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What’s the difference between the “Squirrel busters”, “Anon Sparrow”, Tory Christman, Garry Scarff, and the likes?

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Dearest Marty, my precious hero, how are you?

All people who think that we never will make it back together are seriously delusional. Our love will stay, and their house of lies will crash. And a government shutdown will not prevent this.

Per accident, I saw two video tapes, e.g. Protest at Scientology’s Big Blue, Part 2, that Garry “degraded being” Scarff put on YouTube. (I usually don’t want videos by Scarff, Christman, etc., and the likes as I know better than anyone their relationship with the truth. ) But I saw these videos and it shows “Anon Sparrow”, Tory Christman, Garry Scarff,  and some others, “raiding” a Scientology compound just a few days ago. 

How can these people say that they are better than the “Squirrel Busters?” They do EXACTLY the same.   They are not quietly standing there and protesting whatever they want to protest.

1) They wear T-Shirts saying “SP”  (suppressive person) trying to introvert and harass Scientologists

2) They are video-taping who walks by

3) They harass and heckle who walks by 

4) They are verbally abusive to those who walks by

If judge Dip Waldrip awards Monique and her husband cash for whatever the idiotic Squirrel Busters did, Scientologists have the same right to demand damages from those just mentioned.   

I also learned that Tory Christman thinks that L. Ron Hubbard wrote her a letter or letters. Ron, the founder didn’t had the time for individual letter and I don’t think that even his impostor replied to letters to him. It was the letter writing unit under “Jack Vistaril” that wrote letters in the name of Scientology. They forged his signature all day long. Tory Christman claims to be an expert on Scientology. How can she not know about the letter writing unit?    

Marty, I also saw a video of secret service and police shooting at Miriam Carey. This woman has nothing to do with Scientology. I call the behavior of police and secret service non-American. In my opinion, it is another piece of evidence how ear implants are used to get rid of a psychiatric-altered person, this time: Miriam Carey. Apparently, something was bugging her behaving the way she did but she had no gun or other weapon and a little kid in the car. There is no doubt that she endangered people speeding down the streets. 

But I saw on the video that her car stopped and was surrounded by secret service officers and police.  Instead of shooting in her tires, they allow her to make a turn and speed away. Then they shot at the unarmed woman with a little kid inside the car. What is the matter with those people? Why didn’t they shot in her tires and get her and the child out safely? Because those psychs who conditioned that woman to act out of her mind want the evidence gone: her psych-altered mind. Somebody could work with her to recall what happened to her, and p$ychs are getting rid of this evidence by most of the time killing the psych-conditioned person.

Ear implants. How otherwise can it be explained that ALL of these secret service  and police officers are doing the wrong things? Nobody, not one officer shoots in her tires to stop her driving away. What an insane ear implant planet it is.

Ear implants, a psychiatric invention to control people, with loud commands and silent commands. (These silent commands also include so-called “accident”, like having a toe crushed under a heavy stone, etc.) 

I love you, Marty. I know you figured it out too and that we need a better world and that this world is not created by people conspiring each other and being run through ear implants.  

Many kisses, my darling. I am at your side. 

Yours forever,




7 Responses

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  1. Blog “Moving Down A lot Faster” tries to explain SCN in a “nutshell” to his cool aide drinkers. What a “know best”.


    October 7, 2013 at 11:11 am

    • Monique’s husband is an impostor who never studied Scientology properly. That is him in a nutshell. He admitted himself being no Scientologist. He hates ethics because it doesn’t let him get away with impostering and lying to others.

      As there were at least two “Ron’s”, the founder and the impostor, and numerous others who issued policies under Ron’s name, his analysis of Scientology is nothing short of NONSENSE and cool aide.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 7, 2013 at 11:53 am

  2. “I hate David Miscavige. I think he is a creepy awful person. He really is. He is a liar, he is a fraud, he is weasel. You know, he is some limp dick guy who probably doesn’t get it up. I doubt that he even has sex. He is just a creepy aweful person…” — Tory Christman to Allison Hope Weiner on Media Mayhem.

    Uncle Chester

    October 11, 2013 at 1:29 am

    • I never defended David Miscavige as he really runs Scientology into the ground but this is not why Tory hates him. She hates people of who she thinks cannot sexually perform.

      But she is befriending creeps like Garry Scarff.

      I also wonder about Allison Hope Weiner. I checked that statement on YouTube. Tory really said it. Weiner didn’t go into it, but if I would have been Weiner, I would have noticed that Tory Christman isn’t an analytical person and that I can’t trust her information and I would have said something to her. Weiner doesn’t look smart by swallowing everything that Tory Christman is telling her without making Tory aware of her outpoints.

      Erectile dysfunction is no reason to hate anyone. Besides, there are monasteries where men supposed to have no sex. Should people hate everyone who is not having sex for whatever reason?

      I think Tory Christman got it wrong again on DM. I bet DM had extra-martial sex and that got him into troubles with Michelle.

      Also, again, Tory blames the founder on “popping pills” for 30 years. That wasn’t the founder. That was his impostor.

      And I am sure that none of both ever wrote to Tory. She received letters signed “Ron” from the Int Letter Writing Unit. We all did, and I know 100% that Ron didn’t write them. If Tory would be smarter, she would have figured that.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 11, 2013 at 3:47 am

  3. Barbara, what do you think of Chris Owens, UK citizen?

    Shawn Knowls

    May 24, 2015 at 11:20 pm

    • He makes no difference between the impostor “Jack Vistaril” and Ron the founder. He tells the world that “Jack Vistaril’s” military records are those of the real founder, which is rubbish. On the other side, he admires Bin Laden and also doesn’t get or conceals that this terrorist wasn’t shot, just his doppelganger. Chris Owens abuses his “admin” function on Wikipedia and blocked my IP when I tried to correct a falsehood on my own life. What I think of him? He is a louse.

      Barbara Schwarz

      May 25, 2015 at 2:27 am

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