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Distorted and misinformation about my FOIA/PA activities still on Wikipedia

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Marty, my irresistible Prince and husband, how are you?  My thoughts are with you.

You know that I am not a fan of Wikipiggy. They still have distorted and misinformation about my FOIA/PA activities on Wikipedia, and it is the 6th. largest website on the net. They didn’t even care to ask me why and how and what it was/is about. The opposite: the Wikipedia editor and admin mob even shut me off and banned my IP number to stop me providing correct data. Unbelievable, isn’t it? They are afraid of facts and the truth. They rather trust rumors and lies.

They know everything better without knowing a thing. German oriented and controlled case officers contact the editors and admins through their ear implants or via phone (makes those records that the feds/NSA got from the phone companies kind of interesting to me but will the government reveal them as they usually cover for the Germans) and are ordering them to prevent correct information in Wikipedia by altering and twisting the facts or deliberately leaving facts out. The end product is misinformation or false information for the Wikipedia reader. Wikipedia is everything else but democratic as the SEGNPMSS controls just about anybody. Wikipedia didn’t understand at all what kind of records I requested and why they were denied. They didn’t even get my birth year and birth place correct. Duh! Wikipedia has German secret services written all over it.    

One big problem is that these “editors” and “admins” are allowed to remain anonymous. I noticed on Usenet that many people who post anonymous lied even more than those writing with their own name. Newspaper and magazine reporters have to provide their names. Why should this standard not apply to Wikipedia?   

Originally, I filed my FOIA/PA requests and appeals to find you, Marty.  I wrote about this already before: I filed FOIA/PA requests to agencies and asked them for records about you, your family, me, Ron and Scientology, and some other subjects. I was aware that not all of the agencies would have records to all these names and subjects and  that the government would write me that privacy reasons are stopping them to reveal records concerning you and your family. However, some records on others are public, and I bet just about any agency had some dealings with Scientology since it was founded. It is not correct that I filed requests for records that did not exist.

I really have fine perceptions. I sensed immediately that the agencies covered things up. For example, if I request records on Schwarz and Rathbun, I am naturally not satisfied getting a letter from the agencies saying that they found no records on Schwartz or Rathburn or if they don’t date their letters to me, etc. Naturally, I appealed and asked them to search for the correct spelling of the names and inform me about the time period that they allegedly searched. Then I  sensed that it was not just me who requested these records. I even learned per accident from an agency that there is a law firm who wants these records as badly as I want them and apparently didn’t get them either. But they didn’t reveal the name of the law firm to me.  And I think that this law firm is one that represents you, Marty, not one of the C of S or somebody else. 

The purpose of FOIA/PA is to enable people to check what the government is up to. In order to figure out what is going on within the US government, I requested another search: I wanted the search records that an agency produces when processing a FOIA/PA request and any records of an Independent Counsel or law firm requesting records on me. THAT IS WHEN THE OFFICIALS GOT MAD AT ME. Some never send me their search records, some mailed me some of them (and I could see that most of them conducted very inadequate searches) and all their replies were conspiratorial and secretive. What seemed carefully hidden by each agency was any request from you or your representatives, which were the most important records that I wanted so that I can contact your attorney to offer my testimony in a case of which I suspect the German government having filed it behind my back against you.  My suspicion that you tried to find a trail of me as I tried finding one of yours, deepened.  But the conspiracy runs deep and the courts covered it up. If I am right, and your attorneys tried to find me as witness, then all of the secretly German controlled US government is guilty of obstruction of justice. The officials and judges are obstructing justice, and they have the guts to make me to be the bad guy, despite all I wanted was finding you and coming home.  

I could have given up immediately after first agencies wrote to  me that they don’t have the records that I have requested and after I felt that they simply DON’T WANT TO HELP US GRANTING OUR RIGHTS. Some dummies don’t understand why I kept asking. Here is the answer: I want a truly American government. I despise federal and state officials who work secretly for German secret services to deny good Americans their rights. Who works for the Nazis is a Nazi. It took me not long to understand that I never will find you with the help of the feds even if you should be wrongfully incarcerated and I am your correct relief witness. Germany brings the worst out of people and turns them into conscienceless animals. I continued to ask the agencies for these records because I thought that when they are so dumb, corrupt and rotten to conspire against us, you and I (when we will find each other nevertheless and against all odds) will have the documentation that this corruption took instead place. That they lied to you and your representatives just as they lied to me and that our both documentation will prove this one day gapless and beyond any doubt the corruption, conspiracy, and the obstruction of justice and that the USA never will employ federal or state workers who conspire against their own citizen for personal gain and/or work secretly for still existing Nazi Germans and German secret services.    

Salt Lake Tribune reporter Christopher Smith told me that he asked a co-director of the DOJ Office of Information and Privacy why they would not just give me the info that I asked for and satisfy my requests. That official replied: “We found another way.” (The “other way” was an illegal one: all agencies conspiring to fabricate high FOIA/PA fees that were never incurred to keep info to which I was entitled further secretive.) The reporter knew that the agencies had these records, and he “failed” to write this in his misleading article about me. What a disgusting planet this is. 

I used FOIA/PA exactly according to its purpose: to find records and to check what the feds is up to. Wikipiggy editors and admins don’t got or get it or their corrupt case officers didn’t allow the “democratic encyclopedia” to state the facts about my FOIA/PA requests, appeals or lawsuits. They are such fools. I never would donate one cent to them.   

If they contain the same falsehoods and distortions as what their editors scribbled about me, then nobody should take Wikipedia seriously, and all people who consider it as legitimate source of information are fools.  What bothers me about any Wikipedia article is the German Nazi doctor control. What these secret service doctors don’t want people to know will be a part of a Wikipedia article. They have articles on impostors and hypnosis, which are very inadequate.  I can read in many articles how the attitude of Germany and international doctors is  “winning”, e.g. longevity on Wikipedia isn’t really true but a “myth”,  neither the founder of Scientology nor you were/are impostored, and people who figure them out are having a “mental defect” called “Capgras delusion”, etc. which should  discredit somebody who figures out that they hire impostors for criminal purposes.  

 Sometimes I run into an  interesting  subject online but can’t trust the Wikipiggy info. If they are so wrong about me, what are the odds that they are right in regards of others? Wikipiggy writes about all kinds of crap but not what is really important. I bet their German medical oriented and controlled case officer doesn’t let them.

I love you, honey! Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,



These are allegedly some of the most interesting articles on Wikipedia, Marty: 

  1. Mad scientist. About Daedalus
  2. Automatic writing. Hélène Smith (Catherine Müller), an alleged medium conveying messages from Mars.
  3. Megacorporation.  Shown as amoral
  4. Corporatocracy.  This one blames the USA and forgets to check the German secret services behind those corporation.
  5. Ancient astronauts. This is kind of interesting as in Hindu mythology, the gods etc. travel from place to place in “flying chariots”.
  6. Dendera light. About an old Egypt lighting system.
  7. Phantom island. About islands that were believed to exist and then disappeared from the maps. I find the subject interesting but don’t trust Wikipedia info at all. Useless to me.
  8. Out-of-place artifact. Kind of interesting subject, but hey, it is Wikipedia. Nothing can be trusted.
  9. Shakespeare Apocrypha. About alleged Shakespeare works.
  10. Sigil. About black magic.
  11. Anthropodermic bibliopegy.  This is very creepy: about the practice of binding books in human skin. Hope nobody wants to print out Wikipiggy and bind it one day.
  12. Book of Life. Is allegedly the book in which God records the names of every person who is destined for Heaven or the World. Says who exactly?
  13. Necronomicon. About an old depressing, downtone book, which in my opinion isn’t that old.
  14. Rongorongo. Undeciphered scripts. Two Rons and two Gos in that name.
  15. Pseudoarchaeology. Interesting subject, e.g. pseudoarchaeology motivated by racism. But on the other side of the token, Wikipedia is then pseudo writing.
  16. New South Greenland. It is about land that never existed. But numerous “facts” that Wikipedia editor scribble also never existed.
  17. List of mythological places. I bet this list is incomplete. Atlantis kind of suggests that it was/is not in the ocean but on land. At land is.
  18. Lost city. Interesting subject. History is not at all properly recorded, particularly not  the history before the World War I. If it would be properly recorded, how come the current European replaced the successful Europeans 4000 years ago? (Determined by DNA tests on German skeletons.)
  19. Maine penny. That penny could have been planted.
  20. Kensington Runestone. The original text is transcribed to the Latin script, the message becomes quite easy to read for any modern Scandinavian. In other words: another forgery.
  21. Ahnenerbe. German Nazi garbage. Ahnenerbe’s goal was to research the anthropological and cultural history of the Aryan race. They “missed” the fact that the Nazi Germans must have replaced the original successful Europeans 4000 years earlier already!
  22. Stone spheres of Costa Rica. The people who made them disappeared. This is a “lovely” planet isn’t it?
  23. List of largest monoliths in the world. My take, Marty: history isn’t ethically recorded or was altered to conceal how these stones were moved.
  24. Jack the Ripper. Bet he had a German-controlled case officer and ear implants.
  25. Empusa. Like a vampire. Made up by an insane medical mind, if you ask me.
  26. Marree Man. Environmental vandalism that is being blamed on the USA concealing that German secret service has the final saying over everything and each ear implant and any action.
  27. Vela Incident. There is uncertainty as to the true nature of the flash though it is widely believed to have been the result of a  nuclear explosion. Wikipedia never finds things out for sure.
  28. 1958 Tybee Island mid-air collision. I bet this was deliberate and secretly German ordered and organized.
  29. Blue Peacock. The Germans conduct evil activities in any land and then they ask others to protect them from any possible anger coming from where the Germans messed around. (Store a number of ten-kiloton nuclear mines in Germany, to be placed on the North German Plain in the event of Soviet invasion.)
  30. Person from Porlock. Literary allusions to unwanted intruders. (Actually, silent sounds in the minds of a writer would have a similar effect of disrupted creativity.)
  31. Mojave phone booth. I haven’t seen a phone booth in a long time. Seems they were pretty all removed.  When I came to the USA I found it funny but also helpful that one could call an American phone b00th. In Germany one could not call a paid phone. They were yellow closed glass container at each 3rd street corner, and they all smelled bad (smoke and booze) and were extremely hot in summer.
  32. Prometheus (tree). I don’t believe that the tree was not deliberately chopped down. Making America less attractive to international tourists is for sure a German secret service program.
  33. Humanzee. This is typical German, Nazi, doctors. I bet their doctors made all kinds of secret experiences between human and animals and not all of these unfortunate creatures died immediately.
  34. Pit of despair. After 30 days, the “total isolates,” as they were called, were found to be “enormously disturbed.” Typically p$ychs, isn’t it? And they do not just lock up animals but even good people.
  35. Impostor.  This is all Wikipiggy has about impostors. They are clueless or their German-oriented, psych-controlled case officers doesn’t let them write about how Germany uses doppelganger to impostor people in politics or otherwise. Did you notice that Wikipiggist position impostors with hoaxes? So many people contribute to Wikipedia articles and they haven’t even noticed that Navy seals shot Bin Laden’s doppelganger but not the real Bin Laden. It is so easy to see! But no word about it in Wikipedia’s impostor article. Blind fools.
  36. This is not on any top Wikipiggy article list. It is about hypnosis and does not reveal that terrorists and other criminals are created by psychs and “neuro-scientists” with implants and  hypnosis that is activated by a case officer calling the implanted person’s ear implant codes. The Wikipedia editors and admins rather are trying to manipulate readers into that this kind of hypnosis doesn’t really work. (See the crap that they are writing under militarily applications in that article.) They are so clueless that it hurts. No wonder they didn’t figure me out.

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  1. Read this:

    Wikipediocracy moderator Eric Barbour explains: “Wikipedia is a chaotic place, notorious for its abuse of outsiders and intolerance of open criticism. Wikipediocracy will shine a light on its flaws and hopefully allow the Internet-using public to read its articles with an appropriately critical eye. The site will also serve as a meeting place for those concerned about Wikipedia’s editorial failings, such as skewed and defamatory biographies and unfiltered pornographic content.”


    June 10, 2013 at 2:39 am

  2. (CBS News) CBS News has uncovered documents that show the State Department may have covered up allegations of illegal and inappropriate behavior within their ranks.

    The Diplomatic Security Service, or the DSS, is the State Department’s security force, charged with protecting the secretary of state and U.S. ambassadors overseas and with investigating any cases of misconduct on the part of the 70,000 State Department employees worldwide


    June 10, 2013 at 8:05 am

  3. There is the rule “no original research,” which means that Wikipedia doesn’t care if you are writing about the subway station you visit every day, just find someone who has written on the walls there, and for Wikipedia, this is true and good information.

    Sandta Owens

    June 24, 2013 at 11:45 pm

  4. Very off topic but have look at this:

    The U.S. National Institutes of Health said on Wednesday it is reducing the number of chimpanzees it uses in biomedical research and will retire most of them to sanctuaries…

    What did they use them for?

    Uncle Chester

    June 26, 2013 at 5:36 am

    • I thought they released them right into the society. I met quite some of them. Some wear even suits and hold high positions or were doctors.

      Considering that the medical industry and branch found no real solutions to the health and longevity of people, those chimps were tortured for nothing else but to make big pharma business.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 26, 2013 at 2:55 pm

  5. What is a CIA name file? Each name file is a collection of diverse information on an individual. Documents in the file may include published materials, declassified documents available elsewhere, interrogations, confidential reports from agents or informants, internal communications about these individuals, and CIA analytical reports. In some cases CIA records contain documents originating with other American agencies, but the CIA file is not a complete collection of all American records (or even all CIA records) on the individual. Although the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was a predecessor of the CIA, CIA name files often do not contain relevant OSS records, many of which are among the holdings of the National Archives.

    Loyd Ball

    June 28, 2013 at 11:49 am

  6. Wikipedia says:

    Dear Wikipedia readers: We are the small non-profit that runs the #5 website in the world. We have only 150 staff but serve 450 million users, and have costs like any other top site: servers, power, rent, programs, and staff. Wikipedia is something special. It is like a library or a public park. It is like a temple for the mind, a place we can all go to think and learn. To protect our independence, we’ll never run ads. We take no government funds. We run on donations averaging about $30. If everyone reading this gave $3, our fundraiser would be done within an hour. If Wikipedia is useful to you, take one minute to keep it online another year. Please help us forget fundraising and get back to Wikipedia. Thank you.


    July 1, 2013 at 1:44 am

    • Ads or not: Wikpedia is not independent from ear-implants. No truth ever enters Wikipedia if not approved by those who running the editors and the admins through their ear implants.

      I received information that Jim Wales himself banned my IP no. so that I can’t provide any correct data concerning my own life and activities.

      It is not a “temple” for the mind, no “place to go and think” unless Jim Wales thinks he is God. If God would speak through him, he would be a lot smarter and more just.

      What would save mankind from the greedy hands of German medical secret services is not on Wikipedia. What you read on Wikipedia is controlled information but not true information. It will NOT safe the world. Unfortunately, it does not make people smarter.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 1, 2013 at 6:24 am

  7. John Travolta on Scientology:

    Scientology has had so much negative press. Why?

    Well, you know, I love Scientology. I’ve been involved for 38 years, and I don’t think I’d be here without it because I’ve had a lot of losses and different negative things that have happened over the years and it really got me through brilliantly. I would walk in to a session feeling one way and walk out feeling a lot better.

    You were raised a Catholic. What is it that Scientology gives you that Catholicism couldn’t?

    There are techniques for actually ridding you of stresses and pain as opposed to an advisory or recommendation on how to live. I believe L Ron Hubbard resolved the human mind, and in resolving it he has also resolved human pain – that’s what I really think has happened here.


    July 4, 2013 at 3:12 am

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