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Confidential and privileged information? Is having Monique’s husband taking about your life as your impostor also “confidential and privileged information”?

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate,

Seems that DM’s, RTC’s and C of S’s attorneys filed a motion in the gold digger case no. C 2013-1082B in Comal County, Tx. 

As expected, DM (and the infiltrated RTC and Cof S) didn’t come clean and did not confess the doppelganger/impostor charade. They didn’t state that the affidavit that Mosey’s husband filed (claiming wrongfully that he is you, the first Inspector General for Ethics in Scientology) contains lies and that he perjured himself. Apparently, DM’s or church’s attorneys are not really objecting to the content of Monique husband’s impostor statements and lies under oath to the court  but that he had an obligation to keep secrets. 

Yikes! How can for example the act of impostering you (or also the founder of Scientology) be attorney-client privileged?

I am on your side, Marty, the innocent person whose identity and legacy is stolen by a conspiracy of non-Scientologists (current and former infiltrators and spouse) who also are ruining Scientology and/or trying to get rich and who are fighting now among themselves.

Wonder if DM’s or the attorneys of the infiltrated C of S drew up Monique’s husband’s contract (end of the 80s) to impostor you, Marty. If yes, they must get prison sentences too.

I think Ray Jeffrey needs to be disqualified mostly on the grounds that he most certainly knows that Monique’s husband is impostering you and that the million Dollar that his wife wants will benefit your impostor who is for sure the driving force behind this lawsuit for damages.

Marty, also the actions filed by DM and the infiltrated RTC and C of S  against Mosey’s husband can cause YOU problems down the road. Monique’s husband can disappear any minute into Mexico, Germany or any other country/place and YOU might be accused of what HE did (by the infiltrated C of S, governments, and by others)!  

Actually, the conspiracy accuses you already on it by not making any differentiation between you and Monique’s husband, the non-Scientologist and impostor who DM allowed to take over your post by leaving you behind as no real Scientologist would.

Besides, as it turns out, DM, RTC, and the C of S added “Mark” Marty” C.  Rathbun” as the defendant to a  top secret case around October 1, 2012 already.  You don’t even know what cases are filed against that name that you were given by the feds! You have to get your original name back from the feds, but nevertheless, Mosey’s husband should not be allowed to claim your years and legacy in Scientology has his.  

From a footnote of a C of S pleading the case no. S12-56345CV-C in San Patricio County, Texas:

“On or about October 1, 2012, the Plaintiffs (RTC, C of S, C of S Texas, DM) added Mark “Marty” C. Rathbun as an additional defendant… (See affidavit of Gary S. Soter)….”

The affidavit of attorney Gary S. Soter says that “Marty C. Rathbun” was added as defendant to this case on September 28, 2012. 

It also says “Defendants (in that case DM, RTC and C of S) agreed to pay plaintiffs unspecified sums for the remainder of their lives – even after they ceases providing any services.

Unbelievable, Marty!!!! DM must have quite a bad conscience to make such a deal, and I wonder if hushing up that Monique’s husband isn’t you and that the founder of Scientology was impostored isn’t the biggest part of this bad conscience.

You hired Marrick and Arnold, not Mosey’s husband, and I am very sure that these two detectives know that but are keeping their mouth shut when they should talk about this.

This court action was entitled TOP SECRET and DM, RTC, and C of S are complaining that Ray Jeffrey and other attorneys for the opposition are violating this top secrecy.




All involved are treating  you like a person without having any human rights.

And none should get away under the law. Not one of these conspirators!

You have to sue DM too (and or to file criminal charges) and establish that Monique’s husband is NOT you and that YOU are NOT responsible what HE did and does. And if a secretly German controlled CIA gave you his identity for “security reasons”, you have to sue them (and or to file charges) against them too!

The name Mark (Marty) Rathbun was an honorable name when you had it but is no longer. The name L. Ron Hubbard was an honorable name when Ron had it before “Jack Vistaril” took Scientology over.

The best would be explaining this to Congress and have them investigating and acting before the problems grow even bigger as they already are.  I know it is not easy as the world is not free. Just about all people having ear implants and are not doing what is right but rather what their non Scientology case officers are telling them to do (and the overall control over each ear implant lies within German medical secret services).  

Quite revealing is also that Monique’s husband has no problem violating C of S’s confidential and privileged information but still upholds the “confidential and privileged information” that he is your impostor and that the founder was also impostored (by “Jack Vistaril”). As more heinous an act, as more it is still kept “confidential and privileged” or how should I otherwise understand what he and DM are doing?    

Monique’s husband and Mike Rinder apparently also tried to “testify” in the case of Cof S / Debbie Cook or they did testify. Everything that impostor Monique’s husband might state and do, could be used against you, Marty, despite you didn’t do anything wrong, as the corrupt world makes deliberately no difference between you and him.       

Warren McShane also filed an affidavit in Monique’s case. He knows that her husband is not you. But he too writes no word about it. How can he think that these withholds will not catch up with him later in form of the OW/sequence? DM pulled himself already huge problems in, and I don’t think they will go away. 

Ray Jeffrey claimed in one of his pleadings that Pat Broeker was the “successor” of the Scientology founder. Hell, he was. “Jack Vistaril” was an impostor and not even the Scientology founder. I know that you hired Marrick and Arnold as they represented themselves as professional detectives. You had all reasons to believe that Pat Broeker was hiding something. You told them both not to do anything illegal but did they really deliver, particularly, after Mosey’s husband took your position over? The pleadings of Ray Jeffrey read as if both of them were rather “Pat Broekeries”.

Broeker a kind, studious, admirable gentlemen? What happened to the Scientology money (millions of Dollars) that disappeared when Broker and his wife Annie carried millions around in suitcases? Even critics of Scientology mention these missing millions!  C of S critic Steve “Sarge” Pfauth allegedly reported that Pat Broeker was laughing with David Miscavige just one day after “LRH” died. Pat Broeker was throwing around Ron’s cash, how “cool” and “lawful” is that? Besides from co-conspiring that “LRH” was the Scientology founder and not an impostor.

25 years, these detective did not deliver anything on Broeker. Faithful service? Even Steve C of S critic “Sarge” Pfauth found more out about Pat Broeker than they did! And for not delivering the goods, DM pays these guys for 25 years and for the rest of their lives. Unbelievable, absolutely beyond belief.  

“Broeker spent money like water. He had access to as much money as he wanted. Pat didn’t like doing accounting…”

You bet that Pat Broeker, the “kind, studious, admirable gentlemen” didn’t like doing accounting. 

But the last chapter of the story isn’t written yet.  

Bright eyes like yours and mine are in the way by turning Scientology in what the psychs orders, that’s why we were kicked out. Idiots are allowed to stay and are recruited  back into the orgs as they are very helpful in Scientology being blamed on what infiltrators do. 

I love you, Marty. The entire world is paying blind and stupid, but true love can’t be fooled. 

Many kisses and forever yours,




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  1. Court is in session after the talked to attorneys of both sides in his chambers. Judge Waldrip ordered no recording devices during testimony.


    September 12, 2013 at 4:34 am

    • I always found these meeting in chambers odd. Also that no recording devices are allowed during testimony. Why not let the public know everything and make it’s own mind up?

      Barbara Schwarz

      September 12, 2013 at 5:11 am

  2. CSI is getting thrown under the bus to keep Miscavige out of the lawsuit? Did a C of S attorney say that CSI has enough money to satisfy any damages or settlement of Monique Rathbun?


    September 12, 2013 at 5:54 am

    • I am not in Texas and glad that I don’t have to witness this circus.

      We need this kind of action:

      1) CSI suing DM of having received Scientology from the founder’s impostor, leaving the real founder behind and having concealed this before all Scientologists.

      2) CSI suing DM of having hired Mosey’s husband, an impostor of the original Marty, the original Inspector General for Ethics, and leaving the original Marty and having concealed this before all Scientologists.

      3) Mosey’s husband still conspiring with Mosey’s husband (and also Mike Rinder) to keep these impostor actions a secret before all C of S and also “Indie” Scientologists

      4) DM’s personal out-ethics, his actions (but also his family members) are ruining Scientology and its reputation and that CSI wants real Scientologists to lead Scientology.

      Barbara Schwarz

      September 12, 2013 at 6:11 am

  3. From the SP times of today:

    “San Antonio lawyer Lamont A. Jefferson, representing Miscavige and the church entity he heads, said the leader’s attention is solely on Scientology’s ecclesiastical matters. He argued that Rathbun once said as much in a sworn declaration several years ago, when he still worked for the church.”


    September 12, 2013 at 9:18 am

  4. If that is correct, then Mosey’s husband lied either back then under oath or now under oath.

    But what can be expected from an impostor?

    I heard Ray Jeffrey talking to the court, his opening statement on YouTube. He calls what the DM and Squirrel Busters did or allegedly did “nasty pranks”. He has no other words for it, he said. Anybody knows that I am no friend of DM or the busters but I got to say this: I learned years ago that if it can’t be called torts… (torts include all negligence cases as well as intentional wrongs which result in harm) there is no case.

    Jeffrey indicated that Monique felt really uneasy that a deputy US marshal installed a law enforcement camera on the adjourning parcel. Don’t know who he works for but if I would live close by with an impostor and support that impostor, I would feel uneasy too knowing a deputy US Marshal and his camera equipment too.

    Monique googled her name. My blog is up since 2009. I checked yesterday and saw that my blog was the first one that that came up googleing her name. So, she saw the different “Mark” or “Marty Rathbun” photos and she knows that those are two different individuals and that her hubby is impostering the original. She hushed my blog up in the case. She mentioned only stuff on other blogs that are not mine. I never accused her of having had a sex operation or supported the Squirrel Busters nor any other website or blog about her or her husband.

    I don’t think that DM or an infiltrated C of S is the right entity to surveil Mosey’s husband, but if he is not surveilled, I bet he makes a run from the law once he is indicted of having impostored the original Marty (Inspector General for Ethics) and perjured himself under law and to courts claiming that he is the original.

    Ray Jeffrey defames the founder’s name in the court room by NOT telling the court that also the founder was impostored by “Jack Vistaril”. He sold the impostor’s quicksand crap to the court as that of the founder. I am outraged. He is the mouthpiece of Mosey’s husband, the impostor of the original Marty.

    Ray Jeffrey said that the US government was thinking earlier on that Scientology was a business. Originally, when the real founder was around, the government considered it to be a religion but then the German secret service hired “Jack Vistaril” to impostor him, shot at the real founder when he tried to come close to a Scientology group, mission or org and then Scientology got in troubles.

    Did Mary Sue and some of their co-conspirator infiltrate the US government. I say she did, and she and her impostor husband also infiltrated Scientology as the German agents that there were. Germany is the biggest infiltrator of the U.S. government running officials through ear implants.

    And if the FBI wouldn’t be secretly German-oriented and German-controlled, they would have not just busted Mary Sue and her con-conspirators but would have made sure that the world knows that her husband wasn’t the Scientology founder and that Mary Sue supported the founder. Instead the FBI (and also the CIA) busted Mary Sue and her non-Scientologists as “Scientologist” to blame it on the real founder who had nothing to do with any of that.

    Barbara Schwarz

    September 12, 2013 at 10:34 am

  5. David Miscavige is not the only one loving luxury.

    The head of Germany’s Roman Catholic Church said on Thursday he would discuss with Pope Francis a scandal over a bishop who has been criticized for splashing out on a luxury residence and accused of lying under oath about a first-class flight.

    Blog Reader

    October 10, 2013 at 1:33 am

  6. The Netherlands recognized Scientology as a religion and the Amsterdam org got tax payments back.


    October 29, 2013 at 1:55 am

    • And that money might go into the Sea Org reserves in Luxembourg and Germany wants to take the EU lead officially over soon. They run it officially already. Whenever Germany moves it still existing Nazi muscles, just about everyone obeys. I am proud to be very different. I know them better than others.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 29, 2013 at 2:50 am

  7. Blog-Mart is kissing up to Leah Remini on his blog. Wants her to help him and his wife to multi-million dough. Desperate action.

    Tennger V. J.

    December 6, 2013 at 8:11 pm

  8. Did Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard write the Intelligence Manual, a SPY manual?


    December 10, 2013 at 6:02 am

    • His IMPOSTOR likely did but the real founder did NOT. The founder was no agent, his impostor (like Mosey’s husband is one) was an agent.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 10, 2013 at 4:05 am

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