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Here is Ron, the real founder of original Dianetics and Scientology (not his impostor “Jack Vistaril”). The original Dianetics book looked also from the outside a lot different than it was altered later. Seems to me that anti-Scientologists  put the volcano on the cover  in order to stop people reading even the altered version, considering  OT III. If  most thetans made horrible experiences in volcanoes, why would they want to read a book that has  an overflowing volcano on the cover?  The volcano should restimulate people and  turn them away.  The picture above shows that Ron didn’t put the volcano  on the cover but those did who don’t want people reading it. (They don’t even want to read the psych-altered versions as the original was much better.) 

Dearest Marty, my hero and awesome Prince,

I am thinking of you. Always!

There are some who are pretty sure that policies, bulletins or tapes were altered or completely written by others but they can’t think so far that also material of the 50s or earlier was altered briefly after Ron published them. Didn’t they ever hear that the Germans are thorough? They steal and alter EVERYTHING to control the world. They didn’t just alter in the 70s or 80s or 90s, etc.

How do I figure what’s written by Ron (founder of Scientology) and what’s written by his impostor “Jack Vistaril” who impostored Ron most certainly already in the 50s and possibly already before? Well, I know him. I know what is out of character or not his writing style. I assume that you study his material the same way as I do, Marty: What is from him, and what was added or changed… However, I would prefer straight and original Dianetics and Scientology but with the SEGNPMSS having the control over this planet, original Scientology is just anymore in secret service compounds.

And for the remains of Scientology, they have His Cobness turning it even more into a cult than “Jack Vistaril” did and have him run  SCN into the ground and making people leave Scientology. Instead of getting original Scientology back, David Miscavige recruits the cult of unethical anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan  into Scientology to alter  Scientology the original anti-cult even more from what it originally was . As if Farrakhan and his people wouldn’t want to overtake Scientology or alternatively, bring otherwise down what is still left of Scientology! 

When the SEGNPMSS  decided to have Ron impostored there was no Internet. It was easy for the SEGNPMSS to conceal that the original Ron lectured at SaintHill or on another vessel or elsewhere while the impostor “lectured” at the same time on the Apollo. There were two Scientologies, that of the original founder, the anti-cult, and the cult that the German secret services formed with running the CIA and “Jack Vistaril”.  

Even today with the Internet, the Germans can’t stop impostoring good originals. They impostor you and mislead the world thinking your impostor would be YOU or they feel safe claiming that it is you, knowing that you are not free to prove them wrong. If they would be real OTs as the both of us, they would know that this day will come despite this planetary conspiracy against us.  

People are so untrue. I am so disgusted by them. They are NOT my kind.  But you are, Marty. We are very different human beings. I am so glad that you exist, Marty, finally a real human being, on a planet full with lying and conspiring apes.

I miss you so very much.

Yours forever and ever and many kisses.















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  1. You look like LRH.


    July 23, 2013 at 1:28 am

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