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As I said before: Miscaviges are no Scientologists

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate, how are you?

You’ll agree with me. A person who takes drugs is not a Scientologist. Wasn’t Ron (the founder) clear enough in regards what drugs do to the body and mind? Why did he develop a drug rundown (even for former lifetimes) if drugs don’t screw thetans up? Besides, I bet all gold in the universe that drugs and not an apple brought the paradise down. (I am saying that there was once a civilization that was great for all but destroyed because those with snaky characters tempted the weak and stupid to use drugs instead getting the kick out of being the best they can be without drugs.)

The media reported that they arrested Denise Gentile, the twin sister of David Miscavige  with marijuana possession, DUI, and failure to yield. Miscavige scandals never seem to stop because that suits the German Secret Services. They don’t want him to step down but instead Scientology constantly riddled with scandals. 

Miscavige senior, DM’s father hides behinds others and uses their names when stopped by police. How unethical.

One really has to wonder about the media too. Are they really so blind not seeing that Scientology is taken over by non-Scientologists to destroy Scientology? That includes David Miscavige who promoted so many unethical people (infiltrators) to the highest executive positions who use their former position as “expertise platform” to attack Scientology overtly and covertly to bring it down.  Miscavige created a culture of 1.1 to 1.5 and conceals doppelgangers/impostors in Scientology. He even conceals that the founder was impostored by an agent (“Jack Vistaril”). HOW ON EARTH IS DAVID MISCAVIGE A SCIENTOLOGIST?? What real Scientologist would do something like this?? 

I bet that the only reason why His Cobness claims to be a “Scientologist” is because his secret case officers (no Scientologists) helped him to this position. They had impostor “Jack Vistaril” write an affidavit and handed it to DM, the non-Scientologist. His niece Jenna grew up in DM’s version of “Scientology” and isn’t a Scientologist either. DM likes to play king and have all the saying and the cash in Scientology. That is why he took the job and paid himself over 50 Millions and additional luxury. Anyone can do what DM did just better. 

Opening  buildings (the kinds that are off policy as they doesn’t protect the body from falling apart as the real founder wanted) to impress Hollywood and to attract stupid people (who later attack our religion because DM can’t make them understand our religion as he doesn’t understand it himself) instead smart people  are no ethical products. DM thinks anyone belongs into the RPF but himself. And here lies the problem. He is the person who needs to get his own ethics and that of his family in most of all.

What a hypocrisy that Denise was an ethics officer for a while. How can anyone be an ethics officer who is out-ethics herself?? “Do as I say but not as I do” or ignoring all the out-ethics around her and causing more problems for Scientology?

It is typical in the sense of German secret services: they want DM to stay on the top because he and his family are so bad for Scientology. They don’t stop the media to find bad things on the Miscavige family, as for example Miscavige’s twin sister been involved with drug users and drug sellers for a long time. I learned that she is fighting the marijuana and DUI charges with the help attorney Jo Ann Palchak. She is a lawyer for  Zuckerman Spaeder. DM better don’t pay the attorney costs for his above the law sister from Scientology money.  I bet she claims being framed but really, Marty, people who cover up that the founder was impostored and you are impostored and wrongfully incarcerated have no good chance getting me to think that they are innocent.

Quite revealing is also that Mike Rinder has sympathy with DM’s unethical sister and says she was his first auditor. This explains a lot. How can somebody who hasn’t understood what drugs are doing to body, mind, and thetan be a real and good Scientology auditor?? Ron (original founder) said whenever the org create a bad auditor, they create an enemy of Scientology. Mike Rinder might not see himself this way but that is what he is by concealing that the founder was impostored by “Jack Vistaril” and by being the best friend to your impostor “Mosey’s husband” who finally admitted not being a Scientologist.

What else is the Miscavige family saying through their behavior? Their behavior is telling the world that neither Narconon nor Scientology is working. (And the entire unethical non-Scientologist Miscavige family is very wrong on that.) Instead of putting time, energy and Scientology money into keeping my blog down, DM should step down handle his own family. He never thinks how he and his family harm Scientology as he is no Scientologist. He just wants power and cash.

I’ve read conversations of Scientology hating people saying that they don’t want DM to step back as he is so bad for Scientology.

Here is more about ultimate hypocrisy, Marty. This time the EU parliament, Germany’s poodle. The German Magazine Spiegel (the first magazine that published photos of  impostor “Jack Vistaril” misleading readers that he is the founder of Scientology) claims that Edward Snowden leaked a document saying that a secret 2010 document alleges that the US spied on EU offices in New York and Washington. If they did, they did a LOUSY spy job, Marty, as they failed to report that German controlled secret services infiltrated the United States and other countries.  

Der Spiegel says the NSA – the agency spied on EU internal computer networks in Washington and at the 27-member bloc’s UN office in New York. What a hypocrisy considering that the SEGNPMSS (as German as dirty psychiatric institutions) infiltrated the USA and all other countries and installed mankind ear implants to control and run any one with those.

They do so much more than just spying!

I love you, Marty, my prince and husband. Wish I could be with you.

Yours forever,





7 Responses

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  1. Ron Miscavige senior is a musician but I never heard him play.

    Mylan Milan Milano

    June 30, 2013 at 9:05 am

  2. I doubt he can top this:

    or this one:

    or this:

    or this one:

    Caution: very sad lyrics but AWESOME blues!

    In any case, the Miscavige family does a lot more harm to the reputation and dissemination of Scientology than good.

    Barbara Schwarz

    June 30, 2013 at 10:18 am

  3. Berlin accuses Washington of cold war tactics over snooping

    News for ya

    June 30, 2013 at 11:09 am

    • Unbelievable hypocrisy, considering that the German secret services runs American officials thru ear implants. Guess this “whistle-blowing” by Snowden helps the Germans to make the world hate the USA some more.

      It is the same as in Scientology. Infiltrators (non-Scientologists) do what the SEGNPMSS orders and the world hates Scientology and is so dumb to think that those who attacking each other are Scientologists. The German secret service product: Scientology hated, ridiculed, and destroyed.

      The headline should be: Washington accuses Berlin of infiltrating the USA and other countries (not just spying!)

      America is really stupid by allowing this infiltration and not hitting back but watching how American’s reputation as great nation is getting destroyed. The German secret service product: the USA hated, ridiculed, and destroyed.

      Any alleged secret service analyst who doesn’t figure this out needs his incompetent butt kicked. Dumb traitors!

      Each German/European agent in the USA should know that everyone loses with the SEGNPMSS. And that includes each agent. I pity each person who isn’t able to see this.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 30, 2013 at 12:07 pm

  4. What is your take on Scientology and the Internet. Do you approve of censored speech?

    E.F. Smatz

    July 17, 2013 at 1:15 am

    • I don’t approve of censored speech, I don’t approve that David Miscavige hires services to keep my blog down, I don’t approve of Scientology haters trying to down my blog, I don’t approve of Scientology haters lying about Scientology and the founder.

      BBC wrote that founder L.Ron Hubbard left no instruction how to handle the Internet. Of course he did: he said that Scientologists have to be ethical, and true and religious in nature. Anyone who is not, is simply not a Scientologist and what the public sees on the Internet is not former Scientologists against current Scientologists but former infiltrator against current infiltrator.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 17, 2013 at 12:53 pm

  5. Hello, just wanted to mention, I loved this post.
    It was inspiring. Keep on posting!


    November 19, 2015 at 5:36 am

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