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It is infiltrators and Non-Scientologists who look like idiots and have to be ashamed – not the Scientologists

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Isn’t it sad how former friends are turning against each other? But it won’t ever happen between you and me. We will be always be at each other’s side. We did it all the timetrack up and down. Real stupid by p$ychs trying to come between real soul mates. Haha. That has failure for them written all over it. 

When I read the “confessions” of Monique’s husband, Mike Rinder, but so many others, it disgusts me. These people never should have been in Scientology in the first place.  And they are not the only.  Many of those who came as kids to Scientology like David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, Marc Headley, Leah Remini (and so many more) apparently never would have searched and found Scientology on their own. (This includes also Monique’s husband because he was for sure approached to impostor you and was not on a quest to find his spiritual path, something that he tries to sell now to the public.) 

You and me, Marty, we have nothing to be ashamed of. Actually, I am proud that I found Scientology, my own conduct in Scientology and out of Scientology. I didn’t choose to leave as I am convinced that any changes take place within Scientology and not outside, it doesn’t matter how much it is attacked. And I have seen enough of your conduct in Scientology, Marty, to know that also you can be proud of your legacy in Scientology. Just don’t allow Mosey’s husband to get away with lying under oath that he is you as he destroys you legacy with his false admissions. He also plays right into German secret service hands and their psychiatrists. And he plays into the hands of the Spaniards too who according to my perceptions fabricated a case against you on secret German orders. Mosey’s husband is the one who should be arrested.    

He also throws the founder under the bus.

Leah Remini and so many others supported DM for so many years.  Shouldn’t she (and others) have seen right away that he is not a Scientologist? He might be into Vistarology, Ron’s impostor’s crap but he is not a Scientologist. Which real Scientologists allows the founder being impostored?

Leah Remini wanted to see Michelle Miscavige. It would have been an easy task for DM to make that happen. So why didn’t he? Because he is afraid of what these two women would talk about him. The current problems of Scientology are directly linked to DM’s personal out-ethics, and he loves playing King of Scientology a lot more than Scientology.  He removes anyone from his job but himself, ignoring that if he would no longer lead it but real Scientologists for a change, Scientology could finally breath relief.   

In regards of asking for donation for the SP building and not opening it, it sure looks bad on “His Cobness”. He better has all receipts and can show for what he used or will use the donations. 

DM should write a book: “How to bring Scientology into troubles from the inside“. Can anyone do that better than he does?

On the other side, as Remini was wrong already filing a missing person complaint on Michelle Miscavige, it seems to me that her “deposition” in the case before judge Dip Waldrip is more a publicity stunt for both sides, herself and your impostor and his  wife.  Remini wants to win DWST and wants as many votes as she can get and she thinks that Scientology haters are a big community to vote for her. Monique and her impostor husband are as celeb-struck as DM and they want to press more than a million Dollars from the orgs. They sure welcome her “deposition”. But as Remini was not in the Sea Org, what does she actually know?

If I would be Leah Remini, I would compare side by side photos and footage to see that the founder and you are impostored. She is supporting the law suit of an impostor and his wife. Mosey’s husband’s affidavit filed in the same case is perjury. HOW DO I KNOW THIS? I KNOW THIS BECAUSE I KNOW YOU. YOU WERE THE FIRST INSPECTOR GENERAL FOR ETHICS AND YOU ARE NOT MONIQUE’S HUSBAND. THE BOTH OF YOU ARE DIFFERENT LIKE DAY AND NIGHT. And the photos talk very clearly too. I can see tonelevels even on photos. What kind of “Scientologists” are that not being able to see the difference? They don’t understand and apply the tonescale otherwise they would know as certain as I do.

Below was the first photo that I saw where I noticed that somebody has taken over your life in Scientology, Marty. You were really mature for your age. You never grinned stupidly as Monique’s husband did and does. He thought it is all a great game taking over your life, impostering you and infiltrating Scientology and that he will get away with it.  By looking at YOU, I could see that you correctly figured out that planet in your 20s. I also saw that you were carrying a huge responsibility for you age. You were young too but not irresponsible as he. He is still irresponsible and above the law by filing an affidavit to the court wrongfully claiming that he had your position when you had it. He filed affidavits before, and I think he felt he came away with them, so he continues as he wants that million Dollars from Monique so badly. That pic must have been short briefly after Mosey’s husband took your life over in Scientology.    


Being anti-DM is one thing but Remini ran right away into the camp of the haters of the Scientology founder and is supporting them. (Marc Headley book, Monique Rathbun and her impostor husband, etc.)  This raises serious questions if Remini ever was a Scientologist.  

What little minds the non-Scientologists are having, staying for decades in an organisation, doing or supporting wrong leaders (DM and “Jack Vistaril”) and things and not remedying this. Despite anything, I knew immediately that I will find my answers in Scientology despite that it was altered. You and me are able to figure out what’s the founder and what’s somebody else. I pity those who were unable to grasp that and after decades decides to attack the applied philosophy and the founder. What slow or non-thinkers are these people? As they ventured in something that they were unable to understand, they will do now again something that will turn out as the wrong thing later.

A huge giveaway of non-Scientologists in the org are abortions. The founder said clearly that abortions are harmful to the child (also to the mother) and who aborts is on 1.1. There was even a sec-check to identify people who have aborted because those who do are so lowtone that they not be on staff in Scientology at all. We need ethical people in Scientology who value human lives. A person high on the tonescale does not get pregnant if she does not want. I don’t believe that anyone was forced in the orgs to have an abortion but Misvacology put away with that abortions are on 1.1 and that they cause engrams and sometimes also against the law, and that means that Miscavologists are no Scientologists. A Scientologist does not abort. It is against our religion. 

So, what do all these non-Scientologists in our religion? Infiltrating and destroying so that what they are doing is blamed in the mind of Scientology. The United States government HAS THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM.  

The CIA is blamed on all kinds of mind control. No other secret service is. Is the CIA innocent? Of course not as they allowed the infiltration. Behind the Nazi secret services was another secret service that never dissolved and was never dismantled. It is so secret that not even its name is published. It is the secret service who helped the Nazis into power. It is a medical and psychiatric secret service and I coined it SEGNPMSS. I assume it has many names. The SEGNPMSS (hard-core German doctors and psychs) hate America and it shows. As Germany, after the defeat of the Nazis, was unable to conduct further medical and psych experiments on people in concentration camps, the SEGNPMSS had the CIA hire Nazi doctors to develop MKUltra and other mind control experiments. And the USA is getting the blame and is stupid to accept the blame. For crying out loud: IT IS THE EXACT SAME PATTERN AS WITH THE SCIENTOLOGY ORGS. Once good but after the infiltration it is a different story! The USA would have a much better position in the world if it would become truly American and shake off German doctors and show with the fingers on their snake-activities to bring the USA down. Shame on any political analyst who doesn’t figured this. 

In Scientology, infiltrators are doing things that is blamed later by medical German-oriented people or a mob on Scientology. Within the US government are secretly or open-minded German-oriented officials, judges, reps, etc. who do or allow things that are later blamed by the secret SEGNPMSS propaganda machine on the USA. I know that you came to the same conclusion, Marty, and maybe some few others too, but most people are unable to look behind curtains, and that makes life of this planet anything but intelligent.

Thanks to the infiltration, Scientology has a very bad reputation. People are saying that they never would join that “cult”. But fact is that it apparently only real Scientologists (those of the original anti-cult Scientology) are figuring what all the universities and colleges failed to teach their graduates: Figuring it all out and not falling into the line of a medical psychiatric oriented world. 

If people would have our minds, Marty, the world would be much much better off.   

I love you. If you need my help, I am here for you. Today and for all future to come.

Many tender and passionate kisses,

Yours forever,




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  1. Two questions:
    A) Do you post on WWP?
    B) Do you wear a wig?


    October 15, 2013 at 10:15 am

    • A) Nope, don’t post on WWP. I find no valuable info there. It is all heckling and rumours. Waste of time.
      B) I am not Karen. I have too much hair to stick under a wig and I think wigs are itchy.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 15, 2013 at 4:57 am

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