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Scientologists are not at war – but former and current infiltrators are

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Dearest Marty, most precious Prince in the Universe,

How are you?

I can’t even imagine how it feels being having your personality taken over by Mosey’s husband, supported by this international conspiracy (including DM and the Miscavologists) against us that makes people believe and repeat that Mosey’s husband is you, the first Inspector General for Ethics in Scientology, a person with a very different character and past than Mosey’s husband’s.

I saw the Roast Beef Productions that aired on ITV4 UK yesterday. Roast Beef Production sounds even worse than Squirrel Busters!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I noticed that Mosey’s husband smiled on most photos taken of him in the Sea Org, but he really is keyed in now. (Also more keyed in than when he gave the St. Petersburg interview.)  Guess being an impostor and having to count with being held legally responsible for that, takes a toll on anyone. Maybe he is also missing the Sea Org and a strong 3rd and 4th D. Without DM and other infiltrators, it would be a wonderful place of actions, accomplishments, liveliness and friendships. Many of these alleged “Indies” seem rather lonely compared to before. They meet once in a while but they have no real strong 3rd or 4th D going.

Maybe his new spiritual way (mixing all kinds of practices) doesn’t work so well after all, otherwise he would be happier. And he can’t blame his unhappiness on the Squirrel Busters alone, as he got rid of them quite a while ago. On film, he sees his wife and his dog. It is one of the few occasions, where his face lit up. Instead of saying to the reporter: “There is my wife and my dog”, he just mentioned the name of his dog with a smile. You would notice me first, then the dog. 

The reason, in my opinion, why Mosey’s husband is keyed in is most certainly has nothing to do with DM, infiltrated orgs, OSA or the Squirrel Busters, but that he might be convicted of being your impostor. 

Wonder how many books he sold and if he can live from that money. He seems lately doing nothing but promoting his books on his blog. If those people behind the over 8 million people who hit on his blog would see him and his opinions favorably, he would be a millionaire already having sold books to all of them. If Mosey has to work (making beds for people or carrying furniture?) his books can’t be that successful. Although, he misrepresented to all these people who hit on his blog that he is you, which is serious impostor-business.     

It seems to me that after he started to mix more and more practices with SCN, quite some of his supporters and comment posters wandered off. By saying that he is no Scientologist (he finally says some truth)  he slams a door shut for most people who would consider him as an alternative to DM. In other words, Tony Ortega is completely wrong thinking that Mosey’s husband is an alternative to DM for Scientologists because they want pure Scientology not Mosey’s husband’s mixture of who knows what.   

The Squirrel Busters are a complete overt product by David Miscavige and other infiltrators. Mosey says on tape that she doesn’t understand what is so interesting about her husband and herself for those who are watching them. Is she really so clueless? A German secret service wants bad PR against Scientology by having former and current infiltrators of SCN attacking each other and lying to the media that they are Scientologists so that Scientology is smeared in the media and avoided by the public! I know how Germany work. Their secret services INVENTED not just dirty tricks but just about anything else rotten under the sun.

Whoever came up with the Squirrel Busters (including their T-shirts to identify themselves as harassers by infiltrated orgs) played right into the hands of Mosey’s husband and German secret services. John Allender and that woman under the umbrella were those who make the worst impressions. That harassing woman (don’t know her name and don’t want to have anything to do with people like her) sounds like somebody who scratches constantly with her fingernails down a blackboard. I got headache just listen to her voice. I can’t blame neighbors having turned on their sprinklers to make that stop. Squirrel Busters gained nothing but bad PR for Scientology. Even one of the moderate once of the Squirrel Busters is no Scientologist. He said that LRH would turn around in his grave. In his grave? We Scientologists believe that we are spiritual beings who leave their bodies before they are buried! Squirrel Busters were most definitive a program of infiltrated OSA and no Scientologists AT ALL. 1.1 tonelevels everywhere!

After the German secret service program, more objection by people against Scientology through the Squirrel Busters and a town rallying for impostor Mosey’s husband was fulfilled, infiltrated OSA changes its strategy by suddenly becoming super-secret and even covering windows up to watch Mosey’s husband instead of letting the authorities take care of him for being your impostor. (Which Miscavology will not do as David Miscavige is Mosey’s husband’s co-conspirator on this subject and heavily involved himself in supporting the founder’s impostor and your impostor.) So, they come up with programs Squirrel Busters, which are so unintelligent that a real Scientologist would never have come up with.

Mosey says in this program that she is afraid of being kidnapped. According to my experience, people who are helping Germany,  and one or more of their impostors are not being kidnapped. Real Scientologists as us, Marty, were kidnapped, but I am very sure that Mosey supporting your impostor is not remotely in danger of being kidnapped by anyone as we live in a German-controlled world. 

They “met” on! What real Scientologist looks on for a non-Scientologist wife, considering that there was already a “Freezone” with female Scientologists that didn’t think highly of DM? Here is the answer: Mosey’s husband was ALWAYS a wog. (Pardon my Jack-Vistaril-French.)  

Ron, you, and I never behaved like David Miscavige or Mosey’s husband, but these agents make the public believe that being rotten is a part of Scientology, despite it is the opposite. They ignore ethics completely and mistook and mistake it for penalties. Nuts! Mosey’s husband says didn’t think twice about his behavior under DM. Yikes! How is that even possible? You and me were on staff and in the Sea Org, and we constantly consulted our conscience and acted ethically. You didn’t harass the IRS. If it really did happen, most certainly after you disappeared without a trace. But you are getting the SEGNPMSS message in this statement: it should mislead people to think we Scientologists are like Mosey’s husband or DM or other infiltrators.

It is easy to figure out what the IRS granted the non-profit status to the C of S. The Sea Org reserves are in Europe. Germany is the secret leader and works full steam to become the official leader of Europe (over my dead body)! Germany become richer if the orgs don’t pay taxes to the United States! Germany wants to rip the Sea Org Reserves off. 

The Beef reporters state that Mosey’s husband is a college drop out. They basically are trying to say that half-educated people join Scientology, intelligent people with college degrees don’t. The funny thing is that all these people with college and university degrees failed miserable to differentiate between originals and impostors or to figure out what a role medical-oriented  and German-controlled secret services really play in overtaking and destroying Scientology, the USA and actually the entire world. Besides, what is a college degree worth that was archived by an ear implant carrier who was told what to write and say in exams to pass it? If this wouldn’t be the case, the planet would be in a much better condition, and people would be a lot smarter and would have discovered a long time ago what and who is bringing this planet down.

The  Roast Beef Productions shows photos of Mosey’s husband and of you and they are unable to differentiate. Good grief. No intelligent life in sight. This also includes Tony Ortega who wastes 17 years of his life away by not writing the truth about Scientology.

Mosey’s husband (who worked very officially for Germany, a country who has not yet a peace contract with the USA, against original Scientology, originally a true American religion) say that David Miscavige is “ruthlessly loyal to Hubbard”, when in fact DM and also the Independents (yeah right, for sure not SEGNPMSS-independent) just glorify Ron’s impostor (“Jack Vistaril”) and deny the real Ron and founder of SCN and his family all human rights there are.

Roast Beef Productions publishes a dramatization of SEGNPMSS-altered OT III and nobody gets it that under the founder, OTIII data were not secret.  German secret services made them secret using Ron’s impostor and others so that they can alter and ridiculous scientific data behind closed doors.

And check out what Mosey’s husband says about imprisonment: “I am not the type to be in prison and not going to be imprisoned.”  (He said it in regards to DM’s screwball RPF methods.) But nevertheless, when Mosey’s husband would be incarcerated for impostering you before the entire world, how would be prevent it? Suicide by poison like the Nazis  of the country that he supports  (Germany) or hiding in Mexico or some other state?

I love you, Marty, so very much. If those who conspire against us would be Scientologists, they would know that the truth will come out and not commit what they are committing. If Mosey’s husband would have been an ethical Scientologist, he could have been a brother to the both of us, but by conspiring against us and impostoring, he can’t expect our love.

Church of Miscavology says that Mosey’s husband was never a member of the ecclesiastical leadership. What they basically are saying (but not clearly as they should) that Mosey’s husband is your impostor and that is why he was never a true part of Scientology. I can figure out those hidden messages. 

Many kisses and forever yours.


If you should watch this tape, check Karen de la Carriere’s desk out! What a mess! Speak about a confusion. That is what I call disorderly conduct!



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  1. I should add that Mosey said that he told her in their first phone call that there are rumors about his death online, (which I always encountered as false as I never felt you being dead) but which means that he also read my many postings searching you desperately, Marty, and he didn’t had the decency to tell me about your whereabouts and he continued to impostor you.

    How could he not have seen those? For many years, I was the only one posting about you, the original Marty Rathbun. I am sure Mosey read these postings too and knows exactly that her husband isn’t you, the original Marty. But also she doesn’t has the decency to inform about your whereabouts. What kind of “people” are those two?

    The death rumors were for certain started by German secret forces to make me believe that you are dead. There are some who say that Mosey’s husband never would have become an opinion leader, if I wouldn’t have made that name famous through my postings trying to find you and saying that I love you.

    For all I care, Mosey’s husband can go directly to hell where he belongs. He stomps on our hearts, doesn’t mind if we die on broken hearts and that we never see each other again. He treats us as he does not want to be treated himself. He has no human compassion for us, why should we for him?

    Barbara Schwarz

    June 18, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    • Barbara, spot on!!!!

      best regards,


      June 19, 2013 at 4:14 pm

  2. Name of the female Squirrel Buster is Joanne Wheaton. She is a Miscavige nut. Their harassing behavior antagonized the neighbors and the city and was used against Scientology.

    Sharp thinking: “What real Scientologist looks on for a non-Scientologist wife, considering that there was already a “Freezone” with female Scientologists that didn’t think highly of DM?”

    Plenty of female Scientologists and auditors in the Freezone – established in the wild 80s – but got no psych daughter with a medical profession!


    June 19, 2013 at 3:43 am

  3. C of S continues to hold its fort while the Indies are fighting. There is Milestone Two, a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, founded by 11 people. Monique’s husband fell apparently out of favor and is becoming a very lonely man writing bitter books. And Karen de la Carriere never wants to be part of organized religion.

    Female Scientologist

    June 20, 2013 at 1:58 pm

    • Well, Mosey’s husband moved away from Scientology and that costs him the support of MOST who know that Scientology is working. He will get less and less people to audit until his “source” of supporters dries up. Don’t know who these 11 people are but guess they are more interested in Scientology than Mosey’s husband’s version of everything. However, they failed to state the fact that Mosey’s husband is an impostor, and that Jack Vistaril was that of Ron and that is why they won’t get my support.

      I strongly assume that Karen doesn’t want to be a part of organized religion as she doesn’t know how to organize her own desk. Why does organized religion have to be bad? Because it is more than a bunch of unorganized people fighting?

      Religion is not the problem. Organisation is not the problem. Suppression and out-ethics is the problem.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 20, 2013 at 2:55 pm

  4. Thanks for this info:
    “They rather blame Ron, the founder of what the doppelganger did. Mosey’s husband being a doppelganger himself, will do anything but shedding light of that a secret service lookalike altered Ron’s work and caused a questionable reputation for him because Mosey’s husband does pretty much the same to you by impostering you. DM received Scientology from the impostor, which means, he will not blow the whistle either because he is afraid that he will not more be the top man if it becomes known that he received Scientology from an impostor and not the real Ron.

    Christa I. Mcintyre

    June 28, 2013 at 12:09 am

  5. Vatican Accountant Smuggles $26 Million in Private Jet With Ex-Italian Spy! Listen also to the video. Catholic Bishops have too much money and who know where it came from!!

    News for ya

    June 28, 2013 at 2:04 am

    • I remember having read that Pope Benedict (the German) made a German in charge of that bank. Typical.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 28, 2013 at 6:40 am

  6. Blog-Marty in Bulvedere is into Tao now. What do you make of this?


    July 1, 2013 at 12:30 am

    • 1) Mosey’s husband isn’t giving the appropriate credit to Ron’s (real Scientology founder) last and former lifetime accomplishments. Those who really know Ron know that this lifetime is not the first in which he actively addressed mankind with teachings on how to better itself. (I mean this in regards that Mosey’s husband acts as if Ron mainly has “borrowed” from others!)

      2) The Tao-te Ching was a philosophical script and taught about good government and bettering the moral behavior. How does Mosey’s husband better the government and also moral behavior? He does nothing of this kind. The opposite, he is impostoring the original Marty in Scientology and misleading millions of people that he is him.

      3) Actually, it is being said that the Taoist teacher was a man named Lao-Tzu, born 551 BCE. He grew tired of people who failed to pay attention to his teachings. He was surrounded by relentless warfare, human suffering, and an unresponsive government and decided he would leave human society and become a hermit and he never appeared in human society again.

      If I wouldn’t know a 100% that I never was a man on all my timetrack (thetan has no gender but originally when started the game taking a body, it decided to take a male or female body and identified with this gender) I’d say, I’m Lao-Tzu, as I am exactly were he is: I have no intention to pick ever a new body. Hypnotized people who worship their ear implants are not my kind of humans. Governments who treat my kind like 2nd class citizens may go down. They are not my species. They are not my kind. We have nothing in common. It is like being Bambi among coyotes.

      And if I can’t find my kind, and if my kind can’t live in peace and his kidnapped and tortured, if I don’t find a society that is worth living in as better than remote-controlled idiots, I rather never take a new body once this here is no good anymore. A pure spiritual existence is a lot better than being conspired against by a mentally retarded planet of people who are having no human compassion.

      A Scientologist in Munich once told me that getting a human body (being born again) isn’t that easy as there are a lot more thetans than baby bodies.

      My problem is not getting no body for a future. My main concern is avoiding all SEGNPMSS traps that could prevent me staying without body in future. (For example, getting sick and being implanted in a coma to pick up a new body after death of this one so that they can do the same or similar things to me as they did this lifetime.) I am so tired of worthless people that I really don’t want to rub shoulders with them anymore. And this is the absolute truth!

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 1, 2013 at 3:03 am

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