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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you?

I am not really much into vacations, I would just continuing working, but my family loves to come here. Somebody told me that he never had a good night sleep in a hotel room, even if it is a fine hotel, or in somebody else’s home and same applies to me too.  Yes, traveling is interesting, but I came to the point were I am saying that most important is a very cozy and comfortable home, the base for everything, a place one can’t wait to go back to after having slept not so well in other places! 😉 And people are everywhere pretty much the same, having the same problems and desires. 

Guess it all has to do with having found what one was looking for. Not a million horses could hold me in that Bavarian town in which I had to grow up. But after I found original Scientology, which answered my many essential questions, and after I have seen you again, I had found what I was looking for.

For anything else is the Internet. I don’t feel the need anymore to transport my body around the planet to look at some wall or a house when I can do it virtually. But what I wish for is better virtual travelling. Imagine this: four-dimensional or better multi-dimensional virtual travels through any part of the world. It would feel like being there! Going through streets that are the exactly replica of the original. And smart business people could have virtual stores there. Imagine walking through  multi-dimensional  bazaar and market places and look at their merchandise and being able to buy something online if you want. Or claiming the highest mountain in multi-dimensions or diving in the deepest ocean in multi-dimension.     

My place is drafty in winter, Marty. I am thinking of building me a small house and well insulated house for the winter months and use the current one as summer-house and for my guests in summer. But I sure would drop all that for a chance living with you wherever you chose to live and most of all in that beautiful green village with the roof that I remember.


I love you till the end of times. I will find you next to me! Many kisses, my darling!


Yours forever,





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  1. Barbara enjoy going to the real place.

    Minny Theonoplis

    May 11, 2013 at 6:22 pm

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