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Similarities of a declining reputation of the United States but also of Scientology and set ups against both of them

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, how are you? 

Looking at events that happened to the United States but also to the Scientology orgs, I can see a common denominator: infiltration and set ups against them.

It is all covered in the very telling German proverb “Wenn sich zwei streiten, freut sich der dritte.” (“When two people quarrel, a third rejoices.) A proverb that shows German Schadenfreude quite openly.

If two people would fight, you and I and any other normal person would get headache and trying to make peace, but not so the German (particularly the original Bavarian spirit or should I better say animal?)

Anyway: the reputation of the USA goes down, and the reputation of Scientology goes down.

Originally, the USA just like Scientology was very noble. But both are infiltrated by non-Americans or people born in the USA but not Americans in their mindset  (USA) and by people sent in the Scientology orgs or born into it but not Scientologists in their minds, attitude, and behavior.

I could add very long lists of examples, where I can see that the USA but also Scientology was/is the target of German-controlled set ups but as I don’t have enough time, I just give two examples. You likely don’t need even just one example as you figured all yourself, Marty.


To be just, in regards to President Obama being tame and lame as far as the German infiltration of the US government is concerned, I could say the same about other Democratic Presidents and all Republican Presidents since Ike Eisenhower (and some before him). Instead of preventing Germany from controlling the USA even more, President Kennedy said he is a Berliner. And yes, he was, and not just a doughnut. Not my favorite president, Marty.  He rather should have been an American. 

One recent example (one of thousands!) in the USA: Snowden becomes an intelligence contractor and “blows the whistle” on the USA. (I know that German secret services do not just spy in the USA, they also actively meddle, abuse, hurt, and kill in the USA and any other country of this planet.)  Instead of Americans blowing the whistle on these German activities, so-called American officials are ordered through their ear implants to do what the German propaganda machine can use against the USA: spying on alleged allies (without making good use or any use of what they found in regards of German secret service activities in the USA that are completely unconstitutional)  and German-controlled as they are, they give non-American-oriented folks like Snowden intelligence jobs.  Yes, accusing the USA on spying on Germany is total HYPOCRISY as Germany doesn’t just spy on the USA, it also conducts TERROR on US-soil. The overall control on anyone’s ear implants is GERMAN, so nobody kicks Vaterland’s butt. What a serious mistake!  It needs to be kicked, real hard. The USA rather takes the blame instead stopping Germany and driving the German intelligence snakes out of the USA. The world hates the USA and its reputation becomes worse and worse because of secret German set ups but America does not fight back (except with bombs against German straw men, e.g. Middle Easterner, which is exactly what the German secret services order to make the world hate the USA even more).

Where are the political analysts who should figure that out? How come I have to do their jobs?  


One recent example of Scientology (one of thousands!): The orgs are infiltrated by international German-controlled agents. This includes also those who were born into Scientology or came to Scientology very young. These folks were contacted probably around age of six years old and turned into agents very likely like the rest of the world population. (Another important thing that DM “missed”.) Upon order of their non-Scientologist case officers, they blow later and suddenly attack Scientology. They “reveal” scandals that are either fabricated or took place but are our of character for any real Scientologist. So, why did they happen? Because German secret services (in the lead indeed psychiatrists) organised the infiltration and the scandals in the first place for no other reason than to “reveal” those later but not as German-organised doing, which it is, but to blame Scientology on it. The world hates Scientology and its reputation becomes worse and worse but Scientologists don’t fight back with the truth but rather with actions that will again backfire (Miscavige, his stupid actions,  disconnection, idiotic squirrelbusters, celebs and others who were never truly Scientologists, using Brian Culkin as ally, etc.,  you name it.)  

Where are the OTs who should figure this out and explain it to mankind? I am sure glad not running on ear implants, Marty. I can at least say and write what I want to. I am no puppet on a string and proud of it. I don’t need a case officer telling me what to do. However, I am asking myself often what I am doing on a planet like this with remote-controlled unimpressive people in trance who are not my kind. You are my kind but the remote-controlled world conspires together not letting me find you.

Miss you so much. I love you.

Yours forever



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  1. Germany wants the UK to forget how bad Germany was during World War I.

    News for ya

    August 18, 2013 at 5:52 am

    • Exactly and typically.

      Did you read this: …concerns about how Britain marks the event, especially because of possible negotiations over Britain’s future involvement in the EU.

      That means that Germany is the inofficial/official leader of the EU and they have the saying. A nightmare as Germany has the largest amount of bad apples of any country/nation on the planet.

      Barbara Schwarz

      August 18, 2013 at 6:51 am

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