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Typical secret service psychs hypnotizing and implanting somebody angry into shooting people to make a planet in trance believe that mind control and torture is a “delusion”…

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

How are you? Just briefly today:

The Navy Yard shooting has psychiatric secret service written all over it. 

I bet a gazillion dollars that psychs implanted and hypnotized Alexis to open fire with his “ELF” gun for no other purpose but making people believe that there is no such thing as mind control and  microwave torture and that anyone who claims so is delusional and dangerous. Who wants to be compared with violent man as Alexis?

Just the thing they need to continue violating human rights and torturing people secretly with their instruments who never did anything to them. 

If microwave torture and mind control is “delusional”, then all these mind-control patents are a delusion too?

If microwave torture and mind control is “delusional”, then all these ELF patents are a delusion too?

The international top secret service devices are for sure not patented at all. Some people think that secret services are not secret and report everything to the patent office or the media or are posting about the Internet about what they are doing. Sheesh!

And I always notice how quickly the FBI or other authorities say that somebody “acted” alone. They really hate or don’t know how to pull strings, don’t they?

This planet is in “great” hands. What a rotten place.

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,



Leah Remini asking for sympathy votes on show Dancing with the Stars?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince,

I don’t know if you watch DWST and if you hear of the drama, but here it is in a nutshell:

Kirsti Alley didn’t mention on the show Dancing With The Stars that Scientology haters want her to fail or dead, but they did. She had all the votes of Scientology haters and Anonymous against her, voting deliberately for her competition. Nevertheless, she made it to the 2nd place. She did not mention Scientology at all, she just danced.

But from day one, Leah Remini used DWST as platform for her anti-Scientology propaganda. But all she should do is dance.  

According to media reports, she indicated that “her fans” are “rooting for her” (because she left Scientology). This means that viewers won’t see the best dancer but the person who campaigns against Scientology. This is an abuse of that platform. People watch the show to see good dances and not propaganda battles. 

She carries the anti-Scientology book of Marc Headley under her arm when she goes to her DWST training for reporters to take pictures. I.m.o. she is telling the “world” that she is anti-Scientology and that is why they should vote for her. She thinks the world hates Scientology and that is why the world should vote for her, instead of competing fairly without making Scientology an issue.   

I believe that Headley’s book has a foreword by your impostor, Monique’s husband, who finally admitted (after trying to mislead Scientologists for years) that he is no Scientologist. Leah Remini is clearly indicating that she uses DWST as a battleground and not only or really as dance platform. Marc Headley’s book is not revealing the most important facts in the history of Scientology: the founder was impostored by a secret service agent and non-Scientologist, and the real founder is wrongfully blamed on what the impostor and agent did. I am not at all impressed by Headley’s book. I pity him that he (and the likes) didn’t have the mind to figure the real story out.


Last Monday, Leah Remini said on TV that the Church of Scientology wants her to fail. Jason Beghe (who was audited by your impostor Monique’s husband) uses her statement to stir hatred against L. Ron Hubbard, the founder, carrying the propaganda to an even more hateful level: “Scientology wants them dead, he claims.” “Scientology” wants nobody dead. It is an applied  philosophy, a pro survival philosophy  that Beghe failed to understand. He probably just joined Scientology to rub shoulders with celebrities, and I am sure he wasn’t the only of that kind.  

I am convinced that it is more the other way around that Scientology haters want Scientologists dead and Scientology buried.  Their kind of hatred results in more hatred.

A picture of Beghe on the net shows him sucking on a cigarette like an addict  and he is also known of using vulgar language in real life. Must be really “uplifting” to have this guy around. He is another one who failed to see the true value of real Scientology and should have used his “celebrity status” to tell the world about hired impostors in Scientology instead of befriending one: your impostor Monique’s husband. Whatever “auditing” Monique’s husband gave to Jason Beghe, it didn’t make him smarter. Jason Beghe sees himself as very intelligent man, but he is unable to see on photos, footage, and speeches that Scientology founder was impostored and that his friend Mosey’s husband is one too. Cough, cough… Anyone, please open the windows…


Everyone knows that I am no fan of David Miscavige or any Miscavologist, but these guys watching TV and wishing her not to win won’t make Leah Remini fail. The only person who will make herself fail is herself by wanting to bring Scientology down instead of concentrating on her dancing.

Instead of having filed a police complaint to find non-missing Shelley Miscavige, Leah Remini should have filed complaints asking where you are, the original Marty Rathbun in Scientology, the first Inspector General of the RTC. She also should have used her “celebrity status” to ask what happened to the real founder and why he was replaced with an impostor “Jack Vistaril.” All she (and anyone else) had to do is comparing photos and filmed material and compare speeches to see that the founder was impostored.


After that campaign of  her – if Leah wins or ends up high in the DWST competition, it will be always rumored that she didn’t win because of her abilities and skills but because of anti-Scientologists wanting her to win. If she loses than because of not good dancing and because people are not swayed by her propaganda against her former religion and are being put off by this. Thanks to DM’s non-Scientologist inability to lead Scientology as a real Scientologist, it is “in” to hate Scientology. And Leah jumped on the same train. Pitiful. 

Marty, I remember a discussion that I had with Helmuth Blöbaum who became later the President of the Munich Org. He (had kids) said that children of Scientologists are Scientologists right after birth. I on the other hand said that children who come young to Scientology or are born in it are not yet Scientologists because they haven’t made their own decision of being Scientologists. Of course it all depends on the person. There are for sure numerous children of Scientologists whose became Scientologists young by understanding Scientology’s real value or some of it. But people like Jenna Miscavige Hill, Leah Remini, Marc Headley, and yes, David Miscavige himself, probably never would have come to Scientology on their own and never searched Scientology (the study of wisdom) on their own, and this wouldn’t be Scientology’s loss.


That is why I think that every young person should be asked several times if she really really wants to be in Scientology. If not, she should leave but of course can stay in contact with her family. If she talks family members into leaving too, fine. Anyone who isn’t a stable Scientologist isn’t a real Scientologist and causes more harm than good. I would make sure that they have a place and a job outside if they can’t find any of that on their own and then they have to make their own ways. People who are no Scientologists but in Scientology are doing more harm to Scientology than anyone else.

You and I were born in it, AND we searched it again after our memories were wiped out by psychs, Marty. So, we are the Scientologists. We fought to be Scientologists. Proud real Scientologists, no Vistarologists or Miscavologists. Both ways, Scientologist: born into it AND having searched it on our own.

Love you bunches and I want to dance with you, and only you.

Many kisses,
Yours forever,


Challenger explosion and death of the impostor of the Scientology founder

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate and prince,

I am thinking of you. Why people are thinking that they deserve happiness but we don’t is beyond me. We rather have a clear conscience than becoming one of them.

That night in early May of 1984, I felt it all over the PAC orgs that doctors ambushed Ron, the real founder of Scientology. I saw a bad conscience in many people but they weren’t talking.  Right the next day (you were not in LA), the orgs tried to get rid of me.  

You know Jeff Chavell, Marty, a high SU INT exec when I met him.  Some people also refer to him as Jeff Chevelle.  He was a friendly and calm person, and I always liked him.  He told me that he worked with Ron (the founder). It is possible that he worked with the real founder Ron not (just) with impostor “Jack Vistaril”.

That night, in which I felt that Ron was killed,  Jeff wasn’t the calm person that he always was. He wasn’t saying anything but was TREMBLING. I could tell that he just learned something that hit him like a truck. But he wasn’t telling what it was. Jeff didn’t kill Ron, but he know something about it.  The real OT that I am, I simply knew. 

Approx. two years later, on January 24, 1986, the SEGNPMSS decided to get rid of their agent “Jack Vistaril” as well.  On January 27th, David Miscavige made the announcement that “LRH dropped the body”. 

In order to avoid reporters researching and writing about the founder and accidentally discovering that “Jack Vistaril” was  not the founder but an impostor, they made it in a very busy news day.  They had the Space Shuttle Challenger explode on the very next day, on January 28, 1986: 

The O-ring failure of the shuttle caused a breach in the SRB joint…  How did they do it? With the use of an invisible laser, for example.  

The media was very busy for days reporting about this “accident”, and  the impostor’s death just got some footnotes in the media. 

The problem that the German doctors are having with me is that I know how they act and think, how far they go and that they lie always when they claim that they respect and grant human rights. And you figured them out as well, Marty. I know this.

Many kisses, my darling. I hope to see you against all odds. 

Yours forever and ever.




Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin but also Apple people as Art Levinson and Tim Cook are interested in immortality… (Anyone without a death wish should.)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, how are you, my hero?

Some people are surprised that Google or Apple are into this, but shouldn’t people rather be surprised about those who are not interested in extending the lifespan or even immortality? After all, aging concerns everyone.

Aubrey de Grey welcomed Google into the community of the people who are interested in immortality. He noticed properly that people are in trance as far as immortality is concerned. They are in trance thinking that getting sick and drying is normal and that there is no way around it.

Most people were told that immortality isn’t possible, so they simply accept it, without looking into it and without fighting back. Actually, people who think that people are immortal are defamed by many as dreamers, amateurs or even of being mentally ill.

Those who make money with people getting sick and dying are of course against immortality, and many of these corrupt idiots are forgetting that at the end, they are losing everything too when they are getting sick and die after a ridiculous short life span of approx. 75 years.  

Actually, everyone who is past 38 years old is already past middle age. How time flies! And if that isn’t stupid. 

Aubrey de Grey figured many of the reasons why people age. He identified 7 reasons of aging, and he figured that these 7 reasons can be reversed. His approach and that of his research initiative SENS is repairing any damage to the body.

I believe that the new Google company Calico and  Arthur D. Levinson go down the same or a similar road.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said: “For too many of our friends and family, life has been cut short or the quality of their life is too often lacking. Art is one of the crazy ones who thinks it doesn’t have to be this way.”

No, it doesn’t have to be that way. If damage to the body is reversed that is wonderful, BUT, and here it comes: why are even those who are not in trance about immortality still in trance as to what is needed to stop even repairs to the body as the damage never took place?

And here comes original Scientology (not Vistarology and not Miscavology) into play: I remember clearly that Ron promoted decades ago already villages (beautiful, spacious protected villages with a roof) in which Scientologists (and others) are producing their own air, water, food, etc. and eliminate aging and the causes of aging and disease. This way of living supported Dianetics and Scientology.

Scientology is about spiritual survival, so why was Ron also into physical survival? Because people are mind-controlled even after their physical death and in-between-lives, and it is not wise to die and end up in traps. What about OTs? They are particularly followed around  by implanters due to their advanced knowledge. We gotta bust the mind-controllers, and short lifespans don’t help us to deal with them. These guys stole the immortality tech from Scientology. These top secret service psychs are using this tech for themselves but keep it away from mankind – unlike Ron who wanted everyone to have it!

Why does just about anyone believe that pills and injections are the answers? As we know already what is aging our bodies, I have a message to all people: what about building these villages and keeping out all these culprits that cause disease and aging!?

Google could build one of these villages right away. But so could others and particularly the Scientology orgs. Instead of building the SP building with psych devices as spinners, DM should have stepped in the real Scientology founder’s and not his impostor’s footsteps and build life and youth preserving villages and deliver auditing and the OT levels there.     

Here is another thing that should be considered by everyone who wants to extend the lifespan with injections and pills only: What about the outside aging? For a woman and having a face of a 2000-year old isn’t that appealing. Cosmetic surgery can’t undo that. A study found that plastic surgery takes off just three years. So, we then look 1997-years old. 

The thing is: with living in protected villages, we won’t age on the outside either.  A 20-year old in this environment looks after 2000 still 20. (Can leave the village if she wants in protected body-suit, doesn’t have to be heavy moon suit.)

People with a secret death wish will say: Gee, who should pay for all those villages?

I bet it is a lot cheaper than health care and aging for everyone.

What about the doctors and the pharma industry? Will they be all out of work? They should learn to adopt to youth, health, and immortality for heaven’s sake.  If their purpose in life is making money, they can find other ways. But also they will feel better by staying young and healthy. I take being young and healthy rather than being wealthy and sick and old. Besides, one can be young, healthy, and rich. One just has to choose an ethical way to make a living.  

And of course there are the idiots with death wish you say that if people don’t die, the planet will be overpopulated. I live in an area that wishes it would have more people. If you drive through the USA, you see just many people in big cities. I remember car drives where I didn’t see a human being or another car for hours.

Besides, these protected  villages can be build onto and into the seas even out in space and on other planets.  Before I would try to solve the “problem” of “overpopulation”, I would solve the problem of  disease, suffering and dying.

David Miscavige and infiltrators will not bring original Scientology back, Marty, but we both would.

Be kissed and embraced. I never stop loving you.

Yours forever,



Why Larry (or Lawrence) Harold Brennan feels being Denise Lara Brennan

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Dearest Marty, my dashing prince and hero,

How are you? Wish I finally could see you. Miss you so very much.

I learned that Larry (now Denise Lara) wants to see me again, but my answer is to anyone who wants to meet me: I meet only with somebody who tells me where I can find you,  the original Marty and not your impostor, Monique’s husband. I don’t have the time and I am not in the mood to play around. As for lunch, I can pay my own, thanks. Don’t need hand-outs. My blog doesn’t have a donate button like the blogs of so many other people.

Larry worked once directly with you, Marty. He knows for sure that you are not Monique’s husband. But did he say a word about that? Nope.  

Larry (now Denise Lara) posted that she knows her real self now. Really? But after all these years in Scientology, she doesn’t know why she ended up in a male body. Sheesh!


Many people who are having bodies of the opposite genders are not gay nor do they go through a sex change. I met people of whom I could tell that they had now bodies of the gender that they DID NOT HAVE on their timetrack, but they were straight. Some of these people are even anti-gay.

I once knew a woman, and she told me she was so much in love with a man that she got sick as he didn’t return her feelings. When I met her a few weeks later, she suddenly was a lesbian. She became what was “available”. So, I learned that becoming homosexual or lesbian is a choice.

When I was approx. 14 years old, I had a talk with my best friend in school. She asked me if I ever have kissed a girl. I felt harassed by that question and found it completely absurd as I never had any other feelings towards people of my own gender than friendship. I walked away, and I never could be carefree around her again. I didn’t cancel my friendship with her, but I always had to think about what I was saying or doing around her as I didn’t want to invite any wrong ideas of her about me. It wasn’t a carefree friendship anymore. Too bad.

Seriously, really the oddest thing about this is that Larry Denise Lara was decades in Scientology and failed to figure one thing: WHY did he feel like a girl/woman inside but has a male body? As a Scientologist, he should have figured that he simply picked the wrong body. 

And why would a thetan pick a wrong body, despite Ron said that a thetan picks the gender that he had before on the timetrack?


Because he (like tons of other people) was tricked into picking up the new body TOO QUICKLY. They didn’t check if the gender is right. So, what is all the rush about?

How is it possible that people are tricked into diving into a baby body without checking the gender? I know you figured it too, Marty: the culprits are ear implants and the men who invented and use them.

A thetan can hear without needing a body. In between lives, people still hear their case officers (the German ear implant system goes several centuries back) calling their code/number. The thetan is lonely and looking for a new body. It hears its code, and its case officer sending a message that there is an awesome body and if the thetan doesn’t rush in it, another thetan will snap that body instead and they are left with no body. 

I had once a talk with a staffmember in the Munich org, who indicated that he thinks that “a thetan can be lucky if he gets a body” as so many thetans out there who want one. Needless to say, he had a very female-looking “male” body too. Another one who looked like he rushed into a new body without checking the gender first. After the insemination, it takes MONTHS before one can tell the gender. Besides, I guess it is real dark in Mom’s belly. (I was never in there but I guess it is.)


We, Ron, you, Marty, and I, we never had a problem. We have intentions that can move mountains. The stronger thetan gets the body not the fastest. I picked my body AFTER it was born. How do I know? I died (killed by the doctors) during giving birth to my first and only child and became my only child.  After they killed me, I decided to take that baby body myself. There were tons of other thetans around wanting this baby body. They didn’t stand a chance against me. No need to rush. Intentions is all that counts. I needed that body myself as I just was murdered. (Thanks, docs, I am coming after you, just remember that before you commit your next crime.)   


We all are born in our birthday suits. One glance is all that is needed to see if it is a girl or a boy. If I would have seen that it is a body of a boy, I would have not taken this body. I don’t want 2nd Dynamic orientation problems or hormone treatments.

Besides, I want a hunk (YOU!) and not be any. 🙂

Having a body of any race wouldn’t bother me.  But the line must be really drawn when thetans are tricked (implanted) into the opposite gender.

Why are secret service doctors doing that? They are mean to their own agents and wanting to laugh at other people’s costs.


Also, these atheists are trying to provoke God. 
All people should be granted human rights but being gay or lesbian or transsexual or genderless is not undisturbed nature. If it would be, they would be able to make children naturally. But only heterosexual people can. Something happened that altered them, their feelings and orientations. And what happened is that somebody is messing with them.

Jack “Vistaril” (Ron’s impostor) was a corrupt idiot and mixed up the terms body thetans and theta bodies. Guess he never grasped the difference between those. I read recently the transcript of a confused lecture of 1952 by Jack Vistaril, impostering the founder already back then. “Jack Vistaril” lectured that thetans of the opposite sex kind of melted into the theta body of another thetan (person). To get rid of homosexual feelings in somebody, the solution would be auditing of that concerned person, said impostor “Jack Vistaril” to make the female thetan leave that PC. Vistaril’s words: “Get the hag out of there”.

The real founder Ron never talked as primitive as “Jack Vistaril”, and Ron was never confused and incoherent but his impostor was. Such “auditing” will not work when a person like Larry has a female timetrack and when it is never acknowledged that the reason for feeling like a woman is because he has suddenly is in male body but didn’t had male bodies on his timetrack. The correct auditing would be to have a PC run that his past life secret  case officer told him to pick up that body with the wrong gender and lied to him that he wouldn’t get any other body if he would wait till that embryo is a baby to check the gender.


Yes, SEGNPMSS doctors do all they can to bring thetans down, also melting thetans together and even splitting thetans in their lab, anything one can think of, they did and do to spirits/people/animals, but the real cause of homosexual or lesbian feelings is having not picked a body of the usual gender that this thetan had on the timetrack.

Ron, the real founder of Scientology said that homosexuality comes from thetans being tricked/implanted into a body of the opposite sex.

This is another reason why ear implants and personal codes are so dangerous. It makes it very easy for secret service doctors to make people act they want them to. They don’t have to talk thetans into much. All they have to do is calling the code and there, the thetan trust them blindly and goes right into the trap.

Lots of people are having now bodies of the opposite gender, thanks to their medical case officers. In real life and in movies, I can see most of the time immediately if somebody has a female or a male timetrack, even without having to audit them. When I see romantic movies, where she has a male timetrack and he has a female timetrack, it doesn’t have real magic for me. I find it awkward and not natural. So, should they kill themselves or have no rights? Of course not! But when they die and feel lonely out there as thetan without body and when they want another body, they should make sure that they see clearly can the gender before they rush into the next fetus or embryo.


Taking Larry as an example: he had a female timetrack and suddenly found himself in a male body. I bet, in between lives, he thought the body he was diving in would be female. He didn’t check for the gender. The fetus likely was even too small to see if it was a girl or a boy. He grabbed onto it and occupied that body that no other thetan would take it. (That is what thetans usually do and that is why abortion is not just “getting rid of tissue”.) While in the fetus or embryo body, SEGNPMSS plays forgetter tapes. Larry forgot his past live (like other thetans do too) and was born a boy. Forgot that he was a female on the timetrack.

Madonna says that she is a guy trapped in a female body, and I think she figured that correctly.

Germany just accepted being “genderless” as third gender. Wow, some idiots are thinking, those Germans are so noble and advanced. (Yes, advanced in inhumanity, because their very own SEGNPMSS is not just tricking the population into taking baby bodies of the other gender than what they had before, they also use instruments and techniques to manipulate the tissue of fetus or embryo bodies so that they have no gender or both genders and other birth malfunctions. This is how “human” they are.) They need their behinds kicked, hard, legally and internationally.


The German doctors are really the scum of mankind. Under Hitler, they killed the people who they tricked into the bodies of the other gender and experimented on, and now they want to “acknowledge” them. You know what it means, Marty. It means that German doctors have no intentions to stop these inhuman acts of messing with thetans and their bodies.

When I found back to Scientology in 1977, I found a Scientology that was pretty much altered already by “Jack Vistaril”. Nevertheless, I was able to figure out a lot that was altered and how it was in original. You did too, Marty. I noticed this. And Larry and anyone else should have done the same. Instead, Larry sees a psych.


Larry indicated that in the last 2 years, he saw a psych once a week. Now he finds his male body horrid. Now he wears women dresses and takes feminizing hormones, which could have medical side effects. And his psych still doesn’t know what has happened to him or doesn’t tell him: he was tricked into taking a body of the opposite gender.

An eternal trap.

Instead of getting the female body that Denise Lara wants in her next lifetime, I bet, there are secret service doctors that will trap her again in a male body or maybe even in a body without a gender or with both genders, and the same problems will start all over again. And instead of helping to convict these German secret service doctors, he works for Germany trying to destroy Scientology.


Marty, I love you so very much. I am so glad that we both don’t have these gender issues. And we never will. Intention is the biggest role by getting the body that one wants not early occupation.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my hero.

Eternally yours.



When does law enforcement finally figure that psychiatric and medical implants make people go through with terror acts?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince,

I mentioned it often already and I know that also your smart thoughts are going in that direction: doctors alter the minds of downtown people with anger issues to put away social barriers and going through with terror attacks as yet another one in the Washington Navy Yard.

They will never get a handle on terrorism if they don’t discover hypnotizing and implanting doctors behind it. All these kind of terror attacks will “miraculously” stop, if the CIA, FBI, the defense secret services, the courts, congress are doing finally the right thing: calling the ugly child and its countless atrocities by its name: medical terrorism secretly led by Germany.

Usually, they have these hypnotized people kill themselves after the atrocities or shot by others so that the evidence of manipulated minds can’t be found.   

German p$ychs dream: having hypnotized people in uniform (and they mean another uniform, and we all know which other uniform they mean) shoot into a crowd of their critics!

Speaking about psychs and medical doctors: The UN expert ream has found that Sarin gas (German Nazi gas) used against civilians.  Syria’s president Assad is a medical doctor.  I bet it was him on secret German orders who ordered the gas attack.

Starting a war isn’t what I prefer either, but if the USA doesn’t stop atrocities who else does? Neither the USA nor the international community should let the monsters behind this attack get away.

When I was a kid, kidnapped to Germany and growing up in Bavaria, it didn’t take me long to discover people who were so bad that the word human being really didn’t fit to them. But I went to sleep every night thinking that the USA wouldn’t allow them to take over again, overtly or covertly. If I would have know back then what I know now: much of the American public, the officials, the judges, the representatives being run with ear implants, an idiotic and rotten German invention over which Germany has internationally the upper hand and the most saying, I wouldn’t have been able to sleep at all.

We have a lot of work to do, Marty. And that is why the still existing Nazi doctors and their secret services don’t want us find back together.

I miss you and love you until the end of time, which has no end.







German secret service infiltration in America and the German take over of the world…

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Dearest Marty, my heartthrob, how are you?

I miss you terribly. Otherwise, not much news here in “sweet hell”, except desk work but also a lot of work outside. It’s never ends.

I read Tony Ortega’s reports from the Comal County Court House but as he is so blindly anti-Scientology, I have problems swallowing everything that his cool-aide drinkers are gulping down, no questions asks. I bet there are stupid women already who want to dry his feet with their hair, maybe those who walk around with books before cameras that deliberately do not reveal that the founder of Scientology was and that you are impostored.     

Did judge Dib Waldrip really point out that it seemed to be a logical impossibility that Monique’s husband’s affidavit was both false and revealed confidential information? It is not a logical impossibility. Of course it is possible. In some statement your impostor lied, in some statements he revealed confidential information. I know that other churches have “confidential information” too, however, if DM would be a real Scientologist who has nothing to hide, he could be as open as I am and wouldn’t have to invoke confidentiality.

I would tape and air the weekly Scientology executive staff meetings on YouTube.  This is how open I am.

I know that Mosey’s husband lied in all points in which he made the court believe that he was the first Inspector General of Ethics of the RTC, which I know a 100 % beyond any doubt whatsoever that he is not. Monique’s husband has the same problem that “Jack Vistaril” had: it is actually impossible to impostor a person as high on the tonescale and you and the real Ron. I can see the very different personality of you and him on photos and footage shining right through your bodies.  Also if somebody would be able to play high on the tonescale, he would understand the tonescale, would want to be up there as it is a lot more fun and rewarding than down there and  wouldn’t impostor you or Ron or anyone else in the first place.  

However, I can see  also the difference between original and double in low-toned people who are hired for other low-toned people as Bin Laden and the fool that was shot by the Seals instead of the real Bin Laden.        

I can also see that Ike Eisenhower was replaced by a doppelganger/impostor while still in office, and I know a lot of what’s going on in CIA in this regard.  (German-secret service poodles!)

What’s most important for this case and all other cases in which Scientology is involved is that the founder was and you are impostored. Judge Dib Waldrip didn’t say a word, but I am sure that he learned about it. It is also possible that you filed a motion. The issue won’t go away, as I don’t let it, and I bet you don’t give up either, Marty.     

German secret service  infiltration and take over of the world…

The author of the book “The German Secret Service in America” figured a lot about the sneakiness of Germany. Although I don’t agree with each word this author wrote, but he at least was looking in the right directions while most others didn’t and still don’t.

Germans are rather obsessed than thorough. If they would be thorough, they would have come across that when they mess with us, we won’t take it and we won’t be fooled. But they didn’t get this and many of them still don’t got it.

However, the book is interesting as it reports about Germany’s infiltration of the USA already before Hitler.

He doesn’t go so far as I am, saying that the USA was already German-infiltrated when it was founded by some good people. Just one vote more and German would be the main language of the USA! It also explains why the US Constitution could be a lot better. It has holes. It also explains how slavery was once permitted and that it even needed a war to get anti-slavery laws implemented. 

The German Secret Service in America, a book that Mosey’s husband and his cool aide drinkers “forgot” to read.

And they are still in America, more than ever!

The brutal violence that the authors describes is not as much Prussian as it is Bavarian. Munich is in Bavaria and it was always called “the secret capital of Germany”. I lived there myself for many years, I know what I am talking about.

So, almost hundred years ago, the U.S. State Department figured out that Germany worked on executing Germany’s commands not only in the USA alone but also throughout the world.

The author thinks that Middle Europe was excepted. It wasn’t. The leaders of these countries just should think that they were excepted.

And were Germany’s envoy ever able? Depends for what kind of mind. I could figure them and their intentions always very quickly.

However, infiltration is as German as beer: may it be in Scientology or the US government or other governments.

And nothing has changed and nothing will change if they are not busted in all eternity.

Quite revealing is the German General War Goal: Discard all “world citizen” sentiment and dangerous objectivity in favor of strangers.

And also the doctors and psychs behind them: “Healthy:” colonization.

“France and Russia must cede land near our gates as punishment… estates to German farmers”
(Marty, France and Russia are still known of being anti-American and also anti-Scientology. They failed to see how Germany infiltrated them.)

German plan for USA: Take over colonies (and they secretly took them over by installing kids psychiatric ear implants and make them agents for Germany!)

And making slaves (eliminating or using intelligent proletariat)…

Conspiracy to take Belgium over. They are not entitled to independence. Belgium must ease to exist. We need the coast against England.

France “must bleed it white” so as never to be attacked again and is to be taken over. (And now they are German poodles. Wuff, wuff.)

They want the land sans “dangerous people” and the text makes clear that those “dangerous people” are their critics and that these people are to be killed.

Interesting is that they think that Switzerland is not a problem at all. They just have to take it, which indicated the degree of infiltration already hundred years ago.

Already 100 years ago, Germany wanted or had openly or concealed a dictator.

They are also cowards, the Germans: rather forgo than take it with the hostile French population.

England: It’s world-rule must end! (It wasn’t the USA who ended it for them, apparently.)

“Can’t formulate demands until naval warfare decided. Build ships with all your might!” (The usual German dangerous nuttiness.)

“Japan: Must be punished for white race. Revenge?” (Huh? They sure got punished after the Germans got them on board against the USA, had made them German dirty work by attacking Hawaii, and the infiltrated US government atom-bombed Japan instead of Germany.)

“Must be permanently weakened and forcibly turned towards the East.” (They got German invention communism and still are German poodles.)

“Then its pressure vs. Asia” (Nuts, the Germans, plain nuts, always were, still are.)

And it goes on with taking over Poland, the Baltics, they want to do with Finland and Sweden what they want, take the Black Sea Coast away from Russia, Austria is their’s already, the world just doesn’t know it, Russia is getting small, the Ukraine Empire split away, forced migration, no friendliness towards Russian farmers, Russian Jews are “unthinkable” in the German empire, “bind Russia to remove restrictions vs. Jews” (later they came up with the Nazis) and they want to cede Palestine.

In short, they want to force all to become German and some races are simply eliminated and we know what this means.

“France and England made powerless” and now listen to this:
“Let Russia always threaten us and be our foe; that’ll be our luck.” (Playing the victim card to the world and also wanting and loving war and having a justification to built a strong military!)

It goes on and on, they take each country and colony, it doesn’t matter were in the world and do with it what they want.

They want Germany as the main language. (English sounds a lot nicer. German sounds like a machine gun. You should hear my accent! I scare myself to death with it whenever I hear myself!)

They call following countries “neutral”, which means they did run them already secretly:
Luxembourg (Scientology’s Sea Org reserves were/are there), Holland, Italy, Rumania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Sweden, Finland…

No word about the Middle Easterners and most of Africa. It appears that these were already secretly so German-controlled hundred years ago, that they didn’t need to be mentioned.

Love you so much, my prince. Many kisses, my sweetheart. I think of you so often.

Forever yours,



Confidential and privileged information? Is having Monique’s husband taking about your life as your impostor also “confidential and privileged information”?

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate,

Seems that DM’s, RTC’s and C of S’s attorneys filed a motion in the gold digger case no. C 2013-1082B in Comal County, Tx. 

As expected, DM (and the infiltrated RTC and Cof S) didn’t come clean and did not confess the doppelganger/impostor charade. They didn’t state that the affidavit that Mosey’s husband filed (claiming wrongfully that he is you, the first Inspector General for Ethics in Scientology) contains lies and that he perjured himself. Apparently, DM’s or church’s attorneys are not really objecting to the content of Monique husband’s impostor statements and lies under oath to the court  but that he had an obligation to keep secrets. 

Yikes! How can for example the act of impostering you (or also the founder of Scientology) be attorney-client privileged?

I am on your side, Marty, the innocent person whose identity and legacy is stolen by a conspiracy of non-Scientologists (current and former infiltrators and spouse) who also are ruining Scientology and/or trying to get rich and who are fighting now among themselves.

Wonder if DM’s or the attorneys of the infiltrated C of S drew up Monique’s husband’s contract (end of the 80s) to impostor you, Marty. If yes, they must get prison sentences too.

I think Ray Jeffrey needs to be disqualified mostly on the grounds that he most certainly knows that Monique’s husband is impostering you and that the million Dollar that his wife wants will benefit your impostor who is for sure the driving force behind this lawsuit for damages.

Marty, also the actions filed by DM and the infiltrated RTC and C of S  against Mosey’s husband can cause YOU problems down the road. Monique’s husband can disappear any minute into Mexico, Germany or any other country/place and YOU might be accused of what HE did (by the infiltrated C of S, governments, and by others)!  

Actually, the conspiracy accuses you already on it by not making any differentiation between you and Monique’s husband, the non-Scientologist and impostor who DM allowed to take over your post by leaving you behind as no real Scientologist would.

Besides, as it turns out, DM, RTC, and the C of S added “Mark” Marty” C.  Rathbun” as the defendant to a  top secret case around October 1, 2012 already.  You don’t even know what cases are filed against that name that you were given by the feds! You have to get your original name back from the feds, but nevertheless, Mosey’s husband should not be allowed to claim your years and legacy in Scientology has his.  

From a footnote of a C of S pleading the case no. S12-56345CV-C in San Patricio County, Texas:

“On or about October 1, 2012, the Plaintiffs (RTC, C of S, C of S Texas, DM) added Mark “Marty” C. Rathbun as an additional defendant… (See affidavit of Gary S. Soter)….”

The affidavit of attorney Gary S. Soter says that “Marty C. Rathbun” was added as defendant to this case on September 28, 2012. 

It also says “Defendants (in that case DM, RTC and C of S) agreed to pay plaintiffs unspecified sums for the remainder of their lives – even after they ceases providing any services.

Unbelievable, Marty!!!! DM must have quite a bad conscience to make such a deal, and I wonder if hushing up that Monique’s husband isn’t you and that the founder of Scientology was impostored isn’t the biggest part of this bad conscience.

You hired Marrick and Arnold, not Mosey’s husband, and I am very sure that these two detectives know that but are keeping their mouth shut when they should talk about this.

This court action was entitled TOP SECRET and DM, RTC, and C of S are complaining that Ray Jeffrey and other attorneys for the opposition are violating this top secrecy.




All involved are treating  you like a person without having any human rights.

And none should get away under the law. Not one of these conspirators!

You have to sue DM too (and or to file criminal charges) and establish that Monique’s husband is NOT you and that YOU are NOT responsible what HE did and does. And if a secretly German controlled CIA gave you his identity for “security reasons”, you have to sue them (and or to file charges) against them too!

The name Mark (Marty) Rathbun was an honorable name when you had it but is no longer. The name L. Ron Hubbard was an honorable name when Ron had it before “Jack Vistaril” took Scientology over.

The best would be explaining this to Congress and have them investigating and acting before the problems grow even bigger as they already are.  I know it is not easy as the world is not free. Just about all people having ear implants and are not doing what is right but rather what their non Scientology case officers are telling them to do (and the overall control over each ear implant lies within German medical secret services).  

Quite revealing is also that Monique’s husband has no problem violating C of S’s confidential and privileged information but still upholds the “confidential and privileged information” that he is your impostor and that the founder was also impostored (by “Jack Vistaril”). As more heinous an act, as more it is still kept “confidential and privileged” or how should I otherwise understand what he and DM are doing?    

Monique’s husband and Mike Rinder apparently also tried to “testify” in the case of Cof S / Debbie Cook or they did testify. Everything that impostor Monique’s husband might state and do, could be used against you, Marty, despite you didn’t do anything wrong, as the corrupt world makes deliberately no difference between you and him.       

Warren McShane also filed an affidavit in Monique’s case. He knows that her husband is not you. But he too writes no word about it. How can he think that these withholds will not catch up with him later in form of the OW/sequence? DM pulled himself already huge problems in, and I don’t think they will go away. 

Ray Jeffrey claimed in one of his pleadings that Pat Broeker was the “successor” of the Scientology founder. Hell, he was. “Jack Vistaril” was an impostor and not even the Scientology founder. I know that you hired Marrick and Arnold as they represented themselves as professional detectives. You had all reasons to believe that Pat Broeker was hiding something. You told them both not to do anything illegal but did they really deliver, particularly, after Mosey’s husband took your position over? The pleadings of Ray Jeffrey read as if both of them were rather “Pat Broekeries”.

Broeker a kind, studious, admirable gentlemen? What happened to the Scientology money (millions of Dollars) that disappeared when Broker and his wife Annie carried millions around in suitcases? Even critics of Scientology mention these missing millions!  C of S critic Steve “Sarge” Pfauth allegedly reported that Pat Broeker was laughing with David Miscavige just one day after “LRH” died. Pat Broeker was throwing around Ron’s cash, how “cool” and “lawful” is that? Besides from co-conspiring that “LRH” was the Scientology founder and not an impostor.

25 years, these detective did not deliver anything on Broeker. Faithful service? Even Steve C of S critic “Sarge” Pfauth found more out about Pat Broeker than they did! And for not delivering the goods, DM pays these guys for 25 years and for the rest of their lives. Unbelievable, absolutely beyond belief.  

“Broeker spent money like water. He had access to as much money as he wanted. Pat didn’t like doing accounting…”

You bet that Pat Broeker, the “kind, studious, admirable gentlemen” didn’t like doing accounting. 

But the last chapter of the story isn’t written yet.  

Bright eyes like yours and mine are in the way by turning Scientology in what the psychs orders, that’s why we were kicked out. Idiots are allowed to stay and are recruited  back into the orgs as they are very helpful in Scientology being blamed on what infiltrators do. 

I love you, Marty. The entire world is paying blind and stupid, but true love can’t be fooled. 

Many kisses and forever yours,



Is David Miscavige really anti-psychiatry? I beg to differ!

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

Some Scientologists think that His Cobness (David Miscavige) is anti-psychiatry, after all, CCHR is still there and DM lectured in the past against psychiatry.

Looking more closely into this reveals the following: CCHR was established all over the world a long time before DM took Scientology over from Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril”. Many Scientologists discovered on their own that psychiatry has very dirty hands. In order to take Scientology over, neither “Jack Vistaril” nor David Miscavige could/can simply close or dismiss CCHR without being detected/accused of being  non-Scientologists/infiltrators by many.

There are many psychiatric but also medical facts that Ron, the real founder of anti-cult Scientology researched and published, but these findings are completely removed from Scientology. Much of that happened  already under “Jack Vistaril”.

DM heard the real Ron lecture in the UK, but has not put this research back in Scientology but intents to add more of “Jack Vistaril’s” crap found/planted in a garage.

What was removed or altered from what the original founder wrote? A lot! Some examples: Scientology being anti-ear implants, anti-silent sounds, thetans with theta-body (spirit orbs) being tracked and trapped by medical/psych terrorists, real reason for homosexuality (people being tricked into the opposite sex in between lifetimes), longevity,  real reasons for diseases and dying, the alternative way of living to support Dianetics and  SCN, real OT levels, and the list goes on and on.

Instead, DM uses p$ych methods (having people run in circles or spin in circles) and also charges their prices, etc.

Another way that tells me that DM works for p$ychiatry and is helping psychs to whine “we are victims!” is by using violent words and images against psychs that most people reject, even those who know that psychiatry has dirty hands. PSYCHS WANT THE PLANET TO THINK THAT SCIENTOLOGISTS ARE HAVING VIOLENT CHARACTERS (which we don’t) AFTER THEIR OTHER ATTACKS AGAINST AND INFILTRATION OF SCIENTOLOGY DIDN’T DESTROY ALL OF SCIENTOLOGY COMPLETELY.    

Instead of truly documenting psych and other medical terrorist crimes to Congress, other national and international bodies, and the worldwide public (as we would do it, Marty), non-Scientologist David Miscavige uses violent terms that helps psychiatry to play the victim. (He also uses the word busters, which wasn’t such a bad word before the idiotic squirrel busters.) This strategy backfired with having people even a town rally behind Monique and her impostor husband  and it backfires by making people defend psychiatry and turning blind eyes to real psych crimes.

Two wrongs make no right.

DM also talks about these psychs crimes so fast that it is hard to follow him. As if he doesn’t want people to learn about them in detail. It seems to me that what he is reading  (or hearing through ear implants) is not even reaching his own mind. He just rattles through just like secret service doctors order. What is left in the memory is a speech by David Miscavige that contained words of violence and images that show violence.


I know better than anyone how dirty the hands of psychs are, but if DM would be a Scientologist and not a p$ych agent, he wouldn’t make his event look like Nazi rally. He would speak slower, not approve of the use terms of violence and would not use images of violence, because two wrongs make no right. History showed that psychs were/are behind violence and wars, Scientologists don’t. 

Psychiatry and other medical terrorists needs to be prosecuted  under the law but they shouldn’t be helped by being able to play the victim card, and it is DM’s specialty to hand this card to them. If DM would be a non-agent, he would get that.

If I would be DM, I would worry about terror acts around Scientology events, as that one of October 6, despite that DM brought back outdated psych devices and methods as the spinner in his SP building. I would worry about terror acts under the disguise of alleged Scientologists against Scientologists. It is so easy for the p$ychs to alter the mind of people who are chronically on tonelevel 1.5, even those who are long in Scientology (Fowler) and hypnotize them into violence.

After DM created a culture of violence in the Sea Org (and his former right hands Monique’s husband, your impostor, Marty, helped a lot to archive this) and after DM demonstrated in speeches and videos that he approves of violent images, the psychs, other medical terrorists, and their agents will use that against Scientology. Since years, secret service psychs and their agents are working to create a reputation to wrongfully picture Scientologists as violent. And DM played right into their hands and Miscavologists and Vistarologists are too dumb to get it. 

Isene Geir, one of your impostor’s close friends says that His Cobness would be a true believer because he saw it in David Miscavige’s eyes. Good grief! Non-Scientologist Geir isn’t even capable to see on photos or film footage and in the eyes of your impostor (Monique’s husband)  that he is an impostor! Nor is he able to see this on the photos and the footage of Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril” that he impostered Ron the founder.

According to original Scientology, the anti-cult, Scientologists ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE TRUE BELIEVERS.

To the question: is DM are true believer? The answer is: Most definitely he is no Scientologist as true believers are robots and anti-Scientologists.

But as Isene Geir hung out in Scientology orgs for many years without noticing what is really going on, he is unable to give smart answers.

Instead of babbling nonsense, Isene Geir should buy himself a razor and shave his face. He looks like a bum on YouTube videos.   

 I miss you so much, Marty. I am so glad that we are so different than these non-Scientologists. 

Be kissed.

Yours forever,





I think Monique’s husband counts on that you never will surface, Marty. Does he have secret service info that you are to be murdered and that he will get away with impostering you?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soul mate,

What else should I think but that Mosey’s husband counts on that you never will surface? Otherwise he wouldn’t have filed an affidavit in which he claims that your life is his, e.g., the early times of the Inspector General for Ethics and the time before that.  Does he have secret service info that you are to be murdered and that he gets away with impostering you?

Germany is the secret if not the official leader of Europe. Spain and France for example are German poodles. If Germany wants it, they fabricate charges. If Spain arrested you (typically German to fabricate charges), the affidavit of Mosey’s husband, admitting crimes in your name, could be used by conspirators against you in that Spanish case or any other case in which you were framed.

I am really concerned about this, Marty.

You know how bribed officials and judges are. They don’t investigate.

They play the fools: “You wrote an affidavit confessing, blah, blah, signed with your name, blah, blah…”

You say: “That wasn’t me. I didn’t write this affidavit. My impostor did.”

Corrupt officials/judges: “That is frivolous! You confessed, you are guilty!” 

I hope you file criminal charges and/or counter-sue him and his impostor-supporting wife. I think you have no other choice if you don’t want to be mixed up with Mosey’s husband’s crimes. 

Maybe Mosey has a claim against DM and the squirrel busters, but the both of us have many more claims against her impostor husband (and also her because she is supporting him), DM, and any of their co-conspirators, Marty.  And I have no intentions to let them get away with anything.

One of the big lies in your impostor’s (Monique’s husband’s) affidavit is that he and DM are/were Scientologists.



How low are the IQs of people who can’t see that those are four (4) different individuals:

The Sea Org was never a “shadow organization” under the real founder. It was always there and open. Ron, the founder was no secret service agent, but the impostors and their co-conspirators are.

“Jack Vistaril” was an agent who impostored the founder without this knowledge and permission. The impostor was married to Mary Sue who was a convicted criminal who helped to destroy the reputation of Scientology.

That legal quicksand remark in your impostor’s affidavit was made by the founder’s impostor not by Ron, the founder.

Not Ron the founder, but the impostor died 1986 on a stroke. The FBI had the fingerprints of the impostor on file not that of the founder. The real founder died earlier and nobody of the infiltrated Church of Scientology spoke out against it. They don’t deserve Scientology. Really not, they can be stuck with the impostor’s version and DM’s forever for all I care, Marty. That is all what they deserve. Corrupt people never will be OT. 

I am 100% sure that the real founder couldn’t even go near a Scientology org or mission because German secret service officers shot at him with sharp munition, trying to prevent that he sees the orgs infiltrated and his writings altered.  And neither the FBI, NSA, CIA and other US law enforcement agency did protect him. Agent “Jack Vistaril” ran Scientology, and after he died, his good friend David Miscavige took over, no Scientologist at heart and in his behavior. 

Infiltrators may have shielded Ron’s impostor from civil and criminal liabilities, but they sure gave a damn as to what the doctors of German secret services do to the real founder Ron of Scientology in spring of 1984. They killed him and who knows in which medical lab his body ended up so that they can check his brain and why he was so extra-ordinary! No Scientologist was with him at the end. What a treason!

Your impostor, Mosey’s husband wrote in his undated affidavit (give me a break!) that he was recruited in 1981 by DM himself. If that is true, this must have been a top-secret operations because in 1983/1984 when I was at PAC, you didn’t knew that you were impostored. I never saw Mosey’s husband anywhere, just you, somebody with a very different personality than Mosey’s husband.  (See the photos above of approx. that time period.) He poses in your Sea Org uniform with your ribbons. Even through the photos I can see the different personalities. And yours is so wonderful, Marty, truthful, warm, caring, decent, law-abiding, able, professional, intelligent, so very different from your impostor. You had a good-natured temper but no violent streak and Mosey’s husband is a violent man.

There are traitors in the FBI, NSA, CIA and other agencies. They knew that “Jack Vistaril” was Ron’s impostor. They never had any serious intention to capture the impostor as the real founder, the non-criminal Ron could hear of the case and “Jack Vistaril” and his non-American and German secret service officers would have been convicted of infiltrating Scientology and turning it into a cult and destroying the real founder’s reputation and legacy.

It speaks for the unethical character of Mosey’s husband to allow himself to be hired in such an organization. The both of us joined Scientology by believing it is a very ethical movement and applied philosophy  which it was in the beginning and was always under the real founder and when we were around.

I bet all I got that the real  founder never saw or heard or met the impostor or Mary Sue, the impostor’s wife. It is a typical secret service method to pin this criminal woman and her actions on the innocent founder.

I know that you never committed these crimes that Mosey’s husband accuses you of  by admitting them on your behalf. It was YOU and not Mosey’s husband who told PI’s Marrick and Arnold NOT TO DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL. It was NOT violent and above the law Mosey’s husband who did that.

If Mosey should get money from the orgs and he gets his hands on it, I believe he will disappear one day to Mexico, Germany or elsewhere. And if you should survive your wrongful incarceration, which he for sure does not hope, you are left with his lawless “legacy” and the false admissions that he made by lying in his affidavit that he was the first Inspector General of Ethics, and the man before, which he was not. That is YOU. 

He is an anti-social personality. Maybe he also has dirty hands in regards to the murder of his brother Bruce Grenville Rathbun. You really have to tell the world that Mosey’s husband is an impostor and not you, the original Inspector General for Ethics in Scientology, Marty.

DM and Mosey’s husband are thinking that you never will come free.  They are monsters who think you are having no rights and that only they have rights. No Scientologist behaves like that. The Code of Honor of a Scientologist MEANS NOTHING TO THEM!

If you would have come across illegal acts, you would have stopped and reported them. I watch you work. You are so DIFFERENT than Mosey’s husband. Different like day and night.

Mosey’s husband took over your legacy in Scientology by claiming your time in Scientology as his time and life. In an affidavit to the court! No laws are holy to that man. He is not you, he wasn’t in the Scientology management until maybe 1990, and lied over and over in his affidavit that he was.

He lied that you coerced other Sea Org members giving up their positions. How dare him! Nothing would be more out of character for you. For him NOTHING is out of character.  You never would conduct perjury. You were the man who told others not to violate the laws and you lived by that.

David Miscavige never run Scientology like the founder. DM stepped in the footstep of his impostor “Jack Vistaril”. DM gives a damn as to what happened to the real founder and his daughter: me. You are the one who cares, I can feel that. The others are directly from hell.

I am certain that in March 1987, Mosey’s husband was still not in the Sea Org. According to my recall and perceptions, you disappeared end of 1988, and the first photos I saw of him was around 1990. I noticed that suddenly  a very irresponsible charisma emanating from the man in these photos. I figured it out: DM had exchanged you with an impostor! He figured that if his friend “Jack Vistaril” gets away with impostering the founder, he can hire an impostor also for you and would get away with. What a miscalculation! Now it is coming to haunt him and Mosey’s husband.

The fact that he is not you turns much of the first 15 points of Monique’s husband’s affidavit into fiction.  

If any of that is true what Mosey’s husband wrote about what he did for DM, one has to pity only the IQ and lack of knowledge of the tonescale by DM, trusting Mosey’s husband or Mike Rinder. He made both to his right and left hand. How stupid is that? 

The “handling of Lisa McPherson” has p$ych ops written all over it. I bet that poor woman was implanted by psychs and set up to die. This was the only  reason why psychs allowed her to leave the hospital with Scientologists. They should have found out what happened to her in that hotel in Orlando (where she stayed for an event not related to Scientology)  and who barged in her room there. I read that her room-mate told police that she was normal when she left for Orlando but came back confused. The Miscavologists stepped right into the psych set up. The purpose of it: the orgs should turn Scientologists over to psychiatry.    

No wonder they kicked me out, Marty. No wonder they don’t help you to come back. Germany and their international p$ychs really are in troubles with our kind of minds calling the shots. 

Remember when I searched you in the 90s, and the infiltrated C of S didn’t tell me your whereabouts, Marty, despite my suspicion that the German government has filed a case against you without my permission and knowledge and despite that I am an IAS member and the IAS has the goal to unite Scientologists?

Back then, I filed a legal action against the infiltration of the Church of Scientology. Unlike Monique and her impostor husband, I did not gold-dig and ask for cash. All I wanted was to help you and to learn where to go to testify for you. According to Mosey’s husband’s affidavit, I have to conclude that Mike Rinder and himself, in coordination with DM, must have hired one of the most expensive lawyer firm in SLC to keep us apart and your relief witness and wife away from you. They rather waste Scientology money to keep us Scientologists apart.  

Trio David Miscavige, Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband are anything but Scientologists.  Unfortunately, there are more former and current infiltrators in the orgs.

They are dupes for Germany. Scientology-hating Germany rubs its dirty Nazi-hands when the world is lied to that these lawless people are Scientologists!  

I love you so much, Marty. I am so glad that you are not like Mosey’s husband at all. I would have NEVER fallen in love with you if you would be anything like him.

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty.

You will lead the saints when they marching in.

Forever yours.

We both stay loyal and true to each other.  We are the real Scientologists.