is a fine hotel, or in somebody else’s home and same applies to me too.  Yes, traveling is interesting, but I came to the point were I am saying that most important is a very cozy and comfortable home, the base for everything, a place one can’t wait to go back to after having slept not so well in other places! 😉 And people are everywhere pretty much the same, having the same problems and desires. 

Guess it all has to do with having found what one was looking for. Not a million horses could hold me in that Bavarian town in which I had to grow up. But after I found original Scientology, which answered my many essential questions, and after I have seen you again, I had found what I was looking for.

For anything else is the Internet. I don’t feel the need anymore to transport my body around the planet to look at some wall or a house when I can do it virtually. But what I wish for is better virtual travelling. Imagine this: four-dimensional or better multi-dimensional virtual travels through any part of the world. It would feel like being there! Going through streets that are the exactly replica of the original. And smart business people could have virtual stores there. Imagine walking through  multi-dimensional  bazaar and market places and look at their merchandise and being able to buy something online if you want. Or claiming the highest mountain in multi-dimensions or diving in the deepest ocean in multi-dimension.     

My place is drafty in winter, Marty. I am thinking of building me a small house and well insulated house for the winter months and use the current one as summer-house and for my guests in summer. But I sure would drop all that for a chance living with you wherever you chose to live and most of all in that beautiful green village with the roof that I remember.


I love you till the end of times. I will find you next to me! Many kisses, my darling!


Yours forever,




I believe the “Stockholm syndrome” is nothing but a case officer channeling in ear drums of their people not to fight back…

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Dearest Marty, my sweet Prince, how are you? I worry about your well-being.

I don’t know the  exact circumstances of the three girls (14 to 20) who were allegedly  or really held captive by these old Onil, Pedro and Ariel Castro bums for a decade but some people on the Internet dropped the term “Stockholm syndrome”. In my opinion, this  is just the psych crap word for case officers radioing in their ear drums and mind of their victims to go along for some reason. 

Having been in captivity myself, I must say that I despised my captors deeply. Nothing is further away from me than excusing what abusers and kidnappers did and do to me. My affinity to these people is ZERO. A person right in mind and high on the tonescale wants to kick her abuser’s behinds so hard that they can’t sit on it for the next billion years. A person high on the tone scale does not cooperate with downtoneness. And I know you are just like me, Marty. 

These girls (including Elizabeth Smart) were and are nothing like me. I made it out of my captivity in Herrsching Germany within 24 hours BY FIGHTING BACK. Once in a while, I saw the naked fear in the eyes of two of my kidnappers, Vosper and Reynolds when I didn’t surrender,except for Matthew. That guy was even dumber and more robotic than the others. 

Anyway, I would have made it out of that rundown house in which those three girls were held in no time, unless they were all held in chains and gagged all the time, which doesn’t seem the case. Hard to believe that they didn’t call for help in one decade. Simply the sight of these bums would have been a top motivation for me to break out.  Yuck!

While the entire country was searching for Elizabeth Smart, she  and Wanda Barzee walked out of the apartment house in which I was  living, covered like Muslim women and only their eyes showing. We met on the steps of this house. I didn’t see a weapon on Barzee and Brian Mitchell wasn’t with them. Smart could have easily walked away and gone straight home. According to what I saw that day, she  was a willing participant rather than a kidnap victim.  How Attorney General Ashcroft would award her with a Courage Award is beyond me. What courage?  

Her mother was on a morning show (either Good Morning, America or some other kind of morning show, don’t remember exactly) while she was “missing”. Her mother said that she feels strongly that Elizabeth is still alive and lives in somebody’s basement. Yes, she did! In my basement! Did you see the reaction of her father Ed, after she was “kidnapped”? His phony crying? How come police and investigators are so blind all the time?  His “crying” alone, convinced me that all is an act, besides seeing Elizabeth being able to walk away unharmed and not doing it. He is a real bad actor, if you ask me. I am not quite sure what twisted and stupid idea was behind this “kidnapping”, but it sure pulled the nation’s leg and did cost a lot of tax payer’s money.

I love you, Marty, miss you so very much.

Many tender and passionate kisses 

and forever yours.






Who except the Germans would have an advantage to kill you and me or declare you and me diseased, Marty?

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For them, my prince, it would be just great if you or I would be dead. That would mean that there is nobody who is willing to come legally after them but us for all their atrocities of which we know and which the world isn’t courageous and honest enough to face! I love you and miss you, my darling. Conspirators will get in the troubles which they deserve. They won’t be in the number when the saints come moving in. We will find each other because we say so and anyone denying our rights bought themselves a ticket to hell. Period.

I am pretty busy, Marty, with preparing for my vacationers and other work. My tomato plants, cucumbers, and eggplants died recently in a cold night. Guess, I will start again, once I have time. If I got nothing better to do. I  don’t even know how idle hands feel like but this country song of LeAnn Rimes sounds great. I am really picky what country music is concerned because lots of it is just boring (not so much the lyrics but the music. But not that one. She really can sing. Listen to this:

I sure think of you, Marty, and wish I would make life easier for you. If I would know what you need and wish from me, I could and would deliver better. I think every day about where you are and what happen to you, and to hell with anyone who knows and keeps it a secret. Don’t lose hope and never the fire in your eyes and your heart. I’ll stand by you until the end of time. I love you completely, and there is nothing anyone can do against it. We are born for each other, and who was born for each other and found each other by the hand of God should people not part. You are deep and save in my heart and nobody is able to rip you out. Everything was tried, nothing worked. 

Completely and entirely devoted to you! I am glad that I didn’t settle with a lower “love” or relationship. I want anything and the highest love or nothing. I regret nothing except that I haven’t found you by now, Marty. I long to sing this song: 

Inseparable, That’s how we’ll always be
Inseparable, Just you and me
It’s so wonderful to know you’ll always be around me

Incredible, What you are to me
Incredible, You bring out the woman in me
With your style of love
Inseparable, Yes we are

Well like a flower to a tree
Like words to a melody of love
There’s no way we could break up
No words that can make us
Blow our thing. We’re just

Inseparable, That’s how it is
Inseparable, For the rest of our years
It’s so wonderful to know you’ll always be around


Yours forever and ever,