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Leah Remini asking for sympathy votes on show Dancing with the Stars?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince,

I don’t know if you watch DWST and if you hear of the drama, but here it is in a nutshell:

Kirsti Alley didn’t mention on the show Dancing With The Stars that Scientology haters want her to fail or dead, but they did. She had all the votes of Scientology haters and Anonymous against her, voting deliberately for her competition. Nevertheless, she made it to the 2nd place. She did not mention Scientology at all, she just danced.

But from day one, Leah Remini used DWST as platform for her anti-Scientology propaganda. But all she should do is dance.  

According to media reports, she indicated that “her fans” are “rooting for her” (because she left Scientology). This means that viewers won’t see the best dancer but the person who campaigns against Scientology. This is an abuse of that platform. People watch the show to see good dances and not propaganda battles. 

She carries the anti-Scientology book of Marc Headley under her arm when she goes to her DWST training for reporters to take pictures. I.m.o. she is telling the “world” that she is anti-Scientology and that is why they should vote for her. She thinks the world hates Scientology and that is why the world should vote for her, instead of competing fairly without making Scientology an issue.   

I believe that Headley’s book has a foreword by your impostor, Monique’s husband, who finally admitted (after trying to mislead Scientologists for years) that he is no Scientologist. Leah Remini is clearly indicating that she uses DWST as a battleground and not only or really as dance platform. Marc Headley’s book is not revealing the most important facts in the history of Scientology: the founder was impostored by a secret service agent and non-Scientologist, and the real founder is wrongfully blamed on what the impostor and agent did. I am not at all impressed by Headley’s book. I pity him that he (and the likes) didn’t have the mind to figure the real story out.


Last Monday, Leah Remini said on TV that the Church of Scientology wants her to fail. Jason Beghe (who was audited by your impostor Monique’s husband) uses her statement to stir hatred against L. Ron Hubbard, the founder, carrying the propaganda to an even more hateful level: “Scientology wants them dead, he claims.” “Scientology” wants nobody dead. It is an applied  philosophy, a pro survival philosophy  that Beghe failed to understand. He probably just joined Scientology to rub shoulders with celebrities, and I am sure he wasn’t the only of that kind.  

I am convinced that it is more the other way around that Scientology haters want Scientologists dead and Scientology buried.  Their kind of hatred results in more hatred.

A picture of Beghe on the net shows him sucking on a cigarette like an addict  and he is also known of using vulgar language in real life. Must be really “uplifting” to have this guy around. He is another one who failed to see the true value of real Scientology and should have used his “celebrity status” to tell the world about hired impostors in Scientology instead of befriending one: your impostor Monique’s husband. Whatever “auditing” Monique’s husband gave to Jason Beghe, it didn’t make him smarter. Jason Beghe sees himself as very intelligent man, but he is unable to see on photos, footage, and speeches that Scientology founder was impostored and that his friend Mosey’s husband is one too. Cough, cough… Anyone, please open the windows…


Everyone knows that I am no fan of David Miscavige or any Miscavologist, but these guys watching TV and wishing her not to win won’t make Leah Remini fail. The only person who will make herself fail is herself by wanting to bring Scientology down instead of concentrating on her dancing.

Instead of having filed a police complaint to find non-missing Shelley Miscavige, Leah Remini should have filed complaints asking where you are, the original Marty Rathbun in Scientology, the first Inspector General of the RTC. She also should have used her “celebrity status” to ask what happened to the real founder and why he was replaced with an impostor “Jack Vistaril.” All she (and anyone else) had to do is comparing photos and filmed material and compare speeches to see that the founder was impostored.


After that campaign of  her – if Leah wins or ends up high in the DWST competition, it will be always rumored that she didn’t win because of her abilities and skills but because of anti-Scientologists wanting her to win. If she loses than because of not good dancing and because people are not swayed by her propaganda against her former religion and are being put off by this. Thanks to DM’s non-Scientologist inability to lead Scientology as a real Scientologist, it is “in” to hate Scientology. And Leah jumped on the same train. Pitiful. 

Marty, I remember a discussion that I had with Helmuth Blöbaum who became later the President of the Munich Org. He (had kids) said that children of Scientologists are Scientologists right after birth. I on the other hand said that children who come young to Scientology or are born in it are not yet Scientologists because they haven’t made their own decision of being Scientologists. Of course it all depends on the person. There are for sure numerous children of Scientologists whose became Scientologists young by understanding Scientology’s real value or some of it. But people like Jenna Miscavige Hill, Leah Remini, Marc Headley, and yes, David Miscavige himself, probably never would have come to Scientology on their own and never searched Scientology (the study of wisdom) on their own, and this wouldn’t be Scientology’s loss.


That is why I think that every young person should be asked several times if she really really wants to be in Scientology. If not, she should leave but of course can stay in contact with her family. If she talks family members into leaving too, fine. Anyone who isn’t a stable Scientologist isn’t a real Scientologist and causes more harm than good. I would make sure that they have a place and a job outside if they can’t find any of that on their own and then they have to make their own ways. People who are no Scientologists but in Scientology are doing more harm to Scientology than anyone else.

You and I were born in it, AND we searched it again after our memories were wiped out by psychs, Marty. So, we are the Scientologists. We fought to be Scientologists. Proud real Scientologists, no Vistarologists or Miscavologists. Both ways, Scientologist: born into it AND having searched it on our own.

Love you bunches and I want to dance with you, and only you.

Many kisses,
Yours forever,



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  1. I’m already sick of Leah Remini whining that she’s going through, “personal issues,” and “the Church wants me to fail, so they can tell their other parishioners, see, you leave us and this is what happens.” Oh brother. Just dance, please.

    Sorry Leah, it’s called LIFE!

    This quoted from:


    September 24, 2013 at 1:03 pm

  2. Ughhh she is still on that show!? She said in an interview with tmz that unless u are an actress (like herself,guess bad actresses included) you shld ALWAYS take your husbands last name because it will cause fights with ur man. I guess she is stuck in the 50’s because all men are not like that. Lol Her own rules dont apply to her tho because she is an “actress”.


    October 23, 2013 at 12:33 am

    • Could be caused by the voting system mix up that she still is on that show.

      My problem with her is that she portrays Scientologists as puppet to the world and that is completely wrong. I was never a robot. I was always myself. It is the original non-cult. If Leah feels she was a robot, then it is her problem but not that of a real Scientologist. We are very unique and believe in our own strengths and perceptions.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 23, 2013 at 2:41 am

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