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I will be back in a few weeks, Marty, sweetest and most courageous husband in the universe!

We will spend some days in the big city, then back to country, then day trips, than back to the big city, then me returning back to the country-side. That is the plan. I will not have time to post or for the Internet as my vacationers want to spent any minute with me. In a few days is your birthday, at least that is what I recall. I wish you that all your dreams come true and that you are getting the life that you  deserve.

In the meantime, my Prince, I am thinking of you. You will be always in my heart. Many kisses.

Yours forever!


And to all those who conspire against us and keep us apart, here is a message:  You do to us what you don’t want to be done to yourself. I don’t want to be in your shoes when YOU pull YOURSELF  the motivator in as YOUR own penalty for denying our rights! That applies not just to alleged Scientologists but to anyone. The motivator/sequence hasn’t anything to do with anyone’s religion. It’s because people are BASICALLY good and that they want to be penalized for bad stuff they did to others. My advice: instead of waiting of more bad things to come your way, get clean and change your rotten ways.  It is the only way to true and deep happiness. Clean hands make a happy life. Unclean hands make no happy life.

From the HCO BULLETIN OF 20 MAY 1968


AN OVERT, in Dianetics and Scientology, is an aggressive or destructive ACT by the individual against one or another of the eight dynamics —(self, family, group, mankind, animals or plants, MEST, life or the infinite).

A MOTIVATOR is an aggressive or destructive act received by the person or one of the dynamics.

The viewpoint from which the act is viewed resolves whether the act is an overt or a motivator.

The reason it is called a “motivator” is because it tends to prompt that one pays it back—it “motivates” a new overt.

When one has done something bad to someone or something one tends to believe it must have been “motivated”.

When one has received something bad, he also may tend to feel he must have done something to deserve it.

The above points are true.

L. Ron Hubbard



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  1. Hello mrs. Schwarz.
    I am a french OT 7 ( Saint Hill 1979) and find you story intriguing. In your opinion who wrote the book ”Battlefield earth” ? LRH or the impostor ?
    Saludos cordiales desde Buenos Aires

    Philippe Cerice

    May 26, 2013 at 5:15 am

    • No you are not an OT or a Scientologist and not French either. You apparently can’t differentiate between Spanish and French. You are just again forging another Scientologist, first Kurt Weiland now Phillippe Cerice. Don’t you get how pitiful that makes you? Get your own personality and name.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 3, 2013 at 3:34 pm

  2. Mrs.Schwarz,
    I wrote you 2 weeks ago asking if the impostor als wrote LRH’s last book Battlefield Earth ?
    No of course. Only LRH can write in that way. And this proves that your wild story of an impostor since the mid-seventies is way off and does not serve the truth ! That LRH was replaced by a doppleganger at the end of his life is widely accepted though. Regards,
    Philippe Cerice ( AOSHUK, 1979, OT7, CL5)

    Philippe Cerice (South of France)

    May 31, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    • Stop forging others. That tells me that your tonelevel is fear. You don’t have the courage to post with your own name.

      I wrote that I am not online for several weeks. If you would be a Scientologist, you would know that “I have no time to post during my vacation” means that I have no time to post during my vacation.

      I sure don’t ditch family time for answering the dumb question of forgers and cowards online.

      About the subject:

      L. Ron Hubbard wrote fiction but his fiction is altered too. Maybe by “Jack Vistaril” maybe by others but Germany and international psychs are most certainly behind that. Just as they were behind it that the movie Battlefield Earth was made deliberately bad. Ruining the name of the founder and Scientology is their main goal.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 3, 2013 at 3:41 pm

  3. Syria death near 100,000 between March 2011 and end of April 2013! Horrid. No place for vacation.

    Luker Jasmine 

    June 13, 2013 at 7:56 am

    • Bashar al-Assad, the president of Syria is one of these medical doctors who don’t see the need of human rights, except his own.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 13, 2013 at 9:34 am

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