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Body thetans seen as bacteria (living creatures, in other words, thetans too) make a hell of a lot sense!

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Despite so many people are saying that they think for themselves, they don’t figure the obvious. 

There could be very well thetans clustered together with others and not themselves. However, as far as I am concerned, I feel very much like just myself, except when SEGNPMSS case officers are sending me silent sounds to interrupt me and to make me do a mistake. But I know that they are nothing but geeks with modern technology who have no respect of human rights, but they are not some part of me, the thetan. 

Ron discovered that life is basically a static. As you know, in the beginning, there was no physical universe, nothing but this static. Just like God wasn’t created, this static wasn’t created. It was always there, unless God created himself (ifself) earlier on. Anyway, static has no mass (orbs are thetans with a theta body that has a bit mass but originally, no thetan had a theta body), no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time but it has the ability to postulate and to perceive. (Nobody but Ron figured this.) Then the static wanted to play games. The physical universe and human bodies were created. The static assumed lots of viewpoints (as thetans) and took human bodies and started playing games in the physical universe .

Then some of these thetans got instantly bad and played unfair by doing others in without listening to reasons. The universe is another creation, which expanded, likely because the original universe was blown up several times  by thetans gone bad. It was once allegedly dense and much smaller and then splintered into many parts and a large area. If the universe still expands, some still might blow it up and are making smaller planets out of bigger planets by detonating them. The “big bang” likely blew up an already existing more denser and smaller universe but it did not create thetans or spiritual beings or anything else that is perfect.   

I am convinced that animal bodies or germ bodies were not in the original godly plan, Marty. I can’t imagine any originally non-abberated  thetan wanting to become a bug or a donkey or whatever. Or that the God who we know offered animal bodies to thetans or forcing them to take them. God wouldn’t do this. Those thetans who got instantly bad messed around with the creation, and made experiences with the DNA of the human body, followed also by evolution, e.g. things that adjusted after timetrack “scientists” messed around with it. Who are those known to do experiments on minds and bodies? Doctors and psychs. I assume they called themselves something else on the timetrack, but they are the snakes that still mess around with others (body, mind, thetan) and don’t grant humans their rights. They want their rights granted but don’t grant them to others.

People with small minds can’t imagine that there were other civilizations on this or other planets. Or they are afraid of it and that is why they are trying to make it look ridiculous. It is so much easier to think that one stops to exist or that Jesus forgives each atrocities. (Both events will not happen, for sure.)

The God who I know, is one who didn’t mess up. That part of the static who didn’t get bad as those with the snake characters. Most religious people believe that God created animals. I don’t. While I am sure that he created the physical universe, plants, and the human bodies,  I am also sure that he didn’t create animal bodies as he loves thetans as equals.  People seem to know this basically. The word “dog” is the word God turned around.  Means that God’s creation was used by “scientists” to derive lower lifeforms and to make thetans take it and become dogs (or other animals including bacteria) instead humans.

 Which does not mean that animals should have no rights. In other words: thetans in animal bodies should be recovered and educated so that they, when brought up high enough, can choose to have a human body. Again, there was no higher and lower static in the beginning. There was just one static.

It is not fair to the thetan who was once implanted by “scientists” into an animal body never to get a chance to be a human. On the other side: I don’t mind  those “scientists” who do that to other thetans (implanting them into animal or germ bodies) getting a taste of their own medicine. If I should learn that some gruesome doctor who made horrible experiments was implanted by others into an animal or germ body, you won’t see me in tears. They sure ask for it.

And there is OT III. It was of course altered by the German-originated and controlled infiltration of Scientology and Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril”. However, I still can read between the lines and conclude what it really meant. Here, I am just writing about a part of it.

Besides any thetans still in clusters with others, the “body thetans”, which are so ridiculed all over the net by people who are completely clueless about original Scientology, are germs. Even today’s science says that germs are every where, on and in the body. They are saying that the body has approximately 50,000 bacteria per square inch. Disgusting, isn’t it?  They also are saying that the human body needs bacteria, which I think it a load of bull. They say that the “good” bacteria keeps the “bad” bacteria in check.

I rather think that the solution is to make the bad bacteria go away, so that we don’t need the “good bacteria” anymore. I doubt that there is any good bacteria because with radio frequencies, secret services can turn the “good” bacteria in bad bacteria, and there comes disease and dying.. I wouldn’t swallow an  acidophilus (billions of bacteria), it doesn’t matter how friendly they allegedly are, Marty.

Medical websites state that the number of bacterial cells in the body is commonly estimated at 10 times the number of human cells. Again, bacteria are animals. So, when saying that a person is invaded by other beings, OT III makes absolutely no false claim. That they are called “body thetans” gives a hint that Ron meant rather those thetans who are in and at the body. (Germs.) Although I don’t say that there are no bodyless thetans who were not clustered together and still are clustered together. I just know that I am myself. Past life “scientists” (psychs) made of course also all kind of spiritual experiments with thetans. Using methods to split them into pieces or implant them into clusters is right down their ally.

Are those thetans aliens? Who cares considering that just about anyone on this planet lived once on some other planet! It is sort of like with the United States. Most immigrated here, and just a few were natives, and even they arrived here from somewhere earlier. Aliens or not, all are thetans and therefore very familiar. 

In regards to germs, everyone knows that they are here and cause us pain, disease, and death.  However, ancient bacteria on other planets exist, simply because implanting thetans in low lifeforms is not new and something  timetrack “scientists” did for a very long time. I am sure it happened not long after the creation of the physical universe and the creation of the human bodies. Snakes (doctors) constantly stole human DNA on the timetrack (just as they do now) and made their experiments with it and trapped thetans by implanting them into these lifeforms. . They simply alter the reality of thetans. If it is not the reality of somebody anymore to reincarnate as human being, it will not come back as humans but as animal (whatever it was implanted to become, from elephant to germ.)

I wouldn’t want ever to marry one who was a past life dog or an ape. Looking around tells me that the SEGNPMSS also sometimes implants thetans (who were a long time animals) back into human bodies to cause pain as these people have not learned to be human just as the SEGNPMSS hard core did not. What I am saying is that the thetan needs rights. I picked you as you are anything but an animal, Marty. You are my kind of thetan. So special and so rare. 

Not sure what happens during C of S OT III auditing these days, but fact is that germs have awareness. They are small animals. In another words: they could be reached by an auditor. Making those beings (who think they can be no more than germs) aware that they can be more and make them leave one’s body is a good idea, except that these germs are actively bred and are programmed by the SEGNPMSS to stay and attack the human body and make it sick. Those secret germ codes must be published and anti-codes must be written so that they can be effectively audited away from human bodies. 

Here are articles how germs are put to work. Here they are allegedly used positively. But they can and are used negatively too by attacking the human body.

Sweating them out in a sauna is a good idea, but the problem is as they are in the food, water, and air that we are drinking, and we are getting them right back. 

Nothing untrue, nothing ridiculous, but necessary knowledge for the human race.

I love you, my bright husband. I am so sure that our realities are very “compatible”. However, nobody from the Miscavologists,  “Freezone” or the “Independents” seem to be able to figure it out. If one enters Scientology on secret orders to infiltrate it, one apparently doesn’t think much outside the box. Even those who think that they think outside the box are still thinking inside the box. They are “integrating, evolving, and transcending” from one box in the other one. I pity anyone who hasn’t realized that Scientology (despite altered) still contains most of the truth on this planet, and somebody smart can figure out what data were taken out of Scientology by secret service doctors and WHY.  

Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,


P.S. This music is really great but the lyrics, well, let’s say, I am glad not having such a relationship. As far as the voice is concerned, I would say, somebody has a female timetrack. But again, the music is special:

I also like this song a lot except that a little bit and alltogether can be very well explained, and there is indeed truth only few have seen.  

Life as we know it on this planet sure is a little bit of everything: the creation, the medical experiments, and the evolution. There was not just one of these three things. All three happened.

Can’t wait to see you, Marty, and talk to you about Everything and ALL.



6 Responses

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  1. You’re saying that animals are beings that were degraded/disabled by some form of mind-control during history?


    June 24, 2013 at 12:04 am

    • Exactly.

      All life is part of the original static, which always existed (read the Scientology axioms). Originally, I bet the farm on it that nobody of the static wanted ever to be anything else than a very able human, if it wanted to play a game in the physical universe.

      Human bodies (a creation) were messed with and thetans were tricked into these bodies and animals came to be.

      Many people think that humans evolved from animals. I think that human bodies were first and that some of those thetans with human bodies turned bad (committed OWs or in other words: sins) and started experiments on human DNA and that lower lifeform bodies resulted from that.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 24, 2013 at 12:40 am

  2. Orbs react to approach and music, etc. just like people because orbs are thetans with theta bodies. The theta body gives them a location in space and time but they don’t need one.

    Gregorio Fletcher

    July 6, 2013 at 5:44 am

  3. Body thetans are nothing more than normal disembodied thetans that stick to a human body in a cluster.

    Alberto H. Mason

    July 8, 2013 at 3:32 am

    • Says who? David Miscavige? “Jack Vistaril” upon German secret service orders? Scientology isn’t just altered by outside “squirrels” but also by the “squirrels” who infiltrated on the inside.

      “Normal” disembodied thetans? According to OT III, these events were not “normal” but very violent.

      There is more to body thetans.

      Here is what can influence a thetan who has a human body, those 7 Billions on this planet for example. That is:

      1) Medical p$ych terrorists sending silent sounds into the ear- and body implants or torturing people with microwaves. It is not just me claiming this but a couple of others too and they often never were connected to Scientology. These p$ych terrorists also altered the personality of people and bring out the worst in them.
      2) Germs, they are living creatures (thetans too what else?) and they cause horrible pains and infections and can kill. Pretty much all people die on it at the end. They stick to a human body, and it is extremely hard to get rid of them.
      3) Disembodied thetans without bodies who try to “blanket” a thetan with a human body. If such a thetan is evil, one can feel this downtoneness. It happened to me in old German attics and basements were they hang out. Little children suddenly cry for no apparent reason and animals like dogs and cats don’t want to go in this area where these downtone thetans hang out.
      4) Thetans that were clustered together with others a long time ago. For me 3) and 4) are the least of my problems. 1) and 2) are real present life problems for all people. And original Scientology had solutions for all of these problems. But doctors don’t like the solutions because they don’t make cash of people are healthy.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 8, 2013 at 10:35 am

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