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What are the odds of Mary Sue dying exactly at the time I went first time public on the Internet?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

What are the odds of Mary Sue dying exactly at the time I went public the first time on the Internet (Usenet)? Guess her non-Scientology case officers “spared her” reading that I figured that she never was married to the founder but just to his impostor “Jack Vistaril” but to what  price!? It sure “pays” to be an agent for the Germans. Their secret service doctors know how to cause cancer and other diseases with remote-controlled germs. 

First, they “tease” a person with cancer. Often they allow it to go in “remission”,  because if all people would die right away, nobody would buy the expensive medical treatments against cancer. In order to help their favorite people (doctors and the pharmaceutical industry) to make cash, sick folks must be given a reason to swallow all that expensive chemical stuff. However, at the end, when getting rid of somebody is more important to the German secret service medical monsters than selling pharmaceuticals or getting doctors paid, they make these cancer germs go “all the way”.  If they want to get rid of somebody permanently (in Mary Sue’s case preventing her panicking as I figured her and her hubby out and posted publicly about it), they push the die-button and have the cancer germs taking the body completely over.

It is true that Scientology is mainly about spiritual matters.  But in order to create a civilization on which we all can be proud of, we should not allow secret service doctors to take over and attack covertly our bodies and our base of living. The real Ron and founder of Scientology had an alternative way of living in place for Scientologists that supported Dianetics and Scientology. Neither “Jack Vistaril”, his wife Mary Sue nor His Cobness kept this way and it came/comes back to haunt them. Without that way, Scientologists are not that healthy as they should be and age like the rest of the people. This is typical German. First they steal technology from Scientology, then they have their dumb agents attacking it by making it look ridiculous or even dangerous. The most dangerous people on the planet are secret doctors as they mess with minds and bodies and HIDE and order their billions of agents to keep their mouth shut as they will be spared! (Yeah right. Nobody is spared at the end. This medical conspiracy has to go for anyone to have a chance!)    

Instead of putting Ron’s alternative lifestyle (purif is just a tiny fraction of it) back into Scientology to prevent aging and illnesses and support Dianetics and Scientology, DM takes donations from the pharma industry. It is so easy to conclude who is running DM. Anybody should be able to figure this out. 

It is completely untrue that David Miscavige follows in Ron’s footsteps. Actually, saying that is a very insult of the original founder. DM may follow in impostor “Jack Vistaril’s” footsteps (and he KNOWS that the man who left him Scientology was not the founder but Ron’s impostor!) but never in those of founder of Scientology. Officially, DM doesn’t work for Germany but unofficially, he works very much so in their favour by acting the way they want and by not stepping back and bringing Scientology down. He is no  Scientologist. He does not even applying the tonescale when he hires his executives. They turn against our religion.    

I know you figured that too, Marty. Too bad that wherever you are, you can’t speak out. But one day, you will.

Always yours, and I love you.



For any idiots writing me that germs can’t be remote-controlled and that Germany (on U.S. soil, in other country or in their very own Germany) is too good to kill like that (after all, they are no Unmenschen and this “harmless” race just killed million of Jews and other nationals for no reason but brutality and insanity), I refer to media articles reporting that “scientists” use germs to build micro-equipment. If they can build, they can also be remote-controlled to destroy.      


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  1. According to, Tony Ortega’s website is TWICE as popular as in the US. Do you think Ortega brings Scientology down?


    August 7, 2013 at 3:07 am

    • For Scientology, the web is just one thing.

      Auditing, studying, living, all that takes place in the real world and not cyber-world.

      Ortega’s entire world takes place on the Internet, on his blog. Even if correct that more people are reading Ortega’s blog (not sure if this is true) than the Scientology website, it does not mean that the non-cyber activities of Scientology stopped.

      With the alteration of SCN and the reputation that Scientology is having currently, I guess expansion certainly did slow down.

      However, words of mouth of Scientologists is most important to the expansion of Scientology.

      Bad reports about Scientology are everywhere, already since “Jack Vistaril” impostored the founder but Scientology continued to exist. Why? It works like this:

      People might read bad reports on Scientology, but WHO they MEET in REAL LIFE is most important to them. If they meet a Scientologist who truly applies our religion, they are surprised that this person is so very different from how the media reported about them. And what they see themselves is more important to them than a reporter’s blog entries or articles and any attempts to ridicule the religion.

      What Ortega and the likes can’t change is how REAL Scientologists are. Many new people notice their truly nice personalities, high tonelevels, willingness to help, knowledge, successes and other matters and want to become Scientologists as well. So, these people start studying Scientology despite all bad stuff they read and heard before because real people in real life proved these stories wrong to them. Scientology does make people indeed better, smarter and more successful when applied. (Except when these people are completely dumb infiltrators.)

      This is how Scientology is not being defeated, by real Scientologists showing others who they really are.

      I was a Public Reg once. Already before DM, there were bad media reports on Scientology. I noticed that after new people met with Scientologists in person, these media reports were no longer of interest to them. All what counted to these new people was THEIR OWN experience and not what a reporter wrote.

      Besides, Tony Ortega and the likes will look very dumb if not corrupt when the truth breaks that the founder was impostered and that the original Marty Rathbun is impostored by Mosey’s husband, one of Ortega’s main sources. Ortega is hushing the impostor actions completely up despite so easy to see and despite Ortega found my postings about that.

      There are Scientologists who differ very much from the type of socalled ex-“Scientologists” (mostly former infiltrators) who provide Ortega and such reporters with “info”. Clueless Ortega and the likes never met any of them.

      Ortega can’t bring Scientology down, but DM can destroy it from the inside out with his and his family’s non-Scientology-behavior.

      Barbara Schwarz

      August 7, 2013 at 3:39 am

  2. Hello… Lowtone people hate the tonescale… They can’t face where they are…They rather quit Scientology but moving up… The reactive mind controls them…

    Stable thetan

    August 8, 2013 at 1:03 am

    • I agree. If someone is downtone, he doesn’t want the tonescale to be true. Stupid people indeed.

      The orgs are infiltrated by non-Scientologists and they often (but not all the time) blow and attack Scientology from the outside. It is all so transparent, at least for my kind of mind.

      Some are types like Mosey’s husband who continued to pretend for a while that he is a Scientologist to get Scientologists to support him.

      Then he makes the announcement that he isn’t a Scientologist, which wasn’t a surprise to me (how can an impostor on tonelevel 1.5 be?) and now half of his former “independent” friends left him. He can’t blame this one on OSA as his non-Scientologist behavior is really his own doing.

      Mosey’s husband is so mistaken if he thinks that he attracts Scientologists to his “practice”. His practice declined so much that he has to promote his book in all of his postings and sounds like a broken record.

      Can you imagine to be in the woods around his secluded house with this man and you do or say something that upsets him as Jim Lynch’s question did?

      In his postings, he pretends to be a peaceful man but his actions clearly say something different. DM pretends to be an ethical man but his actions clearly say something different too. They don’t want to hear this, but they remind me to each other in numerous ways and most of all in being no Scientologists.

      I rarely read comments in Mosey’s husband’s comment section, however, I noticed a decline of postings of his former friends and supporters.

      Instead there are even more postings of people who never were in Scientology or lie that they were in Scientology to manipulate readers.

      Non-Scientologists trolls as “Letting go” drop even more anti-Scientology attitude into his comment section and are trying to manipulate Mosey’s husband even more into making anti-Scientology postings.

      Will they get anywhere? No, they won’t. They are no match for ethical real Scientologists who never were cultists.

      Think about this: Mosey’s husband had many hits on his blog but not many seem willing to buy his books. What does this tell? It means that people are looking for any form of scandals rather than reading about Mosey’s husband’s own brand of philosophy.

      None of who broke away will bring Scientology down. Neither will an obsessed “reporter” as Tony Ortega or one of the anti-Scientology book scribblers.

      What’s really harming Scientology is covertly or overtly altering the technology from inside, from the top down, and being led by an unethical man as DM who thinks that ethics conditions apply just to others and not to him and who failed to step back a long time ago to leave Scientology in the hands of ethical Scientologists.

      Barbara Schwarz

      August 8, 2013 at 1:57 am

  3. Barbara, Mary Sue died on cancer.


    August 19, 2013 at 10:17 am

    • I know. Medical terrorists “tease” with cancer to make people buy drugs and treatments.

      They can make their remote-controlled cancer germs die off, which would allow a person to survive. And they can make the remote controlled cancer germs multiply and attack stronger until the body can’t take it anymore and dies.

      Too bad that Mary Sue had no chance to read that I figured that she was only the impostor’s wife and likely never met Ron, the founder of Scientology.

      I assume her non-Scientologist case officers didn’t want her to flip out over my discoveries and postings, so they decided to rather kill her than to take the blame of me suddenly knowing everything – as if a devine mind (not a case officer) from above merged with mine – letting me see the things that I need to see.

      It never pays to be a SEGNPMSS or any other agent. Mary Sue was a fool and lawless. Just like her hubby “Jack Vistaril”.

      Barbara Schwarz

      August 20, 2013 at 11:06 am

  4. CHRIS MATTHEWS: HITLER NEVER USED CHEMICAL WEAPONS – he overlooks Nazi dictator’s gassing of defenseless Jews in concentration camps!


    August 30, 2013 at 2:49 am

    • If she would have broken her arm while with Tom Cruise, Scientology haters would accuse Scientology and we never would hear the end of it.

      How can she be ok? She has a broken arm. Nobody with a broken arm is okay.

      I hope the girl didn’t cut those bangs herself using scissors.

      Barbara Schwarz

      September 2, 2013 at 3:36 am

    • Germany didn’t prosecute this man. As I said before, rotten people can avoid penalties in Germany. As if Mischa would be able to judge a monster. Apparently, he was proud till the end on Nazi atrocities, that makes him to a monster too. Of course, Hitler was no superman. He was a p$ych-altered case, a robot for the German psychs and a total loser!

      Mischa covered up that the man who “shot himself” wasn’t Hitler and that the woman who “poisoned herself” wasn’t Eva Braun but other people and that Hitler and Braun came both away.

      Good people have no rights in Germany but bad people get away with anything rotten under the sun.

      Yep, hell is what they all deserve.

      Barbara Schwarz

      September 6, 2013 at 11:45 am

  5. What a strange church, the Catholic Church.

    Scientology vaults are kid’s playgrounds compared to what the Catholic Church stores in its vaults:


    September 9, 2013 at 5:38 am

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