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I bet that Ron (founder of Scientology not his impostor “Jack Vistaril”) made quite some of his research in a Faraday room

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Dearest Marty, most precious Prince in the universe,

How are you?

Unlike clueless people, Ron (founder of Scientology not is impostor “Jack Vistaril”) knew of silent sounds and how secret service doctors are using it to control the minds and thinking of all people.  Ear implants are leading those silent sounds directly into the minds of people but also in between lifetimes  – when the thetan has dropped the body and apparently rushes into another one – it hears silent sounds that are being send in abundance through the atmosphere to control anyone from finding out about medical mind controllers and stopping people from developing advanced human abilities even in that stage. 

Tinnitus sounds are completely unnatural. In an organic body, where on Earth do these metallic tones come from? Right, those tones are being send with psychiatric/medical devices into people’s ears. By listening during complete silence to one’s inner ear, one can hear this tone. I can actually hear several of them (in various pitches), Marty, and underneath them are silent comments. When *I* are hurting myself, they manipulated this “accident” with silent sounds.

These secret sounds are covered up so that people have it harder to get to the button of what is being send. I bet that one of these commands is to forget about you. It is not working because I am aware that they want this. Non-awareness of people is the real problem. As more awareness, as less success they are having. And as original Scientology raised that awareness, p$ychs had it infiltrated and are destroying it from the inside and outside.

I know you are aware of this, Marty. 

Also, Marty, I believe that lots of those space sounds are artificially produced.  They don’t want us to listen in what really happens in space, so they sell us loud noise that “space” or “planets” allegedly are making. Who are they kidding? 

I am sure that Ron made research in Faraday rooms and outside and compared his findings. Radio wave transmissions within a Faraday room are heavily blocked.  It is possible that auditing even took place in a Faraday room, simply because it keeps radio transmissions of mind-controllers out. 

Auditing in an environment in which no loud or silent sounds can arrive to manipulate the PC or Pre-OT, will have much better auditing results, and the auditor has direct access to the PC and magic will be set free! Yeah! Wonder how easy it is having access to past lives in a Faraday room. Probably a breeze. And we all know that mind-controllers don’t want people to experience their past lives for numerous reasons.  

Too bad that Scientology was altered by infiltrators and impostors, otherwise Scientology would have a very different reputation today.

When we are back together, Marty, we are trying auditing in a Faraday room by keeping everything else but the PC and the auditor out.  Nothing but THE PURE ESSENCE OF PEOPLE AND NOTHING PHONY IN BETWEEN. This was Ron’s no-nonsense way of auditing.

I love you so much and send you many kisses, my star!

Yours forever and ever,







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