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Mosey’s husband (now suddenly a fan of a booze-loving “Jesus”?) filed an affidavit in a Texas Court, Marty, still impostoring you… YOU, Marty, are the KEY WITNESS in that law suit!

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

How are you?

I am really sick and tired that this violent impostor (Monique’s husband) tries to make even the courts believe that he is you. He uses his wife to extort a million Dollars from Scientology.

AND MONEY-HUNGRY AS THEY ARE, MOSEY’S HUSBAND AND AND OTHERS TOO WILL BE THE NEXT MILKING SCIENTOLOGY FOR MILLIONS, all concealing that Scientology is infiltrated by people like them: non-Scientologists and agents.

More here:

I am also sick and tired of David Miscavige and anyone in the orgs for not revealing what really is going on with Mosey’s husband and where you are.  

DM said in HIS affidavit that he received summons to serve for jury duty. As far as I know, it is possible to reject jury duty once in a while if one has a compelling reason but one can’t refuse it all the time. So, did he really sit in juries? In what cases?

The orgs would have had it so easy to convict Mosey’s husband in the eyes of the world as the impostor that he is, but as David Miscavige hired him as your “doppelganger”, he became like a slippery fish for them, causing more and more troubles for the orgs.  

Also all false accusations on Ron, the founder and Scientology could be a matter of the past, if Scientologists would inform the public finally that the founder was impostored by secret service agent “Jack Vistaril”. It would mean even a chance to get original Scientology back.

And yes, DM has to step back. If he would have done so a long time ago or never would have become the COB, it would have saved the orgs a hell of a lot of problems. 

The doppelganger and impostor actions are top secret service actions, and unethical people, people without characters don’t want to hear, see, and talk about them. Except me as I am NOTHING LIKE THEM!

Warren McShane is now mentioned in the lawsuit. I hope he has sense enough and spills the beans that Mosey’s husband is an impostor and that he is NOT you, the original Inspector General for Ethics who suddenly disappeared by the end of 1988.

Mosey’s husband, your impostor is now using his “wife” Monique (married her by using a false date of birth, and she seems so much under his thumb that she puts up with that) to extort money from the Scientology orgs, which Mosey’s husband once infiltrated. He is one of the infiltrators who make people now think that Scientologists are violent. But real Scientologists are not violent and very, very different from him.

Monique’s husband’s personality and actions are just what Scientology-hating German secret services order. And I bet they plan even more violence.   

He and his wife want a Million Dollars from Scientology, and apparently, David Miscavige, the Miscavologists, the busters, and PIs played right in their hands. None of them are Scientologists. Real Scientologists are a lot smarter than any and all of them. And most of all, real Scientologists are ethical, and one can’t say  this for former and current infiltrators.

It is possible that DM ran the Squirrel Busters, but as he is no Scientologist, why should the orgs pay for his actions?

By attacking DM in this law suit but no longer on his blog, Mosey’s husband hopes that DM settles and pays cash to him and his wife. I have no problems looking through his plan. He knows that DM hates to be named in lawsuits and that he uses SCN cash to buy his way out. However, these accusations in Mosey’s husband’s affidavit against DM are now public, and if DM settles the case, people will think that Mosey’s husband’s affidavit contains the truth and that this is the reason why he settled.     

Well, if they are successful in extorting money, we’ll sue it back from each one of them, Marty, as they conspire against you and me, the real founder and real Scientology, since decades.  

The smoking gun in that lawsuit is not that DM is involved in the idiotic non-Scientology Squirrel Buster Operation or other non-Scientology operations but that Mosey’s husband is not who he says he is but an impostor and that DM and the infiltrated Church of Scientology and the so-called “Independents” and their supporters are covering it up.

This is what Scientology hating Germany wants (you not free but impostored) and Mosey’s husband dragging your legacy and also that of Ron through the mud, Marty.  

Some might wonder why DM isn’t publicly making a statement saying that Monique’s husband is your impostor. I know why: DM was involved in hiring him as your impostor, and he sure got his motivators for that.  Who says that there is no O/W-sequence? But also Mosey’s husband and any co-conspirators will feel that sequence.

Instead of helping you, an innocent friend and real Scientologist in need as in the Scientology Code of Honor, DM (and Mike Rinder too) put a non-Scientologist (Monique’s husband) on your post, the “Inspector General for Ethics”. No wonder that all is such a mess right now! What real Scientologist would have accepted Mosey’s husband, a non-Scientologist (back then nobody’s husband, later Cheray’s and Anne’s husband) instead of you on the 2nd highest job in Scientology?


So, Mosey (who does exactly as her husband says and can be seen on YouTube as the puppet of her hubby) filed a million dollar lawsuit against the C of S in the District Court, 207 Judicial District, Comal County, Texas on August 16, 2013. Judge Waltrip is presiding.

I assume that Mosey’s husband’s posts pro Jesus (a “Jesus” who indulges in drinking and eating and has a wit like a doctor’s scalpel… Just the idea is gross!) to make the judge and a possible jury believe he is a Christian or in any way and form religious. He is not. He is some kind of pro-Germany agent.

What’s next? Monique and her husband ran a campaign to get President Obama elected. Will they claim to be Republicans next in an attempt to sway the judge?

Defendants of that case are David Miscavige, the C of S, and two people named Steven Gregory Sloat and Monty Drake. Case no. is C 2013-1082B. Her attorney is Ray Jeffrey who apparently is ignoring that Mosey’s husband is an impostor and that his wife Monique (Mosey) supports your impostor. He filed an amended complaint for her (or should I better say for her husband, your impostor, Marty.)

Marty, your impostor’s affidavit (41 items) is webbed today on the blog of Tony Ortega, who also failed to reveal that Mosey’s husband is your impostor or that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored by “Jack Vistaril”.


Have you ever seen a more unprofessional document filed in a court? What is Mosey husband’s problem with the exact date and time? That is: he is constantly covering up that he is an impostor who doesn’t want to be held responsible if the curtains come down. 

I guess that Mosey’s husband wants to leave a window open when YOU sue him for impostering YOU, so that he can say: “Heck, that affidavit was just a draft. It was not ready to be filed, don’t you see, it isn’t even dated by me! I didn’t do nothing! Mosey must have delivered it to the lawyer or Chiquita, my fat little dog. I am innocent as always!” 

Apparently, Mosey’s husband wants to get his hands on the cash that his wife asks for. She might be tired too of working for old people and might think that the C of S is a good cash cow. Her husband has no job except of ripping off some public from the orgs and squirrel-auditing them for cash and writing books that rarely anyone orders. A million Dollars from the orgs that Mosey’s husband once infiltrated (approved by DM) comes in handy. Video on YouTube shows that he controls Monique completely. She follows everything he tells her like a little child.

Which court can afford trusting Mosey’s husband’s information? Can any court really trust Mosey’s husband who admitted that he is a liar and had material destroyed in the Lisa McPherson case?

In order to get the cash, he even stopped posting against DM for a while, trying to signal DM: you can buy me, just give my wife the cash that I want.

But Mosey’s husband filed his “affidavit” and by settling the case, this “affidavit” against DM will stick.

If DM wants to get out of there, he has to win this case and prove who Mosey’s husband really is and that these allegations against him are not true.

However, you being unavailable must mean more to DM than getting Mosey’s husband convicted as your impostor.

Mosey’s husband swore under oath that from 1982 to 2004 he answered directly to Miscavige. I was at PAC in 1983 and 1984, and he was nowhere around but YOU were! There was no sight of Mosey’s husband anywhere!

Ron would award you the “Medal of Honor” for sure but never Mosey’s husband or His Cobness.

You disappeared without a trace end of 1988. The first Mosey husband photos that I saw appeared around 1990. It might be true that nobody worked with DM more closely or for a longer period of time as Mosey’s husband did. Except Mike Rinder.

Infiltrators working hand in hand but then turning against each other but still not coming forward what their actual mission is and that mission is not being ethical and not preserving original Scientology.

Mosey’s husband cites Ron’s impostor’s version of ethics and legal. He doesn’t reveal that also the founder of Scientology was impostored, but Mosey’s husband knows that for sure and so does DM. The founder was not in control of the Scientology orgs. German secret service agent impostor “Jack Vistaril” was that before DM took over.

In 1981, Mosey’s husband claims that he was recruited by DM into the Sea Org? Really? How come YOU were in 1983/84 in the Sea Org and not Mosey’s husband?

Mosey’s husband and DM know very well that Mary Sue wasn’t married to the founder but to his impostor.

Mosey’s husband is destroying your reputation more and more, Marty. Out of greed for a million Dollars, he claims (you) are having done things as coercing others to leave their RTC positions to them. This is so out of character for you. He also withholds the names of who those others are who allegedly did the same! Typical for Mosey’s husband!

That he attacks L. Ron Hubbard, the founder in Scientology is a sure give-away that Mosey’s husband NEVER WAS A SCIENTOLOGIST in all these years at DM’s side in the orgs while he impostored you. And Mosey’s husband, an impostor himself, knows a 100% that all these accusations that he makes against the “founder”, he should rather make against Ron’s impostor, “Jack Vistaril” who impostored Ron already in the 50s if not before!

I love you, Marty, and again, YOU are the KEY WITNESS in this case.

Many kisses, I’ll be on your side. Infiltrators are attacking each other, but real Scientologists are helping each other truthfully and ethically.

The truth will come out, and it will not look good for impostors and those who helped them.




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  1. What do you think about this?

    Magistrate Judge Thomas B. McCoun III has produced an order that agreed with Luis Garcia’s legal team that Scientology’s subpoenas were overbroad. The church produced the subpoenas in advance of an October 3 evidentiary hearing in the Garcia federal fraud lawsuit. At the hearing, Scientology will try to prove that Garcia’s team acted improperly by employing an attorney who used to work for the church years ago.

    Jane Doe

    September 16, 2013 at 1:01 am

    • If true and this attorney worked for the C of S before, he should have not accepted the case from the Garcias. These judges are overwhelmed by anything that has to do with Scientology. But instead of ruling on cases that they haven’t understood completely, they should say so and find another solution to be just. For example, a team of retired judges could study the case and provide a judge with the necessary details of the case. I noticed during the golddigger hearing of Monique and her husband as to how little the judge knew and how overwhelmed he must feel. But they have to say so.

      What judge Waldrip said, if he said it: I am concerned about appeals… sounded really odd. If he would be certain that he makes a lawful and ethical ruling, he wouldn’t be concerned about appeals. If there is no grounds for appeals and his decisions overturned, a judge isn’t concerned about it.

      Also, judge Waldrip should ask the question why only Monique sued and not her husband who lived in the same house. The answer is that Monique’s husband is afraid that his co-conspirators who are still in the Scientology orgs would turn against him and reveal (among other things) that he is an impostor.

      Barbara Schwarz

      September 16, 2013 at 4:41 am

  2. Lol. Monique assures her hubby that she is going to manage one way or the other, even if it means self-representation… She wants to step in your gigantic pro se shoes, dear.

    Visiting King County

    September 16, 2013 at 4:14 am

  3. Leah Remini crazy? Her partner Tony Dovolani said, “I’ve had some pretty crazy partners in the past, but Leah’s a force of nature.”


    September 16, 2013 at 10:53 am

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