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According to ABC, Leah Remini isn’t happy being drawn into Monique Rathbun’s case…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Scientology haters made it look as if Leah Remini volunteered or was eager to help Monique and her impostor hubby.  

This is apparently not the case. 

If I would be in her shoes, I wouldn’t be happy too, being drawn into a case filed by an impostor and his wife who are trying to use my celeb status to get rich. On YouTube videos one can see that Monique follows her husband like a little child. Of course it is him who wants millions from the orgs. He can’t sue himself as he is afraid that him being an impostor will blow  in his face. So he is using wifey.   

ABC (Dan Abrams) reported yesterday that Leah Remini is not happy to be subpoenaed in this case and hopes that Monique’s attorney (Ray Jeffrey) will reconsider subpoenaing her.  Monique and her impostor husband are really selfish, aren’t they? Leah Remini is in a tough competition and at the same time, they want her to be available and testify to what she has no knowledge. 

I bet that is nobody else but Monique’s husband, your impostor who talked Jeffrey into this despite that he (and also Mike Rinder) know better than anyone that Leah Remini was not in the Sea Org. She didn’t even know where Michelle Miscavige was. If it is true that Tommy Davis said to her that it is not even her rank to know where Shelley is, how can she as non-Sea Org member and public know what DM ordered or didn’t order? If I would be her, I would hire an attorney to squash that subpoena and send Monique and her impostor husband the bill.   

C of S is very wrong concealing that her husband is your impostor, Marty, but they are right that Monique’s husband is using his wife to extort multi-millions for the C of S.

When Mosey’s husband talks on TV about his wife, it  sounds so odd, considering that he married her using a wrong birth date.  Must be one “great love”. Hope it stays if she doesn’t win millions of dollars for him.

I love you, my prince.  Many kisses.

Many kisses.


Yours forever,



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  1. I liked this post very much; there was a “big” change in Marty’s blog a year or so ago, I believe then the plan to “sue” was formulated, especially when he video taped himself going into what he perceived as the “spies” house at the end of his street …. spot on Barbara! Its all about the money. Just an attempt to make money from LRH’s life long work to help mankind. LRH actually lived a very modest, humble life. Production – not consumption was his SOP.

    The Church is having a difficult time getting new people “in” simply because society is in the toilet. The gradient of the bridge needs to be extended down lower to hit the reality of most people today. Porn, drugs and free stuff is about all that will peak “joe blow’s” interest nowadays. Then they (the Org) has to handle the 3rd party from the media and internet – not like the old days.

    I hope Leah Remini does not give the impression that Scientology is some sort of “Social Club”.


    October 5, 2013 at 7:18 pm

    • I agree that Monique’s husband is all about the money.
      This is what I noticed:

      1) He claimed to be a Scientologist and an auditor to get org public and stuff to pay him thousands of Dollars.
      2) He and Mosey took do donations under that cover. (She admitted that they got some donations.)
      3) After he notices that he doesn’t make a lot of cash and not many want to read his books, Monique had to go back to work.
      4) He has not produced one Scientologist at all. What a lousy stat. He lied to his blog readers that Mosey would be a Scientologist but that turned out to be not true. She stated under oath that she is none, right?
      5) On Youtube, I saw a clip in which she is making a bed. I guess that this is what she does in that medical facility and that she is tired of it and wants the big cash too.
      6) As ripping off public from the orgs and getting rich through that and not many people not wanting to read his books didn’t go well, they both changed their strategy and came up with asking for millions of Dollars of damages.
      7) I think that those who supported him and his blog financially in earlier years, believing him that he would be an alternative to what DM makes wrong have a claim to demand their cash back from him and Monique.
      8) If he really is about helping people with Scientology, why did he just like a vulture jump on org people and not create his own public who never were online in Scientology? If he is so great, why didn’t he show that he can do from scratch things so much better than DM? There was at least one person who posted on his blog that Monique husband and his friends should open an org in for example Los Angeles and deliver original Scientology and do everything this better than DM. Who wasn’t interested? Mosey and her husband.

      Society is down but this is not the cause why the C of S is not booming. DM is not applying Scientology either. Scientology needs a leadership that consists of real Scientologists.

      I don’t want people interested in porn, drugs, and free stuff in the orgs. The inside problems of Scientology are created by these kind of people. But also they can be brought to higher levels because up there on the tonescale, people feel better and have more self-respect.

      Not sure where Leah Remini is going. But it seems that she isn’t eager to jump on Monique’s and her husband’s wagon.

      For me, Scientology was never a therapy. I didn’t join it to fix one or more problems. I wanted to learn the facts of life SO BADLY. I wanted to know where I came from and where I go. Who created the universe? What kind of God is he? What is the universe? How is it all connected? I joined Scientology, the original anti-cult (think for yourself) solely for philosophical reasons.

      I read books, I asked ministers of Christian religions and teachers in my schools so many questions before I joined Scientology in 1977. They could NOT answer my questions. Not even close. It all ended with: “It is not for us to know.” There was and still is enough Scientology left for anyone to figure everything out. I am still a Scientologist because I joined for the right reasons. Scientology answered my many philosophical questions to a degree that I KNOW beyond any doubt, and these are the people who do not give up on Scientology because of bad press. It is a lot more than believing. It is knowing.

      Monique’s husband, for example, didn’t join Scientology for philosophical reasons. DM and Mike Rinder joined because their parents were somehow involved. The real Scientologists are those who don’t accept “it is not for us to know” not those they have personal problems or because “I’ve got no other choice” and who are not interested in figuring out the open questions of the universe.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 6, 2013 at 5:19 am

    • Auditing with a stolen e-meter? People who are out-ethics don’t have stable wins as their out-ethics takes overshadows everything.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 6, 2013 at 5:25 am

  2. A new Dave and a new TV.


    October 6, 2013 at 6:08 am

  3. Leah wants to win DWST very badly but she just got 7 – 7 – 8 for her last dance. Anti-Scientologists are campaigning to get votes for her. Me thinks without that campaign, she most certainly would be voted off already. It is not about the best dancing. It is about campaigning against SCN. An abuse of DWST.


    October 14, 2013 at 7:15 pm

    • Guess everyone wants to win on DWST. What I find really unfair is that she doesn’t talk about the difference between Ron, the founder and DM. Wearing a cross around her neck should tell people that she departed not just with DM but with all of Scientology?

      Well, she is one who didn’t search Scientology on her own. She should have asked each year if she really wants to be in Scientology. Many of those who were born into it or came to it through their parents never would have searched Scientology on their own and didn’t had these questions that the seekers had. Actually, DM is one of those people who didn’t seek it.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 15, 2013 at 4:35 am

  4. Tell me how that works.

    Leah gets bad scores compared to the others: 7-7-8 and isn’t voted off.
    Christina scores the first 10 of the season and is voted off. How does this work?

    The ballroom booed that shocking decision. Christina cried.

    Evermore here

    October 15, 2013 at 4:11 am

    • The best dancer should stay on the show but unfortunately campaigns determine who stays and who has to pack, and the viewers have to watch less talented dancers.

      That said, I still wish her well but hope that she would differentiate between DM and the founder.

      Anyway, I have to admit that I never watched one episode of Kings of Queens. I assume that acting jobs are difficult to get and that most actresses have to take what is offered to them.

      I don’t find the role of “Carrie” feminine or uptone. Below is an example. Yes, it is only a role but I sure hope that nobody mistakes the tonelevel of Carrie Hefernan with that of a real Scientologist.

      Also, I never behaved like a robot. I was always my own person. In her dance, Leah indicated that she allowed herself to be used as puppet and showed fake smiles to all around her. Any real Scientologist will be insulted by this as we are the anti-cultists. We NEVER behaved like that. It is anti-Scientology to behave like that but Leah doesn’t tell this to her audience.

      IMO, her dance lacked grace as well. I read that Leah considers the low scores hostile but I think Bruno was very generous giving her 8 points for that dance.

      Pictures of a younger Leah emerge too, showing her as sex symbol to the world. These kind of pictures degrade Leah (a spiritual being) to be a flesh/sex object. The message of these photos is flesh alone and nothing but flesh, how boring and how downtone. I don’t think that Leah ever was a Scientologist nor were her ethics officers in the orgs otherwise these pictures would not exist.

      She wants to be seen as an attractive woman? One doesn’t have to display one’s body in sex positions (some might if even call soft porn-like position).

      I remember one summer day I was walking in my own flat in Munich, fully dressed but barefoot. I had NO IDEA that RB entertained a man inside. I was accused of being a “seductress” just by being barefoot. Besides, I didn’t want anything of her guy (half her age) anyway. My point is, just being a natural woman is apparently sexier than one who is barely dressed at all.

      And just for the record: any person who continues to march to the beat of her or his ear implants (nothing that was invented in Scientology) REMAINS a puppet, it doesn’t matter where she or he goes.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 15, 2013 at 11:23 am

  5. Scientology hater Mike Rinder runs a campaign on his blog: votes for Leah Remimi! It is not about dancing. She gets votes because she hates SCN. This explains why much better dancers are voted off DWST. Christina, Snooki, Brent, all better dancers than Leah had to go. Abuse of the show! Viewers are cheated.


    November 5, 2013 at 6:18 pm

    • I have seen this before, e.g. when Bristol Palin was on DWST. I have nothing against Bristol but Brandy clearly was the much better dancer. Bristol’s dancing improved a lot during the show but Brandy was still a lot better. I consider myself as Republican but I didn’t like that political supporters kept not so good dancers in the competition and much better dancers were voted off. Most people watch the show because they want to see the best dancers. Keeping a not so good dancer in and voting the better dancers out could back-fire against the not so good dancer and campaigners because some of the viewers notice the campaign and the abuse of the show for other reasons but dancing and fair competition.

      Barbara Schwarz

      November 5, 2013 at 2:05 pm

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