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Auditioning to become the wife/husband of somebody? (Whatever happened to the tonescale and making one’s own decision based on the tonescale?)

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you, my wonderful husband?

I am sending tender and passionate thoughts to you, in middle of hot summer weather. I want one thing: finding you.  If those (who separate us and/or helping others to get away with it) are thinking they are getting away with it, I have a news flash for them:  They will not even get away with it when hell freezes over!

The reason why we both are going strong, and we are not falling for any impostors is, because we apply the tonescale and other SCN tech.

I can see where somebody is not just socially but chronically on the tonescale.  Many people make the mistake thinking that a person low on the tonescale can’t produce some interest or enthusiasm or other high-looking emotions for a while. They fail to figure the “main emotional playground level” of a person and are therefore no good judges of characters.   

I know that there are tons of false information out there on Ron and Scientology, but DM ordering his staff to search a wife for Tom Cruise might be not completely fabricated. It has weird Miscavology and non-application of Scientology technology written all over it.  Match-making is not against the law and other religion do it too but it is not Scientology.

What ever happened to the Scientology tone scale and other technology to judge characters? If celebs would make their OWN decisions among their female admirers based on the tonescale and other Scientology tech, their marriages would last.  

If  Miscavologists would be real Scientologists, they never would have considered non-Scientologist Katie Holmes as 2D for a Scientologist. 

One thing that the world never will see is that we both are turning against each other. There is true and natural love. And we both have it, Marty. There was no Miscavology match-making when we both did choose each other based on our very own magic.

Can you imagine we both coming together if blind His Cobness and Miscavologists (non-Scientologists and infiltrators) would have done “partner auditions” for us?  They never would have matched us up, and the best love story of all times never would have taken place.

Love you so much, my darling, and I will be at your side through every storm. You can trust me as I trust you. This planet is riddled with phony people, but we are not among them.

Many kisses. I hope I can give them to you soon.

Yours forever and ever. I wouldn’t exchange you for the world!

Proud to be your wife. Never mistook you for Mosey’s husband. Saw it right away that you are not him.

One can’t fool the eyes of true love. If those poor people who try to mislead us would ever experience real love, they wouldn’t even try to fool us. 




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