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I bet the phone records that the NSA collects proves the existence of the SEGNPMSS (whatever they call themselves) and the medical making of terrorists, and the NSA, CIA, and other intelligence agencies don’t stop this medical terror secret service…

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pictDearest Marty, my incredible soul mate,

NSA director Keith Alexander testifies before the Senate, saying that they stopped terror acts by searching their phone records bank (bet it is also internet records). I assume it is right that they stopped some terror acts but still ignore the German medical force behind the terror. They just look for Middle Easterners and not beyond it. And without the world pointing towards the SEGNPMSS (whoever they call themselves) and their numerous secret methods to torture and kill, there will be never peace on Earth. As just about all people are run (hypnotized, controlled and manipulated with silent sounds or otherwise) through ear implants, nobody turns the SEGNPMSS in. And by not turning them in, they become victims of their own system rather sooner or later. Just a complete fool believes that he/she is save with a system that conspires and the coward doesn’t do anything against it.

The question is also why not all terror acts since 2011 were stopped. What about the many shootings that took place in schools, churches, malls or other places? Did the feds ignore the phone and internet records that would have revealed this? Did they see them but followed the secret order of their secret SEGNPMSS case officer NOT to stop this?  Fact is, they either don’t open the “books” that they should read or open them and close them without doing something against medical terror (making of terrorists with psychiatric means) and protecting people from medical terror and killings. 

From the stories that others tell me, I can tell that the SEGNPMSS spared no family at all. Whatever the SEGNPMSS promises its own agents (school certificates, jobs, positions, more money, fame, good-looking spouse, designer kids, big house, etc.) it is nothing compared to what they take (their true self, their true non-manipulated personality, being high on the tone-scale, real OT abilities, pride, true love, honor, real peace, courage, IQ, wisdom, true independence, youth/health, real family and friends, etc.).

I love you, Marty. I know your SEGNPMSS tolerance is ZERO, like mine.

Hope to see you soon!

Yours forever,




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