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Challenger explosion and death of the impostor of the Scientology founder

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate and prince,

I am thinking of you. Why people are thinking that they deserve happiness but we don’t is beyond me. We rather have a clear conscience than becoming one of them.

That night in early May of 1984, I felt it all over the PAC orgs that doctors ambushed Ron, the real founder of Scientology. I saw a bad conscience in many people but they weren’t talking.  Right the next day (you were not in LA), the orgs tried to get rid of me.  

You know Jeff Chavell, Marty, a high SU INT exec when I met him.  Some people also refer to him as Jeff Chevelle.  He was a friendly and calm person, and I always liked him.  He told me that he worked with Ron (the founder). It is possible that he worked with the real founder Ron not (just) with impostor “Jack Vistaril”.

That night, in which I felt that Ron was killed,  Jeff wasn’t the calm person that he always was. He wasn’t saying anything but was TREMBLING. I could tell that he just learned something that hit him like a truck. But he wasn’t telling what it was. Jeff didn’t kill Ron, but he know something about it.  The real OT that I am, I simply knew. 

Approx. two years later, on January 24, 1986, the SEGNPMSS decided to get rid of their agent “Jack Vistaril” as well.  On January 27th, David Miscavige made the announcement that “LRH dropped the body”. 

In order to avoid reporters researching and writing about the founder and accidentally discovering that “Jack Vistaril” was  not the founder but an impostor, they made it in a very busy news day.  They had the Space Shuttle Challenger explode on the very next day, on January 28, 1986: 

The O-ring failure of the shuttle caused a breach in the SRB joint…  How did they do it? With the use of an invisible laser, for example.  

The media was very busy for days reporting about this “accident”, and  the impostor’s death just got some footnotes in the media. 

The problem that the German doctors are having with me is that I know how they act and think, how far they go and that they lie always when they claim that they respect and grant human rights. And you figured them out as well, Marty. I know this.

Many kisses, my darling. I hope to see you against all odds. 

Yours forever and ever.





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