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Doctors are such idiots!

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Dearest Marty, I am thinking of you, my Prince!

I learned that there is a poor little girl in Montana (8 years) and she does not grow up. Her family has to care for her like a new-born.

Doctors now want to “identify the gene” that prevents her growing up to come closer to biological immortality, and if they found it, people would stay young but continue to get sick and die.

Good grief! These doctors look in the wrong places. The girl is sick. One does not seek immortality by trying to manipulate cells but one seeks immortality by offering in a new way of life. Guess doctors hate it as they would be out of business if all would stay young and healthy. They rather sell out their own eternity being so greedy. 


I suspect medical terrorists using remote-controlled germs blocking her natural growth and development.   

Besides, everyone wants to grow up. I guess anyone would agree being a healthy, strong, young adult. Once one is there, aging should stop and would stop with a new way of life and without secret gene manipulations by medical terrorists.

If this girl is allowed to live 70 years, she’ll wrinkle and get sick as anyone else who has to live in the unprotected world with UV beams, toxins, radiation, dangerous germs, bad water, bad air, processed food, etc. and medical terrorists .

We need to build beautiful villages in which we keep away everything that makes people sick and kills them and should not  venture out without protecting the body accordingly. We all know already what makes old, sick, and kills. Wouldn’t it be the most logical step to cut these things out and replace it with a way of life that cuts that out what makes old, sick, and kills? Guess doctors and governmental health departments never ask themselves that logical question. They rather fall themselves to pieces. Speak about being in trance! 

Docs rather want to manipulate our genes instead simply building protective villages.   

With our way of life, people would grow up to be healthy and happy young adults. But once reached its peak, the body would never fall to pieces and age.    

What is wrong with these doctors? How come they can’t see what’s right in front of everyone?

And yes, I also read about the vaults of the C of S in New Mexico. Do you know what’s most absurd about this?

What they are protecting there is not original Scientology but everything altered by Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril” and David Miscavige and their medical-oriented non-Scientologists case officers.   They’ are transforming altered Scientology writing, speeches, and videos onto paper and etching them onto titanium plates. What a waste of money and what a treason doing this with “Jack Vistaril’s” and DM’s crap and not with original Scientology. 

As far as these rings are concerned, that allegedly should lead Ron back from space to this vault: what a crap! 1) “Jack Vistaril” is a corrupt idiot who has no spiritual abilities whatsoever; 2) The real founder Ron isn’t attracted to DM’s crap. 3) Both “Jack Vistaril” and Ron the founder are still on Earth.  

What a dishonest and STUPID world it is.

I love you so much and hope to see you soon, Marty.

Yours forever and many kisses,



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