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I believe the “Stockholm syndrome” is nothing but a case officer channeling in ear drums of their people not to fight back…

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Dearest Marty, my sweet Prince, how are you? I worry about your well-being.

I don’t know the  exact circumstances of the three girls (14 to 20) who were allegedly  or really held captive by these old Onil, Pedro and Ariel Castro bums for a decade but some people on the Internet dropped the term “Stockholm syndrome”. In my opinion, this  is just the psych crap word for case officers radioing in their ear drums and mind of their victims to go along for some reason. 

Having been in captivity myself, I must say that I despised my captors deeply. Nothing is further away from me than excusing what abusers and kidnappers did and do to me. My affinity to these people is ZERO. A person right in mind and high on the tonescale wants to kick her abuser’s behinds so hard that they can’t sit on it for the next billion years. A person high on the tone scale does not cooperate with downtoneness. And I know you are just like me, Marty. 

These girls (including Elizabeth Smart) were and are nothing like me. I made it out of my captivity in Herrsching Germany within 24 hours BY FIGHTING BACK. Once in a while, I saw the naked fear in the eyes of two of my kidnappers, Vosper and Reynolds when I didn’t surrender,except for Matthew. That guy was even dumber and more robotic than the others. 

Anyway, I would have made it out of that rundown house in which those three girls were held in no time, unless they were all held in chains and gagged all the time, which doesn’t seem the case. Hard to believe that they didn’t call for help in one decade. Simply the sight of these bums would have been a top motivation for me to break out.  Yuck!

While the entire country was searching for Elizabeth Smart, she  and Wanda Barzee walked out of the apartment house in which I was  living, covered like Muslim women and only their eyes showing. We met on the steps of this house. I didn’t see a weapon on Barzee and Brian Mitchell wasn’t with them. Smart could have easily walked away and gone straight home. According to what I saw that day, she  was a willing participant rather than a kidnap victim.  How Attorney General Ashcroft would award her with a Courage Award is beyond me. What courage?  

Her mother was on a morning show (either Good Morning, America or some other kind of morning show, don’t remember exactly) while she was “missing”. Her mother said that she feels strongly that Elizabeth is still alive and lives in somebody’s basement. Yes, she did! In my basement! Did you see the reaction of her father Ed, after she was “kidnapped”? His phony crying? How come police and investigators are so blind all the time?  His “crying” alone, convinced me that all is an act, besides seeing Elizabeth being able to walk away unharmed and not doing it. He is a real bad actor, if you ask me. I am not quite sure what twisted and stupid idea was behind this “kidnapping”, but it sure pulled the nation’s leg and did cost a lot of tax payer’s money.

I love you, Marty, miss you so very much.

Many tender and passionate kisses 

and forever yours.







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  1. The women had multiple pregnancies, at least one live birth, and multiple miscarriages.[3] Police said the women were sometimes kept in “chains and bondage”.[4]

    Odd story!

    News for ya

    May 8, 2013 at 3:10 am

  2. What kind of mind control is that not to break out of a little run down house?

    Why wore Michelle mascara? Unless forced at gun point by somebody, I would not make myself look pretty for my abductor and abuser. During WW II, I heard that women made themselves look as ugly as they could to keep men away.

    Where these girls ALL THE TIME in chains and bondage? Three women can’t overpower a fat short guy three decades their senior? He left the house constantly… And they could do nothing to break out or call attention to themselves? I believe that only if the entire neighborhood and those who drove through were a part of a conspiracy against the women. Not saying that such a conspiracy can’t exist. While I was in captivity, I screamed my lungs out for help and the doctor next door heard me and didn’t call police. But I was one person with four people (3 of them men) holding me captive. They were three women with just one short not so young anymore guy holding them captive.

    They NEVER saw any doctor? No dentist? NEVER were among other people in 10 years? Is that really true?

    They managed to escape now by attracting help. Did they ever try same thing before? If not, why not?

    Elizabeth Smart partied with lots of people who could have helped her while being “kidnapped”. A not clearly thinking nation thinks that this is normal for a person who is not a willing participant in the kidnapping! Clueless. (Including John Ashcroft.)

    Barbara Schwarz

    May 8, 2013 at 3:57 am

    • Also, I am not a strong woman but three women together can kick a door out of it’s frame or kick a window in and cry for help.

      Barbara Schwarz

      May 8, 2013 at 12:10 pm

  3. Have you followed the Jodi Arias trial?

    News for ya

    May 9, 2013 at 3:59 am

    • Not in very detail. Both were/are perverted. And Mormon temple goers! How come no religious values rubbed off on each one of them? What is a religion worth if people don’t better themselves?

      Some say that they don’t believe that she wants to die. Maybe her case officer told her that her execution will be fake and that she will get another ID once everyone thinks she was put to death. I think that is what most people on death row are believing. Far fetched? Not if you know the SEGNPMSS. With most of the death row cases, SEGNPMSS doesn’t even bother. Once an agent is no longer of any use, they let that person go down. But whenever I looked at Tim McVeigh, I thought that his case officer told him that he will get free and another ID and that the execution is fake.

      Death penalty doesn’t solve anything. The people put to death don’t even really suffer by thinking their execution is fake: “the Rainbow warrior rules”, another word for the SEGNPMSS that helps to fake execution. And if really executed despite the case officer told the criminal that he or she will get free and a new secret ID, such a criminal can strike against the same victim twice or even more often. Person is born again, will have the same disgusting personality because he/she was not transformed into a person with a better character. The criminal mind has to understand one thing: NOT JUST THEIR VICTIMS ARE VICTIMS. THEY TOO BECOME VICTIMS OF SOMEBODY LIKE THEM SOONER RATHER THAN LATER BY NOT TURNING THIS WORLD IN A TRULY GOOD ONE.

      Guess, the data of the missing Ohio trio is still coming in. We’ll see what the final outcome of this story is. But I stand by it. If not constantly in chains and not constantly watched by one of their abductors, if not mind-control to forget who they are and what they are doing there, girls can escape by using their minds and physical means too.

      As far as Elizabeth Smart is concerned (during the time when she was allegedly kidnapped), I met her and Barzee on the outside steps of my apartment house. On the steps I had no idea that it was her and Barzee but later heard that Smart went to parties in that outfit and lived in the basement of my apartment house.

      On that day, on the steps, she could have just comfortably walked away from Barzee as Mitchell was not with them. She apparently did not. I did not feel that anyone of them was in distress. It seemed to be a game to both of them dressing up like Muslim women. That is not the definition of being held against one’s will.

      Tons of tax payers money was wasted searching Smart who also didn’t approach anyone of the people she partied with for help. If you are truly kidnapped, you really want to get out of a kidnapping situation and you use the first possibility to escape and you beg the first person you see to help you escape.

      The Smart family pull’s anyone’s leg. Anyone who really was kidnapped as I was, and anyone who is really smart, shakes her head in disbelief. And I am NOT a liberal by saying this.

      Barbara Schwarz

      May 9, 2013 at 6:37 am

    • Apparently, Castro is a perverted criminal. But the women left at least twice the house and could have screamed for help. The report also says that the pervert blasted music when he abused them. But he didn’t blast the music all the time. And the girls could have screamed for help then, right?

      Berry screams for help through a crack in the front door at 2207 Seymour in spring 2013. Why didn’t these women do this many years ago already when their captor pig was at work or out? Just ONE man held them who left often.

      They were afraid of him “testing them” when he left the main house door open? Who cares? All they had to do is RUN! How can a fat guy like Castro keep up with three slim women? Would he even physically able to run fast?

      “How exactly Castro was able to keep all three women from escaping—after he had stopped chaining them to the basement ceiling—is unclear.”

      I would like to know that.

      The women said that they were only allowed to go to the garage. They couldn’t run from there and outrun that one fat little guy that was so much older than they are?

      Michelle Knight’s mother thought she had once seen her with an older man at a shopping plaza on West 117th Street. But Michelle didn’t scream for help?

      Well, I am glad that the women are alive, but if you ask me, there are kidnap victims and there are “kidnap victims”.

      Barbara Schwarz

      May 9, 2013 at 12:22 pm

  4. Maybe off topic here but a Supreme Court decision denied a cancer patent for to a Utah company.

    News for ya

    June 13, 2013 at 6:39 am

    • I noticed this paragraph in the article: But the court held out a lifeline to Myriad Genetics, the company with an exclusive patent on the isolated form of genes that can foretell an increased genetic risk of cancer. The justices said it can patent a type of DNA that goes beyond extracting the genes from the body.

      Knowing German doctors is telling me that they group family into what they are believing. So, if somebody was secretly killed with remote controlled cancer germs and family didn’t cry murder, the SEGNPMSS has a perfect excuse to let others of this family die of the same or similar “disease”. That is the “increased genetic risk of cancer”. I think SEGNPMSS attacks these genes already at the birth of a child or even before birth. It is medical terrorism and goes on for centuries. I know it is hard to confront. It is much easier to believe that such an evil system does not exist but it does. Don’t blame me, I didn’t invent it. I just discovered it and asked often enough to bust it.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 13, 2013 at 3:47 am

  5. Kidnap victims speak out:

    News for ya

    July 9, 2013 at 1:45 am

    • They sound rehearsed and behave after the same pattern. Again, somebody who is not in agreement with the kidnapper does not stay in a house for a decade.

      That these women couldn’t draw attention to them by neighbors while their abductor was gone or that they couldn’t break down a door or a window and escape is so absurd as saying that Elizabeth Smart couldn’t have simply walked away from Barzee and Mitchell.

      Who are they kidding? Fools but not me.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 9, 2013 at 3:40 am

  6. Castro was found hanging in his cell.

    Big Question

    September 4, 2013 at 2:03 am

  7. It’s not worth to be a SEGNPMSS agent. When they want to get rid of someone including their agents, they do. They use alleged suicide often to stop somebody to blow the whistle on them. They barge in a room or cell, press a narcotic on his nose and hang the person unconscious. He never can accuse his case officers on anything. He can’t turn against his case officer if he “committed suicide”. The pig was killed by other pigs.

    Barbara Schwarz

    September 4, 2013 at 2:57 am

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