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I’m not losing my religion Scientology… and some words about Spain…

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Dearest Marty, my amazing prince and husband,

I am not losing my religion, just because Germany wants it, altered it from the inside (“Jack Vistaril”, David Miscavige, and current and former infiltrators) and attacks Scientology from the outside by former infiltrators and others and transmitting hatred and/or stupidity against Ron and original Scientology in people’s ear implants. However, I also want original Scientology, the anti-cult back – in all its glory – and the world to know the difference between the originals and the impostors.

Recently, I was asking myself a question about Spain more often. Nobody ever confirmed it, but I never could shake the thetan-basically-know-feeling that you were one of those 71 people who were arrested in Spain in November 1988 and that they did let anyone go except you. And this was the purpose of all those arrests. To get YOU, to stop YOU, Marty, the innocent. Spain is a German poodle. I bet anything I have that Spain does anything that Germany secretly order them to do. Germany is the ultimate land of cowards. One of their trademark is using other nationals and nations to do the dirt work they want have done. Even Hitler was from Austria. They picked an Austrian to lead the Nazis (those people who the German p$ychiatrists back then needed to do any experiment on them which the law didn’t allow before the Nazis), they pick Middle Easterners to attack Jews and Americans, and they picked Spain to arrest you, the innocent. And they are getting these orders through ear implants that are also used to manipulate their own agents not just with loud and with silent sounds. 


Germany (their run-infiltrators) removed everything that Ron said about the danger of these ear implants from Scientology, and DM is exactly the man who will not re-implement these findings. 

I believe that Germany, the worst country on the planet, filed a law suit against you, Marty, lying that you harmed me while I was in the Sea Org in L.A. Did I ever get a shred evidence on it? No, but it is not necessary as I really have OT abilities and I can sense all of that. Non-Scientologists would call me a psychic.  I believe you tried to reach me but got never a reply because none of your mail or that of any representative was ever delivered to me. The German run conspiracy prevented this. Finally, you decided that when you are in Europe the next time, you’ll stop in Germany and find me in person. And I would have LOVED to see you again, Marty. You would have told me of the case that Germany filed against you and I would have raised hell against Germany and sued the German government of conspiracy against you and me, Ron, and our religion Scientology.

Germany also has the guts to invite your impostor, Mosey’s husband, to Germany to speak against Scientology. It is unbelievable! Germany files a law suit against you behind my back but work officially together with your impostor together without raising an eyebrow? This is a normal operation for corrupt Germany! And the US DOJ, Eric Holder, and others in the USA and Spain just swallow this? What is their freaking problem with the truth


In order to prevent you being able to see me and the truth coming out and the case against you dismissed, they ordered Spain to arrest you on new fabricated charges that pertain only to Scientology. I wrote to the Spaniards years ago and asked if you were among those that they arrested, and the replies that I got were really suspicious. They ever admitted it but I sure sensed what was going on and that you were indeed arrested end of 1988 for having no crimes committed.

On the other side, Spain acknowledged Scientology as a religion. Why did they do that instead of drumming the German drum of lies that Scientology is none? Maybe they want me to think that they are not as bad as I think they are and didn’t arrest you, the innocent. Maybe they want to send the false message that they are no German poodles as acknowledging  Scientology as a religion is not exactly the official German policy. I think Spain goes through great lengths  covering up that the arrests of 1988 were only done to get you in their custody based on phony charges that they made up after the arrest just as district attorney Jürgen Keltsch did it with me.


As a fabricated charge, I guess the Spaniards lied that you were getting currency out of Spain to the USA. What a bad joke. German infiltrated Scientology organized all Scientology reserves to be in Europe and not the United States. How do I know? I WAS ON ALL THESE BOARD AS ONE OF THREE BOARD MEMBERS! Until Germany ordered secretly their infiltrators to kick me completely out of Scientology and have p$ychs come after me.  ( Fools! Idiots! Morons! Retards! I can read them like a book and anything they did or do is not making me lose my religion, ORIGINAL Scientology [Note that I said original Scientology] as original Scientology is the best thing on this planet and I bet in the entire universe.)  If Spain thinks that Spanish Scientologists paid too many donations to Scientology, they don’t have to look far: Germany are keeping the funds in Europe because when leading Europe officially (they run it unofficially since ever), they have all that money officially at their disposal! In other words: Spain’s beef should be with Germany.  

Also, you were the Inspector General for Ethics. You had nothing to do with finances. Your job was to make sure that Scientologists stay ethical. The absolute wrong man to arrest if one wants Scientologists be and stay ethical. One could say that this secretly German ordered Spanish arrest was done to make sure that Scientology and Scientologists do not stay ethical!

Besides, acknowledging Scientology as a religion as long as David Miscavige is in charge is sacrilegious. DM – just like is family members – is not a Scientologist. Growing up in Scientology or being introduced to it as child or teenager doesn’t mean that a person honestly studies and adopts truly its wisdom and applies it to his life. Besides, what real Scientologist allows the founder and you to be impostored by doppelgangers?? NONE. If Sue Wilhere really said that David Miscavige is Scientology, she must be completely out of her mind.


Anyway, I got the notion that your family got you extradited to the USA, but I know that not just Spain is a German poodle but the US government unfortunately too. I bet that the same officials that I addressed to inform me about your whereabouts lied to you, your family, and representatives not knowing of me to stop any testimony of your behalf.

And I asked my question: what if Spain (as the German poodle that they are) wants you back in their custody based on fabricated charges and despite that they recognized Scientology to be a religion?


Over my dead body, Marty. The thing is: even if my love for you should be just one-sided (with my OT abilities, I sense you feel as strongly about me as I do about you, but just in case:), I NEVER would allow you being incarcerated for what you never committed. An innocent person suffering for what he didn’t do is what I can’t and never will allow under any circumstances. I could not live with that. You can count on me, Marty. I will stand up for you because you deserve people like me who are telling the truth. And I would tell the truth even if not awarded anything for that. Feeling honorable (I don’t mean like a judge or official with ear implants), really honorable is an award most people having never tried to get.  

I know that many people justify their evilness. They invent something to justify why it is okay to conspire against you who is good: Schadenfreude! (German again!) He is an American, and America is bad… Oh, he was born rich, but I wasn’t. He deserves to be punished for this.  He is better looking than I am, so he deserves to suffer. He could get any woman he wants, I don’t, so to hell with him. Prison time is not so bad, and he still is alive… And if he gets killed inside, it wasn’t me who did it… My case officer told me to conspire against him, so I do it, no question asked… And so on…

I never will allow a person with such a mindset get away. These are the not good and worthless people who need to me urgently corrected as these people make the world bad. Actually, I don’t even want to live on a planet with people like this. They are a disgrace for the human race and they are really none of our kind. 


In a way, Marty, I really can read minds and personalities.  This is how I am.  Ron was like this. And I know you are like this too, Marty. It is much harder being us than being a conspirator as the SEGNPMSS is breathing down our necks but I NEVER WANT TO BECOME LIKE THEM AND I KNOW YOU NEITHER.   

I love you, my hero. I know that prison for you is even worse than for anyone else who ever was wrongfully behind bars because German secret service p$ychs order anyone around you trying to hurt you. I am telling you one thing: these people are nuts. By messing with us, they are messing with the right people because we won’t ever (as in all of eternity) let them get away with it.

Love forever and at your side.


Not Scientology, but this picture reminds me to our peaceful mindset, how we were and how we still are, Marty.  


Original Scientology was the home of the very curious and not the home of broken people who need mending

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Dearest Marty,  my heart throb,

The psychiatric defamation and infiltration machine against Scientology and good and real Scientologists  runs full speed. In the orgs, there are the psychiatric-run infiltrators who commit deliberately actions to bring Scientology down and outside there are psychiatric-run people who flank the infiltration by attacking what fellow partners in crime are doing on the inside and are blaming it on Scientology, and the stupid world falling for it. But they won’t win. Truth will come out despite their desperate actions to bury Scientology.

There is as good as no good media on Scientology anywhere (thanks, DM, you should have resigned yesterday and better never became the “leader” of Scientology) except the voices of a few people who mention their former lives as druggies or lives with other kind of problems that Scientology handled for them.

Yes, original Scientology can help anyone but what a difference original Scientology was.

I am saying that even those who are allegedly pro Scientology don’t do Scientology justice by saying: “Oh, Scientology helped me over my drug addiction.” or “Scientology helped me to handle my grief.” or “I have a successful career by applying Scientology.”  

I am not saying that Scientology can’t do this and didn’t do this, but where are the people like me and you? We came to Scientology as we wanted answers to the essential questions of life, and we got the answers. (Also reading between the lines where Scientology is altered.)  

Actually, I just meet a handful people who became Scientologists after Narconon did rehabilitate them. They really were rehabilitated, didn’t take drugs anymore but most returned to their lives without studying Scientology. I remember talking to a Scientologist in Munich who also noticed that not many people from Narconon ever became Scientologists. Seems that they were not interested in the most essential questions as much as we are. 

I miss you my darling.  So very much.

Lots of love,

Yours forever,



Visit me in that big old house, will you? 😉 I am a little lonely in that big old house!  Where are you?

I like that song but I don’t get what’s sweet about hell. Or maybe I do: Home sweet home is sweet hell. Sweet hell at home! Yes, I get that.


Or that one:

I like that Aussie music. As far as the text is concerned, I noticed that when the music is good, the lyrics are downtone. This is one way how the SEGNPMSS keeps mankind down. Bad or boring music when the lyrics are good, good music when the lyrics are rather describing a downtone lifestyle.

Anyway, this video however indicates that her psych can’t get through to her. Yeah right, if he ever truly want to help. Secret service psychs are the people who enjoy people living downtone lives and controlling music and the other arts too.

Anyway, Marty, I am a good woman to keep. 🙂

Would Tony Ortega or others not disconnect if a relative denies his/their rights to him/them? Should Scientologists put up with anything others do to them?

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Dearest Marty, my sweet prince, how are you?

When I was on staff in Scientology orgs, nobody disconnected. When one had a SP in her family, it was tough luck and one had to live with it. I constantly had to keep RB satisfied and in a good mood in order to progress in Scientology. When she had mood swings and attacked Scientology again after somebody fed a hostile press article to her or if I didn’t like the wallpapers that SHE decided have to go in MY hallway or if I (legally of age!) would refuse to go on vacation with her, hell broke lose, and me being able to progress in  Scientology ended (PTS A – PTC C to PTS 1),  and I had to start all over again. Nevertheless, even with this SP (a real one!) breathing down my neck, I progressed in Scientology. But it was very difficult.   

However, I also paid the price for not disconnecting.

As I had not disconnected, RB and her hired men knew where to find me and kidnapped me and I was hurt. As she  knew where to find me, she also woke me up in the middle of the night, marched in my bedroom, shook  me awake and tried to turn me into a Scientology hater like herself. How healthy can one stay if she isn’t allowed to sleep at night?  She also snooped in all my possessions trying to use them against me. I had no privacy and no freedom. I had huge wins applying real Scientology but RB made my life very painful.

All those hypocrite people who say that Scientologists may not disconnect for no reasons whatsoever should walk a day in my shoes. 

I remember talking to people who never had anything to do with Scientology. They were members of the big established churches or no church at all. Some told me that they are not in contact with some of their family members for a long time because they didn’t get along. Nobody protests against that and demands from them to be with such “family” members against their will. When they disconnect, it is perfectly okay. When a Scientologist disconnect, it is a big no no!

Scientology haters are such hypocrites!   

David Miscavige is no Scientologist and no OT. He can’t predict the future and causes Scientology more problems than anyone. A real Scientologist and a real OT would see it coming that infiltrators do not just disconnect as last resort but for small reasons that can be handled easily. Most people never experienced a real SP as RB was one. If I just would have had a “relative” that  joined the “Independents”, even as a member of their now dysfunctional “posse”, it would have been a child’s play for me to deal with that.

RB was a real SP and even used governments against me personally to get me under her insane and criminal control to make a Lutheran or Atheist out of me against my will. She wrote a letter to East Germany (when the wall was still up) that she wants me (legally of age) behind the iron curtain to force me to give up Scientology. The government of East Germany replied that they want me. And she paid kidnappers to get me there. 

As with the abortions, I am convinced that nobody in the orgs is directly ordered to abort or to disconnect, but that infiltrators and non-Scientologists indirectly suggest it to some and DM’s “no child in the Sea Org” invites this non-survival behavior. Real Scientologists will not abort but infiltrators and non-Scientologists (even non-Scientologists born into the orgs)  who don’t apply ethics, will go along with it.

Family was very important under the real founder Ron, became less important under impostor “Jack Vistaril” and even less important under His Cobness. DM is incapable of seeing the problems that come with his decisions. 

What brings Scientology down are the non-Scientologists in Scientology. Scientology needs real Scientologist leadership BADLY to survive.

Many kisses, my darling. I know that you made similar observations. Hope to see you soon.

I love you.

Yours forever,




Simultaneous impostor actions…

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Here is Ron, the real founder of original Dianetics and Scientology (not his impostor “Jack Vistaril”). The original Dianetics book looked also from the outside a lot different than it was altered later. Seems to me that anti-Scientologists  put the volcano on the cover  in order to stop people reading even the altered version, considering  OT III. If  most thetans made horrible experiences in volcanoes, why would they want to read a book that has  an overflowing volcano on the cover?  The volcano should restimulate people and  turn them away.  The picture above shows that Ron didn’t put the volcano  on the cover but those did who don’t want people reading it. (They don’t even want to read the psych-altered versions as the original was much better.) 

Dearest Marty, my hero and awesome Prince,

I am thinking of you. Always!

There are some who are pretty sure that policies, bulletins or tapes were altered or completely written by others but they can’t think so far that also material of the 50s or earlier was altered briefly after Ron published them. Didn’t they ever hear that the Germans are thorough? They steal and alter EVERYTHING to control the world. They didn’t just alter in the 70s or 80s or 90s, etc.

How do I figure what’s written by Ron (founder of Scientology) and what’s written by his impostor “Jack Vistaril” who impostored Ron most certainly already in the 50s and possibly already before? Well, I know him. I know what is out of character or not his writing style. I assume that you study his material the same way as I do, Marty: What is from him, and what was added or changed… However, I would prefer straight and original Dianetics and Scientology but with the SEGNPMSS having the control over this planet, original Scientology is just anymore in secret service compounds.

And for the remains of Scientology, they have His Cobness turning it even more into a cult than “Jack Vistaril” did and have him run  SCN into the ground and making people leave Scientology. Instead of getting original Scientology back, David Miscavige recruits the cult of unethical anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan  into Scientology to alter  Scientology the original anti-cult even more from what it originally was . As if Farrakhan and his people wouldn’t want to overtake Scientology or alternatively, bring otherwise down what is still left of Scientology! 

When the SEGNPMSS  decided to have Ron impostored there was no Internet. It was easy for the SEGNPMSS to conceal that the original Ron lectured at SaintHill or on another vessel or elsewhere while the impostor “lectured” at the same time on the Apollo. There were two Scientologies, that of the original founder, the anti-cult, and the cult that the German secret services formed with running the CIA and “Jack Vistaril”.  

Even today with the Internet, the Germans can’t stop impostoring good originals. They impostor you and mislead the world thinking your impostor would be YOU or they feel safe claiming that it is you, knowing that you are not free to prove them wrong. If they would be real OTs as the both of us, they would know that this day will come despite this planetary conspiracy against us.  

People are so untrue. I am so disgusted by them. They are NOT my kind.  But you are, Marty. We are very different human beings. I am so glad that you exist, Marty, finally a real human being, on a planet full with lying and conspiring apes.

I miss you so very much.

Yours forever and ever and many kisses.














James Strachan trying to de-register our Scientology-marriage in the UK, Marty?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince,

We had a our Scientology marriage in the UK. Ron married us, and we had an approved license from the government. I am 100% sure that I recall this properly, Marty.  And if  I recall it right, David Miscavige who is the cause for so many problems for Scientology now, was among the wedding guests.  

I bet we both Scientologists are a lot more religious than Strachan is.  His action smells very much after German secret services. They forcefully separated us, a legally married couple. Of course they would feel a lot better if our marriage wouldn’t be valid, but it is. Helping criminal Germany that does not grant our human rights could be behind the Strachan move. 

We thetans are part of the supreme being (God). And I personally even believe in the personified God, someone very good and very able still up there helping us getting back together despite the entire idiotic planet conspires against us.  

The five UK supreme court justices – Lord Neuberger, Lord Clarke, Lord Wilson, Lord Reed and Lord Toulson have reserved judgment in that case.

And Marty, we have such a good marriage that survives any separation and 3rd party and is still is going strong!

Time to renew our vows, my irresistible husband.  Many kisses. You are simply unforgettable and one of a kind. You can’t be replaced with another husband.

I love you so very much!

Yours forever,



Stopping harmful microwaves waves, rays and frequencies…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I know for sure that people are tortured with electricity, microwaves, germs, and silent sounds. There are quite some non-crazy people on the Internet who know about it too, and I know that Ron discovered these high crimes long before anyone else wrote about them. Needless to say, these findings of Ron are removed from Scientology including his longevity technology as this is exactly was the doctor orders. They think they can’t get rich with people not getting sick and being in pain instead of specializing in  prevention or something else. They are the conscienceless  people who throw stones in windows and then tell the store owner to pay them for new windows and one day, the windows can’t be repaired anymore.

Ron develops the e-meter but doesn’t come up with a solution to stop harmful microwaves waves, rays and frequencies? Yeah right! Of course he did.

I am absolutely sure that Ron invented screens and rooms that stopped secret services to radio inside. These inventions stopped loud and silent radio transmissions of secret service doctors and agents interfering with auditing or also otherwise. As far as past lives are concerned: Benjamin Franklin is per history books the first person who developed such screens and Michael Faraday is allegedly the first who built a “Faraday cage” based on Benjamin Franklin’s research. If they would post on today’s internet about this, wanting to block out unwanted waves, rays and frequencies, psych-controlled Internet-hecklers would defame Franklin and Faraday  as “mentally ill” people wearing “tin-foil hats”.

BTW, Marty, I don’t think that tin-foil hats are doing much if anything good as the aluminum or copper must have a certain thickness to stop such interference. 

A study of tin-foil hats was made and confirmed what I was thinking: aluminum foil does rather enhance frequencies but stopping them.

In a nutshell, it means that any foil has to be thick and be all around the subject to offer protection. So a room or a shield on all sides with thick aluminium and copper foil would offer some protection against some frequencies but a tin-foil hat rather works as a receiver. So, somebody trying to stop MIT wearing a tin-foil would help those who are trying to harm him or her.

I was thinking the same thing: the helmet craze was started to assist the invasive actions, except that the US government is not the originator of mind-control. German psychs are and they are using the US and other governments and secret services to conduct these acts against humanity.

And this line from the study is revealing too: “Using a $250,000 network analyser, we find that although on average all helmets attenuate invasive radio frequencies in either directions (either
emanating from an outside source, or emanating from the cranium of the subject), certain frequencies are in fact greatly amplified.”

RADIO FREQUENCY EMANATING FROM THE CRANIUM OF THE PERSON: what else is that than body implants used to send frequencies into a person and making it appear that the person is emanating these frequencies?

Engineers understand the importance of  shielding a lot better than the uneducated heckler. I am quite surprised to learn how many people are building Faraday cages made from aluminium and copper  for their computer equipment but not for their health. Also, I guess a Faraday cage or shield doesn’t protect from all harmful waves, rays, and frequencies but I am sure that Ron took all into account and developed something accordingly to make it a real safe space.

I guess such places can have electricity inside but all radio, TV, and Internet waves, case officer ear implant rays would be stopped, which would be a great place to get real auditing that is not secretly manipulated by anyone. I assume that a village could make its own radio, TV or internet transmissions without silent sounds or harmful frequencies added to them and block outside transmissions. However, in a world with idiots that allow themselves to be used as infiltrators, this would need supervision of true people who understand what these frequencies do to people including themselves.  

Marty, I think we need an invention that is returning the destructive wave right  back to the culprit. For example, if one uses silent sounds and microwave to make cancer bacteria multiply in a body and attack the body, that invention should stop that before it reaches the victim and return it to the culprit’s very own body, so that it is him/her who gets the cancer, the heart attack, the stroke or whatever. 

Anyway, I know that a lot of technology is missing from Scientology. It was already missing before DM took over, but he must have heard the real Ron lecture while he was in the UK and instead of implementing those data again, he implements “Jack Vistaril’s blabla”, planted stuff found in a garage and his very own crap. And by recruiting  Farakhan’s anti-Semitic cult, he even implements Farrakhan’s crap into Scientology. Besides, what kind of people are recruited into Scientology who come from an anti-Semitic cult? That are exactly the people who should not be Scientology staff.

 Original Scientology was able to make people think on their own, it doesn’t matter where they came from. But Vistarology and Miscavology are squirrel versions and not that good. They are the product of saying that they keep Scientology working  but doing different on the top.

People wonder about that Ron said so often that original Scientology should not be altered as it might be the only chance for mankind. They look at  Vistarology,  Miscavology, Spinterology and Squirrelrology and think that Scientologists are blind  or mind-controlled believing that Scientology is the only chance for mankind as it seems to them that it rather makes people cultists and dumb.

These people don’t know real Scientology, the original version, the anti-cult that had technology to RESOLVE all problems that people are having and building a civilization we all can proud of. Instead of shrinking one’s family, real Scientologists became family, one for all and all for one, solving the problems and providing spiritual survival, aging, diseases, abilities, and so much more.

People who are believing that original Scientology is/was a cult and not the only movement that stood up against the German p$ych ear-implant-cult and medical secret service slavery are absolutely CLUELESS about Scientology.

Some people think original Scientology is too good to be true.  It is so good that people with German-Nazi minds are feeling threatened by the goodness and effectiveness and ordered a German-oriented infiltration to turn Scientology into a cult by sending non-Scientologists into the orgs to destroy it from the inside out and/or leave it later to attack from the outside as former “insider” .

And I want Scientology and Ron back, Marty. And I want you back too.  If I don’t, and if I should die before this come true, the Germans should get their poltergeist. I will haunt them from the beyond until they come out with white flags, confessing all they do and did.

German secret service doctors and p$ychs are laughing because just about any of their set ups blows into the faces of their own infiltrators in the orgs and hurting the name of the founder and of Scientology. But are they not just as dumb or even dumber? Look what kidnapping me and denying our rights brought the Germans: no blessings!  They caused us making the postulate NEVER giving up bringing them to justice. How “smart” is that? It can’t get more idiotic than this. And these idiots run secretly the world.

They don’t even having recovered worldwide from being disliked as Nazis (and Godwin’s help not to invoke the word Nazi anymore didn’t help them much either). Idiots!  What they did and do against us blows into the faces of German doctors, psychs, and the German government. They are even dumber than the dumbest infiltrator they send/sent in the Scientology orgs or also in the US government. The side on which we are, Marty, will win at the end, because we have clean hands. We are not involved in their crimes and oppose these crimes with each fiber of our being. We are the anti-cultists, always were always will be.

Yes, they run the entire world by having them attached to their supercomputer controlling ear-implant cult but our postulates and actions  will end this kind of slavery. We will not give them any other choice. Their only “advantage” is that they are a lot more people than us and they are keeping mankind in the dark by lying to them.  We’ll kick their Achilles’ heel and force this ugly beast into its knees. Knowing my determination, I am glad not being one on their side as I know I NEVER will let them get away with ANYTHING.

I am completely generous to anyone good, but I will be extremely thorough as far as each one of them is are concerned. They are getting the opposite of completely generous from me.  I’ll show greatness to people who forgot to congratulate me to my birthday, things like that, but hell has to freeze over before I forgive anyone who denied our or other good people’s human rights in any way, shape or form or who contributed to it.

It is much easier to just “forgive” and move on and let go. The problem is only that bad people don’t change when they are getting this kind of generosity. They think that crime pays when they are forgiven. And we will make sure that they realize that messing with us what the worst “mistake” they ever did. This is the only way to change an evil person. He/she has to learn the hard way. Preaching alone didn’t change any of them. Justice has to be so severe that it makes their heads spin for a long long time.  

I know why I picked you to be my partner of everything, Marty. What made me so sure of it was seeing that you are my kind. Different gender but very much the same thetan. Helping anyone who deserves it and kicking evil butts by calling attention that most severe justice is needed to stop  real SPs.   

Love you in all eternity. Look what you got for being a thoroughly good person: real and true love and a soul mate that can’t be third partied and doesn’t take somebody else it doesn’t matter how long we are forcefully separated. Look what they got: partners who turns against them as soon as any case officer radios in their ear implants to dump her/his/ partner. I pity their relationships. They have nothing that I want.

Yours forever,



Criticism of Ken Wilber (Integration of “science” and “philosophy” in an ear-implanted world with conspiring people will never result in a world world to be proud of and into survival of mankind)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince and soul mate,

Your impostor Mosey’s husband rejects being a Scientologist and apparently is now a Wilberologist. You might have heard of him, Ken Wilber is a psych who studied at the University of Nebraska. Yes, Nebraska. He speaks about “I-am-ness” . The founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard called  the same thing already “beingness” before Ken Wilber was born.

Do I prefer a psych who doesn’t e-shock or drugs  from  other psychs? Yes, I do, but to me it appears that Ken Wilber did not just get his idea from Eastern religions or the Tao but “borrowed” from L. Ron Hubbard without giving him any credit.

Ken Wilber wants a world government. We have a secret world “government” already. It is German and runs officials and even heads of states all over the planet with ear implants. It consists of German psychs and doctors and  glorifies Germany (yep, the country that gassed millions of people) and just about anything medical, psychiatric, neuro-“scientific” or chemical and hates not just Scientology but also the USA, and that is why American officials and other so-called Americans undertake acts that make non-Americans hate the USA and even Americans hate their own country. Or makes Scientology infiltrators to conduct acts or behave in a way that people feel good about ridiculing or hating Scientology. As far as I have read, Ken Wilber never approached this subject. But Ron did.

Without busting the very German invention of ear-implants (manipulating and controlling people with loud and silent sounds and bringing the worst out of them), Ken Wilber wants a world government. It gives me the goosebumps.  There will be never true democracy with people hiding that they have ear-implants and case officers telling them through these  implants what to do, say, and think.  International votes are decided on what the German-controlled case officer radios in the ear-drums of the voters. They decide who wins.

I am not sure if it is true, but I read that at least one person tried to make Ken Wilber aware of mind control and did not succeed. Somebody has his head deep in the sand. 

Ken Wilber also never spoke of evilness, e.g. of the German-ordered act of  using doppelgangers/impostors to exchange the valuable originals and having the originals disappear. So, I assume in his integrated government world, these high crimes will still continue. In a secretly German psychiatric and medical world only those movements, inventions or findings will be included in an “integrated world” that don’t bust anything that the German  are doing secretly. They defame people of being “mentally-ill”, “evil” or wearing “tin-foil” to discredit them in the eyes of others as soon someone comes close to the truth and their rotten secret activities. How convenient for them.


As far as I know (anybody feel free to correct me if you have up to this date evidence of the contrary), Kenneth Wilber never spoke of the fact that secret services are manipulating minds, never figured or concealed that just about any person or animal has ear implants (silicone and undetectable by regular x-rays) and is controlled by this German medical movement,  never figured that orbs are embodied thetans (spirits), never figured what a theta body is, never came up with anything that would help families find their deceased loved ones again, didn’t figure that there are remote-controlled germs that make sick and kill, provides no solution to aging, illness and dying (as environmentally protected villages to live in where people make own water and grow their own food with screens that stop rays and secret service microwaves)… and so on.

He also didn’t get that homosexual are people who are tricked by secret service case officers into picking up a body (reincarnating) of a gender  that they didn’t had on their time track and that this is the reason they suddenly feel attracted to their own gender. (Thetans can hear also without having bodies. German-controlled case officer radio their number/codes and are telling them that they have hurry into this body before someone else gets it. Lifetimes of programming of the same number/code makes the thetan a slave to this system. These manipulated thetans are diving into the embyros/fetuses and grab onto it without even seeing what gender it is. They assume automatically and wrongfully that their case officer is a human being who loves them and not a  German supercomputer program of perverted psychs and medical doctors. Once they are in the embryo/fetus, they are being bombarded with secret service tapes that makes them unable to leave that fetus/embryo/baby body once it grows and they discover that it has the wrong gender.)

Seems to me that he/or his supporters makes the idea of people born in labs and through test tubes sound kind of ridiculous. Most of such kids think they are born the traditional way. This is telling me that he has no idea what German “scientists” are capable of and they are doctors without borders. But he wants to “integrate” everything there is into this world. It is like planting seeds in a radioactive world.


I figured that the psychiatric movement of ear implants emerged in the middle ages. Marty. Insane asylums giving barbers/butchers/psychs power over anyone were invented in the 15th century. A bit later, the hysteria of the Salem women for example (accusing others of being witches) had ear implant conspiracy written all over them.  This control movement is really that old and kept a dirty secret for so many centuries.  

Ken Wilber’s wife Terry Killam died of breast cancer. I guess, he did not figure that she was murdered by secret service remote-controlled germs causing cancer.  “Kill” in her last name might just have been enough “inspiration” for the medical terrorists to kill her. They might have read her name and decided: let’s kill her with cancer. They don’t mind torturing and killing people who they don’t know and who never did anything to them. They have their humanity switched off many centuries ago. They hate everybody, including their own agents and themselves.  

Knowing who we dealing with is so important, and Ken Wilber wants a global government by ignoring that all.


Ken Wilber admires Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling, a German. It is typical German wanting to be known as the country of scientists and philosophers but if somebody would truly investigate the past, he/she would find a lot of work stolen from other nationals and also from Jews.  

Schelling supposed to have  said that “spirit is invisible nature”. The average spirit is not invisible. Anyone can call them and film them and their theta bodies. I saw old photos in which one could see orbs (thetans with theta bodies). They are visible since the invention of photography. 

None of Wilber’s fans (includes Mosey’s husband) are able to see that this “integral world government” can turn in to a cult too. And it will if the SEGNPMSS and any similar system is not busted. If original anti-cult Scientology can be turned into a cult, anything else can even more.   

From what I have seen and read by Ken Wilber, I am not impressed. As I said, I prefer doctors and psychs who do not implant and drug, but I don’t see his movement truly bettering the planet.  We need ethical people applying original and pure Scientology, the anti-cult in their daily life.  This will create the world we all can be proud of.  This world will create cooperation and fairness.  Such truly ethical people will share their findings, experiences, and their  know-how. 

You know it, I know it, and there are others to who know it.

Many kisses, my hero. I love you.



P.S. Ken Wilber lectured about love until it hurts. True love doesn’t hurt. If somebody loves to be hurt or until it hurts, it is an aberated person who better get a good Scientology auditor fast and needs to get her/his case fixed.