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David Miscavige and his family really cripple Scientology… (Mosey’s husband “squirrels” openly, DM preferable secretly, that is the difference between the two squirrels)

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Dearest Marty,  my soul mate,

David Miscavige’s twin sister, Denise Gentile, was arrested on DUI and marijuana possession charges. She pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of reckless driving Monday and have to attend DUI school and pay $800 in court fees. CAN IT GET ANY MORE NON- SCIENTOLOGY? What kind of “Scientology leader” can’t explain Scientology, ethics, and how it should be applied to his closest family members?? A non-Scientologist! That is what the Miscaviges are including David Miscavige. What a happy, healthy OT needs booze and other drugs? NONE!

Besides, this is a secret German p$ych world. They never would have allowed a real Scientologist to lead Scientology for three decades. Never! Although DM was young when he was introduced to Scientology, I bet SEGNPMSS noticed very quickly that he rather would choose their unethical ways than real Scientology. Why? The guy is dumb and as little a OT as it gets. 

On the other side, your impostor, Marty, Mosey’s husband is the ultimate squirrel who wants to mix Scientology with other practices. He (self-professed non-Scientologist) wants to develop Scientology backwards, despite the Eastern Religions were not that successful either in creating a better planet. Quite some Buddhist monks are violent and children are abused for sex in these countries. Ethics is not applied despite Tao, Buddhism, and Hinduism and so many other religions are around for many centuries. Just as Christianity or Islam, they didn’t create a better planet either.

Mosey’s husband (the non-Scientologist) wants to mix Scientology with psychology and “science” despite the founder said Scientology should not be altered or mixed with anything. It doesn’t mean that people of all kinds of religions and professions may not apply it or inform themselves about everything else out there. Scientology should just not be altered and  mixed. It should stay pure and original this doesn’t get in Mosey’s husband’s head and neither that of his (shrinking number) of cool aide drinkers who support his blog. 

As you know, Ron (founder) never stopped people from reading all kinds of subject but he explained that if Scientology is altered, it won’t work anymore that great. It is like taking the wings from a plane or the motor from a car. I don’t know exactly who those people are who Mosey’s husband audited, but  it seems that many people withdraw from him, which proves again that his version of “therapy” isn’t successful.

The “Squirrel busters” were really just harassers and played right into his hands of “being a victim”. Typical non-Scientology approach and “handling”. If it back-flashes on Scientology, it has German secret service activity written all over it.  

His Cobness promoted Mosey’s husband (and Rinder) and the likes for almost three decades without being able to see what he (they) is/are all about.  This kind of blindness screams one message very loud: David Miscavige is not a Scientologist. 

Nobody would be interested in the Miscavige family if DM wouldn’t have grabbed power. The orgs are led by a non-Scientologist. Maybe some of the reports that he drinks too are true. He is the squirrel on top of the orgs pushing “policies” down which make “Scientologists” less Scientologists and more Miscavologists . And by not telling him to resign and leave Scientology to real Scientologists who unlike himself and his family apply the religion, he is crippling Scientology as much a nobody else. But as he likes power and money, he stays on. He can’t see that he failed a long time ago already.

And does DM deserve the more than 50 Mio. Dollars and the luxuries that he paid himself from Scientology money? Hell no! 

It is not Scientology that people are hating. Most people on this planet (including those who claim that they are experts on it) don’t even know what it truly was under the real founder. People hate and ridicule the infiltrator versions: Vistarology and Miscavology.

I love you, Marty. Many kisses. Hope to find you soon. I bet SP DM and the likes hope and do all they can that we never do.

Yours forever,





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  1. Yes, he has been a hugh help. And definately got more people to not join!

    Freda D. Middleton

    July 9, 2013 at 3:50 am

  2. Marty (the ringer) annoys former friends and says KSW shouldn’t be followed literally. On the other hand, he follows Martha Stout literally. Very contradictory attitude!


    July 9, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    • He impostors the original Marty who likely suffers wrongfully imprisoned somewhere. Mosey’s husband has no conscience.

      Martha Stout sure does what the German propaganda machine wants: blaming Americans and not Europeans and others too.

      And there are more than 1 in 25 worldwide who have no conscience. Actually, the entire planet sucks. My kind of ethical people are absolutely rare! Makes me never want to pick up a new body (reincarnate) but stay purely thetan.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 9, 2013 at 5:07 pm

  3. DM read Handbook for Preclears, L. Ron Hubbard, page 91.

    Laverne O. Frost

    July 19, 2013 at 6:09 am

  4. Found this info on the www:

    1. According to former insiders, Miscavige’s wife Shelly became suspicious of the close relationship between him and his “Communicator,” Laurisse Henley-Smith. Shortly after this, Shelley Miscavige disappeared from the Int Base. She was no longer present at meetings, and her post title, “COB Assistant,” disappeared from internal dispatches. She is thought to be on an intense behavior modification program at a remote, confidential location.

    2. Following Shelly’s disappearance, Laurisse became Miscavige’s constant companion. She accompanied Miscavige to TC’s wedding, and attended a Del Mar race with Dave, Tom and Katie, where she was photographed with her hand possessively on his shoulder.

    3. At a gathering of Scientology celebrities, one celeb observed Laurisse patting Miscavige affectionately on the butt. Laurisse didn’t know she was being observed. Being a conscientious Scientologist, the celeb wrote a Knowledge Report on the incident. The handling? The celeb was ordered to Flag for Sec Checking and Ethics interviews (read “behavior modification”) to find out why she was “critical of COB.”

    4. On long flights aboard Tom Cruise’s personal jet, witnesses observed Dave and Laurisse retiring to Tom’s bedroom cabin for hours on end. The cabin’s only feature? A bed.

    DM’s campaign against marriage and families has affected hundreds.

    LRH said in HCO PL 3 March 1966:

    “It is interesting that a review of faltering orgs that got into trouble in their areas each one had a bad sex entanglement high on staff.

    “A review of actions of orgs and attacks over the last fifteen years makes it stand out sharply that an org which is mixed up sexually in the higher echelons will not be effective, will have low statistics and can’t defend itself on the public front.”


    July 19, 2013 at 10:14 pm

    • I don’t know if these allegations are true, but I saw photos of Lou having her hand possessively on his shoulder too. Also, his “no children”-policy for Sea Org members is anti-survival and invite abortions. Low-toned people abort and DM’s version of the Sea Org attract those people. DM is not a Scientologist. New buildings might look good on him to impress the Hollywood crowd but he is the opposite of a wise Scientologist and leader.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 20, 2013 at 2:55 am

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