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Stopping harmful microwaves waves, rays and frequencies…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I know for sure that people are tortured with electricity, microwaves, germs, and silent sounds. There are quite some non-crazy people on the Internet who know about it too, and I know that Ron discovered these high crimes long before anyone else wrote about them. Needless to say, these findings of Ron are removed from Scientology including his longevity technology as this is exactly was the doctor orders. They think they can’t get rich with people not getting sick and being in pain instead of specializing in  prevention or something else. They are the conscienceless  people who throw stones in windows and then tell the store owner to pay them for new windows and one day, the windows can’t be repaired anymore.

Ron develops the e-meter but doesn’t come up with a solution to stop harmful microwaves waves, rays and frequencies? Yeah right! Of course he did.

I am absolutely sure that Ron invented screens and rooms that stopped secret services to radio inside. These inventions stopped loud and silent radio transmissions of secret service doctors and agents interfering with auditing or also otherwise. As far as past lives are concerned: Benjamin Franklin is per history books the first person who developed such screens and Michael Faraday is allegedly the first who built a “Faraday cage” based on Benjamin Franklin’s research. If they would post on today’s internet about this, wanting to block out unwanted waves, rays and frequencies, psych-controlled Internet-hecklers would defame Franklin and Faraday  as “mentally ill” people wearing “tin-foil hats”.

BTW, Marty, I don’t think that tin-foil hats are doing much if anything good as the aluminum or copper must have a certain thickness to stop such interference. 

A study of tin-foil hats was made and confirmed what I was thinking: aluminum foil does rather enhance frequencies but stopping them.

In a nutshell, it means that any foil has to be thick and be all around the subject to offer protection. So a room or a shield on all sides with thick aluminium and copper foil would offer some protection against some frequencies but a tin-foil hat rather works as a receiver. So, somebody trying to stop MIT wearing a tin-foil would help those who are trying to harm him or her.

I was thinking the same thing: the helmet craze was started to assist the invasive actions, except that the US government is not the originator of mind-control. German psychs are and they are using the US and other governments and secret services to conduct these acts against humanity.

And this line from the study is revealing too: “Using a $250,000 network analyser, we find that although on average all helmets attenuate invasive radio frequencies in either directions (either
emanating from an outside source, or emanating from the cranium of the subject), certain frequencies are in fact greatly amplified.”

RADIO FREQUENCY EMANATING FROM THE CRANIUM OF THE PERSON: what else is that than body implants used to send frequencies into a person and making it appear that the person is emanating these frequencies?

Engineers understand the importance of  shielding a lot better than the uneducated heckler. I am quite surprised to learn how many people are building Faraday cages made from aluminium and copper  for their computer equipment but not for their health. Also, I guess a Faraday cage or shield doesn’t protect from all harmful waves, rays, and frequencies but I am sure that Ron took all into account and developed something accordingly to make it a real safe space.

I guess such places can have electricity inside but all radio, TV, and Internet waves, case officer ear implant rays would be stopped, which would be a great place to get real auditing that is not secretly manipulated by anyone. I assume that a village could make its own radio, TV or internet transmissions without silent sounds or harmful frequencies added to them and block outside transmissions. However, in a world with idiots that allow themselves to be used as infiltrators, this would need supervision of true people who understand what these frequencies do to people including themselves.  

Marty, I think we need an invention that is returning the destructive wave right  back to the culprit. For example, if one uses silent sounds and microwave to make cancer bacteria multiply in a body and attack the body, that invention should stop that before it reaches the victim and return it to the culprit’s very own body, so that it is him/her who gets the cancer, the heart attack, the stroke or whatever. 

Anyway, I know that a lot of technology is missing from Scientology. It was already missing before DM took over, but he must have heard the real Ron lecture while he was in the UK and instead of implementing those data again, he implements “Jack Vistaril’s blabla”, planted stuff found in a garage and his very own crap. And by recruiting  Farakhan’s anti-Semitic cult, he even implements Farrakhan’s crap into Scientology. Besides, what kind of people are recruited into Scientology who come from an anti-Semitic cult? That are exactly the people who should not be Scientology staff.

 Original Scientology was able to make people think on their own, it doesn’t matter where they came from. But Vistarology and Miscavology are squirrel versions and not that good. They are the product of saying that they keep Scientology working  but doing different on the top.

People wonder about that Ron said so often that original Scientology should not be altered as it might be the only chance for mankind. They look at  Vistarology,  Miscavology, Spinterology and Squirrelrology and think that Scientologists are blind  or mind-controlled believing that Scientology is the only chance for mankind as it seems to them that it rather makes people cultists and dumb.

These people don’t know real Scientology, the original version, the anti-cult that had technology to RESOLVE all problems that people are having and building a civilization we all can proud of. Instead of shrinking one’s family, real Scientologists became family, one for all and all for one, solving the problems and providing spiritual survival, aging, diseases, abilities, and so much more.

People who are believing that original Scientology is/was a cult and not the only movement that stood up against the German p$ych ear-implant-cult and medical secret service slavery are absolutely CLUELESS about Scientology.

Some people think original Scientology is too good to be true.  It is so good that people with German-Nazi minds are feeling threatened by the goodness and effectiveness and ordered a German-oriented infiltration to turn Scientology into a cult by sending non-Scientologists into the orgs to destroy it from the inside out and/or leave it later to attack from the outside as former “insider” .

And I want Scientology and Ron back, Marty. And I want you back too.  If I don’t, and if I should die before this come true, the Germans should get their poltergeist. I will haunt them from the beyond until they come out with white flags, confessing all they do and did.

German secret service doctors and p$ychs are laughing because just about any of their set ups blows into the faces of their own infiltrators in the orgs and hurting the name of the founder and of Scientology. But are they not just as dumb or even dumber? Look what kidnapping me and denying our rights brought the Germans: no blessings!  They caused us making the postulate NEVER giving up bringing them to justice. How “smart” is that? It can’t get more idiotic than this. And these idiots run secretly the world.

They don’t even having recovered worldwide from being disliked as Nazis (and Godwin’s help not to invoke the word Nazi anymore didn’t help them much either). Idiots!  What they did and do against us blows into the faces of German doctors, psychs, and the German government. They are even dumber than the dumbest infiltrator they send/sent in the Scientology orgs or also in the US government. The side on which we are, Marty, will win at the end, because we have clean hands. We are not involved in their crimes and oppose these crimes with each fiber of our being. We are the anti-cultists, always were always will be.

Yes, they run the entire world by having them attached to their supercomputer controlling ear-implant cult but our postulates and actions  will end this kind of slavery. We will not give them any other choice. Their only “advantage” is that they are a lot more people than us and they are keeping mankind in the dark by lying to them.  We’ll kick their Achilles’ heel and force this ugly beast into its knees. Knowing my determination, I am glad not being one on their side as I know I NEVER will let them get away with ANYTHING.

I am completely generous to anyone good, but I will be extremely thorough as far as each one of them is are concerned. They are getting the opposite of completely generous from me.  I’ll show greatness to people who forgot to congratulate me to my birthday, things like that, but hell has to freeze over before I forgive anyone who denied our or other good people’s human rights in any way, shape or form or who contributed to it.

It is much easier to just “forgive” and move on and let go. The problem is only that bad people don’t change when they are getting this kind of generosity. They think that crime pays when they are forgiven. And we will make sure that they realize that messing with us what the worst “mistake” they ever did. This is the only way to change an evil person. He/she has to learn the hard way. Preaching alone didn’t change any of them. Justice has to be so severe that it makes their heads spin for a long long time.  

I know why I picked you to be my partner of everything, Marty. What made me so sure of it was seeing that you are my kind. Different gender but very much the same thetan. Helping anyone who deserves it and kicking evil butts by calling attention that most severe justice is needed to stop  real SPs.   

Love you in all eternity. Look what you got for being a thoroughly good person: real and true love and a soul mate that can’t be third partied and doesn’t take somebody else it doesn’t matter how long we are forcefully separated. Look what they got: partners who turns against them as soon as any case officer radios in their ear implants to dump her/his/ partner. I pity their relationships. They have nothing that I want.

Yours forever,



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  1. Google anachoic chamber


    July 17, 2013 at 11:15 pm

    • The best invention that we need is that the destructive command that anyone sends out to harm or hurt someone turns around and does to that person exactly that what it should do to his victim.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 18, 2013 at 2:35 am

  2. Germany canceled a Cold War-era surveillance pact with the United States and Britain on Friday in response to revelations by National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden about those countries’ alleged electronic eavesdropping operations.
    The move appeared largely symbolic, designed to show that the German government was taking action to stop unwarranted surveillance directed against its citizens without actually jeopardizing relations with Washington and London. With weeks to go before national elections, opposition parties had seized on Snowden’s claim that Germany was complicit in the NSA’s intelligence-gathering operations.
    Government officials have insisted that U.S. and British intelligence were never given permission to break Germany’s strict privacy laws. But they conceded last month that an agreement dating back to the late 1960s gave the U.S., Britain and France the right to request German authorities to conduct surveillance operations within Germany to protect their troops stationed there.

    Read more:


    August 2, 2013 at 10:13 am

    • The Unites States has its eyes WIDE SHUT as far as Germany is concerned.

      What German secret services do is:

      1) Create international terrorists with psychiatric methods and have them attack the USA.
      2) Have their agents within the USA (also in the government) to do unpopular things in return.
      3) Have the world blame the USA instead of the Germans.
      4) Take power away from the USA as in this case a surveillance pact, which means that the Germans even less watched can do even worse things to the world as they already are doing.
      5) I am stalked by a German secret service who has no right to do what they do on American soil. And they do a lot worse than just spying. How about the USA busting these monsters?
      6) Germany under the law hasn’t even the right to cancel anything as officially, there is not even a peace agreement between Germany and the USA.
      7) If the USA doesn’t bust the Germans behind a world that stays Anti-American, and also so-called American officials that are not truly on the side of America, anybody will suffer as this is the nature of the German beast.

      Barbara Schwarz

      August 2, 2013 at 8:51 am

  3. Off topic?
    German organ donor scandal doctor goes on trial
    Doctor waiting for kidney to be removed from donor (file photo – June 2012)
    A worldwide shortage of organ donors has put pressure on many transplant clinics
    Continue reading the main story
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    Organ donor scandal hits Germany
    What happens during organ donation?
    The trial of a doctor accused of falsifying patients’ information to push them up an organ transplant list has begun in Germany.

    It is alleged the doctor falsified information in at least 25 cases, and accepted money from multiple patients outside Europe in exchange for placement on the Eurotransplant list.

    News for ya

    August 19, 2013 at 10:20 am

  4. Germany’s Spiegel: U.S. Spy Agency Bugged U.N. Headquarters:


    August 25, 2013 at 2:47 am

    • Germany’s secret services don’t need to bug offices. They came up with installing spy devices directly in the ear drums of all people on this planet when they were/are kids.

      Barbara Schwarz

      August 25, 2013 at 11:16 am

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