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As I said before: Miscaviges are no Scientologists

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate, how are you?

You’ll agree with me. A person who takes drugs is not a Scientologist. Wasn’t Ron (the founder) clear enough in regards what drugs do to the body and mind? Why did he develop a drug rundown (even for former lifetimes) if drugs don’t screw thetans up? Besides, I bet all gold in the universe that drugs and not an apple brought the paradise down. (I am saying that there was once a civilization that was great for all but destroyed because those with snaky characters tempted the weak and stupid to use drugs instead getting the kick out of being the best they can be without drugs.)

The media reported that they arrested Denise Gentile, the twin sister of David Miscavige  with marijuana possession, DUI, and failure to yield. Miscavige scandals never seem to stop because that suits the German Secret Services. They don’t want him to step down but instead Scientology constantly riddled with scandals. 

Miscavige senior, DM’s father hides behinds others and uses their names when stopped by police. How unethical.

One really has to wonder about the media too. Are they really so blind not seeing that Scientology is taken over by non-Scientologists to destroy Scientology? That includes David Miscavige who promoted so many unethical people (infiltrators) to the highest executive positions who use their former position as “expertise platform” to attack Scientology overtly and covertly to bring it down.  Miscavige created a culture of 1.1 to 1.5 and conceals doppelgangers/impostors in Scientology. He even conceals that the founder was impostored by an agent (“Jack Vistaril”). HOW ON EARTH IS DAVID MISCAVIGE A SCIENTOLOGIST?? What real Scientologist would do something like this?? 

I bet that the only reason why His Cobness claims to be a “Scientologist” is because his secret case officers (no Scientologists) helped him to this position. They had impostor “Jack Vistaril” write an affidavit and handed it to DM, the non-Scientologist. His niece Jenna grew up in DM’s version of “Scientology” and isn’t a Scientologist either. DM likes to play king and have all the saying and the cash in Scientology. That is why he took the job and paid himself over 50 Millions and additional luxury. Anyone can do what DM did just better. 

Opening  buildings (the kinds that are off policy as they doesn’t protect the body from falling apart as the real founder wanted) to impress Hollywood and to attract stupid people (who later attack our religion because DM can’t make them understand our religion as he doesn’t understand it himself) instead smart people  are no ethical products. DM thinks anyone belongs into the RPF but himself. And here lies the problem. He is the person who needs to get his own ethics and that of his family in most of all.

What a hypocrisy that Denise was an ethics officer for a while. How can anyone be an ethics officer who is out-ethics herself?? “Do as I say but not as I do” or ignoring all the out-ethics around her and causing more problems for Scientology?

It is typical in the sense of German secret services: they want DM to stay on the top because he and his family are so bad for Scientology. They don’t stop the media to find bad things on the Miscavige family, as for example Miscavige’s twin sister been involved with drug users and drug sellers for a long time. I learned that she is fighting the marijuana and DUI charges with the help attorney Jo Ann Palchak. She is a lawyer for  Zuckerman Spaeder. DM better don’t pay the attorney costs for his above the law sister from Scientology money.  I bet she claims being framed but really, Marty, people who cover up that the founder was impostored and you are impostored and wrongfully incarcerated have no good chance getting me to think that they are innocent.

Quite revealing is also that Mike Rinder has sympathy with DM’s unethical sister and says she was his first auditor. This explains a lot. How can somebody who hasn’t understood what drugs are doing to body, mind, and thetan be a real and good Scientology auditor?? Ron (original founder) said whenever the org create a bad auditor, they create an enemy of Scientology. Mike Rinder might not see himself this way but that is what he is by concealing that the founder was impostored by “Jack Vistaril” and by being the best friend to your impostor “Mosey’s husband” who finally admitted not being a Scientologist.

What else is the Miscavige family saying through their behavior? Their behavior is telling the world that neither Narconon nor Scientology is working. (And the entire unethical non-Scientologist Miscavige family is very wrong on that.) Instead of putting time, energy and Scientology money into keeping my blog down, DM should step down handle his own family. He never thinks how he and his family harm Scientology as he is no Scientologist. He just wants power and cash.

I’ve read conversations of Scientology hating people saying that they don’t want DM to step back as he is so bad for Scientology.

Here is more about ultimate hypocrisy, Marty. This time the EU parliament, Germany’s poodle. The German Magazine Spiegel (the first magazine that published photos of  impostor “Jack Vistaril” misleading readers that he is the founder of Scientology) claims that Edward Snowden leaked a document saying that a secret 2010 document alleges that the US spied on EU offices in New York and Washington. If they did, they did a LOUSY spy job, Marty, as they failed to report that German controlled secret services infiltrated the United States and other countries.  

Der Spiegel says the NSA – the agency spied on EU internal computer networks in Washington and at the 27-member bloc’s UN office in New York. What a hypocrisy considering that the SEGNPMSS (as German as dirty psychiatric institutions) infiltrated the USA and all other countries and installed mankind ear implants to control and run any one with those.

They do so much more than just spying!

I love you, Marty, my prince and husband. Wish I could be with you.

Yours forever,




Author Ben Urwand: Hollywood collaborated with the Nazis

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate,

Well, we knew that all along. I read that at least half of the population of the USA was anti-Semitic during the Nazi time. Saw a documentation on PBS with an interview of  former officials of the U.S. Department of Treasury. They told that the U.S. Department of State made it really difficult and hard allowing Jews to immigrate to the United States despite the official stand was to welcome them. How stupid and inhumane those  Dept. of State officials were! Besides, those Jewish people who had to flee Europe were no bums but successful folks not coming to the USA to ask for welfare. And by not being allowed to enter the USA, they had to return and were killed in German concentration camps. I wouldn’t want this on my conscience. 

Luckily, the U.S. Treasury Secretary back then was Jewish and according to former officials, everything worked better in this Department with helping Jews against the crazy Germans.

And there was of course Ike Eisenhower who defeated the Nazis as Supreme Commander of the Allies despite so many stupid Americans and also those nationals in ally countries were secretly or openly admiring and/or helping monsters: the Nazis and those doctors who needed the Nazi to bring them people so that they can make their gruesome medical experiments with them.

 Ike (not his doppelganger) entered on his West Point application that he is Jewish, which made anti-Semitic Edgar Allen Hoover very angry. (I learned this through one of my FOIA/PA requests.)  

Anyway, here is a Youtube video of author Ben Urwald who has interesting info about Hollywood Nazis:

I am not surprised that there is evidence of Hollywood collaborating with the Nazis. After all, ear implants exist since centuries, and Germans came up with this rotten control method and trap. If Germany needs support from other countries, they either transmit what they want to have done to some via ear implants in these countries or manipulate them with silent sounds to get what they want.

Germans think they are scientists and genius. I say they are extremely dumb as all is coming back as motivator. They lost two world wars despite having access to the ear implants of just about all people. Imagine how dumb one must be by running all and then nevertheless losing. (On the other side, they don’t care for humans not even their own agents. For them all is a game and experiments. If millions of their own agents are killed, that doesn’t matter to them. They think they can do all they want to anyone as nobody ever will break the secret about ear implants as they manipulated and hypnotized  people to wrongfully think that ear implants are no trap and indispensable and of incredible value for those who have them.) Just about anyone has them since a couple of centuries. They also tricked Jews into accepting these ear implants. And Jews were radioed not to fight the Nazis back and were lied to that they would be saved. Without German controlled ear implants, Jews would have fought back, and the Holocaust would have been stopped right from the start. 

This here is Riefenstahl.  Trying to hear a message better that is radioed through her ear implants?


 I know that Ron (founder of SCN) never would have contacted or tried to collaborate  with a Nazi, Leni Riefenstahl or somebody else like that. If this contact took indeed place, then it was not Ron but his  German-oriented and -controlled case officer “Jack Vistaril”  (Ron’s impostor) who met her and was told by his officer through his ear implants to be Nazi-friendly to smear  or even destroy Scientology founder’s reputation.  Riefenstahl had a Nazi cult-oriented mind and was actively supporting Hitler and the 3rd Reich with making propaganda for them. She didn’t have to do any time and got away like many other Nazis. Justice will get to them too. It just was delayed.   

Ron didn’t want to be a doctor. Anyone can be a doctor. All one has to do is to write and say what one’s case officer transmits through his ear implants in order to graduate. Any idiot can do it, and the evidence is a world in which there is not even a solution against illness and disease, despite so easy to find and implement.     

The movie Battlefield Earth was sabotaged to smear L. Ron Hubbard’s name. How did it happen? German controlled ear-implants as usually. And alleged Scientologists fall right into the trap by not loudly protesting ear implants. I know one thing for sure, Marty: all those who keep the ear implant system a secret will suffer down the timetrack because they failed to reveal this trap instead of building a world in which we all can trust each other: the original world of Scientology, which is true, compassionate, loving honest, helpful, reliable and really very smart. We cannot build a better world with people having ear implants because they are being manipulated and are conspiring against each other.

It is not a world in which I want to live. If this is the only world that will be, I will do all I can never to be born again. 

I miss you so much and still hope to see you soon.

Yours always and forever. You are my One in 7 billion and counting…



Some people are not able to figure how to address “overpopulation” and indefinite lifespan

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Dearest Marty, my dashing Prince, how are you? 

Some people are afraid that the planet could be overpopulated, given the fact that this planet has now 7 Billion people. If they hear that people can live forever, they are getting panic attacks because they are idiots. Some even come up with the idea of billing or taxing people when they want kids. Really odd proposal.

When riding in cars or bus, I notice often  how deserted this planet still is. I know highways where one can drive for hours without seeing another car or a soul, and hey, ghost and science fiction stories where mankind died out are popping in my head! Roadkill is the only indicator that there was somebody else.  

For those idiots living in big cities being afraid of “overpopulation”, I just have this advice: go country because people here have other problems: not enough people! Towns around here are rather concerned of shrinking and becoming ghost towns, and I have seen quite some places were a bar or a tiny convenient store were the only places still operating.

Not enough people can cause problems too, e.g. the little bus that I used to ride to see my dentist is pretty much cancelled. Now I have to figure out how to get there without the bus.  When I read “overpopulated”, I say: “Huh? Not here.”

If somebody has not yet found his/her way, he/she might be drawn to the big city to find it. I was once like that and luckily found Scientology and you. 🙂 I don’t regret my decisions. If I compare my life with others, I still made much better decisions than those never in Scientology. The only thing that I regret is that we (you and I) were ripped apart. But now I am not more searching to find answers  about the universe.The most important questions as who am I and where did I come from and who God were answered, Marty. I am no longer  searching, except for you. I can wait in a tiny town and nature just as much as elsewhere. City won’t help me find you either. I’ve been there, done that.

Let’s say, there would be indeed an explosion of people on this planet. Why being afraid of it? It just needs food, water, air, and some space to live to keep them alive. If communities would live together in protected villages as a family, where one is there for all and all for one, where they can grow their own food, make their own water, air, where diseases are stopped with healthy food, Earth alone could accommodate centillions of people. Those villages that make their own food, air, water, and care for the well-being of their residents as if a family member, can be placed in the seas, on the seas, even in space.  

I find the one-kid-only-law in China completely unnecessary, and it leads to abortions. They just have to start building villages, each one self-efficient for all it’s residents. If they bust the medical terrorists who are making people sick with remote-controlled germs, microwave, and other secret service patents, if they eat and drink water that their village keeps truly pure, if they breathe really clean air inside these villages, they don’t need expensive medical treatments and aging can be stopped too.       

Saying that people should not live indefinitely as otherwise the “natural resources” couldn’t take it, are real dupes. Natural resources can be multiplied indefinitely. All what a human needs to live healthy and happy for all eternity to come can be generated naturally. 

There are just two things coming in the way of indefinite lifespan for humans: corruption and stupidity.

But you know this all, Marty, I bet if you would hold a lecture, the world would be in awe. 

Miss you soooooo much. Love you forever.





Body thetans seen as bacteria (living creatures, in other words, thetans too) make a hell of a lot sense!

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Despite so many people are saying that they think for themselves, they don’t figure the obvious. 

There could be very well thetans clustered together with others and not themselves. However, as far as I am concerned, I feel very much like just myself, except when SEGNPMSS case officers are sending me silent sounds to interrupt me and to make me do a mistake. But I know that they are nothing but geeks with modern technology who have no respect of human rights, but they are not some part of me, the thetan. 

Ron discovered that life is basically a static. As you know, in the beginning, there was no physical universe, nothing but this static. Just like God wasn’t created, this static wasn’t created. It was always there, unless God created himself (ifself) earlier on. Anyway, static has no mass (orbs are thetans with a theta body that has a bit mass but originally, no thetan had a theta body), no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time but it has the ability to postulate and to perceive. (Nobody but Ron figured this.) Then the static wanted to play games. The physical universe and human bodies were created. The static assumed lots of viewpoints (as thetans) and took human bodies and started playing games in the physical universe .

Then some of these thetans got instantly bad and played unfair by doing others in without listening to reasons. The universe is another creation, which expanded, likely because the original universe was blown up several times  by thetans gone bad. It was once allegedly dense and much smaller and then splintered into many parts and a large area. If the universe still expands, some still might blow it up and are making smaller planets out of bigger planets by detonating them. The “big bang” likely blew up an already existing more denser and smaller universe but it did not create thetans or spiritual beings or anything else that is perfect.   

I am convinced that animal bodies or germ bodies were not in the original godly plan, Marty. I can’t imagine any originally non-abberated  thetan wanting to become a bug or a donkey or whatever. Or that the God who we know offered animal bodies to thetans or forcing them to take them. God wouldn’t do this. Those thetans who got instantly bad messed around with the creation, and made experiences with the DNA of the human body, followed also by evolution, e.g. things that adjusted after timetrack “scientists” messed around with it. Who are those known to do experiments on minds and bodies? Doctors and psychs. I assume they called themselves something else on the timetrack, but they are the snakes that still mess around with others (body, mind, thetan) and don’t grant humans their rights. They want their rights granted but don’t grant them to others.

People with small minds can’t imagine that there were other civilizations on this or other planets. Or they are afraid of it and that is why they are trying to make it look ridiculous. It is so much easier to think that one stops to exist or that Jesus forgives each atrocities. (Both events will not happen, for sure.)

The God who I know, is one who didn’t mess up. That part of the static who didn’t get bad as those with the snake characters. Most religious people believe that God created animals. I don’t. While I am sure that he created the physical universe, plants, and the human bodies,  I am also sure that he didn’t create animal bodies as he loves thetans as equals.  People seem to know this basically. The word “dog” is the word God turned around.  Means that God’s creation was used by “scientists” to derive lower lifeforms and to make thetans take it and become dogs (or other animals including bacteria) instead humans.

 Which does not mean that animals should have no rights. In other words: thetans in animal bodies should be recovered and educated so that they, when brought up high enough, can choose to have a human body. Again, there was no higher and lower static in the beginning. There was just one static.

It is not fair to the thetan who was once implanted by “scientists” into an animal body never to get a chance to be a human. On the other side: I don’t mind  those “scientists” who do that to other thetans (implanting them into animal or germ bodies) getting a taste of their own medicine. If I should learn that some gruesome doctor who made horrible experiments was implanted by others into an animal or germ body, you won’t see me in tears. They sure ask for it.

And there is OT III. It was of course altered by the German-originated and controlled infiltration of Scientology and Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril”. However, I still can read between the lines and conclude what it really meant. Here, I am just writing about a part of it.

Besides any thetans still in clusters with others, the “body thetans”, which are so ridiculed all over the net by people who are completely clueless about original Scientology, are germs. Even today’s science says that germs are every where, on and in the body. They are saying that the body has approximately 50,000 bacteria per square inch. Disgusting, isn’t it?  They also are saying that the human body needs bacteria, which I think it a load of bull. They say that the “good” bacteria keeps the “bad” bacteria in check.

I rather think that the solution is to make the bad bacteria go away, so that we don’t need the “good bacteria” anymore. I doubt that there is any good bacteria because with radio frequencies, secret services can turn the “good” bacteria in bad bacteria, and there comes disease and dying.. I wouldn’t swallow an  acidophilus (billions of bacteria), it doesn’t matter how friendly they allegedly are, Marty.

Medical websites state that the number of bacterial cells in the body is commonly estimated at 10 times the number of human cells. Again, bacteria are animals. So, when saying that a person is invaded by other beings, OT III makes absolutely no false claim. That they are called “body thetans” gives a hint that Ron meant rather those thetans who are in and at the body. (Germs.) Although I don’t say that there are no bodyless thetans who were not clustered together and still are clustered together. I just know that I am myself. Past life “scientists” (psychs) made of course also all kind of spiritual experiments with thetans. Using methods to split them into pieces or implant them into clusters is right down their ally.

Are those thetans aliens? Who cares considering that just about anyone on this planet lived once on some other planet! It is sort of like with the United States. Most immigrated here, and just a few were natives, and even they arrived here from somewhere earlier. Aliens or not, all are thetans and therefore very familiar. 

In regards to germs, everyone knows that they are here and cause us pain, disease, and death.  However, ancient bacteria on other planets exist, simply because implanting thetans in low lifeforms is not new and something  timetrack “scientists” did for a very long time. I am sure it happened not long after the creation of the physical universe and the creation of the human bodies. Snakes (doctors) constantly stole human DNA on the timetrack (just as they do now) and made their experiments with it and trapped thetans by implanting them into these lifeforms. . They simply alter the reality of thetans. If it is not the reality of somebody anymore to reincarnate as human being, it will not come back as humans but as animal (whatever it was implanted to become, from elephant to germ.)

I wouldn’t want ever to marry one who was a past life dog or an ape. Looking around tells me that the SEGNPMSS also sometimes implants thetans (who were a long time animals) back into human bodies to cause pain as these people have not learned to be human just as the SEGNPMSS hard core did not. What I am saying is that the thetan needs rights. I picked you as you are anything but an animal, Marty. You are my kind of thetan. So special and so rare. 

Not sure what happens during C of S OT III auditing these days, but fact is that germs have awareness. They are small animals. In another words: they could be reached by an auditor. Making those beings (who think they can be no more than germs) aware that they can be more and make them leave one’s body is a good idea, except that these germs are actively bred and are programmed by the SEGNPMSS to stay and attack the human body and make it sick. Those secret germ codes must be published and anti-codes must be written so that they can be effectively audited away from human bodies. 

Here are articles how germs are put to work. Here they are allegedly used positively. But they can and are used negatively too by attacking the human body.

Sweating them out in a sauna is a good idea, but the problem is as they are in the food, water, and air that we are drinking, and we are getting them right back. 

Nothing untrue, nothing ridiculous, but necessary knowledge for the human race.

I love you, my bright husband. I am so sure that our realities are very “compatible”. However, nobody from the Miscavologists,  “Freezone” or the “Independents” seem to be able to figure it out. If one enters Scientology on secret orders to infiltrate it, one apparently doesn’t think much outside the box. Even those who think that they think outside the box are still thinking inside the box. They are “integrating, evolving, and transcending” from one box in the other one. I pity anyone who hasn’t realized that Scientology (despite altered) still contains most of the truth on this planet, and somebody smart can figure out what data were taken out of Scientology by secret service doctors and WHY.  

Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,


P.S. This music is really great but the lyrics, well, let’s say, I am glad not having such a relationship. As far as the voice is concerned, I would say, somebody has a female timetrack. But again, the music is special:

I also like this song a lot except that a little bit and alltogether can be very well explained, and there is indeed truth only few have seen.  

Life as we know it on this planet sure is a little bit of everything: the creation, the medical experiments, and the evolution. There was not just one of these three things. All three happened.

Can’t wait to see you, Marty, and talk to you about Everything and ALL.


Lots of money is going into “brain research” instead of arresting the medical terrorists who use remote control/microwave and other devices to make people sick

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Dearest Marty, kindred spirit, and one of a kind,

I miss you more than I can say. People who trust the German government (with which the US has not yet even a peace agreement) more than they trust you, are no Americans but German agents. Disgusting. No ethics, no honor, no IQ.

Marty, some articles of “new brain knowledge” makes waves.  Psychs and neuro “scientists” under German leadership (what else, after all Germany is the cradle of p$ychiatry and of just about anything bad on this planet)  imaged the brain of a “healthy deceased 65-year-old woman”. A “healthy diseased” 65-year-old woman. Imagine this, Marty. Sounds like murder to me. I would like to know all the details of this accident to determine what really killed her if not a  paper saying that she leaves her body to “science” after death. Anyway, they used MRIs and then put the brain in paraffin wax and cut it into 7,400 slices, each 20 micrometers thick.  Yuck. Each slice was mounted on a slide and digitally imaged using a flatbed scanner. Yuck, yuck. And then they wonder when people call them butchers.

Stupid people will say that I should be glad that they are doing this so that they can get meds against diseases like Alzheimers or Autism or whatever. Stupid people  are saying this, but I am not one of them. Nazi psychs did so many gruesome medical experiences on their victims. Can’t imagine that these butchers didn’t cut brains of healthy people into pieces to “study” them. The psychs needed the Nazis to make any form of experiments on people, which human rights otherwise did not allow.

I AM CONVINCED that this 3-D or even multi-dimensional atlas existed already a long LONG time before German doctors created the Nazis to help them “complete their research how to secretly make people sick and to torture and kill them”, Marty. And it was never used to heal but only to create diseases  and to make the medical and pharma profession very rich and for butchers and barbers to position themselves as “scientists”.

They are using these images since a long time as a road-map to have remote-controlled germs attacking the health of anyone. And the pharma industry is getting rich prolonging the suffering of people. People should have just enough time to buy their pills and other treatments to make doctors and pharma people rich. And then they kill the patients nevertheless via remote-control, either through that particular “illness” or the “side effects” of the medicine. Unlike dumb people, I don’t think that “medical” and “pharma” research does not add deliberately ingredients to their medicine to cause more diseases. As more “side-effect”-diseases people are getting as more doctors are consulted and as more pills are popped. 

Germany led that “new brain research”. As always, Germany wants to be celebrated as the best scientific minds and the leaders of the world. If Germans would be so smart, how come I was able to figure them out so easily and completely? And I was born in the USA. Being kidnapped to Germany does not makes me German.

Psychs are not confessing, but they should be compelled by the feds and anyone else to do so. (Just as a reminder, James Holmes is a neuro-scientist too. However, I am certain that he was set up and implanted to go through with his evil intentions and to become terrorist by fellow  “neuro-scientists”. Not all fire personally munition into crowd of people, but they are setting people up to do those atrocities for they cowardly hide with revolting 1.1 slime grin on their faces. Meds schools are known for its primitive hazing students who have no human qualifications and who do later “research”, describe chemicals and operate on humans.  


Anyway, I am saying that the medical practice to cut body parts into slices to “study” them, exists since centuries. I figured that there are  multi-dimensional maps around that analyze individual brain cells so that they can be attacked by remote-controlled germs  or cooked with microwaves or tortured with frequencies and destroyed by other methods in order to make cash, sick, torture, control, and kill. I didn’t see the maps but I can feel what they are doing and how they are doing it.

President Obama wants to put lots of taxpayers money into finding out what causes “brain diseases” as Alzheimers or whatever “diseases” are connected to the brain. I tell him for free what causes these “diseases”. It is medical (German ordered and controlled) terrorism, and all these “diseases” would drastically decline if people would know about this and if law enforcement would finally go after these medical monsters. The US government should demand by all secret services to turn over all knowledge, maps, models, methods, and devices that are in use to torture and kill people. After collected, these need to be analysed by good and smart people (no SEGNPMSS-robots) before more money is thrown at p$ychs and other medical monsters .

The thing is, that anyone who contributes to the secrecy of these secret inventions and methods, or even just keeps his/her mouth shut about it, is walking right in that trap. These methods will and are used against them too. They are thinking that only they are bad and nobody else would ever plot against them or that they have it under control. Nothing is under control. They hate each other and are killing each other too. They are ending up in the same death-trap that they build and maintained for rest of mankind.

Ron said that the brain is a switchboard that the thetan uses. The thetan uses the brain to make the body do certain things, but center stage belongs to the thetan, the spiritual being and not brain flesh, which is nothing worth anymore when the thetan leaves the body. Shouldn’t the government finally officially figure out first what a person is?   

And the AMA says obesity is a disease instead of medical terrorism. Case officers radio people with silent sounds in their subconscious minds and make them eat more and more to get fat and sick. They also use tiny silicone implants (e.g. swallowed with food or drinks without noticing) in stomach and gut that pumps air into the stomach to make people hungry. That is a “disease”, according to the AMA. It can’t get more clueless than this.

I love you, Marty. Many kisses. I know you made your own observations and that you are anything but clueless.

Yours forever,



Scientologists are not at war – but former and current infiltrators are

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Dearest Marty, most precious Prince in the Universe,

How are you?

I can’t even imagine how it feels being having your personality taken over by Mosey’s husband, supported by this international conspiracy (including DM and the Miscavologists) against us that makes people believe and repeat that Mosey’s husband is you, the first Inspector General for Ethics in Scientology, a person with a very different character and past than Mosey’s husband’s.

I saw the Roast Beef Productions that aired on ITV4 UK yesterday. Roast Beef Production sounds even worse than Squirrel Busters!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I noticed that Mosey’s husband smiled on most photos taken of him in the Sea Org, but he really is keyed in now. (Also more keyed in than when he gave the St. Petersburg interview.)  Guess being an impostor and having to count with being held legally responsible for that, takes a toll on anyone. Maybe he is also missing the Sea Org and a strong 3rd and 4th D. Without DM and other infiltrators, it would be a wonderful place of actions, accomplishments, liveliness and friendships. Many of these alleged “Indies” seem rather lonely compared to before. They meet once in a while but they have no real strong 3rd or 4th D going.

Maybe his new spiritual way (mixing all kinds of practices) doesn’t work so well after all, otherwise he would be happier. And he can’t blame his unhappiness on the Squirrel Busters alone, as he got rid of them quite a while ago. On film, he sees his wife and his dog. It is one of the few occasions, where his face lit up. Instead of saying to the reporter: “There is my wife and my dog”, he just mentioned the name of his dog with a smile. You would notice me first, then the dog. 

The reason, in my opinion, why Mosey’s husband is keyed in is most certainly has nothing to do with DM, infiltrated orgs, OSA or the Squirrel Busters, but that he might be convicted of being your impostor. 

Wonder how many books he sold and if he can live from that money. He seems lately doing nothing but promoting his books on his blog. If those people behind the over 8 million people who hit on his blog would see him and his opinions favorably, he would be a millionaire already having sold books to all of them. If Mosey has to work (making beds for people or carrying furniture?) his books can’t be that successful. Although, he misrepresented to all these people who hit on his blog that he is you, which is serious impostor-business.     

It seems to me that after he started to mix more and more practices with SCN, quite some of his supporters and comment posters wandered off. By saying that he is no Scientologist (he finally says some truth)  he slams a door shut for most people who would consider him as an alternative to DM. In other words, Tony Ortega is completely wrong thinking that Mosey’s husband is an alternative to DM for Scientologists because they want pure Scientology not Mosey’s husband’s mixture of who knows what.   

The Squirrel Busters are a complete overt product by David Miscavige and other infiltrators. Mosey says on tape that she doesn’t understand what is so interesting about her husband and herself for those who are watching them. Is she really so clueless? A German secret service wants bad PR against Scientology by having former and current infiltrators of SCN attacking each other and lying to the media that they are Scientologists so that Scientology is smeared in the media and avoided by the public! I know how Germany work. Their secret services INVENTED not just dirty tricks but just about anything else rotten under the sun.

Whoever came up with the Squirrel Busters (including their T-shirts to identify themselves as harassers by infiltrated orgs) played right into the hands of Mosey’s husband and German secret services. John Allender and that woman under the umbrella were those who make the worst impressions. That harassing woman (don’t know her name and don’t want to have anything to do with people like her) sounds like somebody who scratches constantly with her fingernails down a blackboard. I got headache just listen to her voice. I can’t blame neighbors having turned on their sprinklers to make that stop. Squirrel Busters gained nothing but bad PR for Scientology. Even one of the moderate once of the Squirrel Busters is no Scientologist. He said that LRH would turn around in his grave. In his grave? We Scientologists believe that we are spiritual beings who leave their bodies before they are buried! Squirrel Busters were most definitive a program of infiltrated OSA and no Scientologists AT ALL. 1.1 tonelevels everywhere!

After the German secret service program, more objection by people against Scientology through the Squirrel Busters and a town rallying for impostor Mosey’s husband was fulfilled, infiltrated OSA changes its strategy by suddenly becoming super-secret and even covering windows up to watch Mosey’s husband instead of letting the authorities take care of him for being your impostor. (Which Miscavology will not do as David Miscavige is Mosey’s husband’s co-conspirator on this subject and heavily involved himself in supporting the founder’s impostor and your impostor.) So, they come up with programs Squirrel Busters, which are so unintelligent that a real Scientologist would never have come up with.

Mosey says in this program that she is afraid of being kidnapped. According to my experience, people who are helping Germany,  and one or more of their impostors are not being kidnapped. Real Scientologists as us, Marty, were kidnapped, but I am very sure that Mosey supporting your impostor is not remotely in danger of being kidnapped by anyone as we live in a German-controlled world. 

They “met” on! What real Scientologist looks on for a non-Scientologist wife, considering that there was already a “Freezone” with female Scientologists that didn’t think highly of DM? Here is the answer: Mosey’s husband was ALWAYS a wog. (Pardon my Jack-Vistaril-French.)  

Ron, you, and I never behaved like David Miscavige or Mosey’s husband, but these agents make the public believe that being rotten is a part of Scientology, despite it is the opposite. They ignore ethics completely and mistook and mistake it for penalties. Nuts! Mosey’s husband says didn’t think twice about his behavior under DM. Yikes! How is that even possible? You and me were on staff and in the Sea Org, and we constantly consulted our conscience and acted ethically. You didn’t harass the IRS. If it really did happen, most certainly after you disappeared without a trace. But you are getting the SEGNPMSS message in this statement: it should mislead people to think we Scientologists are like Mosey’s husband or DM or other infiltrators.

It is easy to figure out what the IRS granted the non-profit status to the C of S. The Sea Org reserves are in Europe. Germany is the secret leader and works full steam to become the official leader of Europe (over my dead body)! Germany become richer if the orgs don’t pay taxes to the United States! Germany wants to rip the Sea Org Reserves off. 

The Beef reporters state that Mosey’s husband is a college drop out. They basically are trying to say that half-educated people join Scientology, intelligent people with college degrees don’t. The funny thing is that all these people with college and university degrees failed miserable to differentiate between originals and impostors or to figure out what a role medical-oriented  and German-controlled secret services really play in overtaking and destroying Scientology, the USA and actually the entire world. Besides, what is a college degree worth that was archived by an ear implant carrier who was told what to write and say in exams to pass it? If this wouldn’t be the case, the planet would be in a much better condition, and people would be a lot smarter and would have discovered a long time ago what and who is bringing this planet down.

The  Roast Beef Productions shows photos of Mosey’s husband and of you and they are unable to differentiate. Good grief. No intelligent life in sight. This also includes Tony Ortega who wastes 17 years of his life away by not writing the truth about Scientology.

Mosey’s husband (who worked very officially for Germany, a country who has not yet a peace contract with the USA, against original Scientology, originally a true American religion) say that David Miscavige is “ruthlessly loyal to Hubbard”, when in fact DM and also the Independents (yeah right, for sure not SEGNPMSS-independent) just glorify Ron’s impostor (“Jack Vistaril”) and deny the real Ron and founder of SCN and his family all human rights there are.

Roast Beef Productions publishes a dramatization of SEGNPMSS-altered OT III and nobody gets it that under the founder, OTIII data were not secret.  German secret services made them secret using Ron’s impostor and others so that they can alter and ridiculous scientific data behind closed doors.

And check out what Mosey’s husband says about imprisonment: “I am not the type to be in prison and not going to be imprisoned.”  (He said it in regards to DM’s screwball RPF methods.) But nevertheless, when Mosey’s husband would be incarcerated for impostering you before the entire world, how would be prevent it? Suicide by poison like the Nazis  of the country that he supports  (Germany) or hiding in Mexico or some other state?

I love you, Marty, so very much. If those who conspire against us would be Scientologists, they would know that the truth will come out and not commit what they are committing. If Mosey’s husband would have been an ethical Scientologist, he could have been a brother to the both of us, but by conspiring against us and impostoring, he can’t expect our love.

Church of Miscavology says that Mosey’s husband was never a member of the ecclesiastical leadership. What they basically are saying (but not clearly as they should) that Mosey’s husband is your impostor and that is why he was never a true part of Scientology. I can figure out those hidden messages. 

Many kisses and forever yours.


If you should watch this tape, check Karen de la Carriere’s desk out! What a mess! Speak about a confusion. That is what I call disorderly conduct!


I bet the phone records that the NSA collects proves the existence of the SEGNPMSS (whatever they call themselves) and the medical making of terrorists, and the NSA, CIA, and other intelligence agencies don’t stop this medical terror secret service…

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pictDearest Marty, my incredible soul mate,

NSA director Keith Alexander testifies before the Senate, saying that they stopped terror acts by searching their phone records bank (bet it is also internet records). I assume it is right that they stopped some terror acts but still ignore the German medical force behind the terror. They just look for Middle Easterners and not beyond it. And without the world pointing towards the SEGNPMSS (whoever they call themselves) and their numerous secret methods to torture and kill, there will be never peace on Earth. As just about all people are run (hypnotized, controlled and manipulated with silent sounds or otherwise) through ear implants, nobody turns the SEGNPMSS in. And by not turning them in, they become victims of their own system rather sooner or later. Just a complete fool believes that he/she is save with a system that conspires and the coward doesn’t do anything against it.

The question is also why not all terror acts since 2011 were stopped. What about the many shootings that took place in schools, churches, malls or other places? Did the feds ignore the phone and internet records that would have revealed this? Did they see them but followed the secret order of their secret SEGNPMSS case officer NOT to stop this?  Fact is, they either don’t open the “books” that they should read or open them and close them without doing something against medical terror (making of terrorists with psychiatric means) and protecting people from medical terror and killings. 

From the stories that others tell me, I can tell that the SEGNPMSS spared no family at all. Whatever the SEGNPMSS promises its own agents (school certificates, jobs, positions, more money, fame, good-looking spouse, designer kids, big house, etc.) it is nothing compared to what they take (their true self, their true non-manipulated personality, being high on the tone-scale, real OT abilities, pride, true love, honor, real peace, courage, IQ, wisdom, true independence, youth/health, real family and friends, etc.).

I love you, Marty. I know your SEGNPMSS tolerance is ZERO, like mine.

Hope to see you soon!

Yours forever,